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  1. I did not write my post to be called a liar nor to be told i should stay on my side of the border! The lawyer who relayed the story is a family member and the "guilty" party was a client of his. I made my post to hopefully help forum members have a smoother border crossing going either way but instead got flamed by the trolls! WOW
  2. Well it could have been made up but it was told to me by my liar...er..lawyer cause he knew i was going south for the winter! The guilty person was also one of his clients and contacted him for help.😥
  3. Last year i was told a story about crossing from Canada into the US. A couple was traveling to their winter home in AZ when they stopped at the border crossing. After the normal questions the agent asked one last question....."what do you think of our president"! When the man replied with some not so flattering comments the agent returned their passports stamped, "inadmissable for five years"!!! That ment they could not go their AZ home for 5 years with no appeal! The border agents have more power than people think so keep answers short and to the point and opinions (good or bad)to yourself and you will breese through borders going either way.
  4. I agree that frivolus or stupid (i spilled hot coffee) should be stopped BUT this was not a frivolus or stupid lawsuit. Finally somebody has stood up to the manufactures shoddy work practices and lack of quality control. I had the misfortune to speak with a representive of a major manufacture about an issue and he admitted to me that he brought that very issue to a quality control meeting and was rebuked because was too much "work" to rectify the issue! If there were more successful lawsuits we would no doubt have better and safer RVs because it would be cheaper to do it right the first time!
  5. Both RVs have both pros and cons. The MH and enclosed trailer i had were more manouverable than the MDT and 45' 5th i now own. Both are around 65' but the 25' enclosed trailer would stay within the turning radius of the mh due to the long overhang past the rear wheels would "steer" the trailer into staying in the mh track. The 5th's tires would force a larger turn radius by 4-5' in order to not mount the curb. The security of just jumping into the drivers seat and driving away from a sketchy parking situation is the one thing i miss about the MH. The other is that the toilet is a short walk from the drivers seat. In th MH our only other transportation was the motorcycles in the trailer. Guess whose job it was to go out on the mc on rainy days to get the cream for my better halfs coffee! With the MH and trailer i had more storage than "stuff" but with the 5er i have more "stuff" than storage. (i was able to bring a fullsize smoker BBQ in the cargo trailer) And i do think i am compairing apples to apples because the 5er i have now is used to haul the same motorcycles as were transported by the mh and cargo trailer.
  6. On the surface this sounds like a simple question but the custom services on both sides of the border will most likely have something to say about it. There might be questions when you re-enter the states without the trailer like, did you sell it without the proper export papers. And Canadian tax people might consider the trailer as being imported and want the taxes due. I do know that there is a time limit as to how long an American vehicle can be in Canada tax free. Your best bet is to contact border services on both sides and get their opinion.
  7. Most every gas station in Canada will take credit cards but if in doubt ask before filling. As with most US stations they might limit the amount you can get per pump.
  8. Cost of the RV to bring my dogs with me.....$100000+ Cost of having my dogs with me.........priceless
  9. I thought we were kept busy with our two Weimariners while traveling until one day in a park on Galveston Island. Some new neighbours pulled in beside us and set up one of those folding fence kennels and promptly filled it with 4 or 5 of those fluffy little dogs. The next time i passed their site i had to do a double take when i saw not one but three Great Danes loungeing around the site. All this out of a 35' MH! I could not imagin what a rest stop would be like but the word "fun" would not fit!
  10. I would hazard a guess that failure of these suspension blocks is more common than moryde would have us believe! I myself had to replace a set on my Fullhouse once, a year after i bought it. As to the shocks; a normal shock supports no weight. A gas shock will "support" about 50 pounds because of the pressure of the gas that is inside. That gas is there only to reduce the foaming of the hydrolic oil.
  11. orca

    Sewer hatch seal

    I belived the dryer sheet myth and placed dryer sheets around the MH. Come spring, I was checking the unit and found the little surprises that a mouse usually leaves! I started looking for it and in the drawer under the stove i found his nest. It was made from shredded dryer sheets! I am sure he was the best smelling mouse in the neighbourhood.
  12. orca

    buddy ii ramps

    Where i live there are 4 parcel services just across the US border. You buy on line and usually get free shipping to a US address. They charge by the parcel or pallet. If you google "parcel service". in say Alexandria Bay or another city in the US nearby you might find one of these services. Just ship the item to their address and drive over the border and pay the service their fee and take your item home!
  13. The wheelbase of my MDT is about the same as a class 8 and i bobtail all the time. It is my grocery getter because the motorcycles have limited storage. Funny thing happened at the HEB the other day though, as i drove through the lot looking for a parking spot, a women in a car angerly mouthed the words "your too big"! I was going to stop and thank her but kept driving instead!😄
  14. I had an extended warranty from Good Sam and the two times i needed it they paid about 10% of the claim! Items like a dash fan, they paid for the fan but not the shipping! As with any other insurance they pay as many people to sell the policy as they pay to figure ways to not pay the claim. If i had a "do over" i would have put the money spent on the policy in the bank and it would have gone farther to pay for the repairs than the policy. Although for major repairs you roll the dice and take your chances.
  15. The second year of doing the RV thing with my MH, we were tooling down the road without a care in the world and just enjoying the drive down a rural 2 lane road. I watched as an oncomeing tanker semi started to drift off the road. By the time half of the rig was on the shoulder he must have woke up or put his phone down and he yanked the wheel over just in time to miss the guard rail where it curved down into the ground! I thought i just about saw a bad accident till i realized that he over corrected and was now in my lane about to involve me in his accident!!!! I didn't even have time to say "holey -----" and he was past me in his lane! I was so shocked that i didn't look in the mirror to see if he made it or not but i know that i drove to the next rest stop asking myself if i really wanted to put us in the position of trusting our lives to other people on the road. Just this trip i have dashcam video of a tanker truck (different one i hope) passing me over double solid lines and forcing an oncomeing pickup off the road. Lucky for him after reviewing the footage i could not find a name or plate number. The point i am trying to make is the more you put yourself out there the more you risk but the reward for me outweighs the risk. As a friend once told me " nothing breaks or goes wrong if you stay home on the couch"
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