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  1. Sturdy steps?

    Having the steps with a landing and handrail is 1 of the reasons why I bought a Newmar Kountry Aire. Has that instead of typical 3 steps that fold out.
  2. HDT and overall length

    There are few things that will help with income tax but a small business is certainly a big one. I own a construction company and I use my truck and 5er for out of town work or out of town job walks. So that means that it is a tax write off. Still have to pay for those expenses BUT it also means that we can write it off as an expense to our business and that means no income tax, as those expenses are cost of doing business expenditures. It is a little bit, but every little bit helps. The other side is that others might do that same trip and use dollars that were made on a paycheck, so that $ is already taxed and therefore there is less there, on a equal dollar value basis. Say $100 spent, one uses paycheck income which has been taxed and the other uses cost of doing business without having been taxed, you can see the potential benefit. Of course, this is a bit simplistic, as there are other things that are part of that same small business equation, but you can see the picture of opportunity appearing.
  3. Slides

    I cant imagine that the slide seals are that air tight when moving that they will not allow for air to equalize when slides are moving.
  4. Restoration work begins ...

    I have a Kountry Aire also. Do you mean for the existing rear lights, as direct replacements? Have you found better replacements for the marker lights? My lenses are dried out and falling apart, Grote originals but wonder about what might replace them with lower cost.
  5. If you dont have to have the name embroidered on, find a local upholstery shop to make one that will work. I have done this for my welders. Name brand often the same price as 3 I've had made by upholsterer.
  6. Volvos for sale

    Thanks Jack. What is preferrable rear ratio for HDT usage?
  7. Restoration work begins ...

    I have a Kountry Aire also. Do you mean for the existing rear lights, as direct replacements?
  8. Cost to license MDT/HDT in SD

    Me too. My costs are similar for an MDT/20K# 5er
  9. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    I have used the Trailer Life towing guide which provides good info for towing with different TV. While we all have to consider that any TV that CAN pull a certain weight trailer doesnt mean that it SHOULD. I see may 40' Toyhaulers loaded down being towed with F250/2500 trucks. Yes the drivetrain may do a good job of pulling it but that isnt where the capacities are the most important. Its stopping and managing that weight during incidents. For example: I have a 2007 GMC CC dually with a Duramax/Allison. Its rated tow capacity for 5th wheels is 16,500#. The same truck on todays chassis is much higher due to engineering changes. But its still a LDT pulling a HEAVY load and I wont do it. I use an MDT to tow trailers UNDER 20K#s
  10. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    TOTALLY AGREE! Consistent with towing 40+ tow haulers OVER loaded with an F250. "Ya, I got a diesel and it will tow ANYTHING!". Are you kidding me right now??? Its why the rest of us have to deal with laws that HAD to be enacted because of this lack of common sense thinking.
  11. Is there even STAFF to tell anyone? A government shut down means no one is working. So who would kick you out???? We were "victims" of the 2013 shutdown. After 20 years of working our small business without a real vacation, we decided to take a trip to Utah and spend 3 weeks off. We left just as the shutdown was announced. We had planned to go to Boulder City and stay 1 night on our way, but ended up there for 8 nights due to parks closed. It was a nice family owned park and we enjoyed it but didnt get to enjoy Bryce/Zion like we intended. That being said, we didnt see a box on our tax returns to mark for a larger deduction based on losing our vacation so we had the pay ALL the taxes that the government required. Which is what we have done for 40+ years. There's got to be a better way.
  12. California CDL

    All trucks ARE registered commercial in Cali, but that wasnt the point. Drive a pick up and you dont keep driver logs like what is required on a commercial driver.
  13. California CDL

    If you were using a GMC Sierra to go to the desert on Friday and come back on Sunday, I bet this conversation wouldnt be be happening. So, why is it different because of the trucks size? Its purpose is the same. Although our LEO in Cali may not think that way.
  14. California CDL

    As an FYI- it is my understanding that CA has a Class A license with a non-commercial application. Have not done alot of investigating on it yet but but NO commercial driving allowed but is designed to provide proper licensing of the weights encountered.
  15. Gas or Diesel

    I bought a 2016 Chev 3500 DRW and priced both diesel and gas engines. Not really a good comparison as the diesel is the Duramax/Allison combo and the gas is the 6.0Vortec/6L80 combo. Not close in power or durability but the diesel was $8500+. Since this was to be my work truck and not towing much, I chose the gas. Those 6L Vortec engines are GOOD. But not a match for the Duramax for towing. I have a Duramax also in another truck and totally different truck but different purpose too. I prefer to tow with the diesel. My 5er gets towed with an IH 4700/DT530/Allison/Stalick.