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  1. FT Cooking/Baking

    +1 on this. I don't often pay attention when my wife is readying meals, but this a.m. I noticed how she put things away right after she was done with them, like the pancake mix. At home she puts everything away after we're done eating.
  2. Sturdy steps?

    Torklift Revolution glowsteps fit in the OEM recess and can have a handrail added. There are a few different brands that have a small "patio" option. I have seen folks who mentioned they put that patio piece in the bed of their truck and get everything installed in a few minutes. Available at etrailer.com https://www.etrailer.com/RV-and-Camper-Steps/TorkLift/TLA7833.html?msclkid=1faf63324d7d1397aabe39bac5b10273&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shop - RV and Camper Steps&utm_term=4577747943576354&utm_content=General
  3. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

  4. Cocoa, FL Places to Stay

    PAFB's famcamp is on the Banana River. Nice place, but sometimes hard to get in there. I don't recall if the DFAC allows retirees to eat there. Of course the base has everything you expect at a base. Never seen KARS. Been to the space center once. PAFB is closer to conveniences. Kennedy is a drive to everything, but if that is what you're looking for... Not even sure KARS is open. It is not listed on the military RV parks site. http://militarycampgrounds.us/florida
  5. Tires Off Ground

    You said "With any RV when leveling to a point that the weight is all removed from the suspension it is important to be sure that you do not twist the frame and especially so if you will be sitting there for an extended period so that the frame could take a set and stay in that twist. " I was asking how can a leveling system twist the frame when, by design, they are supposed to keep the coach level, regardless of wheels touching the ground. Of course if they are not working properly I can see how that could be a problem. But a properly functioning leveling system should not twist the frame, whether 1 tire, all tires, or no tires are touching the ground, right? Unless the leveling system on a towable is designed to function differently than a motor coach, which is possible. I have seen more than one motor coach with 1 jack centered in the front and 2 jacks in the rear.
  6. Help me think through raising my 5th wheel

    Nothing in that thread implies height had anything to do with the crash.
  7. Tires Off Ground

    Explain something to me if you know...leveling systems should keep the coach/frame level and straight, right? At least that is how those systems seem to be touted.
  8. Cocoa, FL Places to Stay

    You MIGHT be too big for Manatee Hammock. Make sure to ask if you call. Here is a place near Cocoa; http://www.sonrisepalmsrv.com/ There is Seasons in the Sun in Mims as well as a KOA. They may be further than you want from Cocoa. There is also a golf & RV resort in Titusville. I have stayed at Seasons in the Sun, but not the others.
  9. Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    I go to a barber shop. I don't do stylists and such. Red, white, and blue barber pole. Usually once every 6 weeks or whenever my hair gets long enough to bother me. It always grows back, so even a crappy haircut only lasts for a couple weeks. The wife does a bit more research. She usually looks for a cosmetology school along the route.
  10. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    If I could have gotten the insurance stuff worked out, I'd have had an HDT. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Physical issues could have made the HDT harder to get into/out of. But operationally/comfort/convenience, the HDT would have been the balls!!! If you're considering an MDT, speak to your insurance agent before you buy. It may or may not be impactful.
  11. residential fridge install question

    Your first sentence is the key. My wife uses the water in the door at our S&B all the time. I never do. The ice maker for the S&B broke years ago, but I'm not getting a new fridge just for that. The residential unit in the 5er has an ice maker and we use it all the time. She is very happy with the residential unit in lieu of an RV fridge. I like it, too. Fewer trips to the grocery store now, and it works/cools much better than the rv fridge. Not to mention, a replacement residential fridge can cost a lot less than an rv fridge. The pain seems to be fitting one in the rv fridge space. I do not believe in "happy wife, happy life", but I do believe you both will be satisfied with a residential fridge.
  12. Texas Border Check Points?

    A typo? That's all you got, bro?
  13. Texas Border Check Points?

    Your just like my neighbor's Yorkie.
  14. Texas Border Check Points?

    C'mon, you can do better than that.
  15. EZ pass mini

    Fla uses at least 3 different terms for their prepaid toll system. EZ Pass and Sun Pass are 2. I don't remember the 3rd phrase. Might be just plain old prepaid tolls. I have one of the mini transponders on my truck. Will go with the regular portable transponder if I do it again. Can move it to different vehicles.