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  1. remoandiris

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    I HATE checking tire pressures on my duals. With my TST system, I no longer have to on any tire. When I initially installed them, I was VERY careful to inflate to the correct pressure as shown on a KNOWN good gauge. Once I installed the TPMS sensors, I wrote down the reading. Regardless of what that showed, I KNEW it was a good baseline reading. Now when I get in my truck, I only have to mess with tire air pressure if the reading is below my comfort level...which isn't very often. Only negative is the sensors seem to restrict airflow so I remove them to add the air. Minor issue, but still a PITA. And, I had one blowout and 2 flats on previous 5ers BEFORE I added TPMS. The blowout would not have been detected. The 2 flats would have and I could have found a safe place to change the tires instead of along the side of I-75 for one and a back road for the other.
  2. remoandiris

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    Virtually never use the on board fresh water tank. And we can have ice in the hopper. I doubt the issue is ice stuck in the tray. I think it is more likely the valve is leaking OR whatever device that controls the amount of water into the cube maker lets too much water in and it overflows into the cube hopper. Last night I was going to pull the freezer door off and crawl in for a closer look. There is some type of limiter preventing the door from coming out far enough to remove the freezer's top tray. So that is another issue I have to resolve. I watched a few vids on Youtube. Looks like the door "should" come out at least 3 more inches.
  3. remoandiris

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    No, it is in the freezer.
  4. remoandiris

    Dually wheel wear

    Never rotate my dually's tires. No issues with irregular wear. Kinda wish I did have wear issues. Would replace tires differently instead of 6 at a time. $1500 at once...ouch.
  5. remoandiris

    rent or sell the s&b house?

    Consider what repairs/replacements the house may need in the next 5+ yrs; new roof, new air con, new appliances, etc. If you're not sure, maybe spend $300 for a professional home inspector to inspect and give you a written report. If you decide to sell, you could use the info to fix things that need fixing prior to listing the house. Our house will be listed next Monday. I have strongly considered renting. Nearly every realtor I interviewed has someone in their office who is their rental coordinator. Realtor told me I could easily rent my house to cover the mortgage. Wouldn't have much extra for monthly profit, but someone else would be paying my mortgage. Then I remembered the home inspector's report from when I re-fied a few years ago. If the inspector's crystal ball is accurate, within 8 yrs the house will need a new roof ($15+K), and new air con (~$7K) and I have a feeling at least a new dishwasher and fridge (~$2K combined). Plus, I have no intentions of coming back to this house and the wife is definitely not interested in coming back. So selling makes the most sense for us.
  6. remoandiris

    2007 VNL 780 RV in CO $25k Sold

    Where is the truck currently located?
  7. If it was a DP with a m/c lift already on the back, probably the MH and toad, depending on hours and mileage of each. If that MH is well cared for, I doubt it would spend much time in the shop.
  8. When it comes to a pre-purchase inspection of an HDT or conversion, the HHRG lists DEKRA as a nationwide service. I am in Fla and the truck I am considering is in San Bernardino, CA. Besides DEKRA, can anyone suggest another nationwide service, or inspection service near San Bernardino, that will go to the truck, instead of the truck having to go to them?
  9. remoandiris

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    I should have been specific. The inverter is always on, whether connected to shore power or towing. I know of no reason to turn it off when on shore power. Ice is not made when towing...no water. While the ice maker may dump what is in the tray when towing, water is not added to the tray once flipped. One thing I can't find is whether this maker warms the tray to loosen the cubes prior to dumping the cubes or not.
  10. remoandiris

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    Freezer temp was my first thought. But no, that isn't the problem. The freezer temp is -2 (minus 2). The fridge is the only thing on the inverter. The ice clumping happens when we are on shore power.
  11. remoandiris

    Leveling trouble with high clearance 5th wheel

    Are you SURE the LCI controller knows what level is? There is a process in the LCI manual to calibrate the controller. You will need a bubble level to do it.
  12. Our 5er came from the factory with a Samsung residential French door fridge. It does not have water/ice in the door, just the ice maker in the freezer. Recently, the ice has started to glob into large chunks once they are automatically released from the tray. They used to be nice, half-moon cubes. Google and YouTube have not been helpful in diagnosing the problem, so I am hoping someone here has encountered it before and fixed it. If all else fails, I'll just replace the ice maker.
  13. remoandiris

    2007 VNL 780 RV in CO $25k Sold

    Please email pics to remoandiris (at) yahoo (dot) com.
  14. remoandiris

    Sending my guns back to myself

  15. remoandiris

    2007 VNL 780 RV in CO $25k Sold

    How do you want interested parties to contact you for the pics? Can you email the pics instead of text?