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  1. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    Here's what I'd use: 10" x 2.66" AS https://www.metalsdepot.com/aluminum-products/aluminum-channel-6061 BTW, you need to use something compliant between the channels and the truck frame for flex and corrosion reasons.
  2. Super singles anyone?

    That's a good price but you need to know/understand what wheel offset you can accommodate
  3. What if

    There are considerable trailer height to deck height issues that have not be mentioned when adapting a semi-trailer frame.
  4. 3 Months in the truck????

    Depends. If you're of a certain age, not having a bathroom, hot shower, and other comforts of home would be a deal breaker for me. I've worked for enough years to have earned at least a room in a hostel and a warm shower every morning. More than a night or two in the truck is in my rear view mirror.
  5. Solar panel real world output

    Not yet mentioned so... remember that you'll can only use ~50% of you battery capacity if Lead/Acid or AGM
  6. Difference between Torque and Clamp

    They're an option.
  7. Classic (long nose), long wheelbase, big engine, 18 spd. manual are still the most sought after configuration. The AMT's do bring 2-3K more from fleet owners because they can hire anyone to drive them. I think you'll do well financially with the swap.
  8. Bobtail mileage

    12+ w/ DD16 @63-65 mph
  9. Isuzu air ride ?

    Air springs are not a panacea. The direction I'd go is to weigh the truck front and rear, then go find a GOOD spring shop to help you re-spring the the truck for the appropriate load you intend to use it for. I'd also mention the idea of progressive or dual rate springs.
  10. Need Suggestions, 10K Hitch

    The SAF Holland FW 2080 is fully oscillating. http://ww1.safholland.info/sites/middleeast/en-US/technicalliterature/fifthwheels/heavydutyseries/Pages/HOLLAND FW2080.aspx
  11. Replacement seats

    Don't do it! They'll spoil you for every other seat out there. I had to make a trip to Montreal and made a point of stopping by Knoedler. Now I hate my seats, that were perfectly fine previously.
  12. Semi / snow - Bob tail

    I think Rick & Alana hit the nail on the head... and not just for Corey. I'll include myself in that group..
  13. Truck frame pics

    Scroll down to frame and axle. http://www.semiservice.com/photo-gallery.php These guys will make whatever you need. http://www.pgadams.com/
  14. Filter or Strap Wrench

    https://www.mcmaster.com/#strap-wrenches/=1a1ir6q your call
  15. Air Compressor Questions

    sounds like you lost a reed or unloader is hanging open. Kits are cheap & easy. http://www.bendix.com/media/documents/products_1/compressorsgovernors_1/ba921servicedatasheet.pdf