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  1. Sehc

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    What does Stanley-Black and Decker have to say about the Craftsman Brand they purchased?
  2. Sehc

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Ryobi are pretty good battery powered tools. But they are climbing in price. Where is the price point where they are not such a good deal?
  3. Yes. We want to hear about your adventures and how you are getting on. Keep posting. Or even start a Blog. We are interested. I want raise a flag. Those nasty brokers also had you sign a 'Note' as well as the mortgage. It will take time for them to catch you for collection, if ever. But the uncollected balance will be reported to IRS as your income. Be careful.
  4. Sehc

    Dog License

    I'm past owning dogs. But always had licenses and rabies shot. I found a property tax bill in my father's house, 1921, it included a line item of $1 for a dog.
  5. Sehc

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    My few HF air tools are dependable enough for part time work. I find HF SAE wrenches and sockets just a bit off from true size. I bought Ridgid Miter saw for the warranty. Ridgid gave me a run around, even with Home Depot paper work. For just that reason I will not buy Ridgid again.
  6. Sehc

    Tow Vehicle Tire Load Capacity

    There is a tag on the door frame. It will tell you what size and pressure tires you need for the ratings of the tow vehicle. That is what determines what you can tow. Over sizing tires will help, but not makeup for wheel bearings, brakes, transmission and other stuff.
  7. Sehc

    Toilet Problem-Too Small

    5 gallon bucket, plastic bag, handful of litter, and a lid. Can get fancy with better lid/seat arraignment.
  8. I worked in a water utility. We had jumper cables to connect each side of the meter before replacing meter. More than once, when cutting an underground water line for a street connection upgrade, we found sparks. I also was raised in a house without ground outlets. I remember may times a shock. I also knew of people that died from the 120V. I will keep my green wires.
  9. If the 220V outlet has three holes, you cannot use that circuit. No exception. You could adapt from a 220V four hole outlet. If all the wires, two hots, a neutral, and a green grounding wire were there and connected.
  10. I just looked at my drier connection. Installed about 1960. It has red, black, white. What is missing is the green. The safety ground, green, is connected to a copper water line.
  11. Sehc


    WaterJosh. Your wife did not come home with no pay. She brought home tips. If she made that much in cash tips to get a salaried pay check of zero, she did very well.
  12. There is difference. Social Security Retirement doesn't send anyone to your door. Supplemental Social Security is different. They will send someone to your door. I had no problem signing up for retirement, medicare, my supplement plan, and the Rx plan, all on line. You need to register using your legal residence. But you can use any mailing address.
  13. Sehc

    cable sizing

    Marine cable is best. It is consistent in quality. With welding cable, there is a lot of differences between companies. The inter-connecting cables on the golf cart batteries are important. I recommend having them made commercially, I use GrenuineDealz or BayMarineSupply. GenuineDealz has given me excellent service and quick delivery. 4/0 is heavy. Check that 2/0 will be enough for your expected ampere draw. It is not good practice to use doubled cables for one circuit. One cable set will always have a different resistance and one cable could carry enough extra to cause a problem.
  14. Sehc

    Forum Behavior

    I wanted to say it is the only forum I read that is "Not secure".
  15. Sehc

    Forum Behavior

    I belong to a few forums. This is the only one causing problems. This forum doesn't play well with FireFox, it does better on Chrome. This is the only forum with Chinese selling University Degrees. I will stay away from here for a bit. It is too scary. I hope you get your shit together real soon. It is a great bunch of friends on here.