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    cold and diesel

    If you have trouble with "summer" fuels when moved to a cold area, some kerosene could be added to "winterize" your fuel. We used pure kerosene (number 1 fuel oil) in our diesels when in the military. here is a link; https://www.progressivedairy.com/topics/barns-equipment/mechanics-corner-the-truth-about-diesel-fuels
  2. Glenn, You could go high end.; https://marinehowto.com/shore-power-cords-smartplug-vs-1938/ And here; https://www.technorv.com/smart-plug-50-amp-inlet/
  3. All lithium iron phosphate batteries are lithium ion. Not all lithium ion batteries are lithium iron phosphate.
  4. I believe one can get part D with an advantage plan that doesn't have prescription coverage.
  5. I'm not sure but from what I read. My supplement (F) is accepted anywhere Medicare is accepted. The billing is automatic, the provider doesn't have to file anything other than Medicare. My supplement is ok even at the offices where they do not except the listed Insurance provider on the card. Advantage plans are very much more limited. Many doctors are not covered.
  6. I tried. I could not swap any of my existing numbers. I wanted to qualify for the rebate. Nope. I am now out $20. I don't think I want a new number and another bill to pay. Please don't try to tell me how I flicked up. I went through it all and am tired of it.
  7. Yes, Barb. Why indeed. I would be shy of some fly-by-nite insurance companies, but the national ones should be fine. And, my occasional research indicates they are all about the same end of year cost. And yes. Every 'G' is exactly the same coverage, as well as every 'F' and every other letter except 'D'.
  8. to quote Kirk; "I don't know that I would choose a Medicare supplement based on what is cheapest. You need to carefully compare the benefits and which plan type they have." No, you don't have to compare benefits between companies. Each 'A' has the same benefit. Each 'G' has same benefit. Each benefit package is spelled out in the chart Kirk posted. The question is which company offers the plan you want and how much it costs from that company. So, you do chose by 'cheapest'. What kirk tried to say is don't chose the cheapest plan as it will cover less than the more expensive from any given company. Next year you will not have the choice of plan 'F'. That one is going away.
  9. Glenn, how do you get 120 volts ac? Only use fridge when plugged in?
  10. The supplement plans, ie; F, G and other letters, all must provide the same coverage, by law. So it does come down to price and the Company offering the plan. Any major insurance company would be a good choice. I had AARP then I changed to a plan offered by my union. I'm saving a few bucks, but the AARP was not that expensive. Plan D is a different matter. I have to pay for my Synthroid from my pocket or throw the dice each refill that I get a compatible brand.
  11. Depending on the refrigerator, you could need a 2000w inverter.
  12. How do you charge your battery? 48 volt battery.
  13. docj; that sounds like a good beef stew. going to try it. What is the difference of a prep before and a finishing step after sous vide? Unless we are having boiled beef, plain.
  14. I can see an air pocket preventing the pressure switch from opening. I don't understand why it had to be a specific faucet. I would think having any faucet open would eventually get air out of the line. I'm glad it was such a simple fix. Think what you would have paid for a replacement pump at those prices.
  15. Training with hazardous gas was part of my former work. Hydrogen Sulfide is poisonous and explosive. If the battery is producing Hydrogen Sulfide there is something wrong with the battery and/or charging system. A properly charging battery will produce small amounts of hydrogen gas. If the battery space is properly ventilated there is little danger of explosion, excpt at the cells. One strange thing about Hydrogen Sulfide is that in heavy concentrations we can not smell the odor. Then it kills. At the plant, if we could smell the odor, we were less worried than when the detector alarmed when we could not smell the gas. Before you all start cursing, note the key words, "battery space is properly ventilated".
  16. Not true. hydrogen will trigger a CO detector. That is what I have, a CO detector, not a propane detector. The hydrogen from a charging battery will trip the CO detector. I did some simple research to understand why my CO detector was in alarm with no source of CO in the van. The battery hydrogen will trigger a CO detector. I have the exact same CO detector that you have linked at Amazon.
  17. The converter, being a battery charger, has fuses on both ends. There are 120 volt ac fuses for the line side. There are 12 volt dc fuses on the battery, (load), side, that should be close to the battery. The amp rating of the converter is the charging amperes to the battery, and of course any load applied to the converter. I use a marine three stage charger. 50 amp, 12 volt battery. It has a 15 amp fuse on the 120 volt side. It is recommended a 10 ampere over the charger output. With a 50 amp charger at least a 60 amp fuse.
  18. The small amount of hydrogen from a battery will trigger a CO detector. It would be worse when the battery is being overcharged. I have been looking for a detector that doesn't trigger by hydrogen. Also the detectors die from old age, and from use. So I think the hydrogen will shorten the life before the common 5 years.
  19. Well, I wasn't trying to disparage medicare or accuse the hospital of over charging. . In fact the charge that caught my eye was due to the hospital billing department listing my Surgeon visit on the wrong date. Resulting in the refusal of payment. And yes. Medicare has been good to me along with the private insurance that covers plan F. But. Part D is a different argument as how good or bad it is.
  20. My part D has never refused 90 day refill on my maintenance drugs. After having problems last year i had many visits and procedures at a university hospital. The bills were long, many lines of code for each visit. I noticed that Medicare did not cover some items as "it was considered part of another procedure on the same day".
  21. Salton sea was created by accident, and continued on as a downhill accident until it became a disaster.
  22. Have Direct TV at home. They are dropping channels, or the channels are dropping them. I think it is the old fight over how much money goes to where.
  23. Sehc

    Starter/battery issues

    This is a really good price on a quality DC clamp-on ammeter, multimeter. https://shop.marinehowto.com/products/sterling-power-dc-ac-amp-clamp-volt-meter
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