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  1. You may want to start your research here; http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/134666-water-softener/#comments
  2. I listen to Watercolors a lot, too. Spa is just a few stations away from Watercolors. It is very relaxing. Sometimes I flip to a more modern jazz station for a bit. Maybe check out some of the Laugh USA comedians once in a while. Wife and I sometimes play name that tune on various music channels. I had SiriusXM on my motorcycle, but the reception is not as good and I had a harder time changing channels. On the bike I just listen to music on my phone thru bluetooth. Still have Sirius in the truck. I call them every 5 months to get the same rate instead of them bumping me up to their "regular" monthly rates.
  3. SD registration info; https://americasmailbox.com/tips_and_tricks/27/Vehicle-Registration You're going to have to search for the HDT to RV info. I no longer have the link. There are 7 (or so) items your HDT must have to be considered an RV in SD. Whether you can get the title changed long distance, I don't know. Maybe use a keyword search on the HDT forum for it. There may be one or two forum members who claim it can't be done anymore. That is not correct. Unless SD stopped doing it within the last 12 months.
  4. Not worth doing if you're going to change domicile to SD. Plus, there is an annual fee to keep the MT LLC.
  5. With that said, you should also consider South Dakota. Before you make a final decision, shop for vehicle insurance in each state. SD has a lower sales tax, in case you decide to buy a new vehicle. You may find the sales tax savings is enough to cover the first year (or more) of vehicle insurance. The only drawback to SD is you have to physically go there for a driver's license. But, you do NOT have to go there for vehicle registration or to set up your mail forwarding.
  6. IMO, you will be MUCH better off if you RV for SEVERAL MONTHS before you decide to get a pup. That way you will have an idea of how often you take day trips, how long you typically stay out on those trips, how the coach's temperature feels when you get back, etc. It will also offer you the opportunity to talk face to face RVing dog owners. A young Boxer needs opportunities to burn off energy. Not all RV parks are set up to make that easy.
  7. The Crestview Fl mail forwarding company IS a physical address.
  8. Meh. All I know is the "crummy" signal levels were strong enough to not lose picture during the rain this a.m. Works for me!!
  9. If you're asking me, no, not anymore. I left there 4 days ago after being back for about 2 months. Currently in NOLA for a few days before heading to the Lake Charles area for 4 months.
  10. Only when it rains!! Then again, I also got rain fade in my S&B with a professional installation.
  11. 72 is a 33 and 77 is a 16. The best part is the tv picture and audio are still great. My Super Buddy originally had the 61 at about 50. To dial in 72 and still get 61, I had to settle for 35ish on both. That is the signal strength on the Super Buddy. Never had it correlate exactly with the signal strength shown on the tv, regardless of satellite arc. This far southeast I had great difficulty getting 119 on the WA. That is usually the sat the locals are beamed from.
  12. On my Hopper's signal strength screen, it shows I have a Hybrid Triple WA Switch. IDK, but it works. If anyone cares to tell me how to save pics at a small enough size, I can load pics I took in the past 5 min of the dish, LNB, and signal strength screen.
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