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  1. Not all campgrounds/RV park prohibit it. Some want a few extra bucks if you're going to wash your rig. Some allow rig washing businesses with their own truck/trailer mounted water tank to come in and do it. You may have to call around to find a park that allows washing, but they are out there. Once you wash it, no one will bother if you're on the roof calking and what not.
  2. Today is our Day 1. Will keep the Fla domicile for a bit, but will likely change to SD in a year or so. Was just easier to keep Fla for now. But, over $1,100 just to insure my 2011 dually is enough to make me want to change. S&B sale should close within a month, as long as the inspections go well, which they should. Don't know how long we'll FT, but I know I won't buy another house. Maybe a condo, but not interested in a house again. Unlikely to live in Fla again, either. MT this summer, probably AZ this winter, then who knows.
  3. https://hb.511.nebraska.gov//#roadReports?timeFrame=TODAY&layers=roadReports%2CwinterDriving%2CotherStates
  4. Driving across KS east to west is no fun. I've done it twice and will NOT do it again. Ever. The effin wind is RIDICULOUS!!! 8 days to drive that route is WAY too short, IMO. If she needs to be there on 9 May, I suggest she fly and you drive at a more realistic pace. Your drive time, setup and breakdown time will be VERY fatiguing.
  5. Yeah, I should have read more of the thread before answering his reply to me. You're right. He fails to accept other people have different priorities than him. I'm out.
  6. Well, I'm glad things have worked out so well for you. Personally, I wouldn't live in Calif. I did for almost 3 years and that was enough. No way I'd consider even visiting L.A. SO, you can have it. I have owned 2 houses, one in NH and the other is my current house in Fla. Maybe it is because I owned the NH house for less than 4 years, but it was a money loser, despite selling it for about 10K more than I paid. After interest, taxes, upkeep, etc, it just wasn't worth the ass pain. My Fla house has been home for over 14 yrs. Yes, I will sell it at a profit, too. And I used it's equity to feather my nest. But, once again, the ass pain of home ownership is NOT worth the effort, IMO. I hope to get it sold before something else breaks and needs replaced. I am REALLY looking forward to going fulltime in my depreciated 5er that is worth well under half of what I paid for it 3 yrs ago...especially since it is an orphan. But you know what?? I will be able to live in comfort in different environments for the next several years with all the pleasures of home. You keep repeating you're so happy with your $100K Class B, but then you mention how it is small. No way I'd spend that kind of dough on a small rig, but so what? It's your money to throw away as you see fit, just as it is my money to throw away as I see fit.
  7. O.k., so you're well off. Great. How much money have you put into that $650K house over the past 36 years? How much have you paid in taxes on that house over those 36 yrs? Have you ever figured out the total cost of YOUR home ownership? Something tells me there isn't $550K profit. Unless, of course, you never had to do a repair/replace/refurbish/pay taxes, etc, on the house.
  8. Buy a house. Spend $20K updating the kitchen. $10K updating the bathroom. $20K replacing the roof. $8K replacing the A/C. $5K painting the exterior. Whatever to replace the water heater. Some of these costs happen every 10 - 15 years, depending on one's tastes. Of course, the initial purchase price varies, as do the costs of the other expenses, but if anyone thinks owning a home is a good deal, prove it.
  9. There are also a number of Workamper groups on Facebook.
  10. Check your local UPS store. They may give you a REAL street address. Sign at my local UPS store in Fla says that. NC may, or may not, be the same.
  11. My local independent RV shop uses a fork lift with a fifth wheel hitch device mounted on the forks. That may or may not be an option for you. Certainly larger than the tow dolly and possibly more expensive. Or not.
  12. If you find a coach you like, and it is not rated for full time living, I wouldn't worry about it. The manufacturer's warranty is only good for 1 year anyway. You may have better luck with a nice used unit. Much lower cost and probably has a lot of the bugs worked out.
  13. Park the RV next to the house, uncovered. Wish I had covered parking. Oh well. Selling the house and going full time within weeks.
  14. This is generally true, but not always. Kinda like the stock market...if you have to sell when the market is down, you may lose money. One thing I took from the article was the couple's lack of estate planning and life insurance. They were not self insured, either. There have been financial "gurus" proclaiming for AT LEAST the last 3 decades how to protect yourself with life insurance as well as "pay yourself first" and work toward being self insured. Poor planning/a lack of planning is not the fault of the RV industry.
  15. Not to poo-poo your tub idea, I'm sure you have your reasons it is a must have, but an RV water heater capacity is only about 10 gallons. If you burn propane to heat the water, it will heat quickly. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of that size limitation. That may not be an issue for you. Will depend on how you use the tub. Perhaps someone on here who uses their tub a lot and can state if their water heater keeps up with the demand.
  16. You sure it was in Fla? I've taken my 5er out that way several times over the past 7 yrs and never had a problem until Weezy Anna.
  17. 6 years is a LONG time, and things change. Either way you go, you're going to second guess yourself. You said you can use the RV 6 months out of the year now, so if you'd enjoy that usage, why not get it now? If storage location and fees are going to be a PITA, wait the 6 years. By then, you have no idea what your life will be like. Like I said, either way you're going to second guess yourself.
  18. Been part timing since 2012. Usually anywhere from 4 - 7 months at a time. Selling the house and full timing this month. We are not setup to boondock, so RV parks it is. We enjoy traveling and seeing new places, and staying in a house has become very boring. The tentative plan is to spend long stretches of summer in one spot, see all we can, then head south for the winter and do the same thing. Following year go to a different spot, and the same with the winter. If we find a winter place we really like, we may return to it. I think there are too many nice places out west to spend the summer in one place year after year. Downsizing has been a bitter sweet experience. When/if we get a S&B again, it will be a small S&B and furnishings will be from thrift stores/Goodwill. No need for a big house and lots of stuff again. And, I will never buy brand new furniture ever again, except maybe for a recliner. Dining room furniture and bedroom dressers...nope.
  19. Or bad choices. And then deal with the consequences.
  20. Thanks, I did last week. They provided me canned responses. I was hoping to get some real-world experiences here.
  21. Smug? Self-righteous? Gimme a friggin break. One thing I am NOT doing is saying oh poor me and asking for handouts. I worked hard for what I have. I can't think of where luck played into anything I have, except perhaps not having to move from one place to another at a time when such a move would have been financially bad. Choices have consequences. I made mostly good choices. Oh, and you may or may not care that this thread is well over a year old.
  22. Anyone used select with non-network providers? Was it a PITA? Was it expensive? From what I've read, it could be both. I know Select is supposed to mean I can use any doctor, more or less. The place I'm spending the summer has no Tricare network doctors of any kind within an hour drive. So I'm wondering what I'll have to deal with if I use a non-network doctor(s). Thanks in advance.
  23. A few years ago I spoke with a DP owner. He said the tag he used to own was a worse ride than the non-tag he currently owned. That may or may not weigh into your decision.
  24. Been a Fla resident since 2004. Going FT next month. Will keep Fla, just switch the address to Crestview. If we buy an HDT, will change to SD and America's Mailbox. Fla is a real PITA getting insurance for an HDT. BTDT. SD is easier, whether it is a RV or private truck. Other than that, I see no reason to change.
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