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  1. orca

    Sewer hatch seal

    I belived the dryer sheet myth and placed dryer sheets around the MH. Come spring, I was checking the unit and found the little surprises that a mouse usually leaves! I started looking for it and in the drawer under the stove i found his nest. It was made from shredded dryer sheets! I am sure he was the best smelling mouse in the neighbourhood.
  2. orca

    buddy ii ramps

    Where i live there are 4 parcel services just across the US border. You buy on line and usually get free shipping to a US address. They charge by the parcel or pallet. If you google "parcel service". in say Alexandria Bay or another city in the US nearby you might find one of these services. Just ship the item to their address and drive over the border and pay the service their fee and take your item home!
  3. The wheelbase of my MDT is about the same as a class 8 and i bobtail all the time. It is my grocery getter because the motorcycles have limited storage. Funny thing happened at the HEB the other day though, as i drove through the lot looking for a parking spot, a women in a car angerly mouthed the words "your too big"! I was going to stop and thank her but kept driving instead!😄
  4. I had an extended warranty from Good Sam and the two times i needed it they paid about 10% of the claim! Items like a dash fan, they paid for the fan but not the shipping! As with any other insurance they pay as many people to sell the policy as they pay to figure ways to not pay the claim. If i had a "do over" i would have put the money spent on the policy in the bank and it would have gone farther to pay for the repairs than the policy. Although for major repairs you roll the dice and take your chances.
  5. The second year of doing the RV thing with my MH, we were tooling down the road without a care in the world and just enjoying the drive down a rural 2 lane road. I watched as an oncomeing tanker semi started to drift off the road. By the time half of the rig was on the shoulder he must have woke up or put his phone down and he yanked the wheel over just in time to miss the guard rail where it curved down into the ground! I thought i just about saw a bad accident till i realized that he over corrected and was now in my lane about to involve me in his accident!!!! I didn't even have time to say "holey -----" and he was past me in his lane! I was so shocked that i didn't look in the mirror to see if he made it or not but i know that i drove to the next rest stop asking myself if i really wanted to put us in the position of trusting our lives to other people on the road. Just this trip i have dashcam video of a tanker truck (different one i hope) passing me over double solid lines and forcing an oncomeing pickup off the road. Lucky for him after reviewing the footage i could not find a name or plate number. The point i am trying to make is the more you put yourself out there the more you risk but the reward for me outweighs the risk. As a friend once told me " nothing breaks or goes wrong if you stay home on the couch"
  6. I have a 2015 Fullhouse that i have had too many problems to go into now, but on topic i have had water intrusion in both bedroom slides but only when closed. Funny story though...while touring the factory last fall i was talking to another and told him that i was not impressed with the quality of drv because i have had 23 differant issues and he laughed and told me that he had 46 and counting! He won the contest!
  7. I once toyed with the idea of transporting one of my motorcycles on the front of my truck. When i looked into the legality of doing so i found that here, it is not legal to mount anything on the front that projected more than (i think) 24'' in front of the bumper. There has been much discussion here as to whether a swivel wheel was considered an extension of the RV or a double tow. If it is in front it will be hard to convince a LEO that it is just an extended bumper with a set of wheels for support! As stated somewhere else one also needs to think about airflow to the rad.
  8. I don't have a smart but i do have two motorcycles and have never been charged extra for them in any parks i have stayed in that area.
  9. Parkview Riverside RV Park is a nice park. It is across the river from Garner State park and a short ride to Leakey where you can hook up to any one of the Three sisters.
  10. On my MH i used a three step ladder, until one day i was reaching out to just get that last little bit of the windshield and one leg of that cheap ladder collapsed and sent me to the ground! My arm was black and blue for a month and to this day i still have the goose egg on my elbow to remind me to keep my feet on the ground and use a long handle squeege!
  11. Off the topic of wiki and back to self defence, we can now throw hockey pucks at armed intruders! https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/28/us/hockey-pucks-oakland-university-trnd/index.html
  12. Just thinking that there might be an anti syphon grill at the tank end of the fill pipe. That would explain why your jiggler hose dosn't work. I always thought it was dumb that the fill caps were not behind a locking door because its too easy to syphon (steal) fuel!
  13. All the advice about black tank usage i have read states that one should use generous amounts of water. Now think about the number of rolls of TP that one would use before dumping....1? 2 would be a lot for us. The volume of that TP in the tank would be dispersed in that large volume of water so it should not be a problem for any size tank. Regardless of tank size the ratio of TP/water should be the same but dumps per week will vary.
  14. What is it? Nuttin shows up!
  15. orca

    Zion National park

    Vegas Teacher: No need to yell at us! 😊
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