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  1. Our summer job in a CO commercial is still on. We're now in NM and will be at the park in 10 days or less. Something tells me the summer travel season may not be that busy. But if this virus gets kicked in a month or so, folks will want to travel and travel businesses will boom.
  2. Stayed at 4 RV parks in Texas over the past 4 nights. Each had the showers and restrooms open for business. Got my temp taken at a park in Clovis, NM. All normal so I was allowed to stay. Facilities open there, too.
  3. Have yet to find a town/city park in Texas that is closed. They are no frills and cheap...some are free for a night or 4. Have yet to find a commercial park that is closed due to COVID. Saw plenty of toilet paper for sale at a truck stop.
  4. I hope that is not true. Even at 25 mph, a pickup will need help stopping an extra 15,000 lbs of force.
  5. The only Spectrum I know is a cable provider, nothing to do with satellite unless they expanded their offerings in the past year.
  6. From the article: "...typically pays for itself in a single trip." I find that VERY hard to believe.
  7. Replaced the squirrel cage this morning. Took under an hour, including the time to get my tools. 4 phillips head screws holding the exterior A/C shroud, 4 10mm nuts holding the metal cover under the shroud (protects the cooling fins, squirrel cage, and cage motor, etc), and 1 star head screw holding the squirrel cage onto the shaft. Shaft has a washer and a clip holding the washer in place. No way to push the squirrel cage too far onto the motor shaft. Squirrel cage mounting hole is designed to make sure the cage goes on one way. One end is round and the other is oblong to fit the tip of the shaft. Hardest part was getting the star head screw back into place just by feel. Couldn't see it with the cage blades in the way. At least I didn't drop anything down into the unit or off the roof.
  8. IMO, 5 or 6 coaches in 10 yrs is a bit different than 2 coaches in 2 years. And, you admit the salesman and sales manager from your first deal are both gone. So the people you're dealing with now don't know you from your first deal. If this is a mom and pop dealer, maybe they would remember you if you come back in a few years. If this is a dealer in a chain, like CW, I doubt they would remember you, or even care.
  9. You KNOW you're getting a "screaming deal", but you're not happy? You want MORE? Maybe you should tell the dealer your feelings and see what they have to say.
  10. My past experience with the USPS web site forced me to use the hard copy card to get my mail forwarded. The web site was a 50-50 proposition whether forwarding or putting mail on hold. Simply not reliable. Worst part was even if the hold/forward was successful, USPS didn't always hold/forward. Talk about a cluster.
  11. My Lifestyle 5er has both ACs going into the same duct system. The only way you're gonna know for sure is to run one of the units and see if air comes out of the other end.
  12. IIRC, you CAN NOT declare a homestead exemption on a rental property in Fla. It has to be your primary residence. Considering the tax value of the exemption, your rent should more than cover what you would lose with no exemption.
  13. I'm glad you said that. I mentioned in my initial post, I searched youtube and came up with nothing on replacing the squirrel cage on a Mach 1. Sure, there are vids for other rooftop systems, but it didn't give me anything for the various search parameters I used. Well, I did a couple more searches and I guess I hit the right keywords. Found a vid that had most of what I need. Should be able to do the job once the weather breaks. THANKS!!
  14. Thanks. I have to give it a few days for weather to settle. At least it is not hot.
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