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  1. Trucker takes 43 ton truck over 14 ton bridge, with expected results
  2. All the tow-truck drivers here in the Dallas area have removed their toll tags. So what happens is when they pass thru a toll both the reader picks up the car being towed and the toll is then changed to the towed vehicle owner and not the tow truck operator. The tow truck still has a toll tag assigned but leaves it in the office. So if the vehicle being towed does not register when passing thru the tolls, the tow truck is charged the tag rate and not the non-tag rate.
  3. Did hell freeze over?
  4. RickW

    Just a friendly reminder

    This is what kills me about the autonomous driving cheerleaders, the human is suppose to be the back up in adverse driving conditions. Well if the driver has little to no experience in good driving conditions how/why are we expecting them to take over in adverse driving conditions?
  5. RickW

    Water System

    I agree it sounds like a isolator switch turned off. If the switch is on and the battery is charged you will need to get out the volt meeter or a test light and start checking connections to make sure power is actually getting to the appliances.
  6. RickW

    Need Craft Help

    .......... mmmmmmmmmmmm ....
  7. When we decided to move to a diesel pusher I thought about keeping the HDT just for use with my goose neck. Yesterday, I had to use the tractor 40 miles away from the house for a quick chore at my parents home. Driving across north Dallas on LBJ in the old F250 with the tractor on the goose neck I thought about how much I missed my HDT for these little jobs/errands as I fought with traffic. Really missed the visibility and stopping power, but as much as I missed the HDT it would have been a waste to keep it and only average 500 miles or so a year on it. Plus the new owner loves the truck and it putting far more miles on it than I would have been if I kept it. Still miss it.
  8. Texas has two primary sources of tax revenue. 1. Property Tax: I live in Collin County (just outside Dallas) and when all said and done I am about 1.9% of the appraised value of the property (as listed on the county tax rolls) each year. I am out in the unincorporated part of the county so I do not pay any local city taxes. If I did my value taxes would jump to around 2.63% of the apprised value of the property. The local school district is the lion's share of the tax bill. 2. Sales Tax: In Texas you just about pay sales tax on everything you purchase except raw/uncooked food. The sales tax rate will vary by location from 6.25% to 8.25%. 6.25% is the base state rate. Locally you can see an up to an additional 2% added. Currently the state of Texas is talking about property tax relief. But don't get too excited. If they cut the taxes in one place they will have to make it up someplace else. The current buzz is property tax relief but bumping the base sales tax rate by potentially 1%. Here is the thing to remember. For the most part when you look at all the different ways each state taxes you as a whole, there is not a huge difference between the different states. When you look at the individual taxes each states does/does not charge, then that is where the difference is. So when considering a retirement state, consider your lifestyle and how that could potently affect your tax bills going forward. If you are a nomadic Texan (a Texan on paper), Texas can be a good choice. No income tax and you only pay sales taxes for purchase you make inside the state when you are in the state. If you don't own property in the state even better for your tax bill. I am not sure what property is like (cost) wise in the hill country. I can tell you that in recent years Texas has become popular destination for relocations. So as a result property values have been rising. A home we sold just 3.5 years ago has seen it appraised property value on the tax rolls rise 28% since we sold the house. That is a huge jump in just 3 tax cycles.
  9. For my Honda 3000i I just built a bonding plug. Took less than 5 minutes and cost less than $5. Like Brad said if your EMS has a bypass switch that will work too. I did the bonding plug route as I knew the one time I forget to turn the bypass off after using the generator, we would actually hookup to a bad power source and we get fried due to the EMS being in bypass.
  10. ..... when you can do this?
  11. I seen one being used in New Orleans in the French Quarter.
  12. Beartooth Highway (WY296/US212 Jct to RedLodge, MT) is a breath taking driving. Personally never done it with the RV and not a first choice with the RV. Highly recommend this ride as a side trip. This drive will give your engine/exhaust brake a real good workout and defiantly not one I would want to embark if brake is broken. The Beartooth highway/pass is typically almost always the last of the passes to open each season. It is not uncommon for its opening to happen in June. The pass is a hotspot for snowmobilers this time of year that are trying to get one more ride in before all the snow is gone.
  13. I have traveled this route countless times in our HDT. Biggest issues are going to be construction and possibly some road closures. Yes even in early June Sylvan Pass (East Gate to Fishing Bridge) can still be closed from a late season snow fall. Rare, but it has happened to us before. Sylvan Pass (8500ft) is a nice road. For the park it is actually wide with some shoulders. The climb from the East Gate to top of the pass has claimed more than a few motors from carless drivers unaware of the strain the climb has on vehicles. Of those that fail most make it to the pull out at top of the pass but have encountered a few dead in the middle of the road. Something to think about as a few of the switchbacks offer limited visibility down the road. Your HDT will do great and basically chase/push almost all other RVs up the pass. There is construction in the Fishing Bridge area and possible delays. Fishing Bridge itself is a narrow bridge with lots of people on it. 2 RVs can pass each other on the bridge but if the other RV driver is inexperienced they may be taking up more the their fair share of the road. At Canyon Village you may have the option of going directly north (via Tower). Again depending on weather this route could still be closed in early June. The road climbing up over Dunraven Pass (8900ft) is again wide with some shoulders. The issue is the downhill side. This section of road is older/narrower and mostly without shoulders. Not a recommended drive for drivers afraid of heights as the edge is close to the road and steep. This route is not my first choice in the RV but I have done it and tour buses do as well. The preferred route from Canyon to Mammoth is via Norris. The current issue with this route is the road construction between Norris & Mammoth. Possible delays of 30 minutes waiting on the pilot car to take you thru the construction zone. The last 2 years the zone has been very rough and your rig will get filthy. Especially if it has recently rained. From Mammoth to the North Gate (Gardiner) is only 5 miles but the road thru the cannon is busy and narrow with many tight switchbacks. Large vehicles are common and typically not an issue. Again you just have to be aware as some inexperienced drivers of larger vehicles have a tendency to try and use more than their fair share of the road. Over all not a bad drive in the RV. Lots of great scenery. Don't be in a hurry as the max speed you will see once you hit the park is 45mph. Just keep an eye on the weather leading up to your visit so that you know for sure when the various roads are actually open. Another option from Cody is Chief Joseph Highway (WY120 to WY296 to US212). This will take you thru Cooke City/Silver Gate MT, the NorthEast Gate. Pretty drive but not as nice as via the East Gate in my opinion. From the NE Gate, you will not have the climbs of the East Gate but the road is older and lacks shoulders. This can be an issue going thru Lamar Valley as the wildlife is abundant. So people getting photographs will not always completely pull off the road making it difficult to get by. They will even stop in the middle of the road and sometimes abandon their vehicle in that quest for the selfie with bison or other wild aminals.
  14. RickW

