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  1. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    I read another view point about the HDT/5er combo compared to Class A, and I concur with this assessment. The driver of most Class As are right in the target zone if involved in an accident that includes any front end impact. With an HDT, most drivers are set back and thus more protected from the impact zone. I would rather be farther back, so the HDT route is the one for me.
  2. Input on potential HDT

    Looking at a 2005 IH 9200i with a Cummins ISX/425HP and EF 10 speed. Already singled(from birth) and set up to haul a race trailer, so trailer brake controls in place. Has ~425K miles. Checking to see if some here might offer some of their knowledge and experience as to what to look for and what to consider/not consider. Overall condition is very good for age. Has simple sleeper.
  3. Why should a self-employed person have access to a pool, while an unemployed person doesn't? Just put everybody in the pool, period. It's all so ridiculous. I dont know anything about being unemployed, as I have never been. I was simply talking from the point that I have experience with. Putting everybody into a pool is similar to socialized medical, like Canada has or the VA, and that has drawbacks too. No plan will work for everyone but its good to see that government is at least trying.
  4. Mine in CA for a Bronze level Kaiser plan increased 86% from 2017 premiums to 2018 premiums. We started out 5 years ago with an affordable premium for our circumstances. We're only needed to use the insurance once in 5 years and the total premium increase from the first years rate to next years rate is 278%. How is that affordable? I wish I could increase the prices I charge my customers by that amount. But I cant, well, I could but they would go elsewhere. Wish I could go elsewhere for health insurance. Before the ACA, we had NONE. So I am grateful for that opportunity but it would be helpful is the costs could be more reasonable. Not close to retirement, self employed and wish I could see that idea of combining small businesses into a pool to attract more affordable insurance like big companies are able to do.
  5. Renting to try out

    I am not familiar with places that rent 5th wheels other than as indicated above. They will deliver to the site you choose, for the period of time you pay for and then remove it when you time is up. Class A & Cs, yes, many places rent those. Some placs even rent pull trailers, but 5th wheels. Not to my knowledge.
  6. Kroger purified bottled water goes downhill bigtime

    I read somewhere that refilling plastic water or other drink bottles is not a good idea. Apparently there is a connection with the chemicals in the plastic leaching into the refilled water and affecting our chemical balance. It mentioned that it was esp. negative to mens testostorone levels. Like we need another shot to that,
  7. Weber Q

    And no oils from all the fingers having touched it in the manufacturing, assembly and packaging phases. I'll the yucky food over all that body oils any day. It actually sounds like my grill!
  8. Yes, perhaps this would work too. ~50 hours on genset
  9. Jack Blocks

    The jack stands mentioned above are, by my experience, susceptible to jiggling like you have now. I have had a car or trailer on them while working on the car or trailer, and had the stands jiggle some when doing something that caused the car or trailer to be pushed on. It comes from the shaft being a slip fit into the stand. That is where the jiggling occurs. I much rather prefer mobile home jacks. They are built in different heights, can be bought at local mobile home suppliers and have different designs to help what you are experiencing. If I was to set up for a long time, I would use them along with the levelers. I own 3 mobile homes and they all have those jacks. All of them are listed as "permanent" foundations. Can also have some of these fitted to your jacks and attached so that you dont have to store them everytime. Since you have the height, add what you need to make them function as designed. I have used some round or square tube steel attached to the leveler pad, so extend it. The tube makes it stable, but attach it solidly so you dont create that area of jiggling. It might do well to consider some cross bracing between the jacks, sold by a few different companies. These also take some of the sway out of the situation you have.
  10. Cast iron cookware - Repairable?

    As to crack repair. Perhaps JB Weld the underside. Perhaps cut a little bit of a "V" in the crack so that the material will have someplace to rest and take hold. I wouldnt put it in the cooking side, though.
  11. Upset wife / need help

    I've got 40 years to the woman I met when I was 18, married her at 19 and she is behind the step up from our MDT to an HDT. She had a Class B license, driving kids around in a 40' bus for a while, so she gets the need to safety and maintenance. BTW- I'm a contractor and it isnt unusual for her to "volunteer" to help on on jobs when needed. I feel blessed.
  12. Maiden voyage

    Sounds like that truck is working out for you. 16 years old and would expect some things like that. Dont like it when it happens, of course, but it does happen. I'm sure you are enjoying your journey. We had an abbreviated trip to Utah when the Feds decided in their infinite wisdom to use my first real vacation in over 20 years to strong arm Goverment and shut down the National Parks. We lost 7 days of our trip. That really sucked. What we experienced was great and we will be back to see more.
  13. Reese Fifth Wheel Hitch

    Not SOMEONE, a programmed internet robot with ONLY that task.
  14. Heater in sleeper

    My IH4700 has this setup and as I understand, most of them do also. Need the heater, open the valve.