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  1. Well having something for the masses and having a custom built trailer are two different animules. If you want real quality and exactly what you are after, Space Craft, Forks Continental, or New Horizons will build till your wallet screams. On the other hand DRV, makes a great coach and they just reintroduced their verion of the toy hauler. They will also modify and do some customized design. I dont think Thor is a bad company. Airstream is doing fine, they also made an interesting toy hauler called the Pan America. Lots of options, you just need to pick your poison.
  2. I tried searching for wrknvr on this site to get more info about his ramps, is he on this site or another?
  3. Still interested in tractor only. Please let me know if you are interested.
  4. I am experiencing the same problem. I would like to get some ideas on how to build some ramps that not only elevate the vehicle near the headache rack but also slide the vehicle forward towards the front of the truck to gain an extra foot. Maybe we could use the same design.
  5. They are still in business, and Joe is actually a nice fellow to talk with, I gave serious consideration to one of those contraptions before I bought my Freightliner, but that dang thing is like 14k, in the end I prefer the truck to the dolly.
  6. I have a similar issue with my setup, I think I will be elevating the rear of the 4runner on ramps to move it forward. Just havent figured out how to do that yet.
  7. Can you please send some pics to mrmfk@hotmail.com Thanks
  8. I mentioned earlier that we have had problems with the warranty, I would like to reitterate that DRV isnt really great at all in dealing directly with customers, so make sure you have a repair facility near by that you like or a dealer that you are happy with. In reference to your question about using our Freightliner for day to day driving, it wouldnt be an issue if we had to but we modified our M2 specifically to haul our 4Runner on the back while we travel. It has a 24' bed - look at our picture posted above.
  9. We have the same length and frame DRV as the Full House - it is the Atlanta. We tow it with a Freightliner and the hitch is behind our axle so we can put our vehicle on back while we are out and about. We are overall very happy with our DRV purchase and would do it again for the same money. If money wasn't an issue we would have gone to a larger Continental or Space Craft. We have had a few issues with the warranty at DRV so i cant say they are the best at handling customer problems, but i guess every company has a few bad situations if you search hard enough. There are many people out there that will tow a trailer this size with a pick-up, I must inform you that when you get to a trailer that is literally taller than a commercial semi trailer - you will understand why a pickup is really not the right vehicle for these units. Remember pulling it is one thing, stopping it is the issue here! Feel free to ask any questions.
  10. I took all of my DVD's and converted them to MKV files and store them on a JBOD array - I use XBMC for the front end and Minix hardware - We have approximately 3000 movies stored this way. Let me know if you need any more info, i would be glad to help it works great and we can access it using any web browser to view our video library.
  11. I guess the ramp doesnt incline on the inside of the box, like in your model. I am having a hard time getting some good ideas on how to put our 4runner on a ramp, and elevate it while moving the vehicle forward to gain the extra deck space we need (24"). I saw your original model and thought it may have some components that would work.
  12. J&V not trying to hijack the thread but do you have a seperate thread on the ramps for your Ford? I am going to be doing a similar setup for my wifes 4Runner to fit on the back of my truck.
  13. T.Gamo

    Hitch, how far back

    Have you seen the similar discussion in the HDT section? Many pics posted their.
  14. Thanks for the nice comments, and yes - I must admit I am very cautious about where we go - it is a bit of a white knuckle experience in tight spots. But believe it or not it turns and backs better with the axle further back, although that doesn't help with tight bends in the road. (Ask me how I know that!) That is one of the main reasons to haul the 4Runner on the back so we can off load before we get to the destination and scout it out to see the best spot to park.
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