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  1. Try this: https://www.trailerlife.com/trailer-towing-guides/
  2. Your advice was spot on. Changed the batteries and voila!! It started in just a few seconds. Guess I dont have a fuel delivery problem. Now to schedule a trip. Havent been out since National HDT Rally of 2018. This working thing is getting old.
  3. Had time today to do some troubleshooting and discovered batteries were 7+ years old. So replacing them now. Will also check fuel filter for fuel inside. Did not have a wrench large enough for the one on the DT530. So picked one up with new batteries.
  4. Starter seems to be a bit lazy but I think it may have to do with 5+YO batteries, but have tried starting it with charger on 50A. Not sure but thinking that starter not spinning engine fast enough which is why the charger on 50A. Oil changed 2000 miles ago and level is good.
  5. I have a 2001 4700LP with DT530. It has been progressively harder to start it. Seems to me to be the fuel system bleeding down. I am not sure what to do to prevent it other than starting it every week, and I really dont want to do that. Is there something else I can try? I keep covers on tires and solar panel on batteries. Life is making it impossible to use regularly but I dont want it to deteriorate more than it has to. Have a potential time frame to get it out but need to solve this issue. Any input from experienced usesrs/owners??
  6. If you plan to use it for that, maybe a bladder tank might work better. Can be collapsed when not in use and can use for larger volume of water.
  7. Often when using NADA, people will add on things that MAY have been part of the original trailer as it was sold. In that case, it increases the valuation without justification. I read somewhere that for the purpose of establishing the private party sale price range, it is best to use the base amenities and then work the range from there. Also, most added accessories while PERHAPS having value to a buyer, will only do so to a buyer interested in those particular items, but if you added those for the purpose of making the RV more functional for your lifestyle, then establishing a value based on a percentage of its cost when installed, will be difficult to figure esp considering that some like solar, will have items like batteries and panel life expectancies associated with them. Hard to determine this. Hope it works out for you that you find someone looking for a trailer with the features that you chose and they are willing to pay for them.
  8. I have learned over time to never install a brass/metal nipple or adapter MIP into a PVC FIP fitting. Over time it seems the pressure of the metal against the flexible PVC will cause the PVC FIP to crack and leak. I have had success with changing that. As a contractor and rental property owner, I usually have to deal with the repair over time.
  9. Sorry adapter is a PVC slip X MIP thread.
  10. Just a thought. Seems to me that the adapter on the PVC side is a CXMIP adapter but the brass connector appears to be hose thread. Yep, they may thread on but not really have the same thread when you get to the pressure applied. I've certainly done that before and it frsutrated me to the end, when I realized that I had mixed up the threads.
  11. Each hitch seems to have their own preferences as to what makes them operate more efficiently. Learn by doing. Then make your checklist from that. But always maintain a safe condition for the trailer. Chock wheels first.
  12. Put into the appropriate subject for better results. http://www.rvnetwork.com/forum/26-rvs-and-accessories-wanted/
  13. rpsinc

    Fun in the snow

    I have seen shackels used instead of hooks. Just leave them in place or remove.
  14. Yes, non-union. In my industry, union work is almost non-existent. I have never been signatory, have been approached a few times but it really hasnt been a good fit. I work alot for an international company that sells equipment for warehouses and usually it is sold installed. Because their service technicians cant accomplish the work in a cost structure that allows for their profit margins, they outsource to independent contractors. Then they start grinding on price. Per diem isnt even part of the deal until the travel 1 way is greater than 3 hours, and then its a "discussion". They have enough subs that if I dont want or wont take the work at THEIR #s, there are others that are in different circumstances that will. Just yesterday I was given a PO for a job that I bid for $2000. The sales guy sold the job on his interpretation of "book" pricing, which was $760. The job is 1.5 hours away, needs $400 in fabricated parts and 5 hours of work to install them. Also need a rental forklift. I declined the job. It was assigned in minutes at $760. Happens all the time. BTW- I am a contractor that self-performs with 1 helper. Nearing the end of my work life and looking forward to it.
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