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  1. I once toyed with the idea of transporting one of my motorcycles on the front of my truck. When i looked into the legality of doing so i found that here, it is not legal to mount anything on the front that projected more than (i think) 24'' in front of the bumper. There has been much discussion here as to whether a swivel wheel was considered an extension of the RV or a double tow. If it is in front it will be hard to convince a LEO that it is just an extended bumper with a set of wheels for support! As stated somewhere else one also needs to think about airflow to the rad.
  2. orca

    Texas Hill Country w/ Motorcycles

    I don't have a smart but i do have two motorcycles and have never been charged extra for them in any parks i have stayed in that area.
  3. orca

    Texas Hill Country w/ Motorcycles

    Parkview Riverside RV Park is a nice park. It is across the river from Garner State park and a short ride to Leakey where you can hook up to any one of the Three sisters.
  4. orca

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    On my MH i used a three step ladder, until one day i was reaching out to just get that last little bit of the windshield and one leg of that cheap ladder collapsed and sent me to the ground! My arm was black and blue for a month and to this day i still have the goose egg on my elbow to remind me to keep my feet on the ground and use a long handle squeege!
  5. orca


    Off the topic of wiki and back to self defence, we can now throw hockey pucks at armed intruders! https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/28/us/hockey-pucks-oakland-university-trnd/index.html
  6. orca

    Siphoning a toy hauler gas tank

    Just thinking that there might be an anti syphon grill at the tank end of the fill pipe. That would explain why your jiggler hose dosn't work. I always thought it was dumb that the fill caps were not behind a locking door because its too easy to syphon (steal) fuel!
  7. orca

    Toilet paper...

    All the advice about black tank usage i have read states that one should use generous amounts of water. Now think about the number of rolls of TP that one would use before dumping....1? 2 would be a lot for us. The volume of that TP in the tank would be dispersed in that large volume of water so it should not be a problem for any size tank. Regardless of tank size the ratio of TP/water should be the same but dumps per week will vary.
  8. orca

    magnetic phone/tablet mounts

    What is it? Nuttin shows up!
  9. orca

    Zion National park

    Vegas Teacher: No need to yell at us! 😊
  10. I was lookin at them just as u posted!
  11. orca

    Suggestions for a dash cam

    I won't be without a dash cam eversince a tanker truck hit the shoulder and then overcorrected and came into my lane! I was wishing i could go back and watch the footage to see how he got back into his own lane because i was busy watching my life flash in front of me! It all happened so fast i didn't even hit the brake! After 2 cheap cams i finally bought the Rand McNally GPS with 1080p cam.
  12. orca

    How to winterize residential frig

    I would still use rv antifreeze with the air blowout. On my fridge i could not activate the icemaker without tapeing the fridge light "off" and using a jumper wire to run the icemaker till antifreeze came out.
  13. orca

    Clean Up That DoDo

    There are slobs in every level of rv users from full timers to weekenders. Whether it is throwing their dish water out their door, playing loud music or walking through your camp. But yes, not picking up after your dog is the most ignorant, and one that i call them out on. I always have a doggy bag in every pant or jacket to give the offending owner!
  14. I have seen many MHs towing a pickup. Some with a heavy MC in the box! The popup should not weigh much more than the mc. The only concern would be the choice of pickup to be sure it can be flat towed. I am presuming that you want 4WD for offroading and i don't know if the newer 4WDs can be flat towed but the dealer should know. Go for it!
  15. orca

    Air Hitch leveling valve?

    Henry; thanks for the explanation that i can understand. The routine i follow is close to yours but i manualy dump my hitch bags but as i drop my landing legs i wait for the truck suspention to adjust for the reduced weight. Same but different!