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  1. Sehc

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    That is a joke reference to this thread closing itself, by Barbaraok, above.
  2. Sehc

    Staying in a parking lot

    During one of south jersey's exceptionally hot sunny summers, my 3500 pickup's tires made some impressive sink holes in the black-top of a government lot. Less than 15 hours.
  3. Sehc

    What a hoot!!

    Both sides of I-10 are in USA. It gets close in El Paso. But there is still another highway, lots of railroad tracks, a river, and beautiful Las Tortugas park. I could not see much difference between El Paso in this area and what was on the far other side of the border.
  4. Sehc

    Charles Schwab closing IRA due to PMB address

    Sounds like a lottery. How long will reply to this thread continue into history? My guess is until Schwab goes bankrupt.
  5. Sehc

    New Medicare Card

    Sorry, Kirk. I don't understand your question. My point, I guess, is issuing new numbers will do nothing to protect us from any semi-secure data bases that already have our SS numbers. Maybe in a few decades the new numbers will be our new ID with all our medical records, but not much help for us antiques.
  6. Sehc

    New Medicare Card

    We need worry about all those SS numbers already used for our ID. There isn't a office that will stop using them. They will only link the new Medi number to our SS number they have on file.
  7. Sehc

    Professional Soldering

    I have a big collection of those, and the gas oven to heat them. They were used in the tin smith trades. I used a 300 watt electric version of one for leaded window building/repair.
  8. Sehc

    What Business Category Should I Choose?

    Can you keep your arraignment in Maryland? I know people with home address in some state, but have banking and Accountants in another state. Other wise couldn't you keep the same categories you use in Maryland? proper legal advise is recommended. mine is worth what you paid.
  9. Sehc

    January travel near the border

    Mostly, on you go.
  10. Sehc

    Wire type

    I would be interested in what jurisdiction allowed main feeder to not be in conduit. I would use copper, there are many problems with aluminum wire.
  11. Sehc

    Professional Soldering

    I solder one or two electrical items per year. I agree with 60/40 solder for ease of use. My 100 watt Weller trigger gun is more than I need to spot solder a few wires.
  12. I guess the Postman could have a problem.
  13. There is a P** Br**n out in Kansas that is looking at all the states voting rolls. The courts did shut him down temporary. But he may have your information.
  14. Sehc

    Bush Repairs

    Sound like the stuff I had to for Uncle Sam's Self Propelled Artillery.