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  1. I went back and see that the dealer installed a 4 pin connector. The OP needs this 7 pin set-up. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YJEWI4E/ref=psdc_15737351_t1_B0071XQ56W
  2. Just reacting to what I read on the post. or What the dealer told him about "too small for the voltage".
  3. The wires would be "too thin" for the amperes if used for the general trailer 12 volt charging. But if only for the tail lights and markers, there should be no problem. You could even use LED for less amperes.
  4. Yes. Corella will break. So will my favorite wine and whiskey glass. But Corella will bounce more often than the wine glass. My knickers are in a twist. I'm going out back to straighten them. It is time to clean the van.
  5. You didn't get vaseline on your wipers? I would have apologized for their stupidity and then move my vehicle.
  6. LockNLube has many products that will solve the problem. https://locknlube.com/collections/greasing-accessories/products/push-on-90-grease-coupler
  7. It all depends on how the fragels are packed. I use fine glassware, it makes happy hour happier. Also heavy antique diner coffee mugs, the coffee just tastes better. But i have Corelle bowls and plates as they are much lighter on my hands. Yes they are tempered glass, and they bounce.
  8. This article is about marine chargers, but it is relevant. https://marinehowto.com/installing-a-marine-battery-charger/ Here is one about your AGM batteries. https://marinehowto.com/how-fast-can-an-agm-battery-be-charged/
  9. Wishing you luck with your quest. Please post this request over at here; https://www.cheaprvliving.com/forums/
  10. Sehc


    You pay taxes based on the state you have as your official address. The investment company doesn't care, they will collect federal tax withholding.. If you work in a tax state you have to pay taxes on the income earned while working in that state. Nothing to do with a IRA.
  11. Penn has only one plant. The Penn supplied data sheets compare the Duracell with the Deka. Duracell labeled GC2 batteries are only made by Penn. Duracell has two model GC2's, Deka has three.
  12. The Duracell batteries are the best deal for any GC battery. And that is at $89.99. I would check the date code. But I bet Sam's turns them over enough not to be a problem. Duracell GC2 are made by Penn also sold as Deka. I prefer the EGC2, as the 230 amp hour rating.
  13. Sehc


    Being a cheap one. I went with a Tymate TPMS from Amazon on my 4 tire van. After a year I am still happy with the system. The readings on the dash unit match the gauge readings I get when I check the balance, twice now.
  14. Yep, Kirk. Like I said, if he doesn't have an existing thermostat, he will have to run a wire. Agreed it can be difficult to thread wire through existing walls. But the thermostat does use a small thin wire. That helps some.. I used speaker wire for mine.
  15. I went to the Dometic site and found this link. It seems the one box replaces the box in the AC unit and the thermostat mounts using existing wires. If you have no thermostat now, I guess you would have to run a wire. http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/26820366.cfm
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