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  1. Yes Carlos Linux is used on many if not the majority of servers. Most of us average laptop or desk top users are well served by Microsoft or Maybe Apple.
  2. Diesel odor is unacceptable to me. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid small splashes or spills and the smell.
  3. I have and use windows 7 pro. It does everything i want, and does it well. It plays real good with ms office. ms office plays well with world wide commerce. Hopefully windows 10 will be as stable when ms ends support for 7. No one is willing to explain linux as they don't know it themselves.
  4. Sehc

    OH NO!!

    I can't find a automatic transmission that can be shifted from park with just a push on the lever. I could push a stick shift into neutral.
  5. Sehc

    Buss bar

    There is difference in the alloy copper used for electrical conduction. The few dollars for a good bus bar is worth it to me. Why economize on safety? https://www.bluesea.com/products/category/18/BusBars
  6. Sehc


    not Atlanta but related. I had to drive through Norfolk,Va last Saturday night. I don't know how I would have made it without a GPS. It still was a nightmare.
  7. Sehc

    Coach Batteries

    depending on what you need to power and how you plan to recharge the bank. I have a bank of Duracell label, 6V egc2, by East Penn, the same as Deka. I am pleased . If you get only 5 years, you need better charging parameters or basic maintenance.
  8. Sehc

    Updating banking address issues

    right, contact Escapees.
  9. Gel batteries are my choice over AGM. But both must be installed as a system. The charging must be matched to the battery type. They are an expensive battery to abuse. I have Duracell labeled East Penn EGC2 batteries in my bank. Lead acid golf cart battery, wet cell, are so forgiving. They are accessible to check the water and keeping the tops clean.
  10. Sehc

    Alternator wiring-HELP!

    Different vehicle, other than the ground. I had a battery wire and two small sense wires. I got them backward. The new alternator would not charge. Swapped the two and all is well. No harm done.
  11. The real problem will come with the next new year. All the quick repairs to the computer code to survive the 2000 turnover will be confused by 2020. No one realized the two numbers were to be the same and, at this time, there is no provision for the error. The markets will crash and burn. Those with cash will grab up the refuse and prosper when the solutions are in place. Predicted to be no sooner than February 23, 2020.
  12. Sehc

    Road Service

    I have a van sized camper and carry Verizon Road side on my phone bill. On a trip through Va and NC I had occasion to use it twice. The first I locked my keys in while going in the Cracker Barrel in Mechanicsville. The little car, well decorated with professional looking signage was along after two hours. The tech did not have all the proper tools, and after a long struggle with rods and door jacks he said he could not get it as the steering wheel is in the way. I asked if he could try the passenger side, he said it would be the same. I said but no steering wheel. Suddenly, with too much noise, he did get the driver door open. So far, knock wood, I haven't found damage. The second I found myself out of gas in a residential neighborhood out side Raleigh, NC. Two calls, two estimated arrival times, no service ever showed. No one ever called back. Verizon left me stranded along side the road. A nice lady walking her cluster of dogs offered a gallon of lawnmower fuel with directions to get me to a station. When I return to home base I will find a different service.
  13. Sehc

    wire nuts come loose?

    In Home Depot I saw wire nuts with sealant inside. They were recommended for solid as well as stranded wire.
  14. Sehc

    wire nuts come loose?

    Seems this thread moved to different subject. Oh well, I'm going back a few. I don't want wire nuts in my RV. I also don't want solid wire in my RV. There are too many things that can go wrong.
  15. Sehc

    wire nuts come loose?

    dirty copper will cause many problems. wire nuts should not be used in a vehicle. i wounder what is used for that "solder" that melts at 138C, 280F. My tin solder melts over 400F.