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  1. rpsinc

    Convert manual landing gear to electric

    Sure, order a 12VDC motor that is intended to be used in that application, as you would order a spare. The a couple of sprockets and some chain, a fuse protected power source to a switch, and that should do it. I've even seen these motors on CL sometimes.
  2. rpsinc

    freightliner hitch plate

    Or another option would be to attach it all to the lower flange of the frame and work from the bottom, up.
  3. rpsinc

    freightliner hitch plate

    I imagine that IF being nose high is an issue, that the plate you attached to the frame, could have also been attached to some 2"-3" channel bolted to the UNDER side of the frame and then the plate to the channel, or welded together, then the hitch bolted to the plate, which would leave the hitch lower as needed. I think I have seen this configuration often.
  4. rpsinc

    freightliner hitch plate

    Using the factory hitch would more likely show the truck as commercial, BUT with a 5th wheel hitch, it will clearly show it as an RV toter. Should more readily support its NON-commercial use, at least from my point of thinking.
  5. rpsinc

    Cat C7 Alternator Neville LBA2108 no output.

    Rental yards sometimes have pullers, or try an engine rebuilding business or machine shop & let them swap it for u
  6. rpsinc

    1999 Volvo VNL610 64T

    What about interior pics
  7. rpsinc

    Parts for volvo mirror

    Perhaps consider the phone camera function. I often will start a project like that and then get called to something else and not have any reference when I get back to the original project. Could this be a maintenance item as in blowing out that dirt periodically when airing tires so as to reduce the amount of crud that gets trapped in there? And if the cover can be removed, perhaps some dry grease once in a while?
  8. I have really gravitated to the adobe and tile look with whitewash accents, using SW fabrics to bring in color and patterns.
  9. Well, where I live we see much Southwestern themed decorating. I really is all about interpretation. We intend on making it how we like it not necessarily what some other influences might THINK it should look like.
  10. rpsinc

    Sharpening Drill Bits

    I have a Drill Doctor, medium priced bit sharpener. I too was taught how to sharpen them early my career. I find that with lesser eyesight and skill set(out of practice), I do a better job more times than the Drill Doctor. Perhaps like medical doctors, who PRACTICE medicine, this Doctor does too.
  11. I am a General Contractor in So Cal and in my "spare time" been remodeling our Newmar Kountry Aire. Using wainscotting and gloss white for some opportunity to open it up. The cabinets are dark and so the white will contract it. Not intending to paint the cabinets but considering some Southwestern fabrics and decor to bring it into the area we live in. Its a personal thing till you want to sell it.
  12. rpsinc

    Essential pots/pans

    Kind of like www.flavortownusa.com??
  13. That folding or hinged platform idea is reasonable with 1 exception: what to do with the rigid connections and soft copper lines for the refrigerant? Now, if flexible hoses could be substituted, then you have a plan. But not sure what is available or recommended. Likely something out there could be used. You have be thinking. I have a spare tire tray in the rear of my Newmar KA. No tire is in it as previous owner put T-105s in there. I have a new box built on slides that will relocate those to a compartment, so that area could be repurposed to the mini split. It also has 8 old technology solar panels feeding a Magnum to those T-105s, which I intend to upgrade to a MPPT system with fewer panels to increase efficiency. So with removing the roof mounted A/Cs, reducing the # of panels but increasing the capacity of the panels, I think that I should be able to really clean up that roof. Will also be doing a high UV coating on the roof too, once cleaned off. The Kingdome will be going too, as it is original 2004 technology. Not sure what to put up there but likely a Trav'ler. Humm, brain is really firing on all cylinders now.
  14. rpsinc

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    Its 10:45AM in So Cal and 100 already. yesterday we had 116, and we're NOT in the desert.
  15. rpsinc

    1998 international steering

    I think this is for the steering dampner, not the wheel shocks . I replaced the shocks on my '01 4700LP, easy to find those but never thought about a steering stabilizer. It would likely help. I'm interested in input as well.