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  1. If you've never been to the top of Mt Washington in NH, that is kinda cool. You can drive to the top, take a shuttle, or ride the cog railway. Google it to find the details. The Kancamagus (sp?) Hwy, also in NH, is a nice drive. You will quickly learn to slow down in NH, VT, and ME. With very few 4-lane roads going east/west, getting anywhere fast is pretty hard.
  2. SD has specific provisions for full time travelers. That is why you signed that form. FL does not have specific provisions for full timers. That is why this issue is now coming up. Maybe FL will look to SD for suggestions.
  3. Move daily. First night campground, second night boondock, then repeat. After a week of that, you will have your tiny glimpse and BASIC understanding.
  4. You're wrong. Miniature horses can also be service animals under the ADA. Dogs and miniature horses, that's it. Under the ACAA, emotional support animals are allowed on aircraft if they meet certain requirements. In the vein of this thread, the dog in question was an emotional support animal. One way the airline failed to follow the ACAA in this situation was by letting the man hold the dog on his lap.
  5. The ADA doesn't cover any animal on aircraft. https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/service-animals-including-emotional-support-animals
  6. If you're going to use a mail forwarding address to establish domicile, you need to read the first post in the thread I linked below. As of now, Fla is no longer issuing driver's licenses and registering vehicles to mail forwarding "residents". But there are other options, like SD and TX. If you're NOT using a mail forwarder as your domicile address, no reason for you to read further.
  7. Thanks Capt Obvious. I am not surprised someone of your ilk completely missed the point that SD is a viable option and one does not have to even go there to register a vehicle using a mail box address in Fla.
  8. Not exactly. No residency requirement for registration. So, if Fla doesn't want my registration money, I'll keep my Fla mail service address in Crestview and simply change my registration to SD. In 6 yrs when I need to renew my Fla DL, then I'll spend a night in SD and get it done. For the SD "Enhanced" CCW, there are other requirements.
  9. Only if the state considers it double towing. Something tells me U-Haul, Ryder, etc., have strong lobbying efforts.
  10. Not to poo-poo on the ASH, but each state decides what is a trailer and what is double towing. You won't win an argument on the side of the road with LEO. You may or may not win in court after showing the letter to the judge. This letter is no different than the paperwork some swivelwheel trailer makers provide. The state of Fla considers swivelwheel trailers as a trailer, NOT a frame extension. That has not stopped people from using them and NOT being bothered by LEOs. Just bear in mind the notarized letter is worth about as much as the paper it is printed on and a judge is the final decider. Chances of being stopped are probably pretty low. If you stay off the left and right coasts, you won't have to worry about it anyway.
  11. Agreed. I never understand when anyone calls DOUBLE towing triple towing. Using the triple towing logic, if you're only towing a 5er, it is double towing.
  12. He said "our 1st 5th Wheel (TT)". He also used "TT" several times in his post. So is it a 5er or a TT? Or is there a 5er company producing a unit named TT?
  13. Use Google or some other search engine to find comparable RVs. That will be a better indicator than anything anyone here can offer. Keep in mind a dealer WILL drop the price to sell an RV. A private individual may not, especially if they still owe money for it. While you think you have found a cream puff, DO NOT get caught in the trap that you MUST HAVE THAT RV!!! If you do, the seller has already won and you have already lost.
  14. At a big box hardware store in Durango, CO a few years ago, I saw a guy with a monkey on his shoulder. I queried an employee about it. He said the person would likely just claim it is a service animal and that would end the conversation.
  15. Today, for the 4th time in 6 months, I have a new phone number for my Jetpack. I found out I have a new number when I received the email receipt for my $70 prepaid payment. Today, for the 4th time in 4 months I have signed up for auto pay. On June 19th, I'll find out if auto pay was successfully applied or not. The Verizon CSR I spoke to this morning when signing up for auto pay (again!!) said the system accepted the auto pay. She must have given me a new number since my service expired last night at midnight. The Verizon CSR I spoke with this afternoon when I called about the new number also told me it appears the auto pay is now active. But, I'll believe it on June 19th if my service is still active. Unbelievable.
  16. What is the definition of "network management" with respect to this prepaid plan?
  17. Some RVs use hydraulics to move one or more slides out and in. The ram is the mechanism that moves the slides. Similar to the legs of the Level Up system.
  18. I have always found a loud "NO!" stops dogs in their tracks. And it usually attracts the attention of potential dog owners in close proximity. I like the idea of an air horn, unless I have my dog with me. Wouldn't want to freak him out.
  19. Do yourself a favor and call America's Mailbox in Box Elder, SD. They may be able to take care of everything for you. And they can likely tell you if you'll have issues with bus registration/conversion. http://www.americas-mailbox.com/home/contact
  20. If you have antique or vintage furniture, you may end up giving it away. Styles and preferences change. I had a VERY nice vintage dining room set. Duncan Phyfe quality. Even consignment shops didn't want it. Ended up donating it to Goodwill. Be prepared to sell things for pennies on the dollar.
  21. How do they do it? Get your driver's license when you first check in? Get something from you ahead of time when making a long term reservation? Does each park do it differently?
  22. We also use flush method once a month. We always use the "Extra Rinse" button to (hopefully) flush out more lint when washing clothes, too. Despite the flushings, when our 2100XC kept getting the fault code, I pulled the vent hose off the back and put the hot water hose into the machine's vent opening. Ran water in there for about 30 seconds, then drained. Did that 3 or 4 times and it took care of the problem. Did your RV repair guy just have to pull the top of the unit off or did it also involve accessing the back of the machine?
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