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  1. I am very aware of what kind of info brochures provide. Typically not very helpful. Seems like it will boil down to testing the waters at a few. If none of those work out, the next year we'd have to test out a few more.
  2. We're foodies, so we go to a lot of different restaurants and sample the faire. We like motorcycling and I know there are good roads/rides all over the area. I like to shoot and have found 2 gun ranges in the area, but there may be more that put on organized matches. We've discussed jeeping in the desert, too. Would also like a park with a large off-leash dog park. And we're not quite eligible for the 55+ parks.
  3. RV Park Reviews doesn't help much with long term stays since most reviews are short termers. I haven't found a repository or many advertisements for long term parks in the Greater Phoenix area (or within a 30 min or so drive), my current area of interest. How does one go about finding a place to stay for 4+ months? Is it just hit and miss each year until you find a place you really like?
  4. remoandiris

    Schwintec Slide Controller

    2016 Alfa Gold 3905SHMC here. Also with 2 Schwinteks. Both controllers for mine are mounted on the inside of the basement behind the utility connections. I have to remove a wall panel to get to them. If your slides are not opening/closing evenly, push the button (extend if they are closed, retract if they are open) for a few seconds, just until you hear the motors spin up, then release. Do that about 8 times. It is real quick. Then press and hold the button the opposite way until the motors stop making noise. With the Schwinteks, it seems each motor counts it's own revolutions. Sometimes they get out of whack. This process is supposed to get them back into sync. If you mean something else by level/balance, your best bet is to call Lippert.
  5. I prefer to use chat. But, more than once the Dish rep refused to change the locals based only on zip code. They wanted a street address. Didn't matter if I told them I was parked in a field with no street address, they insisted. I once used "123 Any Street", then the town, state and zip. I KNOW they can just go by zip code and I told them I knew it. Didn't matter. This happened on weekend evenings. I guess the "B" team was working then. Never had a problem if I did it in the afternoon.
  6. remoandiris

    Triple towing, legal where?

    And a tractor pulling nothing would be "single towing". LOL!!!
  7. remoandiris

    rv trailer values.

    IDK if there is a right answer. Dealers want to maximize their profits no matter what.
  8. remoandiris

    Slam Latches Adjustable

    If you can't adjust the latch, can you get thicker gaskets for the opening?
  9. remoandiris

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    No, I don't. Didn't have one in any of the 3 RVs I have owned.
  10. remoandiris

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    By "tall" model, do you mean the 18" toilet? Or is there a taller one than that? Sprayer or no sprayer? I would worry about the sprayer hose popping off when driving and then water squirting all over the place one hooked up at an RV park...at least until I noticed the wet floor.
  11. Will be interesting to know if this claim causes your rates to go up the next time you renew.
  12. remoandiris

    Indianapolis IN sucky roads.

    I drove thru Denver on I-25 about a month ago. Traffic sucked!!!! Don't recall how bad the road surface was.
  13. remoandiris

    How not to kill your spouse during the time you are out RVing

    It may also depend on where you spend your summer. Will it be one place or will you move around? If you move around, you'll have new sights to see everywhere you go. If you'll be stationary, you will be able to develop relationships and get into a routine similar to being in a S&B home.
  14. Get a couple of those slider slickers (plastic things that go on the floor and the slide rides on top of them). It doesn't fix the problem, but it is a workaround.
  15. remoandiris


    https://www.delish.com/food/a22775506/tip-the-bill-challenge/ Who they kidding???