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  1. Congratulations. My wife and I(married 42 years, me 19/her 21 when married) both read your story and appreciate you sharing it. So wonderful to hear that there is life after calamity. I guess its true that life is about the journey. Good that you are out of the funk.
  2. Great idea. I am currently using On Guard essential oil, diffused into and onto the mask surfaces then let it dry out. Its what I have and can do.
  3. Also consider that some opinions are that this may hamper our lives for 12-18 months AND there may be another round IF this virus is affected by weather and returns next year when we get similar temps. And without a proven vacine, it could be a while before things retrun to SOME normalcy, but it wont likely return to what we had before. Caution is the best approach for all of us. Be patient and be watchful
  4. I missed the detail of "complaining of flu like symptons". I understood it to be the Resident. That makes more sense now, in terms of Dr.s responsibility or better lack of. Yes, certainly careless behavior esp in light of compromised patients.
  5. I dont understand the idea of this happening ONLY by carelessness. My understanding is that transmission can also be through people who are asymptomatic and as such dont realize they pose a risk. I realize the idea of carelessness affecting the facility, but so many healthcare workers are likewise falling victim to this virus. Could this simply be a mistake? I'm confused.
  6. Suite Success, I commend you for what you are doing and esp for what your daugther/coworkers are doing. That is the spirit that will preserve us. The examples from the top are not coming across as helpful as they should be. The "ME" mentality is too undermining. I wish I could help more than this but I am in construction, and as I have said before, I work on loading dock equipment in warehouses. This has been deemed necessary services, and so we are doing what we can to keep distribution centers operating. I am over 60 and have the concern for my own well-being and use common sense approaches to getting my work done. N95s are on the truck but are often used over and over again. Its better than nothing. I hope! This too shall pass but we will never be the same. My wife was a school bus driver for special needs students, and so I understand how they NEED hugs and comfort through touching. She caught every cold and flu that was around, but this one needs special attention. She isnt working anymore.
  7. That seems rude to impose the cancelling fee. Realizing that the policy might be such but these are not typical times.
  8. Preparation is indeed the key. Liquid Roof is a stable and proven product. I have used it a number of times but it is good to apply a few coats initially, esp if your rubber roof is going to black or is showing some black.
  9. Your math seems to work correctly. Big investment on an older trailer. Of course, it also depends on what that trailer is doing for you. If it a premium brand, no longer made, and its your home, then forget about ROI, protect your home. I have done RV roofs with several products and have learned what and how to do it successfully. Of course, this also assumes that you are looking at DIY or independent installation. National companies or those supported by that network will be in that budget price. I have not really been too confident with spray on mostly because they lay it on. Rolled on products have the benefit of getting the product worked into small and difficult to reach places increasing the coverage efficiency. But many other factors apply. I have a 33' and 38' 5er I own that I will be doing during this Stay At Home period, assuming I dont get sick.
  10. Why be aware of rolled on roof?
  11. I bought a pair of LED replacements for my IH4700LP. I havent installed them yet but its on the list of opportunities during the "Stay At Home" order here in Cali. Seems that those are pretty common headlight sizes.
  12. Our Dentist told us that CDC asked them to close for rest of this month. Rescheduling appts for next month.
  13. Not sure I would want to trust a bladder to transport human waste. Lots of variables could lead to damage of the bladder and the results could be messy.
  14. My livelihood is based on those kind of drivers. I specialize in dock equipment and those guys cause plenty of worn parts which I am more that glad to replace or repair. Yes they are tough on equipment.
  15. I was able to buy my last truck on 0%APR, with a $1500 rebate, a $2500 discount and a new Class 4 hitch included at no cost to me. It was a '16 which I bought in '17. The truck had been ordered for someone else and the deal fell through, it was close to what I was looking for so made the deal. Also, the 3rd truck I bought from same dealer. 3 year later, it has been a good fit. Although I was planning on using cash, when this came up, and esp because it is a work truck, which I expense the monthly payments, it was the right thing at the right time. Doesnt happen very often though. Which is why finance companies are plentiful and seem to do very well.
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