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  1. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Shawn, In order to use Torque Pro, there must be a device connected to the OBD port. But I see no mention of it on their website. So what is the missing piece of the puzzle? Chuck
  2. Progressive bait and switch.

    I have had this exact same issue with Progressive. When we first signed up, the rate was very good. The next year when renewal came around, they raised the rate considerably. No explanation. It seems this is common practice with them now. Chuck
  3. Battery questions

    As a marine service tech for almost 40 years I have dealt with more battery issues than I would rather think about. Once Golf Cart batteries came into common use, the debate on which are best have been ongoing. It has been my experience in both repairing others systems and in my own use as a 25 year liveaboard and cruisers is that given proper battery maintenance, the only difference between Trojans and the better quality 6 volt batteries like those sold at Sams Club is the price. After about 7 years of heavy use in discharging and recharging our house batteries, they show signs of needing replacement. This is using the batteries EVERY DAY to run systems without charging until about 50% discharged and then doing a proper charge to get them back to 100%. I personally have never seen any benefit to spending more money on the Trojans. Talking about Gel, Lithium Ion and AGM batteries is a whole different discussion. But proper maintenance is the key rather than throwing more money at more expensive batteries. Chuck
  4. Use flashing LED lights as rodent deterrent

    If your planning on using flashing lights, please don't park next to us. Chuck
  5. DirecTV upping prices

    Price has gone up for this increase at about $3.00 on average. Not really a deal breaker for us. Every provider including netflix and Hulu have raised prices from time to time. Chuck
  6. Unusual Occurrence

    You are correct. I was using the wrong terminology. I do understand the difference. Thanks. Chuck
  7. Unusual Occurrence

    Kirk and Dutch. I plan to add a snorkel higher up using PVC pipe. I found some posts online from someone that did this and it looks like a solid and permanent solution. I plan or working on this over the weekend since sudden and heavy downpours are quite common here in Florida, even this time of year. We have a trip planned for Christmas. Chuck
  8. Unusual Occurrence

    As I understand the "fix" for this issue, including a Ford TSB that is no longer available, is to remove all the ground wires connected to the OBD connector and solder them to a new single ground. Then attaching that ground to a new clean connection to the firewall. As for the air filter, it isn't a matter of changing the filter, but modifying the air intake so I can drive if it's raining. Chuck
  9. Unusual Occurrence

    I will try and remember to do that. Other projects have moved this down the list, like a soaked air intake filter this weekend. I plan to cut the ground wires from the OBD plug adding a new and improved ground. We won't know how well it works until after Christmas. And the problem is an intermittent issue that does not always show itself. We'll see. Chuck
  10. Unusual Occurrence

    Thanks. While I have not yet fixed the problem, I do have a good handle on the fix and it is now on my to-do list for the short term. Chuck
  11. I installed at coax attachment to the outside of the coach and ran a piece of coax from the connector up into the cabinet where the SWM power brick is located. I then added an A/B switch capable of handling the SWM power supply to the SWM brick and both coax cables, then the coax to the receiver. When we need to use the separate dish mounted on a tripod, it's just a matter of connecting the coax on the outside and throwing the A/B switch. Works like a charm. Chuck
  12. WiFi and Cell Booster in combined unit

    At retail of over $700.00, this is NOT inexpensive. Also the cellular is tied to AT&T only and can not be used for any other provider. Their pricing structure, you must by their data plan, is not very attractive. Chuck
  13. This is an excellent example of abuse causing the loss of a good thing. It happens all to often. Chuck
  14. "on & off" House battery problem

    12.6 volts is about where your battery should be once all charging is removed. With almost all our rigs there are items that cause the battery to discharge with no charging. There can be "phantom loads" such as led lights, engine electronics, etc. that will cause the voltage to drop. But with good batteries, it should take some time. A good start is a load test, AFTER you have check the fluid levels in the batteries and done a complete recharge. The batteries need to sit for a time before the load test is done. At least a few hours. If you take the batteries to a shop, they can do a series of tests. If they check out, you will need to start looking at the systems to find out what is discharging them. If they don't, new batteries should take care of everything. But you must check the fluid levels on a regular basis and keep them topped off. We always use only distilled water in our batteries. Chuck
  15. "on & off" House battery problem

    First, 12.6 is NOT a full charge if your connected to any kind of charger. If this is all your batteries are getting recharged, you may be looking at new batteries. You are right to have them checked out. But you also need to find out what's wrong with your charging system. On shore power, you should have a battery charger connected at all times that maintain the batteries, both coach and chassis. While driving, the alternator should maintain both battery banks and both should be at about 13.5 volts once they reach the float state of charge. Chuck