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  1. I just looked at the towing capacity of the F450=21000#. I suppose that would be dependent on how it is equipment, BUT, what was the most surprising was the curb weight=8900#. Some have called that the tail wagging the dog. In your scenario, you will be towing 20000# with 8900#. Think it through and make the best decision for you and your safety. Not sure what the cost will be for the F450 you are looking at, but most of those trucks seem to be priced higher than a comparably equipped HDT, but the HDT has the capacity to tow 3-4 times the weight which also means it has the safety features necessary to do the job properly. I am in the same exact dilemma. Even with similar engine specs, most LDTs will have at most a 6-speed trans but many HDTs have 9-13speed trans, even automatics at 10 or 12. This forum is a wealth of info on tow vehicles and taking the time to learn before making a significant purchase might be a good thing. I have a Newmar Kountry Aire, well into the 20K# weight range. Previous owner, also an SKP, towed with an F450. When I bought it, I picked it up with my MDT(middle of the road choice for me for now) and owner commented on my having a REAL truck to tow it with. That was the voice of experience and I paid attention to that. Still learning about HDTs and will likely step up at the right time.
  2. You now have a good TV in the truck you bought from Scott. Enjoy the experience. We went to Utah but unfortunately chose the year that the Feds decided that they would shut the government down and the National Parks were some of the first closed. We lost 10 days of our trip and went to Bryce but the weather was turning and so did not get to spend the time we had hoped for. I envy your opportunity.
  3. I typically use auto dark lenses for work. I was wondering about the ability for them to trigger with the eclipse. I think a fixed shade would be safer for that type of thing.
  4. I have seen some plastic shrink style window covering, designed for the interior of the window, and with the air gap works well to insulate, sometimes better than dual glazed windows. But the caveat is that the windows are then inoperable unless you remove the plastic. Here is what I was thinking about. http://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-62-in-x-84-in-Clear-Plastic-Indoor-Window-Kit-2120-EP/100353672 In the past, I have found some companies that make replacement windows for RVs. Google it. Thats how I found them. If I remember right, they could match existing but with an energy upgrade, so that they were a direct replacement. Just remove the old, replace the butyl weatherstripping and install the new window. Can do them a few at a time as time and/or money is available.
  5. Have you tried Craigslist? In our area there are several people that offer that service. They carry insurance for that purpose as well, nice to know the unit is covered should an incident occur.
  6. Formerly from Berlin, New Hampshire and Ontario, Canada. Just tried to provide some comfort and understanding. My apologies if you were offended.
  7. I talked to Scott about his truck too. I was and am convinced it was the right truck BUT unfortunately the wrong time. I am sure you will enjoy it. It is a great platform for customizing to your needs.
  8. Trailer Life publishes a great towing guide every year and has past years available on their website. It gives all the options for determining what the capacity is of trucks or other tow vehicles. I have used it quite a bit for myself as well as others looking for info.
  9. Barbara, I dont have personal experience about this but I have witnessed the effect that the change of life after work has had on someone else. As a person looking in from outside it was a learning experience and one I hope will benefit me in the future. In the early 90s, my parents retired and became SKPs(they had never camped or RV'd, but bought a Class A on a whim), travelled for a few years then settled in Benson, buying a lot there. I remember my mother complaining that my father was depressed and didnt do what she wanted him to do. Well, after considering all the feedback I got, I told my mother to give my father some time to acclimate to his new life and his new surroundings. They had been in the same house for 25+ years, and he had worked for 41+ years, going to work every day was an important part of his life and thus a part of who he was. She, on the other hand was a home maker and more accustomed to a freer schedule and not so many meetings and commitments. After a couple of years, my father volunteered for propane filling, the architectural committee and a few others in Benson, helped many widows and single ladies with their rigs, and it kept him busy. He was a different person, and moved away from the depression etc. Why do I share this, well, you are experiencing a new way of life, and it may not have become broken in yet, like a nice pair of shoes. Give it some time, try the suggestions that you have received, perhaps those will help in getting that pair shoes to fit like YOU want them to. No doubt, you will be fine, it will take a bit of time. But most of all, enjoy the journey. If you have been in the working world like most of us, the expectations were mostly about the destination(goals, deadlines, metrics, balance sheets, etc, etc). You dont have to do that anymore. Enjoy.
  10. GOOD FOR YOU GUYS!! Working down that road ourselves. You bought your truck in Simi Valley, if I remember the subject post. I live about 2 hours from there and looked at that truck. Hope you have safe travels and enjoy the journey, because this is NOT about the destination.
  11. Some time back I was researching foil backed radiant barrier for heat reflection and insulation in my metal building/shop. I'm in the SW and it gets 100s here. I talked to a guy that was the owner of a company that manufactured some radiant barrier. I suggested scenarios to gain some idea of R Values with his product. The reflective properties stayed pretty much the same. With the bubble style foil on 1 side and white vinyl on the other, the R value of it at 2" from the metal siding was R2, moved it to 8" from the siding(inside the building) and the R value increased to R20. Of course this was just based on my info and NOT on actual conditions and testing, but it did tell me that it was worth the effort to make an AIR SPACE to enhance its ability to perform. Wh do I include this story? Well, this product when installed in slides, will work differently based on the conditions that it is installed in and how much AIR SPACE it has. The stuff just works for heat reflection and insulation, how well is another matter.
  12. See the HHRVResource.com
  13. I often have to work from a manlift for my job, installing equipment in warehouses. If I havent been in one for a while, I will sometimes have sea legs until I get used to it. If this guy does it regularly he has gotten used to it and doesnt have the sea legs issue. I used to do RV roofs for work too, and the first few were more difficult to feel comfortable on than the others. I found that doing the work of the radius roof area was challenging at times, as it was off a 10' or 12' ladder, some coaches are 13' and to do a good job, needed to be less than arms length to perform the task. If I was doing a coach in a boondocking area, the ground was the greatest challenge, more as to safety than as to comfort.
  14. Good they be coming into the tank via the vent pipe?