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  1. Location?? Phone # or email address??
  2. Yeah, you're right. I forgot. All that guy does is troll. Guess the mail shorts got too tight and cut off oxygen to his brain.
  3. What those professions do NOT have in common with LEO and FD is they do NOT go to work in the service of others...unless you think farmers and fishermen view their jobs as making sure people have food and a logger thinks of himself as putting a roof over someone's head. In all the episodes of "Deadliest Catch" that I have seen, I don't recall any of the crew members talking about feeding people, other than their own families. Cops and FD KNOW they are going to work for the public and (hopefully) keep John Q. Public safe. In the service of others...that is the difference.
  4. It is an extension of your comment about honoring lumber jacks, farm workers and fishermen. Naturally you don't see it that way.
  5. No one should be honored. This world needs to fall into anarchy and chaos. Bring Orwell to life!! Then maybe we would see how much we need each profession. Or maybe not. Tree huggers will save the day.
  6. Oh really??? Hmmm, when I joined, I had already been accepted to 3 colleges. I had also just spent 12 yrs in school (like everyone else in my school) and didn't want to do another 4, but it certainly had nothing to do with not being accepted into or not being able to pay, for college. And yes, "Lots of women join now". Since women are slightly more than half the US population it makes sense women join, doesn't it?
  7. And your answer to fill the vacancies is what?
  8. Typically this means recruiting is a problem. Next will be lowered standards to fill the billets. Not good.
  9. Some wheel sizes are available for just an electric motorized wheel. No need to buy a whole bike. I found front and/or rear wheels are available. Google it.
  10. A few years ago when I ordered/bought a Heartland Cyclone, I queried the salesman about skipping the OEM living room furniture. He said he spoke to Heartland and they would deduct only a SMALL amount of money for not including the living room furniture. Thankfully I owned that POS for only a year. A true custom job is going to cost you a LOT of money. Maybe it would be worth it, maybe not. Only you can decide.
  11. remoandiris


    Whatever tires you get, add a tire pressure monitor system if you don't have one already. I like TST, but there are others.
  12. Cooler weather all week. https://roadreport.mdt.mt.gov/travinfomobile/
  13. If you've never been to the top of Mt Washington in NH, that is kinda cool. You can drive to the top, take a shuttle, or ride the cog railway. Google it to find the details. The Kancamagus (sp?) Hwy, also in NH, is a nice drive. You will quickly learn to slow down in NH, VT, and ME. With very few 4-lane roads going east/west, getting anywhere fast is pretty hard.
  14. SD has specific provisions for full time travelers. That is why you signed that form. FL does not have specific provisions for full timers. That is why this issue is now coming up. Maybe FL will look to SD for suggestions.
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