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  1. remoandiris

    Full bed to king.

    Anyone change their double/full bed to a king? How did you extend the bed pedestal/frame? Did you just use larger pieces of plywood? Did you need to add stronger support arms to hold it up when you get into the under bed storage? I currently have a queen mattress on the double/full frame. The edges hang off the frame, but not by much. A king mattress will hang off a lot. I also have to do some mods at the head of the bed to allow enough space on one side, but that looks like simply removing a few screws and a piece of trim.
  2. remoandiris

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    Can you cite a source to validate this statement? I have never seen an owners manual for a modern vehicle say it needs to be warmed up prior to operation.
  3. I can't imagine spending $200 a month for phones and a mifi.
  4. remoandiris

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    That used to be SOP way back in the day. Today, the only reason to idle a diesel LGT after running is IF it was run hard. That allows the turbo to cool a bit before shutdown. Says so in my owners manual. I rarely do it and have no issues, but there is no definition, or even examples, of when it should be done. I have yet to find a reason to idle an LGT before starting out. My S&B neighbor allows his Ram hemi pickup to idle for several minutes every morning before he goes to work. His father owned a garage decades ago and that is how they did it. Old habits die hard even when they are useless.
  5. remoandiris

    Why can't DP owners learn the basics

    Maybe you could discuss it with him/her in a questioning manner. Something along the lines of "hey, I noticed you idled your engine quite awhile after you were setup. Is that to help it or something? I have don't do that and am wondering if I am hurting my my engine." That puts the situation into a helping relationship instead of a confrontational one. Then maybe you can actually educate the owner that the long idle is not necessary.
  6. remoandiris

    Tricare for Life and Medicare

    Do you mean you retired from the military in Feb 18 or from a second career? Which Prime region are you in? The west region is pretty big, so Prime in that region might be easy. We are half timers (may go fulltime in a year or so) and are Prime East regioners. Never had a problem if we needed care or labs out of region (included once when there was still a North region a few years ago). Plus, you get 6 urgent care visits a year without prior approval, so that helps make things easier. I have also thought about switching to Select, but have yet to find a valid reason (or even a cost savings) to do it. As for dental, many times you can get a dental exam, cleaning and x-rays for under $100 as a new patient. If you move to a new place once or twice a year, you can't beat that. Many times dental work (crowns and fillings) will be about the same cost (or a little cheaper) if you pay out-of-pocket vs. an insurance policy premium plus co-pays. If you plan to winter somewhere along the southern border, there are lots of people who get dental care across the border in Mexico.
  7. remoandiris

    Rv Insurance Recommendations???

    My independent insurance agent has my truck with SafeCo and my 5er and motorcycles with Progressive. As another poster implied, it is not always cheapest (or the best coverage) to keep everything under one company.
  8. remoandiris

    When to set up domicile and change address

    You may also want to consider sales tax and vehicle registration implications of changing domicile now or later. It may or may not weigh in your decision.
  9. remoandiris

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    Thanks so much for the measurements! That is AWESOME!!!! I'm kinda hoping the stars will align at the time I plan to FT and someone will have a "piggyback ready" hauler up for sale at the same time.
  10. remoandiris

    So Dakota Drivers Liscense Renewal

    O.k. You're saying the SD Residency Affidavit doesn't mean you intend to live there after traveling full time, just that you stop by once in a while. 2. Is South Dakota the state you intend to return to after being absent? _____ Yes _____No https://dps.sd.gov/application/files/2815/1085/4078/ResidencyAffidavit.pdf
  11. remoandiris

    Florida Department of State advisory opinion

    So you think those registration fees add up to a lot of state revenue? I highly doubt it is much in the grand scheme of things.
  12. remoandiris

    TST works and reminder to tighten sensors

    My TST flow thru sensors have little screws that secure them to the metal stems.
  13. remoandiris

    Private rv not for hire

    Lane splitting and filtering became legal in Calif in 2016. No doubt there is still some confusion though. https://www.ocregister.com/2016/08/23/motorcycle-lane-splitting-gets-green-light-in-california-but-rules-still-unclear/ As for the OP's topic, when I get my HDT, I will not have the not for hire stickers on my truck. If it's not required by law, fuggedaboudit.
  14. Why peak off those sats for each arc? Middle ground??
  15. remoandiris

    Truck of choice for piggybacking a Jeep with a fiver

    Thanks. I pretty much figured the juice of an angle wouldn't be worth the squeeze. But, having it at an angle gives a LOT of storage space/capability.