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  1. Good plan. I only know the marine rule, no more than 7 inches from battery positive. But with no metal, where could it short?
  2. The wires would carry different amounts of the current. You could have many more amperes in one of the 10awg than it could safely carry. Overheating to the point it melts insulation and takes out some of the other wires. Other bad things could happen. You can buy 60 feet of marine grade 2awg for less than $175. Your charging system would work a lot better.
  3. I do not trust breakers on high ampere dc circuits. I do use Blue Sea battery disconnect switches. I also use these MRBF on the bus bar. https://shop.marinehowto.com/products/blue-sea-marine-rated-battery-fuse They save a couple of connections each. A catastrophic fuse could be required at the battery before the bus bar if the cable length is too long.
  4. I did look at AllClad. Way above my income. Shopping at Olly's I have found the better grade of stainless Farberware and KitchenAid at an attractive price, inductive tested with my magnet. I bought a Cuisnart non-stick even though it failed the magnet. It is used on my butane stove. It is the best non-stick I have ever used.
  5. I shopped my pots and pans at Olly's and other overstock stores. I have a small magnet on my key ring. Really, it is not that much trouble. But that seems a nice set. I would expect it to be some light weight stuff based on the price for so many pans. I have one skillet and one saucepan and a kettle that I use regularly. A few others sit and gather dust.
  6. Ah. don't worry about that old bolt. It will find it's way out the bottom and you will run it over.
  7. Go to the Samlex power web site and investigate their inverters before you pull the trigger.
  8. Sehc

    Brakes Frozen

    Gee. I thought 1987 was old. But then again it isn't HDT
  9. Sehc

    Brakes Frozen

    I have had two trucks freeze the disk brakes. The bolts that the calipers ride needed to be well lubricated.
  10. Or use this type tool to cut the bolt head and proceed as others have posted. https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=oscillating multi tool
  11. Get a pry bar that is used to pull nails. Use it to pull the screw out as if it was a nail. Deal with the hole after.
  12. Utility companies don't hesitate to file theft of services for many things. In this case I wouldn't expect them to do more than shut down your connection. I have my Prepaid Jetpack from Verizon. It has been unlimited for the past 6 months or so. It is $65 month. I did not have to do convoluted tricks to get it up and running. I don't have to worry about my account shutting down in the middle of streaming Breaking Bad. There is an area of SC and Ga where it doesn't have service.
  13. They all have a range of acceptable voltage. That maybe exceeded if it is charging voltage rather than battery voltage.
  14. Sehc


    I change to "Plan F" after a year on "plan something else" I got tired of doctor bills that often came months after my visit. Now I don't see a bill. It is sometimes up to six months before I see the Medicare and then Supplement report on what was paid. It maybe different with TFL, but I wouldn't think so. If you are seen by someone that doesn't accept medicare, you could get a surprise. Be careful of what you sign, as you should be informed if no medicare assignment.
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