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  1. I would not want to have to deal with the resort owner if you made cabrito!!!!!
  2. RickW

    air brake system acting up

    My first guess is the air governor. I see you already addressed that but there is the possibility you may have got a bad one. Searching for an air leak I recommend using something like Inficon - Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Dectector. You can use it as shown in the link or add/plug-in a set of ear phones.
  3. RickW

    Time for insurance renewal

    Vern -- Not sure what state you domicile in but keep in mind that insurance will vary by state. In Texas anything over 30k# State Farm automatically considers commercial. This is due to how their charter is written with the state. It is big $$$ for them to change their charter so until they are feeling they are losing a significant amount of market share to justify a charter change they do now worry about it.
  4. RickW

    Why convert to single axle?

    There are pros & cons to going either direction. The beauty of the HDT is you can take it either direction. You can build it to fit your needs and lifestyle. Personally I said stayed tandem. I carried a Jeep and could have done it with a single rear axel. It just would have required me being very careful not to overload the front axel. You must not forget about the front axel weight too. What you carry and your pin weight all have an affect of loading/unloading the front axel. Singling, especially singling long will transfer weight to the front axel in most cases. While it is very important to plan your conversion based on what you are going to carry today, don't forget about tomorrow. Things/plans have a tendency to change over time for various reasons. Smart Cars have gotten a little longer and little wider over time. In my case the Jeep we started out with was about 6" shorter than the one we replaced it with.
  5. Dave, Congratulations on the new toy! I am sure you, Donna and Newt will enjoy it very much. Always listen to the inner child, just let the adult make the decisions and you will be fine and still have fun. Also glad to hear that Donna has set a retirement date and should be joining you on the road more often now. I think you both will enjoy y'alls new toy. She may even surprise you and want one of her very own. Beware it can/will happen. Just ask Alicia. She will tell you in a heartbeat that the Kubota XTC1100 we have is hers, not ours and defiantly not mine (except when it needs maintenance or fuel)! --Rick
  6. RickW

    Ya can't do this with a LGT.

    I can't tell you how much I miss having the HDT just for simple tasks like this. With the HDT it was just load and go. Now if I need to move something that will not fit in the back of the P/U, I have to clean out the back of the P/U (work truck) so that I can get the goose neck hitched up and then load what I need to move on the trailer.
  7. RickW

    Interesting Conversation About DEF

    NAPA store brand is Peak just with NAPA's brand on it per the manager of my local NAPA store. He is selling it for $9.95/per 2.5/g jug. He sells a pallet a week and no longer keeps Peak in stock.
  8. RickW

    Facebook man pulled and fined for length

    I agree. The law is black and white on issues like length and speed. You have to make a decision and live with it and the possible consequences of your decision. How many time has somebody told you there is a grace or buffer space between the speed limit and the speed you will actually be pulled over for? They are wrong. If you speed, regardless of how much or little you exceed the speed limit, you run the risk of receiving a citation. Our HDT was in the 70'~72' range. I knew from the moment we decided to go the HDT route that we would be over length due to the Jeep. I was wiling to accept the risk of an length citation as I rationalized that all the advantages of the HDT vs P/U justified the risk. I definitely prefer to be within the letter of the law but I felt the safety the HDT provided for the weights of trailer/Jeep justified the risks of a length citation. Over the course of 7 years, 80k miles and 35 states, I never had an issue with my length (or anything else). While I never had any problems, I was fully aware that my luck could have changed at any time and I could be issued a citation. If I had received a citation, just like a speeding citation, I would have dealt with it and moved on. A single citation for length would not result in me making changes to my setup. As for signage, I feel it is a double edge sward. It can both help and hurt you. In the case of the setup that is the reason for this thread, I think it was one of many factors that led to him being pulled over. Again if it looks like a duck ...... At the ECR there was a gentleman with a older truck with signage on the door. The truck was retired from his now defunct family business and for nostalgic reasons he opted to keep the signage on the door. He was aware that the signage put a target on his back (or door). He carried all the usual paperwork to show the truck was now a RV in addition to paperwork that showed the prior family business had been shutdown. Obviously he was aware that this could be a conversation he could be having on the side of the road or possibly in court. For him the nostalgic reminder of the family business was worth the risk. We all have different tolerances for the risks that are and are not acceptable to us.
  9. RickW

    2018 East Coast Rally.

    I just want to know why Carl arranged for that white stuff that fell from the sky last night and this morning .....
  10. RickW

    East Coast Rally Email- All Registrants

    Carl, If the majority of the people who did not receive the email are Gmail/Google users, you(David) can contact Gmail about getting "white listed". I periodically have to do this for my companies myself. Google is very aggressive about spam. It is estimated by some industry gurus that spam make up approximately 75% of all eMail sent. With the infrequency of you sending out blast eMails and not being white listed, Gmail assumed you were spam due to receiving multiple eMails with the same content basically simultaneously.
  11. RickW

    Good news for HDT's in CA (maybe)

    Just like the conversion process is going to very by state, so is the policy of issuing a new VIN. Texas for example does not issue a new VIN. When titling as a motorhome from truck, only the body type on the title is changed.
  12. RickW

    ECR Cooler Needed

    Carl, Finally back in town and got a chance to look. Will this work for you?
  13. RickW

    ECR Cooler Needed

    Carl, I should have what you need. Let me get back home and make sure it is still in the shop and somebody has not already helped themselves to it and I forgot who!
  14. RickW

    Proper Use Of Volvo Jake Brake

    The higher the RPM the more effective the brake will be. Also the lower the gear, the more effective the brake will be. In 10th @1500rpm the brake will seem gentle. In 5th @1500rpm it feels like it is going to throw you through the windshield when on high. As for position, I always found myself flipping between the two going down the grade. Basically when I was slowing down to a speed I felt was too slow, I would switch the position from high to low. On less steep grades I would often switch between low and off. What you will find is with the exhaust brake it is not a set and done. You are going to find yourself adjusting the setting frequently for the moment. Once you get it figured out on how it works best for you, you will find your foot is only on the service brake for complete stops.
  15. RickW

    Looking for generic rocker switches

    This is what I did: You can find the switches and several options in the WayTek catalog.