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  1. NoDirectionHome

    Great Mechanic Pahrump

    Getting back to the thread; Your mechanic loosened a couple or stuck bolts. He seems like an honest and reliable guy from your experience. I see nothing that warrants him being a great mechanic. Are you ready to have hive run an overhead or change injector cups on your engine?
  2. NoDirectionHome

    Air Horns

    Quoting the master... DollyTrolley "EIGHT, Put your road-rage-panties back in the drawer.........You might be a BIG DOG but little "animals" WILL DO DUMB really DUMB things in their rush-to-eternity.......stunningly DUMB things and it's important to NOT get MAD .........you can get "disappointed" but you simply need to do what ever it takes to NOT crush the little animals." And an obnoxious horn isn't going to change anything. Did you expect your horn to blow them back into their lane?
  3. NoDirectionHome

    HDT vs LGT, reliable transportation or ongoing project?

    +2 Well said DT
  4. NoDirectionHome

    TSLB Install Finished! Pics of how it was done.

    Super clean looking install. And I thought you were only an electrical wiz!
  5. NoDirectionHome

    LCI Centerpoint Airbag Suspension

    Much better quality, much better customer support. This is all this company does, providing vibration isolation is a science and these guys understand it.
  6. NoDirectionHome

    LCI Centerpoint Airbag Suspension

    If you're really set on air-ride or even if you're not, I'd recommend http://timbren.com/sti-air-ride/ over the Lippert set-up by a large margin.
  7. NoDirectionHome

    Pahrump * IMPACT 1 INCH*

    I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale cheap... Do the math
  8. NoDirectionHome

    Am I calculating this hitch force correctly?

    Fast processors, cheap 3 axis MEM's accelerometers, and memory make a much better brake controller so much more easily developed, but I'm not aware of anyone doing any work in that field. That usually indicates not enough market.
  9. NoDirectionHome

    Super Class C GVWR

    In NY if your RV is over 26000 #, you need an "R" endorsement to drive legally. 99% of LEO's don't even know what it is. Even the DMV usually doesn't. No airbrake or other tests. Just competency to drive a larger RV. (road test)
  10. NoDirectionHome

    Super Class C GVWR

    I just retired from NY to SD. You don't need or want a CDL. Just get the "R" endorsement, then a regular license in SD. (took 10 minutes along with the voter registration). Having a medical or having the regulations and renewals of a CDL is a pain. I have it for my pilot's license and it's just another ridiculous hoop to jump through.
  11. NoDirectionHome

    Synthetic Transmission Fluid

    Is it the same fluid as used in your rear axle? Cheap change over.
  12. NoDirectionHome

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    Refuse trucks. As you pointed out, it's a duty cycle thing.
  13. NoDirectionHome

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    I respect your knowledge Scrap, but I'm gonna disagree with you on this one. Just my personal experience... http://www.meritorwabco.com/product/Air-Dryers/1200-Plus-Air-Dryer
  14. NoDirectionHome

    Passenger Assist Elevator

    Great option! I'd grab it in a second if not for all the 1 box emission equipment on my more modern truck.