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  1. For Sale: $125.00 Thetford's innovative design brings it all together with patented hose handling and AutoStop fill shutoff to prevent spills. Saves time, effort, hassle. Completely self-contained; nothing else to buy. Permastore Hose Handling and Stowage Self-storing sewer hose stays connected at bottom of tank. Cradle pivots; hose extends 5 feet. Ingenious. No more mess or worry about where to stow the hose. A bayonet cap prevents spills. SmartTote 27LX, 27- Gallon 4-Wheel Tank with Handle; 39 Inch L x 23-7/8 inch width x 14-3/8 inch height (Equipped with 4 Wheels; Tow Handle; 5 Feet PermaStore Hose; AutoStop This is a brand new NEVER USED portable waste storage tank. I am selling this tank because I found I never used it and have no plans to do so. Contact information: Charles Spell Email: chazspell@gmail.com Telephone: (225) 218-3135 Location: Houston, Texas
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