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  1. What about a skylight for service access? Attach it to the plywood box. Try Icon. I like the idea of it being above the roof and running the lines on the roof. Maybe put your solar panels above the lines, on short standoff brackets. That can help keep them out of the direct sun.
  2. As to framing the cassette opening, yes, double joist it in the opposite direction to the rafters/joists in your roof. I will be doing some cassette installs in my home and I have trusses and my larger cassette in my 2 zone system is about 28" square, so in the direction of the trusses I can jsut cut the drywall but where I have to cut the truss that is in the way, I have to cut it back far enough to be able to add double framing(2X4, 2X3 or whatever is there) so as to support the load that I removed. And the cassette has NO STRUCTURAL WORTH. If you make your opening slightly larger so that you can use some plywood as a box, which will come down and act as a chase to hold your cassette(will you need any space above the cassette for air gap?). Dont forget about access for your line set and your condensate drain too. And the drain should have some fall, so that you dont over flow your pan and spill inside. A/C supply houses have some nice covers for these lines etc, made for dressing up the lines and drain. As to the electrical, you COULD simply wire this one as a stand alone sub with a cord, wired to 240VAC and a breaker. Later, you just plug that cord into what ever you will do in your solar configuration.
  3. I know this might not work for your inmmediate need, but when I worked in industry, we often would run grease lines to a bank of zerks, using 1/4" poly flow lines. A common bank could serve many bearings. Perhaps this could help you in the future. Another option could be to use some 1/8" pipe nipples to extend the location of the zerk to a more accessible spot.
  4. I would think that load weight would be the most impactful thing to tire wear, then perhaps if there is NO suspension, that might cause some bouncing and that could attribute to tire wear also. I would also think that the double wheel would fair better on tire wear over the single wheel. I find that this is similar to tire wear on my work truck. Dually with a service bed. Others seem to replace tires at 30K miles, I have over 50K miles on mine and still not ready for change. BUT, I do monitor tire pressure, watch my loading, dont over load the truck and drive at below speed limit. Maybe as I have gotten older and spent $ on things that cost me, I have learned a few things about how to become more EFFICIENT.
  5. I have seen that website before. A bit pricy for me. I have a friend who built a similar device with the platform, ran out of $ before he could get the proper certs to sell on open market. His wheel assembly uses an air bag. Nice option for load balancing. Gotta get my hands on one to try it. He has a bunch in his yard, brand new, just sitting.
  6. rpsinc

    DRV accident

    Easy on the barb throwing. Surely there is a message of the importance of safety in our activities of towing these big trailers down the highways. Even with the greatest attention to safety and SOPs, ACCIDENTS do happen, and sometimes others can influence the outcome. We can learn many things to help each of us by listening to the comments of others, as our individual circumstances are unique to each of us.
  7. Well, that is a BIG difference. Cant help you although I was born in Cornwall. I have been in Cali for most of my life.
  8. I am near Ontario, CA and I recommend not to register in CA. Too many issues. I have an MDT registered in my SD domicile. If I step up to HDT, will do SD also.
  9. Those are shippable liquid containers. All sorts of different liquids are in them and they are shipped by truck all over the country. I think it will handle what you are trying to do.
  10. Put in an instantaneous in and no limit but volume of water available. Plus the storage space returned as a result of the only 1 WH.
  11. But you would be driving them with a 12YO pump that was engineered to do the original job as intended, not the upgraded design you are after. I just took the same Lippert system off an '05 3 axle Teton. Installed the Big Foot.
  12. If you havent been to Cali in 20 years, well, it has changed a lot. Busier and esp where you are going. Used to be sleepy beach towns but now they are CITIES with all that cities have.
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