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  1. Sounds like this had nothing to do with the hitch. Sounds like that piece of steel fatigued and failed. And you discovered it before it became an accident and something more serious happened. It happens. Glad you are safe and have the knowledge and resources to repair it properly. Enjoy your journey, it could be worse.
  2. rpsinc

    JCPenny's RV Workforce

    They may be but have found enough $ to hire Shaq to do commercials for them. So, they arent gone yet. And if their checks clear and it works for some extra income, then go for it.
  3. I believe that 1031s apply only to investment property, not primary residences. Just thinking out loud here, but what if you sold your vacation home to an LLC of which you are the members and then take that mortgage back and so an installment sale, which would still cause you to pay taxes on the income but with the installment sale, you would not have to deal with the capital gains issue for now. Perhaps the LLC could be SD based as well. I am in a similar situation, and so interested on how and where this goes. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Sounds like a project in the future, BUT, when done, it should be better than new. It will be a good thing to add some gussets or plate areas that may have broken, as cheap insurance, since the welding is being done anyways. If you were closer I'd offer my services. Im a fabricator/welder and have a shop on my property. Always doing something like this. I've done repairs to HDTs too.
  5. rpsinc

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    You always get what you pay for. HF has made claims about their stuff for years, yet they are still looked at as a BUDGET brand. There is a reason why. Honda or Yamaha or even Champion are much better options. And consider buying a propane kit so you can avoid the dreaded bad gas problems. The kits are available on line for a few hundred dollars, which is about what a replacement carb is gonna cost you, once. Cant beat a Honda genset but yes, you are gonna pay for it. But if you want it work when you need it, then buy quality. I earn my living with tools and that has served me well. I never buy HF welders because they dont hold up. The only tools I buy from there are wrenches and impact sockets and hammers but never electric or air powered tools. And almost all of those have gone into trucks that dont get used every day. Tools that work every day come from name brand companies. Spend more but they work when needed. Not sure if that is your need but its just my input.
  6. I dont recommend using the rivets, as they are loose to begin with and will loosen over time. Try using new SS teks with some washers, as large as you can get in the trim area, and run them in to the appropriate tightness. Forget about replacing the broken ones if possible. Sometimes that is not worth the effort, but sometimes you have no choice but to use the same hole as before. You may also think about using a good quality zinc tek screw, I use ITW/Buildex brand. And they make a TEK5 which is specially designed for going into steel, some can be bought with a rubber washer and a small steel washer on top of that, all zinc plated. They are US made, I have tried the imports and they dont work nearly as well. Its worth spending a little more for those. The TEK5s have a drill end so make sure you spend some time measuring the drill part as well as the threaded part to get the length you need. I use #12 X 2-1/4" TEK5s to attach 3/4" plywood onto 3/16" steel and they work about right. It would seem to be too long, but any shorter, and the threads wont hold. A fastener distributor should be able to sell you how ever many you want without buying a box of 5000. Buy a couple dozen extra, they come in handy for many things.
  7. I am willing to at least look at what you have. Not experienced on your exact coach but have encountered lots of things in my 40+ year mechanical career, and not done yet. Cars, RVs, trailers, fabrication, mechanical machinery, electrical, common sense too, although that seems to have become a skill of its own. How is the fiberglass attached now? Are there any fasteners that may have come loose, fallen out or are in a bind? Take some pics and forward to my email: rpsincimt@gmail.com.
  8. rpsinc

    Can I even own this in CA

    Of course you can own it!! But can you register it in Cali is a completely different issue. I own a 2001 IH 4700 and did not even TRY to register it in Cali. With the sales tax and the registration fees being what they are, and considering that the truck sees 2000 miles a year, I set up something else and now it works for me. Im in Riverside County near Jojoba Hills
  9. rpsinc

    Check valve for ET Hitch

    What about installing a ball valve on the pressure line going to the hitch. Need it to hold, close the valve. Need to dump it, leave it open. Likely open will be the most common position but when needing to hold pressure in hitch close the valve.
  10. rpsinc

    780 trans not shifting .

    Carpet may be dealer item or a competent upholstery shop.
  11. rpsinc

    generator in truck bed

    Dont waste your money on HF generators. Champions are good and not as expensive as Honda or Yamaha. Parts are readily available too. But another option is to buy a conversion kit to use the genset on propane and avoid the dreaded fuel problems but they dont have the same output, so buy a little bit larger than you need if going that way. Most fuels today have a short storage life and are full of craps that clogs carburators. I keep new carbs for the MANY gensets I own(Im a contractor) in case I dont run the genset for a while and then need it. Far more cost effective to just change the carb. Orifices in them are so small that it is hard to clean them completely. Even when draining all the fuel out, some will stil sit in the orifices and well, there ya go again. The ethanol free fuels are great but not always available when you need it.
  12. rpsinc

    CG in or around San Diego

    Many military live in Temecula Valley, check out Jojoba Hills SKP park or California Resort also in Temecula. Nice area.
  13. rpsinc

    Too hot in Yuma too cold in Idaho

    10 degree drop in temps today in So Cal.
  14. got it. I have the same model but '04. Has large picture windows across the back, a tub and darker cabinets. 8 solar panels and a 7000W genset. Clear is failing on the street side, so looking at ways to correct that. Will be installing a Big Foot leveling system when time permits(I'm a fabricator/contractor). Already removed the floor tile in the kitchen and looking for a suitable replacement, likely some LVT.
  15. rpsinc

    We have some very nice folks in the HDT group!

    Your experiences are a big part of the reason why we chose to join SKPs, and although only in my 30s when I was initially exposed, saw that generous and kind personalilty in person in Benson when building a casita for my parents on their lot there. It was wonderful and I especially enjoyed going back a few years ago to do some work on an Elite Suites, and being invited to tour the casita I helped build. My father passed soon after that, but I felt reconnected that day.