    HDT Insurance

    Keep in mind that insurance will vary by state. State Farm will insure an HDT in some states but not all. In Texas for example, State Farm will only insure a HDT as a commercial vehicle. Your agent will submit your request for insurance to an under writer. If the under writer will give very few if any details as to why they will not insure or why they will only insure under "X" terms/conditions. My State Farm agent could not understand why the under writers would say only as a commercial account (even with RV title) and would press them with little to no answers as to why. After a little over 18 months she finally learned it was a charter issue with the state. State Farm has been selling insurance for so long in the state that when they drafted their charter they considered anything over 30k or 32k pounds commercial. The process of changing the charter was too pricy for the amount of market share they may gain by making the changes to the charter. So they do not insure big RVs as a result.
  15. RickW


    Carl, We stay in Gardiner, MT (North Gate) each year. Both RV parks there can be a little on the tight side but will accommodate a setup your size. Grizzly RV in West Yellowstone is more spacious. West Yellowstone is also a little bit larger town than Gardiner. Depending on time of season the lines at the West Gate can get a little long but the West Gate is a good jumping off point for the different corners of the park. Nothing inside the park is going to accommodate your. The only full hookup RV campground is Fishing Bridge. Fishing Bridge RV park is going to be closed for renovations for the 2019 season. This is a large RV park. So other RV parks are already filling up quickly. We could not get our usual spot for May and spots were filling up quickly (this was 30~45 days ago). So make your reservations as soon as you have your dates. As for Grand Teton National Park, we stay at Colter Bay RV park in the park. They have a handful of spots that will accommodate your rig size. Just make sure you are clear about your size when registering and they will save you a big spot. They do a good job managing the sites to rig sizes. Debois, WY will put you about 1.5 hours out of Grand Teton National Park. From GTNP to the south end of the Grand Loop in Yellowstone is yet another hour depending on weather, road and wildlife conditions. Call me if you have any questions.
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