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  1. I feel your pain. I have done things like that myself. And felt like a dummy afterward. Did it to myself.
  2. You are welcome Henry. I am still available to do installs in So Cal. I guess that is the opposite side of the country from you but only 3.5 hours from Q. Near Jojoba Hills.
  3. Glad that you have found a competent company to manufacture your product. It had to happen. It is part of the issue with owner operated small businesses. There are only so many hours in the day and so much energy available. You have designed a great product which is widely recognized for its service and capability and you continue to share your knowledge with others. I have only met you and your wife once, but I imagine that this makes you both happy and that you are looking forward to your next adventure. Thank you for what you have shared with us.
  4. Better opportunity by putting this in the correct subject: RVs, Tows, and Toads for Sale
  5. I used an older 5th wheel hitch, welded on some tube steel and attach it to my forklift which allows me to put 5ers pretty much anywhere I want to. I am proficient in backing up trailers(I own many) but sometimes the FL just is the better tool for the job. And then I have the FL for other jobs.
  6. rpsinc

    Value of Truck

    They will know the value AS THEY SEE IT.
  7. The issue with the water heater is minor if compared to the POTENTIAL of water intrusion into the wall cavity and the subsequent dry rot that can occur if that leak was left for some time. If it happened as a result of the water pump running and then it being turned off or losing pressure, then it likely did not affect the wall, BUT, if the coach was plugged in and the leaking continued for some time, then the wall could have become saturated and then here comes the dry rot, which is difficult or expensive to repair. I'd keep looking.
  8. That info is available on line. I do searches periodically as I too am looking to relocate upon retirement but not looking at the areas you are, at least currently. Farmers Almanac type data is extremely useful.
  9. Not experienced in this but have seen some that remove the hitch when unhooking the trailer. So the hitch comes out of the truck with the trailer(the hitch and trailer are NOT unhooked as typical). I have never done this but wonder how well or not it accomodates the heavier hitches or situations where the hitch removal is not a possibility.
  10. But they've been sitting for 2 years Lots of red flags there. Belts, hoses, cooling system, fuel system, tires, etc. As long as you plan for some expenses due to deferred maintenance and usage, then being a pre-def truck might work out OK.
  11. I can fabricate that pin box extension. I'm in So Cal. Hopefully you are or will be near here so I can build to suit.
  12. rpsinc


    Not versed in this topic but just asking-could it be a bad ground??
  13. Unless that acronym mean Magic Duty Tow
  14. After some time has lapsed since I posted this, I have seen some frames built by Lippert that were built to specs from a manufacturer but when I see bad welds, incomplete welds and welds not where they need to be based on good practices, it is unfortunate that quality and workmanship are poor in their company. I am so glad that I dont have a Lippert frame under either of my 2 5ers. Shame on Lippert for delivering bad quality welding and ending up with failures like I saw at the National HDT Rally.
  15. rpsinc

    Note to self.

    Perhaps they just had some empathy and wanted to help you with your day, which was not going as well as it could be. I do sometimes appreciate when someone can interrupt the negative energy I am dealing with at a particular time, esp when frustrated with something I am doing. I often works! I try to remember to enjoy the journey but I have some years on me and sometimes forget, while fighting alligators, that the reason I got into the swamp was to DRAIN IT!
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