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  1. Not wishful thinking at all. There are a few here. DESC&state=FL
  2. Moab, Moab, Moab!!! I've been to most of the places mentioned in the first reply. All very good choices and not too far from each other. You could spend days exploring each one. If you go to Moab, you could spend a month exploring that area alone. Arches NP, Canyonlands NP Islands in the Sky and Needles districts, Dead Horse Point SP, etc, etc, and that doesn't include the jeeping opportunities. Utah is an AWESOME place, top to bottom and left to right!!
  3. ^^THIS!!! If you didn't tell SF you need full timer insurance, that may be why you got the answers you did.
  4. If you have a dually, forget about taking it thru drive-thrus. You will likely park further away from store/mall entrances. A dually longbed is a lot of truck to wash and wax. When I wash/wax my truck, I do it over several days depending on the time of year. They do not come with TPMS as standard equipment. Checking air pressure/adding air to the inner rear tire is a PITA. Tire stores offer better discounts on 4 tires than on 6. In my 6 yrs of ownership, there have been only 2 RV parks where my truck was too large to fit on the site with my coach. Gourldings was one and the other was in the center of Moab. I don't remember the name of that one. Nothing insurmountable about owning/driving a dually
  5. If you drive less than 6 hrs between RV parks and if you always have shore power, you do NOT need an inverter. A fridge will stay cool enough for 6 hrs or less, without power. Boondocking is a different story. Just letting you know.
  6. I hope no politicians are reading this. Next thing ya know, there's gonna be a law!!
  7. Agreed. Nowadays it seems people no longer look over their shoulders to check their blind spots before they change lanes. Heck, there are already great tools called turn signals that go unused a lot of the time. With so many drivers who have a cup in one hand, a sandwich in another hand, a brush in another hand, all the while looking down at a phone in another hand, it is no wonder future hopes are stuck on technology instead of individual responsibility.
  8. Just keep in mind the the pivot points of a MH and toad vs a truck pulling a 5er are different. Parking on a site is only 1 issue big rigs have to contend with. Park roads, especially loop roads, are another. Not every park keep their trees trimmed, especially on curves.
  9. How much of a difference in ACA is Leon to Brevard? There is/was a mail forwarder in Merrit Island, Fl, which is in Brevard. And Brevard is MUCH easier to get to via Orlando Int'l Airport.
  10. You may want to PM ICPete. He might have some info that could help you. Here is a snippet from his post in the For Sale forum; 2. The truck is licensed as a Private Truck in South Dakota. I was given to understand that SD would not register a semi-truck as a motorhome, although apparently some people have gotten away with it. When I bought it 3 years ago it was licensed as a motorhome in Wisconsin; I have a photocopy of that title if it would help for the next registration.
  11. IMO, instead of basing your sale price on NADA, you might be better off comparing it to others available in the market. RV Trader, Craigslist, and dealership web sites may provide more accurate starting prices. Or not. But, if you decide to post a For Sale ad, include the model number, odometer reading, engine hours (if known), towing capacity, and pictures.
  12. GFI

    You should have thought to have the electrician train you on the multi-meter. You paid for a full hour. I am sure you were not thinking about that, though. In case you haven't tried it, check out YouTube for vids. Lots of training type videos there. If you wonder if they are showing the proper way to do things, start a thread here and post a link to the vid. That way you'll get lots of feedback on the vids accuracy.
  13. I drilled holes thru the bumper at the ends and used a small carabiner and a couple of plastic wire ties looped together. Very cheap, very easy to remove and replace.
  14. IMO the tie-breaker is totally yours. You REALLY have to decide how you will use the space once the toys are out. Are you going to have guests staying over a lot or just once in a blue moon? If once in a blue moon, go with the air mattress. After all, you are camping. How will you use the couch/dinette? If there is a tv in the garage, you'll have to view it at an angle to see it from the couch. Another minor PITA is removing/replacing the dinette table when you want it out of the way. You and your wife should take 15 minutes, apart from each other, and REALLY consider how you would use the space. Then come together, compare notes, and decide. Then don't second guess yourselves.