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  1. cmbagwell71

    "shake down" trip complete and we have a leak.

    We agree that it's likely a plumbing fitting. That very thing happened with our second RV purchase in 2009 and the dealer fixed it. Taking it back tomorrow and hoping for a quick, smooth fix since we have a 10 day trip coming up. Definitely, we always use a water pressure regulator.
  2. Well, we found our first issue on our new unit. There is water streaming out of both ends of the slide when we run the water, and so there must be a leak somewhere in the system (no rain). It did not happen during the walk through when just the water pump was on (that we noticed), but did happen once we were hooked up to city water. It also causes a very small drip inside where the slide meets the wall/floor/corner. We turned our water off and are heading back to the dealer tomorrow. Other than that, the pantry door flew open in transit and came off the top track. I failed to latch it before take off. Sigh. Will have to have them fix that too, but that was operator error. Otherwise, uneventful and we really love our new unit.
  3. cmbagwell71

    Walk through tomorrow

    Absolutely, Kirk! Totally agree.
  4. cmbagwell71

    Walk through tomorrow

  5. cmbagwell71

    Walk through tomorrow

    Thanks all. We had the (pre-purchase) walk through on Saturday and it went very smooth. Fortunately the techs were very knowledgable, very thorough, and offered some good tips for maintaining various things. It was about three hours, including a test drive. It all took place prior to signing any paperwork. There were 5-6 very minor things that we requested be fixed on the spot, which they did. We had our checklist, but ended up not using it because they were very thorough. It is a new RV, under warranty. A quick overnight tomorrow, so fingers crossed!
  6. cmbagwell71

    Walk through tomorrow

    Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, we can't do an overnight for two weeks. Sigh. I wish we could! We already had plans for tonight and next weekend that we cannot change. Taking our first big trip the following weekend, so crossing our fingers that there are only minor issues to contend with, and nothing major. Thanks again...off to the dealership!
  7. cmbagwell71

    Walk through tomorrow

    We have our final walk-through tomorrow on a Forest River Forester 3051s. We found the attached checklist (maybe on this forum?) about a week ago and it seems super thorough....overkill? Any last minute advice? Also, how long does the walk-through generally take? It's our third unit in 15 years, so we know a bit about things to look for, but it's been years since we've done a walk through. Thanks in advance!! PDI Checklist.pdf
  8. Anyone own one of these? We are looking at the Thor 2015 Four Winds 29G on the internet. It appears to be *almost* the perfect unit for us. The nearest one is several hours away and so we just wanted to ask a question that might save us a trip. With the outdoor kitchen taking up so much room, there does not appear to be much outside storage. Where do you put your chairs? Outdoor table? Screen tent? Those types of things. We currently have a Winnebago View. It's only 24 ft, but we're able to store all these things with no problem.
  9. cmbagwell71

    Preview pane

    Perfect, thanks! In my other forum, you can see this simply by hovering the mouse over the thread title. A most efficient way to see a preview.
  10. cmbagwell71

    Preview pane

    Thanks, I appreciate your guidance. Posted into this thread, assuming others may have the same interest, and assuming that a thread about "Feature Requests" might be the most appropriate place to post. I appreciate that you responded...I'm still learning.
  11. cmbagwell71

    Preview pane

    Is this something I can do? I thought it had to do with the forum itself, and not my personal view...do you know how?
  12. cmbagwell71

    Preview pane

    I am a new member here, but I'm a member of another group whose forums are set up exactly like this one. In that forum, you can hover over the subject and there is a preview pane that pops up, giving 5 or 6 lines of the post without clicking on that thread. It's a really nice feature. I miss it on this forum.