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  1. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    Being a HP junkie and a mechanic by trade, I've hopped up everything I've owned. When I first bought this truck, I was a little disappointed by its lack of power. 230/600 backed by a 6+1. It does OK on flat ground, but it's a dog in the hills. I've added a tuner,(waste of money), and straight piped it. And that's about all I'm going to do to it. If/when I wear it out I may do something different for power, but for now I just remind myself why I bought it...Longevity, and the ability to stop. I didn't buy it to drive around town and try to impress folks, I didn't buy it to race or sled pull, I bought to pull a 17,000 lb 5 th wheel that we live in full time.
  2. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    On a side note I have a chip tuner(mp8) on mine and can tell no difference at all.
  3. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    OK. Figured it out. The govenernor (regulator) is mounted on the rear of the compressor. On the bottobn side is black plastic cap. Unscrew it all the way off. Then you will we a stud and jam but. Losen the but and back the screw out to raise the pressure, turn it in to lower the pressure. 1 full turn changed the pressure about 10psi. I'm now sitting at 130 psi which is great. Operating spec is 115-135psi.
  4. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    That's what thought, I juyjuyst can't find out how to adjust. There is a valve on it, with a knob, but nothing happens when I turned it.
  5. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    Thanks....I have the 466 with the 6+1 manual. It does OK. I'd like more gears and more power but I'm like that with everything I own
  6. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    For airing up tires and running air tools.
  7. Mikele

    International 4700 Air pressure

    Any idea on how to raise the pressure in the tank? It Currently caps out about 110psi. I'd like to get it to 120/125psi. There is a regulator on the tank, in between it and the rear bags, but it is not adjustable. Is there another way to increase pressure?
  8. This post may get a little long, so ill give you jist of it first. JEFA Tech WIFI repeater. In my experience it is junk...Now for the why. This isn't met to knock or sling mud, just some fyi from first hand use. I bought this gadget to extend the park wifi range. it works by picking up a weak signal and repeating as a stronger signal. So, in parks where you may be to far for a good signal this is met to "grab" that weak signal and make it usable. I have been next to a WIFI tower and have only been using as secure connection for my devices. We then moved to a new site with a tower next to us again. YAY for us. well that tower went down. I thought no biggie i got this. Not so. After all this gadget is suppose to find the other signals. There are 5 Towers in a direct sight line from me only a max of about 50/75 yards or so away from me . I am able to to scan with 2 smart phones, amazon fire stick, our laptop and a tablet. All of these devices see multiple WIFI signals, but most of em are to weak to use reliably. The repeater however will NOT see them. Even with the outside antenna connected it still doesn't get the number of signals the other devices see. I emailed the company and they were willing to send a new unit at no cost and even sent return postage. Very helpfull. but the new one is no better. After spending 7/8 hours trying to get it to work, i couldnt get this thing to work. I could stand beside the outdoor antenna with a smart phone and connect to the internet, whereas the repeater would not. SO i called asking about a refund and they denied the request. Reason being i had purchased it 6 months ago. Well, thats fine as they have that choice, but for the 6 months i havent needed it. Then when i do need it, it wont work. So be warned or take it with a grain of salt, but im not happy with this purchase at all
  9. Oh boy. The only discussion that's worse than politics and religion, is tire brand and pressure on a RV/truck forum..lol.. I'm personally running two different brands, due to blowouts on a trip. But both are no name China brands. They are all postion highway tread. Had an balanced when installed, and the ride isn't bad. As for pressure, 90psi all the way around. Any more and rides rough, any less it's a bit squirrelly. I did weight each axle and the inflation recommendation per international is right on with the inflation charts, but with these tires pressure below 90 makes driving a bit more interesting than I care for....I've thought about a steering stablizer but have yet to install one. I may do it eventually, just because.
  10. Mikele

    HDT Insurance questions

    I've got my 4700 insured through allied. It is a double policy with truck and 5vet, but no clause about driving solo. I specifically asked about driving limitations and the only one was in regards pulling other trailers for pay. In other words the truck can't be used for profit....The previous owner had coverage through State farm. They would insure it separately, but the cost was more than the Allied quote.
  11. Mikele

    Ts Performance MP8

    I was hoping for a noticable difference in power but I really can't tell much. Have yet to see any lights.
  12. Mikele


    I am using allied as well. Can't remember exact numbers but they beat all the others I checked, some by 1k.
  13. Mikele

    Mdt Exhaust

    Ok. I decided to go under the truck and out the passenger side in front of rear wheel. I did do a 4 inch straight pipe and I don't think I could be happier with it. It sounds good, and can i hardly tell a difference on the noise in the cab.
  14. Mikele

    Ts Performance MP8

    Sorry it took so long on an update. I didn't see much if any increase in MPG, But all I have done towing wise was one short trip. It was aBout half in town half highway and It got about 8mpg, which is what it did before. But then again it was a mixed trip with quite a bit of stop n go coming through town, so all highway mpg may indeed give a better result. Not really planning another trip till March so we will see then. As for paying for itself time will tell. But the way I see it averaging 7-8mpg, any improvement is welcome.
  15. Mikele

    ahh.. full editor

    I had same issue. I put photo on fb. Then done my crop and editing there. Then saved and uploaded it here.