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  1. A few posts above the OP said it is a 2-pedal auto shift.
  2. IMO, since the coach comes with the 2 air cons, it is designed to run both at the same time. If it does not come with, or have a convection micro as a factory option, it is not designed for one. Meaning it is not designed to run both airs and a convection micro at the same time. You might be able to run one air with the micro, but possibly not both airs and the micro. As for towing up hills, it depends on how steep the hills and how heavy the toad. Of course, you should also check how it will handle going down the other side.
  3. IIRC, Splendide recommends doing it monthly.
  4. Have you done the 3-cycle wash procedure to help clear out lint? IIRC, Splendide recommends doing it monthly. You can call customer service and speak with a technician. They will email you the procedure.
  5. Saw a 5er going down the road with one of these. Curious to know if anyone here has one and how it is working out for you. https://buggbanner.com/
  6. Since your Aussie could be gone in a flash after a rabbit, you may be better off with 3 or 4 sections of X-Pen. Yes, it takes up space. I had 3 sections, but paired down to 2 after one of my dogs died, since 2 is enough for him. My current dog is in the pen only long enough to potty and never alone. To answer your specific question, once your dog is used to the invisible fence, there is no reason it shouldn't work. You just have to setup the markers at each new location.
  7. All I can say is...WOW!! In Fla, the 3-day wait is NOT "a knee jerk legislative reaction to the Parkland High School murders." It has been a Fla constitutional requirement since AT LEAST 1992.
  8. The OP never said there was no background check done. In FL, if you have a CCW permit, there is no waiting period as long as the NICS comes back good.
  9. It is possible, even likely, that somewhere in the vehicle code the manufacturer's sticker is referenced. Maybe something along the lines of "...weights are not to exceed manufacturer vehicle specifications as defined by the certificate of origin, vehicle placard, etc." or something like that. That kind of phraseology would eliminate the need to reference the manufacturer's sticker in every statute. Or not.
  10. Snowmobiles. Many in northern climates, whether Colorado or New Hamsphire, call them "sleds".
  11. Are you a DISH Outdoors customer? IIRC, the app only works for that promotion. I have the same DISH account as if I were a S&B customer.
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