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  1. remoandiris

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    There was something in the article about being able to drop non-voters after a total of 8 yrs.
  2. remoandiris

    Tire Pressure Loss

    I'm having good luck with my braided metal flex extensions. I have metal stems on the wheels, but the length of those stems inhibited installation of my TPMS sensors, and I didn't want to pay for new, shorter extensions. Plus, the inners were STILL a PITA to put air in, so I opted for the extensions. They are only a year old. Hopefully they stay in good shape for years to come. I considered getting some real long "bent" stems for the inners. Would add a step when rotating, so opted to not do that. And, of course, rotations are proving to be unnecessary, so maybe next time.
  3. remoandiris

    Tire Pressure Loss

    Weird part is it is only noticeable in cold weather.
  4. remoandiris

    Are there changes ahead for the commissary & exchange?

    I don't think they eliminate any costs. They only shuffle it around.
  5. remoandiris

    Are there changes ahead for the commissary & exchange?

    “Congress has an obligation to accomplish this deliberately with the Department of Defense and military services to ensure this is a consultative and inclusive process of reform, while eliminating waste and unnecessary costs,” Has the gubment EVER eliminated waste and unnecessary costs of anything???
  6. remoandiris

    Tire Pressure Loss

    Since all your wheels are steel, they can likely be used in any position. I'd move the slow loss tire to another position that is easier to get to. Won't solve the air loss problem, but will make it easier to add air in the future.
  7. remoandiris

    Hello everybody!

    IIRC, those 3 models are toy haulers. I think manufacturers want their toy haulers to have aggressive names to fit what they believe will attract toy hauler owners.
  8. remoandiris

    Vanleigh Fifth wheels

    Hopefully they'll be good quality units. Some of them don't have much CCC though. Others have quite a bit.
  9. Most likely. It gets a license plate and registration just like any other vehicle. But as one poster mentioned, plan to make 2 trips and ask that question the first time instead of dragging the 5er to the office. Some DMV offices are in places you would NOT want to take the 5er (small parking lots, etc).
  10. DMV locations by county. https://www.flhsmv.gov/locations/
  11. What do you mean? Don't you just have to buy another $5 card for the month? If you mean "flashing" it every month, there are a few on eBay that say they don't need flashed again.
  12. remoandiris

    Directv vs. Dish

    Last time I had to call back about locals, I ended up being transferred to a VERY knowledgeable tech support guy. He told me the customer support folks have to click "something" (I don't remember what he said ) TWICE to change the locals. Many of them do not know that and only click it once. Phoning can be FRUSTRATING. I use chat whenever I can.
  13. How is the 3G for web surfing, emails, social media? How about for streaming?
  14. Only advice I can give you about Fla DMVs is to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT instead of just walking in. Yes, you might go to a DMV with no waiting, but in my experience, an appointment is best. And make sure you have ALL the ID paperwork Fla requires. https://www.flhsmv.gov/driver-licenses-id-cards/what-to-bring/
  15. From the research I've done, it doesn't appear to be. Using a phone as a hotspot for other devices eats data very quickly, and the phone companies can/do cut the speed once a certain amount is reached. Maybe I need to use fast food restaurants more often.