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  1. Hairstylist as a FTimer?

    I think the major factor that might hold you back will be health insurance. I didn't mention it my earlier post as I didn't know your ages. Will you stay domiciled in CA or would you domicile in TX, SD, FL or other more favorable tax state? With the mess our current health insurance is in, I think I would start research health care first, then look into everything else. There is a ton of info here on insurance. I was lucky, I started full time at age 60, but I have an employer COBRA til I was 65. It is downright scary for all of us to obtain a decent insurance plan. I envy you just starting out on this adventure, especially now that my health issues and family obligations have taken me off the road.. Best wishes
  2. Hairstylist as a FTimer?

    I'm not trying to discourage you from your dream, but A couple things to think about - what licenses you will need & how will you get it, insurance, how will you attract clients, will the cg management you are staying in allow someone to conduct a business from their cg, (I would bet that the majority will not), how long do you plan to stay in a cg before moving on, what kind of equipment would you have to carry with you, what kind of RV do you plan on getting? FT RV ladies are just like other ladies, some will go natural, some will do their own hair, some have stylists that they use on a regular basis as they stay in one spot for long periods of time. Why don't you think outside the box - find a paid or volunteer position at a park, wildlife refuge, etc in an area that you want to visit. They almost always give you a free parking spot for the duration of your work assignment and they love finding someone with your husband's skills. You have customer service skills that are in demand. Best wishes and good luck with your dream, it can be done.
  3. Texas Big Bend Roads

    You might want to be aware that the 2nd week of March is spring break for Texas schools and both parks get very busy with college kids and families. If you are going to camp in the NP, SP or areas close to the parks, you might want to make reservations as soon as you know your plans. Depending on fall/winter rains, flowers and cactus will start blooming late Feb. Spring in the Bend is my favorite time of the year.
  4. Delawaretraveler I've sent you a PM.
  5. Fulltime Banking

    Moved from Minnesota to SD about 10 years ago, we continued to use the credit union where we had checking, savings accounts, vehicle loans, etc. and never had any questions from any government entity. We bought a MH, TT, 4 cars in 6 different states, using the credit union in MN for the loans, all of it was handled via mail/fax. MN is a high tax state and they will and do go after anyone/everyone who they think owes the state any amount of money. My own opinion is that banking isn't as big an issue as having multiple vehicles licensed in multiple states, using an LLC or something like that. I think that so many banks/credit unions have branches all over the US that it might be less of an issue. Safe travels