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  1. remoandiris

    Changing DTV Service address

    Sounds like Direct and AT&T changed the rules and you got screwed.
  2. remoandiris

    Anyone have an hdt for sale?

    In the FB group posted above, there are 2 that are advertised for under $20k. Just sayin.
  3. remoandiris

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Took my mifi to a Verizon store today and signed up for the prepaid. Got back to the RV and the mifi keeps connecting then disconnecting from the signal. Signal meter shows strong signal, then it is gone. Don't know if it is a hardware or software problem. Will deal with it later in the week.
  4. remoandiris

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Is that a bad thing?
  5. remoandiris

    magnetic phone/tablet mounts

    I think he was expecting to see a link to the item you wrote about in your initial post. That is probably why he said nuttin shows up.
  6. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-overhauls-prepaid-introducing-unlimited-data-plans-for-jetpacks/
  7. Have you asked your traveling peers what they do? There must be others you see at the events who are in a similar situation.
  8. remoandiris

    AAFES online?

    They still do, but a LOT has changed in the past 20 - 30 yrs. Significant reduction in military end strength, significant reduction in cigarette sales (used to be a BIG part of EX profit percentages), reduction in military bases...pretty much everything is smaller so profits are smaller, too. And yes, prices have gone up and civilian big box stores have taken their toll on EX sales. But plenty of the services mentioned are NAF (non-appropriated fund) functions, meaning they are supposed to support themselves. Can be hard to do once they reduce services or hours. I agree with Kirk's son...even if you have access, you probably won't use it.
  9. remoandiris

    Steps to purchasing a Used Class A RV

    Since Guam is a US territory, start there. Ask your local insurance agent what the insurance cost would be even though they and you know the RV will be on the mainland. Using Guam to register/title may be impossible unless you buy sight unseen and trust the seller to send you the needed paperwork. If Guam requires a VIN verification, that is another problem. If you ultimately decide to establish domicile in the US, then you face issues that many FT RVers face...which state to use. Health insurance is one driver of that decision. Tax rates are another.
  10. If you can, take the Bully with you to see how he does with going up and down the stairs. You don't want to haul a 60+ lb cannonball in and out if you don't have to. Yes, many pet products are out there in the form of ramps and pet-centric stairways that you can use, but they are not as convenient as you may think. Don't ask me how I know. If you can find a coach with 2 entrances, you could modify one, if needed, for dog entry and egress.
  11. remoandiris

    Algadones Dentist

    Here is a thread from a year ago;
  12. remoandiris

    Rigs 10 years of age or older and campsites

    I can't believe anyone would be worried into buying a new rig because some parks ask about their RV's age. But o.k.
  13. remoandiris

    Fulltiming? What Regrets do/did you have?

    I regret having to sell so much stuff. Stuff I'd rather keep, but there isn't room and if they get put into storage, I won't see them for years and they'll likely be damaged from non-use. So, there will be bargains for some people and a bit of sadness for me.
  14. remoandiris

    Rigs 10 years of age or older and campsites

    I don't think it has anything to do with selling new rigs. I think it has to do with RVers driving junkie looking rigs and park owners don't want junk in their park. I bet if you have a nice looking 15 yr old rig, you'd be welcome.
  15. remoandiris

    Full-timing and Military Memorabilia

    My wife and I are starting the process to empty our S&B and get ready to sell/full time. I stripped all rank/patches off my uniforms and gave them to friends/threw them away. Except for my final service dress uniform. I plan to be cremated in that someday. What I'll do with it in the mean time, I do not know. Probably put it in a vacuum bag or storage bin under the bed. I have a VERY large shadow box. Too large. I am going to give it to a friend of mine from a previous assignment and he will re-purpose it. He makes shadow boxes for people retiring from my old unit. I don't know what charge books are, but if no personally identifiable information is in them, and no one wants them, into the trash. If any important info is in them, scan and put on a thumbs drive or the cloud. Same with DD214 or any other service related paperwork.