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  1. rpsinc

    Steer tire life (sidewall cracking)

    I've got Toyos on my IH MDT and they are over 10 YO. I drive it regularly but they are showing their age. Looking at replacements. Not sure I want to pay the price for TOYO again. They seem to be a great tire but expensive for RV use. What say you??
  2. rpsinc

    Odd Battery Condition

    I have experienced similar issues with OEM IOTA chargers. Have usually gone to 4 stage chargers and problems like yours did not reappear
  3. rpsinc

    Need help on coolant loss

    I went through a seminar at the National HDT Rally where an instructor with lots of HDT experience told us that green coolant is green coolant. no matter whos name is on the jug. They are the same in ingredients and can be mixed by brand. They cannot be mixed by color, so dont use coolants that arent green.
  4. rpsinc

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    I am not sure, but the costs you quote are living expenses NOT including the cost of the unit? What about insurance? did the property appreciate in value?
  5. rpsinc

    Class of 2019

    I have been around RVs for over 36 years. I have had almost all types. I also have taken RV repair classes and have engaged in RV repair and improvements. I am a Contractor with 30+ years of experience, and since before that I have worked on vehicles and machinery and still do. Dont figure that you will buy a NEW RV and have NO problems. Todays quality of new units is very much in question due to the high demand, so buy it as early as you can and become proficient in using it, towing, setting up, breaking down, maintenance etc. It is a different way to live and you will need to become versed in the lifestyle. There are many posts each day from people who are working through some issue and are looking for help. And many of there are from EXPERIENCED RVers. This is not flicking a switch, its a lifestyle change. You can do it, but be pragmatic and learn as soon as possible. It will be your house, and after your sell you S&B house, your only other option for lodging may be your truck, a friends couch or a motel. That is inconvenient and/or costly. Dont be afraid, but be prepared. Enjoy the journey!
  6. rpsinc

    What I found on sidewalk when I got home from work

    Might consider spraying the aluminum after polishing so that it can be kept nice, and the interior sprayed as you have talked about. Very nice box! I'm envious.
  7. I would imagine that in order to have that happen, some individuals or investment groups will need to step up and be willing to finance a change to SKP or to build new parks.
  8. rpsinc

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    I wish I could offer more info.
  9. rpsinc

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    I get what he is asking. I dont have the info he is requesting but can share what I do know. As to Michelin XPS on a dually Newmar chassis, not really needing that high a rated tire, due to there are 8 tires. Dont need G rated like on most other chassis. I do run 80PSI on my truck tires and if the LTs are rated that way, then I would do the same. Newmar Kountry Aire's are heavy trailers. Well built so heavy as a result. Partly why I bought it. In the process of remodeling it to make it a park model.
  10. rpsinc

    Newmar fifth wheel tire and wheel dilemma

    Not sure what you are looking for, but I have an '04 KA 38BSLE with duallys. I understand that LT tires at recommended pressures are more than adequate for this trailer. My trailer has been sitting for years and when I decide to put it on the road, I will use the same tires I use on my Duallys. I try to get the higher load ratings that I can find, My math tells me that would be needing about 2230# per tire capacity. Not too hard to find that in a LT tire.
  11. rpsinc

    RGV Cheap RV lots

    Is that appraised value or assessed value? I wonder if it is appraised, then any improvements wont be recouped when sold unless >3% per year over the years you keep the property before selling it.
  12. rpsinc

    Teton Parts

    OK, How do you know? And if it is because you replaced them, what brand did you use?
  13. rpsinc

    water softener for 5ther

    Put filters 1st. Get the big stuff out before the softener.
  14. rpsinc

    water softener for 5ther

    Yes. I think that you can do alot with a good filter system. Esp if the CG is on a well. The water can be better, meaning less chemicals, but also pumps up lots of minerals, so depending on what those are, you really dont want to ingest them. So, a filter canister with a white element, then another with a charcoal, black element, then a softener and an RO at the kitchen sink if you choose to drink the water from the local supply. Some people prefer bottled water, but since most of it comes in plastic bottles, I would rather do something different if I can.