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  1. WiFi and Cell Booster in combined unit

    At retail of over $700.00, this is NOT inexpensive. Also the cellular is tied to AT&T only and can not be used for any other provider. Their pricing structure, you must by their data plan, is not very attractive. Chuck
  2. This is an excellent example of abuse causing the loss of a good thing. It happens all to often. Chuck
  3. "on & off" House battery problem

    12.6 volts is about where your battery should be once all charging is removed. With almost all our rigs there are items that cause the battery to discharge with no charging. There can be "phantom loads" such as led lights, engine electronics, etc. that will cause the voltage to drop. But with good batteries, it should take some time. A good start is a load test, AFTER you have check the fluid levels in the batteries and done a complete recharge. The batteries need to sit for a time before the load test is done. At least a few hours. If you take the batteries to a shop, they can do a series of tests. If they check out, you will need to start looking at the systems to find out what is discharging them. If they don't, new batteries should take care of everything. But you must check the fluid levels on a regular basis and keep them topped off. We always use only distilled water in our batteries. Chuck
  4. "on & off" House battery problem

    First, 12.6 is NOT a full charge if your connected to any kind of charger. If this is all your batteries are getting recharged, you may be looking at new batteries. You are right to have them checked out. But you also need to find out what's wrong with your charging system. On shore power, you should have a battery charger connected at all times that maintain the batteries, both coach and chassis. While driving, the alternator should maintain both battery banks and both should be at about 13.5 volts once they reach the float state of charge. Chuck
  5. Hwy 1 from Leggett to Fort Bragg CA

    We finally decided to take 101 to 20 to 1. Made it to Fort Bragg with no issues at all and we are settled in a campground for a couple of days. There are plenty of sharp turns and 15 and 20 MPH turns on 20. The RV handled it all with no problem. Not sure highway 1 would have been worse or not. But since all went well, it doesn't matter. As to Kirk's comment about an unknown videographer or a forum member, who takes the video makes little difference in the images the video shows. As long as the camera is pointed on the road, it is what it is, no matter who turns the camera on. But anyway, it was a good day and a pleasant drive. In a few days we tackle highway 20 west from 101 heading toward Sacramento. Our biggest concern is going to be the heat. Chuck
  6. Hwy 1 from Leggett to Fort Bragg CA

    Chad, Just found this video and I am indeed seeing a winding road but nothing that would require any multiple attempts to make a turn. Can you tell me where that might be? Thanks. Chuck
  7. Hwy 1 from Leggett to Fort Bragg CA

    Thanks Chad. Is there some reason our GPS does not want us to go through Fort Bragg? Chuck
  8. Looking for anyone that has CURRENT first hand knowledge of this route for our motorhome with a tow. Heading that way tomorrow. Chuck
  9. Flying Js and other truck stops

    They're overnight policy HAS NOT CHANGED so I will repeat my previous post for your benefit. Sorry, but we don't find this to be the case. There are some, but they are usually a town policy and not that of WalMart. Every one we have stopped at or stayed at have allowed overnight parking. Also read Kirk's post above. Chuck
  10. Flying Js and other truck stops

    Sorry, but we don't find this to be the case. There are some, but they are usually a town policy and not that of WalMart. Every one we have stopped at or stayed at have allowed overnight parking. Chuck
  11. Dish while Boondocking

    This is just not correct. While some items may be affected running on a modified sine wave inverter, saying all digital items will burn up 0r not work is totally wrong. Yes, some items don't like modified sine wave. But we have used one for 15 years to run our TV's, entertainment systems, satellite receivers, refrigerators, microwaves, DVD players and a host of other items. Some are still functioning today. Some small battery chargers will not work on a modified sine wave. While it is better to get a pure sine wave inverter, both can work. Chuck
  12. Air Conditioner Problem

    Almost every AC tech that I have used and trusted have advised against adding these port. Every one have told me that the ports will leak and they will not guarantee them. They knew if the unit was to be replaced, I would do it, so they gained nothing from telling me this. Chuck
  13. Parking Brake Issue

    Emailed Juergen, but haven't herd anything back. Chuck
  14. Parking Brake Issue

    Kirk, I did register and post my questions there. I too suspect it has never been checked or serviced and with 8,000 miles ahead of us, I don't want to leave anything to chance. It's one of those items I missed before we started out on this trip. Chuck
  15. Parking Brake Issue

    Can not find any way to search for articles or authors on Bounder Sounder. Chuck