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  1. WOW. what an amazingly friendly group! I am so glad to have found you all. After weighing all the options and opinions I think money (as always) will be the final decider. The game changer for me is that I have a customer Rock Hard front bumper on the Jeep that I just found out has a lot of what I need already. So of a $70 plate I am tow bar ready. It looks like the blue ox solution including a $1000 patriot braking system will be a done deal for me for around for $2,300 installed including wiring. Based on that I think I will tow this season and see how it goes. Again I can not thank you all enough for your warm welcome to this fantastically friendly forum. Robert
  2. My wife and I just took the plunge last week and purchased our first RV. It's a lovely 2015 Jayco Precept 31ul. (on a side note, it drives like a car, WOW) Anyway, I am a photographer and videographer I have no interest in spending all my time in an RV park. To that end I really would like to bring our Jeep 4 door wrangler with us. I have been quoted a couple of grand to get a Blue Ox tow bar solution that seems very well thought of and I am happy to proceed. That said I realized after a little research that if I were to purchase an 18 ft car hauler trail for about a third more, I would have the flexibility to bring the jeep or the family compact or the quads, etc depending on the trip. Other than the obvious issue of having to find a place to put the trailer once I get there, I was wondering if of you far more experience car-pullers had any insight on the ease of travel and the pros and cons of pulling vs. carrying. Thanks a million in advance! Robert
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