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  1. Tricare for Life and Medicare

    4 things; 1, have your friend keep kicking it back to the VA, regardless of how many times he is rejected 2., have him call the ambulance company/customer service/billing number on the bill and tell them he has to pay the cost out-of-pocket. Sometimes the costs will be drastically reduced if not covered by insurance. 3., have him contact his Congressman/Senator about the VA shafting him. If his doctor says the 1 1/2 extra drive could have killed him or caused other serious issues, he is in a stronger position. 4., have him contact a local tv station with one of those consumer protection reporters. If they find the story interesting, they may take up the mantle and get him some relief.
  2. Truck Registration

    Florida does. They base their registration cost on weight. For the first 2 years the state automatically maxed me out at 13K. I dropped it to 9K and saved money ever since. The clerk gave me the same fear factor story...oh if you ever get pulled over and weighted, blah, blah, blah. When was the last time you saw a pickup/5er on a LEO scale? Personally, I have NEVER seen it, so I'll keep my money in my pocket, thank you.
  3. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Your Samsung fridge will stay cold for AT LEAST 6 hrs with NO power going to it. I have the same fridge and have experimented by turning off the inverter when traveling just to test the limits of the fridge. Now I know if the inverter craps out, I can take my time to research a replacement instead of worrying about it and buying in a rush.
  4. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    If you're ready to pull the trigger and don't mind driving to get one, what about this?
  5. Full Body Paint

    Depends on how long you plan to keep your rig.
  6. 5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    The lack of air con was a part of it, as well as the lack of insulation. I could have installed a 3rd ac unit, but that unit would have been blocked by the Happi-Jac in the up position. In the down position, both couch sides are down with only a narrow walk way between them. If you forgo the Happi-Jac, you need to carry additional chairs for the garage. We had the patio option and put patio recliners out there. Some people have found ways to make it work. We just never did.
  7. 5er toy hauler or DP & Trailer?

    I had a 2014 Cyclone 4000 TH. Lasted about a year. Hated it. Besides the build quality issues, wife and I were never able to get comfortable in it. We were stationary for over 3 months and couldn't find a way to make the garage comfortable living space. Instead, it became a secure area for the dogs when we were out riding. As you noted, the living space is small compared to the overall length. The CY4000 was 44' long, but only 32' of living area. And the living room was uncomfortable while the kitchen was small. Eventually we will probably go DP with toad, but that is more than a few years away.
  8. Vicksburg National Military Park

    Visited there 2 years ago. More compact than Gettysburg, but no less reverent. With all the recent anti-Civil War statue hoopla going on in the country, I wonder how long it will be until that part of US history is deleted.
  9. Tow Vehicle Question

    I'm surprised that 7.3 hasn't sold yet. They are in demand.
  10. Where to advertise?

    Classifieds in RV magazines, such as "Trailer Life" and "Motorhome". Drawback is they are only monthly print ads (unless there is also an online presence), but they hit a lot of people. I glance at them every month, even though I am not in the market for a lot.
  11. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    I had a litany of problems with the coach, some repeat issues after they were supposedly fixed. HL customer service was a goat rope for authorizing repairs. A well made coach shouldn't, IMO, need repairs from day 1 to day of trade-in.
  12. Seeking 5er Recommendations

    I doubt I will ever by a Heartland again. The 2014 Cyclone I had was such a piece of junk, I got rid of it the next year. No doubt others love their Cyclone. IMO, since you plan to buy used (very smart), no matter what you buy, you may not lose your shirt if you trade it in if it doesn't work well for you. Seeing it on the lot is WAY different than living in one.
  13. Dogbone versus flat adapter

    The tv should be fine. Your space heater may or may not pop the 15 A breaker it is plugged into at your family member's home. Even a small heater takes a LOT of juice. Same with a microwave and sometimes a coffee maker.
  14. Looking for the weight police...interpreting my weights

    I appreciate your interpretation and advice. I am a little disappointed I can't use a SRW with this 5er, but it is what it is.
  15. Looking for the weight police...interpreting my weights

    Got it done today at a CAT -certified scale. Truck only; Front axle - 5080 Rear - 4060 Gross - 9140 Truck and trailer Front - 5060 Rear - 7220 Trailer - 14360 Combined gross - 26640 Lost 20 lb off the front with the 5er attached.