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  1. Is it practical to replace a roof top unit with a mini split?
  2. Probably faster and cheaper to add the 3rd A/C than redesign rigs and train new building techniques using better insulation. I would appreciate more insulation though.
  3. remoandiris

    Highway 50 Colorado

    You may want to pull off at the top of Monarch Pass and take some pics. It is nice up there. Plenty of room for your rig in the gravel on the west side of the restaurant. If you're going to have any trouble, it would be going down the east side of Monarch if you get stuck behind someone who is clueless about driving down a mountain pass. Lots of tourists in CO.
  4. If you read the post from mptjelgin again, the guidelines he wrote are from 2 feet out from the wall. IDK about you, but I won't be up there with a measuring tape and going back and forth to the switch to make sure I have 2 feet from the coach. Maybe if I had scaffolding, but not with a regular ladder. So I'm going to see what works and go with it.
  5. Thanks guys. I need to wind it 10 times toward me as I am standing on the ladder. I may just do it 8 times, see how it works, and take it from there. When I installed a topper, I had a similar issue with the springs. At least this is only 1 spring.
  6. So I guess the answer to your question as to why residential fridges are not in smaller travel trailers is that the consumer demand is not there.
  7. She's forced to. That doesn't mean she supports buying a new RV just for a residential fridge. If consumer demand is there, you'd think RV manufacturers would install small residential fridges in small RVs.
  8. Anyone have suggestions on where I can find the number and direction of rotation for the spring on a Dometic 9100 power awning? While replacing the awning fabric, the pin I used to hold the spring in place came out and the spring unwound. I checked a lot of vids on Youtube and got nothing. I was on hold so long with Dometic tech support that the call eventually failed. I'll call them back if no one here is able to help. At least the awning is retracted and not a problem.
  9. Like I pondered above, would wives WANT a smaller fridge than they have at home?
  10. Probably due to the size and consumer wants. While a small residential fridge can fit into a conventional RV fridge space, I wonder if wives would want a smaller residential fridge. Or, do they want their french door, freezer on the bottom, water and ice in the door, 22 cu ft monster like they have at home. If the latter, that takes a whole lot of space a small travel trailer kitchen can ill afford to lose.
  11. Thanks for the info. I have not had one of those in any of my three 5ers. They've had converters and this one with a residential fridge has a separate inverter.
  12. Make sure you keep the terminology straight. It is a CONVERTER that takes 120v AC and changes it into 12v DC to charge the batteries and operate the 12v systems. An INVERTER takes the 12v DC power and changes it into 120v AC. AFAIK, every RV with a 12v system has a converter. Not every RV has an inverter.
  13. The 70% ICU capacity in Dallas County you mentioned does not coincide with the link you posted. The link shows less than 50% ICU capacity. Either the data is wrong, the morning news is wrong, or there was a massive influx overnight. And my wife and I wear masks when we are in public.
  14. According to the CDC's own data that I linked above, 10% of Texas' hospitals beds are occupied by Covid patients. Also according to the CDC's own data, Texas is at 64% of hospital capacity. Do you have something showing Dallas and Houston hospitals are overrun with Covid patients, or are your percentages of all patients? And if I thought masks were not needed, I wouldn't have posted a link to a Stanford article on masks.
  15. Where did I say that? Where did I even imply it? Maybe you should go back and read the post I was replying to.
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