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  1. Brave use of a cutoff wheel near the fuel tank.
  2. Cat battery manufactured by East Penn. Good stuff.
  3. Interstate batteries are not the best to begin. Agm usually do not offer the amp-hours available with deep cycle wet cell. Comparing foot print.
  4. Purchase for $95. Then $15 per month service charge. Well only on months it is used.
  5. Never add any thing to a lead acid battery except distilled water. Only distilled water. Period.
  6. I do pretty much the same. Whatever of those spices and stuff I have available, always lots of garlic with parsley. But I use tomato soup concentrate instead of ketchup. Vegetable broth instead of water. I let the burger a bit red and cook it in the sauce til done. It is more tender.
  7. There is a specific plaster compound that is used for lost wax casting. It is used in jewelry and dental casting.
  8. That is a great story about the Sebee's lottery. It reminds me of one in Atlantic City casino. A patron figured out the sequence of the number generator in a "random number" game.
  9. Sehc

    battery shorted out?

    Yes. Another up-vote on that lift.
  10. Not pumping from a lake. Pumping from a 5 or 7 gallon bucket of potable water. There are many GPM options for many RV water pumps. The main problem with a bilge pump. It must be submerged in the bucket. My Reliance water cans have a narrow opening. I do use a Walmart bilge pump. Undisclosed use. I am on my second. GPM is related to the price you pay. https://www.amazon.com/ALL-NEW-SEAFLO-Diaphragm-Pump/dp/B07QLJ3WHP?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-d-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B07QLJ3WHP
  11. I know I can deposit a check using phone app. Every bank offers that. I have need to deposit cash, good old USA dead presidents and a few Hamiltons. So I have high interest Ally Bank for everyday stuff, common to every online bank. With pain in the ass Bank of America for when I am holding too much cash.
  12. I have one of these. from 2016 no problem. This is cheapest, $30, but others are available. https://www.amazon.com/Seaflo-Water-Pressure-Diaphragm-Pump/dp/B01CIZMC32/ref=sxin_2_osp129-c8fc6c36_cov?ascsubtag=c8fc6c36-3a4b-40d1-b22d-e2e90dd62526&creativeASIN=B01CIZMC32&cv_ct_cx=rv+water+pump&cv_ct_id=amzn1.osp.c8fc6c36-3a4b-40d1-b22d-e2e90dd62526&cv_ct_pg=search&cv_ct_wn=osp-search&keywords=rv+water+pump&linkCode=oas&pd_rd_i=B01CIZMC32&pd_rd_r=eaf2c826-17fc-40f0-8e54-fa4256b21972&pd_rd_w=AEB1j&pd_rd_wg=9wAVp&pf_rd_p=eb3e5cda-5ec9-4d94-919d-310a5d641b8b&pf_rd_r=KP4MVCPHB33XEMR0526N&qid=1582396737&tag=thedrive09-20 Walmart also has RV pumps.
  13. With care I can vacuum from behind the front panel on my Suburban. I have a narrow crevasse tool I use to get into tight places. I have nothing more than dirt and dust. Don't know about birds and bees.
  14. Ally lets me open many savings accounts, many checking accounts. I use bill pay for all things. I get 6 free transfers from each savings account. I set checking#1 to pay as many bills that are covered by free overdraft transfer from savings#1. Then do the same with checking#2 and savings#2. And others as needed. Was worth a few hundred dollars interest last year. Hardly no effort on my part. I'm a poooor man and that buys a couple bottles of wine.
  15. I use Ally Bank. Best interest of any. Strictly online. I keep an account at BoA. I can use their ATM to deposit cash. I can find a branch within most areas. With direct deposit of my pension check, there are no fees. Ally transfers money from BoA in one day with no fee. Wells Fargo steals from their customers. I want to recommend Ally Bank.
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