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  1. Strange how nothing worked, but then just 2 days ago, I noticed it wasn't leaking anymore. Very odd. We already have an appointment for June 6, for just some minor repairs, and they said they will take a look at, and they already have the parts in stock (must be common). Wow, Thanks Chad for that information. I will now put a note near the valve also. Thanks everyone!
  2. We have the same truck and just had it done by a friend. Sorry, he is located in S. California.
  3. I will try that when I get home. Thanks, I will let you know
  4. Good question. We will keep trying and try to look for the o-rings. We actually already have a warranty appointment in June for some very minor things, I guess I will just add to the list. Thanks all for your advice
  5. New DRV 5er since Sept., have been hooked up to city water ever since and haven't had a problem...until this week. My husband had to use the water pump as the water was shut off due to maintenance. Ever since then, with the dial turned to city connection, it seems it is filling the fresh water tank and is continuously leaking out the overflow. Any suggestions? We have tried turning the dial back and forth trying to get it from filling the tank. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you Paul. I have been trying to convince my husband to travel south of the border, but he refuses. But from your blog, it probably wouldn't work for us. We have a 44.5 foot toy hauler. So I will just enjoy and learn from reading your blog. Be safe.
  7. It would be nice if Gas Buddy would add if a gas station was rv/big rig friendly
  8. In September, 2016, we went to Kansas RV (from california) and purchased our new LX410 fullhouse. We had been interested in the fullhouse since they came out, and unfortunately wasn't ready to purchase until after THOR took over (which I was really upset about). At this time nothing major, but a few minor and cosmetic things. In the process of making a list to call them. There are some woodwork blunders, that I plan on taking pictures of and sending it to headquarters. I love our home and happy we purchased it!
  9. Yes, I was comparing same coverage, same company, two different zip codes, and it was a huge difference. Trust me, I am not just deciding by insurance. Have been searching for awhile, figuring ALL aspects of fulltiming. Just wasn't able to figure out the fulltime insurance until we knew which rig we would be getting.
  10. We are picking up you new 5er next month, so we have been frantically searching for a new domicile. When checking w/ Progressive between here, southern Calif and Livingston TX, it was TRIPLE in TX compared to Calif. I was shock as was the representative. We are pre-medicare and having a heck of a time finding the correct place to call home.
  11. We are in the same boat. Grew up here in California. Registration and income tax way to high. We started looking into SD, but then the ACA caused them not to have PPO, so no problem, TX. With the announcement of United Health pulling out, not sure where we will set up domicile. My job limits me to work only 29 hours a week, so no insurance there, and I make too much for subsidy. Hubby is retired, per workman's comp accident. Was hoping to cut back on my hours so I can take advantage of ACA helping us out, since our insurance premium is more than $1k a month. ( My company is pretty flexible as I am able to work 3 months of the year in other centers throughout the year, and was hoping to only work 6 months at my new domicile state). When we do change domicile, I will eventually have to transfer my job also, so we have been looking in different counties, that are close to where my job centers are located. It is so complicated! Not sure why the government couldn't make it illegal for insurance companies to deny because of pre-existing and keep a limit on how much they charge. Sorry I will get off my soapbox
  12. We have 10 years till Medicare (if it will still be available) and make too much money. So thanks to Coleen, at RV insurance, we will be getting the EPO off exchange. And yes we are paying through nose
  13. dpb, I spoke with Coleen from Kyle Hensons group, we don't qualify for subsidies so there are ppo off exchange. I will be talking with her more after the 1st of Nov. It will be pricey. Suzy, Heck, when they first came out with this Act, I email the president and told him it was great what he was trying to accomplish but to punish people for not taking advantage of the insurance was not right. I told him I think he should punish the insurance companies if they didn't take a patient with pre existing conditions and don't charge outrageous prices if they did. That would be a better then the currant law, but I digress.
  14. Thanks all. The spot for the smart car, would a jeep wrangler fit? I have my 98 jeep that is paid for, and I don't like being so close to the ground in a car.
  15. Hello All, I am starting this topic to compile info in one spot for my husband. We are planning on purchasing a DRV fullhouse soon. We need to up grade our F250 of course. Well, we have been looking at the Ram 3500 and the Ford F450. I know everyone's situation is different, ours is that I will be commuting to my job, sometimes up to 50 miles one way (depending where we camp in relation to the location of the center for my company). We want a toyhauler to keep our RZR1000 and our smoker with us, so that leaves out a toad. So basically, would a M2 class be the best option for us? Also, if you could give your opinion on why a larger truck would be better than the pickups. I know one drv dealer and the sales rep for drv said F450. Thank you for your time.
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