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  1. rpsinc

    rv trailer values.

    Isnt this sort of like-should I remodel my current house or just buy a new one? So MANY factors are involved. And add to that the condition that we are experiencing of poor quality new RVs being delivered that certainly make it more attractive to remodel a used better quality RV, esp when doing it to your specific likings. No new unit will come off the line as you want it- and even if you do some customizing, it wont be all you want, too much economics involved. I've chosen to remodel older 5ers. Not interested in spending so much for a newer unit with someone elses ideas of what they THINK I want.
  2. rpsinc

    Taxation w/o representation

    An interesting twist to the issue of taxation on a dwelling is what I learned during the "Great Recession". The properties that banks had in their bank owned porfolio of real estate was not contributing to the local(usually County) based tax structure. At least that was the information I was given as I was looking into some bank owned foreclosures and short sales. When I purchased a couple residential properties that I remodeled and put into the rental market, I felt pretty good about those units contributing to the local economy and tax structure. So DWELLING should be taxed when being lived not when in storage but when it comes to S&B, the banks should contribute too. Seems like some holes in this taxation PHENOMENA
  3. It appears that posting has expired. Should renew
  4. Keep in mind that many things will affect the issue. Just consider how the fabric will be affected by Tucson temps both in summer and in winter, then add to that other extents of temps. Then you can add the wind speed and direction that can affect the behavior of the fabric. That is why CREATIVE IDEAS have been discovered. One size does not fit all as one solution may not fit all conditions.
  5. Some folks use beach balls. Can inflate as needed and locate as needed as well. Part of the reason slide toppers are a choice, they help with debris but make noise in winds. Some people are affected during sleep with the noise.
  6. Right on! We have a satisfying life and dont have any interest in changing a thing, which is why I am working on the financial planning, so sustain a modest lifestyle.
  7. My approach is that I wont depend on SS for income and if/when I become eligible, then I will treat it like a raise. During my corporate working experience, when I got a raise, it usually went into the savings account. We tried to live well within our basic income. It has worked for us for the most part, although life happens and that savings has been a two way account, alot in but sometimes large outs.
  8. rpsinc

    Dually wheel wear

    I have had duallys for a long time, many service bed work trucks with considerable weight. Yes, inside tires wear more, its just geometry. More weight is applied to inner tires on a sprung suspension. Rotation works but I keep close tabs on inflation. Most commercial trucks like mine will replace tires at 30-35K but I typically get 45-50 with maintenance. That can make the $1500 at once less ouchy.
  9. Unfortunately that would not be getting back at the man. Consumers would be on the hook for all that as it would be a trickle down economy thing.
  10. This is a bit off the recent posts BUT relevant to the original subject. My DW will turn 63 later this month and I am 2.25 years younger than her, but I do the planning in this arrangement. My question has to do with her bring able to collect SS on my account before I do. I have seen some things about this but am not understanding what is available and how to decipher it. She was mostly a stay at home mom with not lots of income to show on her SS account. I have been the principal income provider but since younger, looking at options.
  11. rpsinc

    Leveling trouble with high clearance 5th wheel

    Another thought about the LCI landing gear is that the inner tube has some adjustment by dropping the tube to a different hole that corresponds with the hole in the outer tube. The Big Foot system is not like this so different operation.
  12. rpsinc

    Leveling trouble with high clearance 5th wheel

    Not sure this applies exactly, but I will give it a shot. I just removed an older LCI landing gear set up and am installing a Big Foot in its place. I noticed that the LCI landing gear was held in place with some clamps installed by welding to the main vertical frame member near the front of the 5er. The clamps could be loosened and the landing gear adjusted as to position vertically. On this particular trailer, they were fully up but could have been adjusted so that they would have been lower. That would allow more of the landing gear outside tube to be lower and perhaps help with stability and the stroke of the hydraulic part(inner tube). Not sure many will know this info but it may be helpful
  13. rpsinc

    First Adventure in an RV, with my family :)

    Cant do a 5th wheel with a van, but yes could be a possibility for a travel trailer. It will depend on capacity of the rental van. Most of the rental vans I have seen dont come equipped with hitches. Have to go more towards the commercial rental market for that. Penske or Hertz are the ones that come to mind now.
  14. rpsinc

    First Adventure in an RV, with my family :)

    I have looked before and have not found anywhere that a truck can be rented to use as a tow vehicle.