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  1. I have an IH 4700 and when I changed my shocks I used the online applications chart from Bilstein. No dealer was involved.
  2. It wasnt cooling to specs.
  3. What about adding a portable unit as auxiliary BUT I agree that you should be able to handle that rig with those units, if working properly. Have you cleaned the fins and the rest of the unit. While the units are not servicable typically, I have had an AC tech add a fitting to a unit in the past to add refrigerant. Unit was still working well just not cold enough, so that helped the situation without an expensive replacement.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I live in the Inland Empire and am a contractor, affected by this new or perhaps better said, current economy/lifestyle. I wish I was closer to being able to vacate this situation and fulltime. I'm mentally ready. But some financial steps still need to be completed. Hanging on in Cali but not liking it. While I'm sure your experiences are frustrating, they do provide some perspective for others like me that are on your same path, but not yet at the same place you are. I have had good experiences staying at Valencia Travel Village, it is a nice place, still hot, but used for workers at a power plant near there. Steer clear of Ventura RV Resort in Ventura on the 101. Lots of homeless crime there. If you want to go a bit further north, we have also enjoyed Flying Flags RV Park in Buellton. Just outside of Lompoc and Solvang. Was nicely maintained and we frequented, but a # of years ago. Not sure what their Covid response is though.
  5. Would adding a quality cushioned pin box help or perhaps eliminate the issues with the 5er being towed with a commercial 5th wheel plate hitch? I dont have any experience so asking from this group of experienced truck operators.
  6. Perhaps you can get a low priced EZ up from say Harbor Freight to use as a shade for the outdoor unit? Might buy some time till better weather to complete your install.
  7. Would it make more sense to have it installed in US and then drive home??
  8. What about making a stool that has the correct height and perhaps be used inside the coach at other times. My DW is 4'11" and always uses stools. They are EVERYWHERE. I made her one some time ago for a particular purpose that was made of plywood and had 2 steps so she could get to kitchen wall cabinets. The kids would use it to sit on when they were with her in the kitchen.
  9. We used Essex to finance a DRV from a private party. They committed to doing all the leg work to register the unit in the state we wanted but never did it. My wife had to make 3 trips to that state to accomplish that task, and Essex(Bank of the West) never returned any funds that they must have ear marked for that task. Nor did they apologise for their lack of completing this task. It soured the opinion for that institution and we paid it off as soon as we could. Fast forward to this year. Looked at a refi on some rental property and BOTW was the best option. Because of our previous experience and the lack of completion of the task that was an important to us and a significant part of the reason why we chose them, we decided to not continue with them due to lack of trust. They do sell ALOT of loans, but we will use other avenues if possible.
  10. Some have installed a computer fan to remove hot air by pointing it toward the exhaust vent on the roof and installing it with a thermal switch on the hot side so it doesnt run unless needed. And also, it helps to use some sort of shade over the refer side of the coach to reduce the ambient temperature. Dont restrict the air flow, but reduce the heat. Kind of an awning for the refer area.
  11. rpsinc

    4 door with sleeper

    They are out there but no many of them. What about an MDT. See my signature pic. International crew cab. We like the accessibility of the 4 doors.
  12. What about using a cheap HF hoist mounted to a 2" square tube to fit into your receiver hitch and use it to handle the weight. As long as you can slide the tray out, the hoist should be able to lift them empty or full, into your truck bed. Then when done, put it away. Can also use a ropealong or a strap hoist. If you have a winch on the truck used for other purposes, then a pulley mounted in the correct place, will do the job too.
  13. It also may be a more common occurence, the plastic disc that was cut out when the bung was installed in the tank was left IN the tank and may have become lodged in the valve or bung opening.
  14. Just a reminder that the blades are directional and the fan has a forward and reverse option. If the fan is going the wrong way then it will seem like it is useless. In conditions where you are using the AC, then air should be getting pulled up. In conditions where heat is one, since heat rises, the fan should be pushing air down, so that all that heat doesnt sit on the ceiling. But then again, might just be its a useless fan.
  15. The reference in the description as to "drop ceiling" simply means that it is designed to be installed into a 24" square opening, typical in drop ceilings, or T-bar style ceilings like in commercial offices. I see no reason why it wouldnt work as a ceiling fan replacement, esp if someone tall is using the RV or better yet the interference issues of the ceiling fan blades to the top of the slides when storing or extending the slides. I've bent a few blades by catching them with the slide. This interference might be an important thing to consider before purchasing.
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