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  1. It all depends if you are exposed to the infection, and it is one of the strains in this year's flu shot. If you are not exposed, will not get flu. Shot or not. If exposed to a different strain. Then you could get flu even with immunization, But, It is noticed by the medical profession that with a flue shot, the symptoms are much less. One thing is proven true; You can not get the flu from the immunization shot. This time China stepped up and reported all the information they have to the UN WHO. Understand, this crisis is not flu. It is a different virus.
  2. Look up 'snatch blocks'. By using pulleys the pull of a smaller winch can be used to move larger loads. The danger comes from the cable snapping. More than one pulley can be used.
  3. Rule #1; Fuses protect the wire. If your device pulls 435 amps your cable must be more than 4/0. If you are sure you will only pull 200 amps at top, the marine grade cable can be 2/0, with 300 amp fuse at the battery positive. Fuses protect the wire from overheating and melting or burning the insulation. The fuse has nothing to do with protecting the device. If needed the device will have its own internal fuse.
  4. Class T fuses on Blue Sea are listed at up to 160 volts DC.
  5. Your Charge Controller must be sized for the max voltage from the panels. If your household panels have too high a voltage, You could divide your panels and have two controllers with a split battery bank. But with limited solar watts, there is maybe no need. As pointed above.
  6. I like my Suburban. It could replace a Atwood. Depending on the model Atwood it would be more or less work. But it would be work.
  7. Ah! yes. the very service that Escapees offers, an address in Florida. Not minnesota.
  8. 5 years ago I had no problem registering to vote in Florida, from NJ. I used my daughter's Ft Lauderdale address. No Fl license. It was more difficult to cancel the registration last year.
  9. Thank you for the response. Your story brought back my memories of past computer adventures. I dropped out while studying Assembly Level on Tandy TRS-80 desk computers. GE engineers moonlighting as Professors would steal the students best ideas. Then on IBM, I found myself spending hours programming to save a nanosecond processing time. I was always in trouble using too much main frame memory. Memory being the limiting factor. My argument was; time was the limit, add another stack of disks. I'm using a Pentium I7, 10th Gen. It is fast. I couldn't get by without MS Office. I earn a few bucks with Excel every couple of months.
  10. My suburban propane furnace burns very clean. The exhaust is near the side door. No problem. I would use plywood in the area of the furnace. They do get too hot for foam and plastics.
  11. Leaking at threaded connection? There should be a washer if that female threaded part is meant for male pipe thread. That brass part may not be designed for MPT.
  12. I was in that hole. I tried to update the old Leveno 7pro to W10. But it failed to take. Black Friday brought me a new, top of the line HP for less than 1/2 price. The purchase was complicated and HP made it difficult to close the deal. But I persevered. Now I get to learn all the things w10 does to piss me off. But it does it much faster than the old chip set.
  13. My suburban doesn't slide out the side of the RV. It only has two exhaust holes. It is removed from the interior face of the furnace. It could be less a pia to replace the whole box and furnace on my install. The brand Atwood does slide from the outside.
  14. If you buy the same model, the internal furnace itself will fit into the sheet metal housing. You have to deal with wires and gas connections. But you would not have to change any duct work. I don't know how much trouble it is to remove the interior parts from the sheet metal box. It would help if we had a link to what you are noticing.
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