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  1. Read the instructions. The meter will do all you want to know.
  2. Sehc

    Fuel spill insurance

    If fuel spills are your concern, make up a containment kit. There are pads that absorb oil and not water. Best thing going.
  3. Would that equate to founding fathers had a big problem with being terrorists, as that is why the existing government was kicking in the doors.
  4. Without medicare you could be one medical emergency from being broke.
  5. There are lots of them on the old tank farms. They had collapsible tops that expanded as they filled with gas. Mostly for natural gas, but I bet many were for refinery gases.
  6. I can't see any advantage to not having a toll responder. I have EzPass and SunPass. Covers me on the east coast. I'm hoping there will be a national system when I make the turn west.
  7. If you had your flu shot you would not be as sick, if at all. Please provide scientific evidence of what you state about immunizations. .
  8. Dodge B series vans are unibody. They are used for many class-b motor homes.
  9. Thank god, I have outlived my savings. My income tax has become very easy to do. I do use www.olt.com.
  10. Any one expecting the need for hearing aid, please visit a true otolaryngologist before deciding on a quick test at hearing aid centers.
  11. I thought OP asked the question after a short explanation. How else should they have asked? The dilemma is why some don't read the whole post before answering? Cosco is 20 miles and Sam's club is 9 miles from my base. But I can get as good prices on most of what either stocks, and don't have to buy the over size packages. So I'm no longer a member.
  12. The NJ motor vehicle web site is well stocked with information. It is worth a visit. https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/ and here. https://nj.gov/nj/trans/vehicles/
  13. I was wondering the same as Staff´╗┐non.
  14. If you keep the battery charged it will not freeze. If you charge them fully before storing them, they will be good for a couple of months. If you cannot check on them often, don't leave them on a charge maintainer. Oh. back to the hijacked thread; Do Not Smoke Near Battery.
  15. My drivers license and registrations can be renewed on-line. Not every time with the license, but every year with the registrations. Except! I must use the "pin number" from the form mailed to me by Motor Vehicle. Different pin each time, snail mail to my address on file.
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