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  1. Also, be careful on CL of the posted pic "OF A PIC" of an RV or something else for sale. And esp when they want to have you email to a specific email address which is sometimes written on the posted pic. Generally scams!
  2. rpsinc

    iShift Handle Problem

    Just goes to show you, if a man had the idea, designed it, fabricated the parts, assembled the parts to build a "shifter" then a smart man can figure out how to fix it. Hope you put a bit of lube in there while you were at it! Good job.
  3. rpsinc

    Downsizing a HDT

    Way past my comfort level! You go girl.
  4. I have decided that I am going to spray my front cap with bedliner material. I found a company that makes a product in white. And no waxing and re:Bugg Banner-no sandpaper effect.
  5. Which model? I had a Select Suites and really like the floorplan with the island kitchen that nested into the kitchen counter. Found that it was the most counter space we had found. What we didnt like was the Level Up. Aluminum jacks and mounted at a slight angle, too prone to problems for my liking. Sold it and bought a Teton.
  6. You may also consider using commercial EPDM liquid roof products(if you have access to them) to do some repairs or can also do a complete reroof after making the necessary repair. I have done a number of RV roofs, and for what you are looking to do, Eternabond is not in my opinion a lasting option plus most EPDM products dont like the cover tape, no adhesion to it from EPDM. You might also try using shower liner material, some home centers carry it and sell it by the foot (or polyester mesh embedded in the liquid EPDM). After the repair of the wood, use the recommended adhesive and then use an EPDM liquid coating, perhaps Liquid Roof, and build up many coats for a long lasting roof, esp. since you are fulltiming in it. Liquid Roof is a bit thin so many coats will be best, but if you have access to liquid EPDM commercial roofing(NOT ACRYLIC STUFF LIKE HD CARRIES, that stuff will peel off in travel) will be a better option. Your sublayer must be as clean and dry as possible. This stuff works well but does not stick to dirt or grime.
  7. Sorry we will miss you all. Have a great time, we certainly did last year and it will be a lasting memory. Marcel & Roxanne Racine
  8. Can also consider an MDT. I have been to HDT rallys, have a robust CC Dually with lots of power and can pull any trailer I own(Newmar Kountry Aire at 20K#+) but after considering the HDT and how that would fit into my circumstances, I was able to find a gently used IH 4700LP from an SKP near me. It has fit our needs very well and we can use it for running around when the coach is parked. It is shorter than my CC but also has a 4 doors and this one has an 8.7L with an Allison. We like it just dont use it enough, which is 1 of the criterias we had. A Class 8 tractor sitting in the yard wasnt conducive to what we wanted.
  9. Not sure what the source of your issue is, but I have a Lippert system on my Teton and being it is out of any sort of warranty, I have been looking for the best local source to help with my weeping cylinders. I am greatful I dont have those pesky aluminum cylinders found on the DRVs(I owned a SS for a few years). I will be removing the landing gear cylinders from my coach and taking them to a somewhat local hydraulic shop for rebuilding. They also offer to do the removal/reinstall in their yard. Not sure where you are in Cali, but it might be a shorter drive than IN. And the weather will likely be better. PM me is interested.
  10. Might it correspond with the pressure relief valve?
  11. OH, except for 1 thing. The casino had the cheapest gas around and I purposely planned my trip to take advantage of it.
  12. I just travelled past each side of that place and there is nothing interesting enough that I saw, that would have caused me to stop, let alone want to stay and RV there for any length of time. Just an FYI. But I guess that would depend on what your interests are.
  13. I read many assumptions in this thread. #1- Size and capacity of batteries, #2- type of batteries(which will allow or not how much discharge they can handle), #3- what size and type of solar panels, #4- the other equipment relevant to the entire solar/charging system for the purpose stated by the OP, #5- RV manufacturers provide minimal equipment, rather providing pretty, shiny and many bells & whistles, rather than robust support systems. Since I am learning about most of this, consider this to be an exercise in IF I have learned what is necessary to be able to properly design a system based on its intended purpose. Any feedback?
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