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  1. Anyone near Covington, TN?

    Walk away

    The video shows the truck swerving right / left hard at speed. Be assured the rear did the opposite at the ratio of the wheelbase to the distance from pin to rear axle. Geometry.

    Overtime or straight time?

    A couple of observations: None of the discussed hitches provide any front (pin) roll stiffness. That is a de-stabilizing feature. They all seem to provide ~ +/- 30 degrees of roll freedom. The ET & Hensley i believe are 4 bar linked so would be hard pressed to provide much roll resistance after the ~30 degrees are taken up. The ComfortRide perhaps some. The agility and maneuverability of a combination of short wheelbase along with long rear overhang ratio create more movement per angle of steer and are also de-stabilizing elements. In my judgement, this was a chain of events accident as are so many others. Each owners needs and decisions only come to light at the edges of the envelope. I've often read; "pulls great", "never a problem", "don't even know the trailer's there". No of course not... till you reach the end of the envelope. Just ask NeverEasy.
  5. Umm, yeah... thats why I get so much entertainment from what I read here My Machinery's Handbook looks like the dead sea scrolls!
  6. HushMat?

    Read the tutorials here. http://800nonoise.com/tutorials/ These people really understand the science of sound transmission.
  7. 780 trans not shifting .

    I know you wanted an original part but... https://www.amazon.com/Converter-Regulator-Adapter-Vehicle-DC9-20V/dp/B01EFUHGMU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518721129&sr=8-1&keywords=12vdc+to+24vdc+converter
  8. 780 trans not shifting .

    Dang! For a 12V to 24V 10 Amp converter, that thing is expensive!
  9. More Gremlins in the Truck

    Bad relays seem like a somewhat recurring issue on the Jackalopee. I guess without an autopsy, you can't blame the relay as it just as well might be a truck or installation issue. Electrical failures are tough to diagnose!
  10. DirecLink Delphi to Maxbrake Delphi match up

    Was it the Hayes controller? http://www.hayesbc.com/products/controllers/air-actuated-controller/
  11. I'm sure there must be. Try Engineer's Edge. For tubing some manufacturer's may have a calculator. The difficult part is calculating the moment of inertia of a particular cross section if you want to do it long hand. For instance I had to estimate the corner radii and tensile strength of the steel so all numbers are approximate as indicated.
  12. Back to the question. First off there are some things that aren't considered. The Smart wheelbase is only ~74"so overhang is only 20". Weight distribution is 45/55 so I used 600 lbs for the highest single tire load. Now you need to multiply by "G" load, so let's assume 1200 lbs. max load at a tire. That calculates to ~26000 lbs stress and ~.125" deflection. A large margin of safety by any view using 55 ksi steel.
  13. Leave double or single

    Read this:
  14. Transport after purchase

    Had mine delivered. (1200 miles) $1600. I figured between the flight, fuel, food, hotel, weather, insurance, tolls, and losing two days vacation, it was a steal.