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  1. rpsinc

    33 yrs with no disability pension

    John, I hear you. Not in your situation BUT remember, TODAY is the 1st day of the rest of your life. Leave the past there. Hard to do but worth the effort, like you are.
  2. I agree. I made the choice to be self-employed and in that lifestyle, work was/is VERY different. Our customers affect/effect our schedules, prices, results, etc. We do not usually get to control all of our life activities as we have those customers. By the same token, we get to generally make more that if we had chosen a 9-5 JOB, although sometimes that means leaving for work at 4AM, driving 3 hours, working a 10 hour day and driving back 3 hours, then doing something similar the rest of the week/month. No 401K, stock purchase, bonuses etc. We then have to find a way to educate ourselves in the ways of savings, overhead reduction, investments, retirement planning, tax efficiencies, finding a team that we can trust to surround us with technical expertise to help us in the above noted endeavours. Its been a lot of work so far but the challenges are from what choice I made for us and I am so grateful that I could make the choice that I thought best suited us. Other countries and places dont have the same freedoms.
  3. rpsinc

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    We will be at the National Rally. Will I be able to meet you??
  4. rpsinc

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    Link to pics??
  5. rpsinc

    Retirement plan-half timing

    I appreciate that you are providing hope for the SE.
  6. rpsinc

    Staying powered up?

    I use a 20W solar panel
  7. As a follow up to Kirk, yes many companies have changed significantly the benefits packages they offer, esp. as it relates to after retirement. I think that a large part of this is cost, probably the biggest, but also the trend that people dont stay with companies for a career. My Father worked 43 years in his industry and for only 3 companies. Now, many work for that many in a few years as that is a common way to progress up the corporate ladder. So many things have changed.
  8. rpsinc

    MDT Registered as RV in CA (possibly AZ)

    My MDT is registered in SD and I did it from So Cal. No questions asked about smog, or much of anything else for that matter. I used Americas Mailbox for help and they did/do a great job.
  9. rpsinc

    Red Flyer interior progress

    Very nice work
  10. rpsinc

    Caretakers for Summer 2019

    I'm guessing this should be 2018
  11. rpsinc

    Ford F650/F750

    With ONLY 10K, why not just a 3/4 ton. Dont need to go into the MDT class with F450/550 which is what those are often considered. Many modern 3/4T trucks are capable of towing your intended. Check out the yearly towing guide from Trailer Life magazine. Very useful. If buying used, then go online for later years.
  12. rpsinc

    MDT Registered as RV in CA (possibly AZ)

    I have a MDT but its not registered in Cali. Dont know about other states requirements as they are not a concern for me at this time. I do know that alot of non-compliant trucks from Cali are going out of state. Others to Mexico and others are crushed.