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  1. Thanks everyone - I made it back yesterday. I drove a one way rental up on Tuesday & picked up the RV Wednesday. Ended up using a route similar to trailertravelers. I went up the long way, but there was lots of construction & congestion in PA & NJ - so I downloaded the Copilot app & used the RV settings. I think Google is faster to reroute because of traffic/construction problems, but I liked Copilot other than that. The RV seems to be in great mechanical condition. I was a little leary of the mountains, but no problems & the engine stayed cool the whole trip. I didn't need the AC, so that probably helped my mileage (around 10 mpg) & temperature. I did not check out any of the house systems. She's not officially mine yet - but so far it's looking good. Thanks again for all the advice, I will be asking more questions as I go.
  2. Thanks, my goal is to avoid the larger cities. Especially since this is my first drive.
  3. Thanks so much for that tire code - I knew I was suppose to check the date, but didn't know how. I will be prepared to replace them before driving home. I appreciate the warm welcome, I'm sure I will have alot more questions.
  4. Hi, I have volunteered to pick up an 2002 25' Class C (gas) from Trenton NJ & drive it back to Western North Carolina. I haven't driven an RV before (but have driven full size vans and a few large UHauls over the years). I would prefer to avoid DC & hit I-81 further north. Does anyone have experience with that route? It looks like I-76 to I-81 or maybe cut thru on US 30. The RV seems to be in good shape & I will be checking tires, brakes and fluids before leaving, but it is still an unknown vehicle & I want to take the easiest route possible. I know there is a steep grade once I get to NC, but I'm not familiar with the northern part of that route. If we pass our "first date" - I will hopefully buy it later this summer. I have already started downsizing & have been looking for an affordable RV to travel in. The floorplan seems really good, but I'm sure it will need some upgrades. Thanks for any advice