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  1. You seem to have a heat induced issue (IMO). As solenoids are sensitive to heat, I'd begin by investigating that. Could they simply be better insulated from a heat source near them? You probably need to insure you are getting full voltage at the solenoid and work your way back from there. Diagnosis is much cheaper than throwing darts in the dark.
  3. You should have walked in with this completed as NeverEasy did and said "I want to register my motorhome". Then stop talking. Not your tow vehicle, not your truck... your motorhome.
  4. Year over year 25% of fatal falls are from 6 -15 feet. I've been rock climbing at an intermediate level for 30 years. What makes it sane is the rope system. Polishing my condo sleeper for vanity is not worth the risk of either a broken wrist let along banging your head or worse. (i wear a helmet climbing) If you can't afford to play... don't. Hire someone for the couple of times you want to pretty your piece. It's cheap insurance. Note: Just my opinion and perspective.
  5. My TCS switch increases the threshold of slippage when activated so you can spin the tires a little more to get out of certain conditions
  6. Do you have ABS? Is it functional? Are you singled? What year truck? Are you really talking about the Inter-Axle lock, and not traction control?
  7. remoandiris: Thanks for the response but I was only talking about driver licensing, not that of the vehicle.
  8. I recognize that now. The problem is in there class A, B, and C licenses they don't mention Commercial until the last paragraph of the "C" description. Thank you. -Steve
  9. Thank you Phil, I will dig up the part you quoted and put it in my documents book. Much obliged Amigo!
  10. Yes, EXACTLY! Sooo... Is an "HDT RV" covered or excluded from what they, meaning SD consider an RV or is it just for say class A RV over 26,000 lbs. As you point out, it's somewhat contradictory, or at least open to interpretation.
  11. Yes correct Phil. I'll soon be moving domicile to SD.
  12. I'm not clear on the class of driver's license needed to drive an HDT (non South Dakota) registered & titled as an RV in my current state. Reading their (SD) regulations it seems I would need a class A based on weight. I have not found the often spoken of area that excludes RV's or or truck / trailer. I'm aware of the "private truck" exemption. Because I'm registered and titled to our family trust (the truck & trailer), I really don't want to change the tractor to private truck. Ideally I'd like to hear from the horses mouth, what license I will need.
  13. Both my bunks are sleep-able (is that a word?). I use the bottom for overnights en-route when I eat and can use the facilities not in the trailer ie. truck stop. The truck is the preferred place for the kids when they visit if they want real privacy, otherwise it's the air mattress in the living room. BTW, I have the ParkSmart battery APU in the tractor as well as fridge & microwave so it's very livable.
  14. I think you're going to find what you are describing (automatic leveling) as a bit more complicated than you describe. If you just want to manually level, that would be possible for the $5-700 you want.
  15. If you drive through small towns, and make right hand turns, you're making a 90 degree turn (or damn close) every time.