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  1. You have to use the classification for the address you use on the license. You evidently have an existing address on the license. I would only check apartment or single family house.
  2. Sehc

    Fresh Water

    I was Licensed Operator for many commercial campgrounds, and trailer parks. I had to resign from most as the owners did not even do what the State Inspectors told them to do, following a fine. I issued many boil water announcements. I trust bottled water more than I do many small drinking water systems. And bottled water is not as regulated as drinking water systems. Chlorine and Cl compounds are the only sure thing for sanitizing water storage.
  3. The main problem I find is the weight and size restrictions local to a municipality.
  4. South Jersey and rest of north east coastal plain has 99f and indexes of 110. The heat is one thing, the humidity is another. It's hot.
  5. "little girly trucks" Really? What is the size of your truck substituting?
  6. No one argues to not vent the tanks to atmosphere. OP and I want our tanks secured from vandals and thieves. I can find no state or federal law that says I can't lock the cover to protect the valve on my RV. No one can seem to site one for my education. What a manufacturer of the RV is required to do doesn't affect what I can do with my RV. The exception is emissions on the engine.
  7. It will be difficult to find, and expensive. My choice is liability, with uninsured motorist, and then self insure with cash saved and a credit card only used for that.
  8. someone would have to be very close to use the radio on any "dongle"
  9. NFPA standards are voluntary, not law. Site a federal or state code or law.
  10. Lock the tank and protect your property. I do.
  11. Sehc

    Bug Out Bag

    If you truly believe the whole government infrastructure will collapse and all is lost. You are already prepared for armageddon. We are talking about Fire, earthquake, storms, floods and electric grid shutdown affecting generalized areas. I hope we are all prepared for those temporary, but possible, emergencies. Don't get into a position where you pay $20 for a bottle of water because I can't make change. In a disaster I will only take US silver coins. Keep a sack of quarters or halves.
  12. The only property codes I can find after an extensive search only regulate the parking and living in RV's. I can find nothing restricting the locking down a tank or covering the valve, If someone has one please correct me. My bottles are locked to the van. The bottles are in a box. The box can be locked. If I'm away, I now lock the box.
  13. If you domicile in NJ, you will pay NJ income tax on money earned in other states, except a few with reciprocal agreements. This is also true in states other than NJ.
  14. Sehc

    Bug Out Bag

    If a document is required with a raised stamp, such as Birth Certificate, it will not be accepted if laminated.
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