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  1. I have used Soda Auto Repair for several years. He has a large lot in the country that is very Big Rig friendly.
  2. The white piece that you see is just a viral rap. I don’t think that you can re-use it.
  3. We bought a couch and 2 end tables from Lambrights this spring. Excellent quality and prices are in line with Lazy Boy, etc.
  4. We were DFW residents for about 30 years but "moved" to Livingston when we went full time. Polk county is easier to deal with when setting up vehicle registrations, getting drivers licenses, voting is easy, Escapees mail service is excellent. As to Medicare supplemental insurance plans , all of the same type (F,G,N etc.) of plans pay for the same services , have the same benefits as specified by Medicare. The only difference is which provider has the best rate for you at your age and address.
  5. Watch your bills. You may incur an new 24 month contract with an early termination penalty. I've given up on DTV / AT&T and am switching to DISH after 20 years with DTV. My experience with the AT&T representative from "The Office of the President" after I filed my complaint with the FCC was anything but satisfactory. All of my parts arrived yesterday to modify my SWM3 Traveler to a DISH Traveler. Will modify this weekend and have DISH Hopper 3 with wireless Joey installed next week. I hope it all goes well for you. Maybe AT&T will get their act together some day.
  6. If you do not have DNS, you do not have ABC, CBS, NBC or PBS with out local channels. Those of us who do not have DNS service might be out of luck for getting it in the future as no one that I spoke to including Seveene Wingfield from the office of the President of AT&T were aware of DNS or the current procedure for applying for it. The old DirecTv is going away. AT&T does not value our small segment of the 20,000,000 DirecTv customer base. We are more trouble to At&T than we are worth.
  7. I can assure you that nothing has changed for the better. After I filed a complaint with the FCC and received executive intervention from AT&T it still took and additional 6 WEEKS to get my service address changed and locals turned on. If you have been converted to the AT&T billing system, AT&T still will require a 24 month contract renewal to change your stupid service address.They still will insist that you need an installer to come to your location to institute your change. Per Seveene Wingfield Office of the President of AT&T ( big title, little action) this is the new way of doing business. After I raised holy $#@&* , I was given a $50 per month credit on my bill for the net 12 months because of the inconvenience and have a letter in writing that I will not be charged an early termination fee if I cancel my service. Rest assured I will cancel my service and switch to dish in November when I move and will require another service address change. I have received 20 years of excellent service from DirecTv and enough BS from AT&T over the past 2 months to outweigh the 20 years of good. If you haven't been switched over to the AT&T system you are still OK for now. I have talked to folks that have made a service address change with no issues as recently as last week but that will all end some day in the near future.
  8. Northlake Village Roanoke, TX (DFW Area) Spectrum cable available. Palmdale RV Resort Los Fresnos, TX (RGV - Brownsville area) Time Warner cable available. Just look at parks in the area that you are interested in and give them a call if the information isn't on their web site. But I believe that you will find quite a few parks in the RGV area that will fulfill your requirements.
  9. I may also switch to Dish. They have a Dish Outdoors account that allows you to do service address changes for local and network feeds via an APP. At least you don't have to deal with the off shore call centers.
  10. UPDATE.. I have received a couple of calls from a case manager from the office of AT&T President regarding my filing of a complaint with the FCC. So far she is clueless about DIRECTV and their customers. We'll see how it goes and I'll keep all in the loop. I encourage anyone having issues after having your account converted to AT&T's new system to file a complaint. I am not convinced that AT&T is concerned about our segment of their business.
  11. New Update!!!!! Just found another RVer in our park that is having the same issue that I am having. AT&T is either crooked or terribly incompetent.
  12. An update to my situation. Jperry29 I agree with what you say. But I haven't found anyone that cares in my several days and over 12 hours on the phone. I filed a complaint (i'll try to add it here, it's long) today with the FCC and At&T Executive Customer Care. I'm at my wits end. Hang on guys it's going to be a bumpy ride. Mike My filing with the FCC AT&T – DIRECTV is using deceptive and fraudulent practices with mobile DIRECTV customers in order to force them into long term contracts to continue to use their existing equipment. My wife and I have been DIRECTV customers for the past 19+ years. We currently have DIRECTV installed in our recreational vehicle and travel fulltime through out the United States. We do not have a traditional house and have not for the past 5 years. On April 5, 2018 I called DIRECTV to change my service address so that we could receive the networks and local channels at the Northlake ,Texas location that we would be staying at for the next 30 days. This is a standard practice that we have used with DTV for the last 5 years. It requires a simple database update of the new service address and the local channels for that location are activated. The off shore call center representative was having trouble performing this task and transferred me to another department. After 1.5 hours on the phone and several department transfers, I was told that my DTV account was being transitioned to a MyAT&T account and that changes to the account other than making payments could not be made until April 10, 2018. On April 10, 2018 I called back in to the off shore call center to request that my service address be changed and local channels for this area be activated. They were unable to access my account to make this change. I was told that they would have to initiate a move request for someone to de-install my old equipment and install new equipment at my new location. I tried to explain that that wasn’t required as my equipment was installed in a recreational vehicle, I was currently receiving a clear DTV signal with all programming except local channels. Before the day was over, I spent a total of 6.5 hours being transferred from department to department and being put on hold for long periods. I lost count of the number of people that I talked to. One person even suggested that I get another account and pay for 2 sets of equipment and service. Finally I was told that the change had been made but it would take and hour or two before the change would take place. I told the representative that the change only took a couple of minutes to take effect in the past. I was assured that the change was processing and all would be as requested. The local channels did not show up in two hours and at approximately 10:10 PM April10, 2018 my receiver was de-authorized and all programming ceased without warning. On April 11, 2018 call called DTV to try and get my service restored. Over the next 1.5 hours I was transferred 8 times and talked to 9 different people in various departments who told me they couldn’t access my account to restore service. During this time I received an e-mail telling me that an installation technician would arrive at my location between noon and 4:00 PM to install new equipment that I didn’t order. I hung up from the call center and waited for the tech to show up hoping that he could help correct this situation. The tech arrived approximately 7:00 PM April 10, 2018. I explained to him that I did not need new equipment installed, just a service address change and local channel activation. He called into DTV and tried to explain the situation. He was told that they couldn’t do anything until I signed accepting the new equipment and signed a new lease agreement. I refused to do this since I had not ordered new equipment and therefore was not required to have a new 24 month lease agreement. Over the next two hours, the technician was transferred from department to department without being able to resolve the issue. He finally found someone who was able to access my account and restore my service on my old equipment. He did not install any new devices or perform any modifications to existing equipment. On April 12, 2018 I received an email from AT&T confirming the installation of new equipment (which didn’t happen), giving me my monthly bill rate (which was correct) and reminding me that I had committed to a 24 month contract and informing me of the penalties for early termination. I called AT&T was picked up by the off shore call center and was stonewalled. They contend that I had moved service, had an install and they still had my old service address in the system. I gave up. I also got another email from AT&T April 13, 2018 stating the same thing. As of April 14, 2018 I can not access my DTV account on AT&T to confirm service address, billing address, equipment configuration or much else. I need the following things from AT&T: 1. Speak to someone that can understand the situation. 2. Has the authority to fix the issues. 3. Correct my service address. 4. Verify the billing address that they have on file and correct as necessary as my billing and service address are different. 5. Cancel the fraudulent lease contract that I didn’t sign or agree to. 6. Tell me the process for getting a service address processed without a weeks worth of drama. As I will be moving mid-May to our summer location in Michigan. 7. Assist me in establishing DNS service for my account to alleviate the necessity to change service address to obtain network channels as we travel through out the US. You assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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