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  1. Kirk, you replace yours every three years. 1) Remove old caulk if it looks good? 2) Best way to remove caulk without damaging rubber roof? Thanks, Al
  2. Thousands of Canadian Snowbirds spend the winter in Florida, Texas, Arizona etc. Do you know if they'll arrive this season? It's only three to four months away. If not, do you think that will have an affect on lot rental prices? Al 2008 HR 5th wheel Floral City, FL
  3. Yes, singles are welcome. Contact Ranger Sue for hours required, less than for a couple. She will treat you right. Al
  4. Immediate opening with the COE Lake Thurmond Clark's Hill, S.C., about 25 miles northwest of Augusta. 34 hours a week per couple. Various duties. Volunteer Village with wifi, laundry, exercise equipment and kitchen. Most of the sites are on the lake. For more information contact Ranger Sue Miller. susan.k.miller@usace.army.mil Al
  5. Yes. See a Veterans Service Officer. A local American Legion Office will give the name and contact phone number. The VSO will file a claim on your behalf and walk you through the process. If your claim is denied, the VSO will file an appeal for you. This morning I met a VSO in Augusta, Georgia (Georgia employees a number of VSO`s across the state to assist veterans) to ask what date to put down on my hearing evaluation form for the onset of my hearing problems that started 30 to 50 years ago. The answer was simple. She said put down "I don't know". She also said the VA knows that Vietnam Era veterans were not offered ear plugs, muffs etc. When I know the results of my disability claim, I'll post the information on this forum. Ski
  6. Exposed to extreme noise over 50 years ago. VA wants the date when I first noticed tinnitus and loss of hearing. I don't recall. This stuff creeps up on you. How does one determine a date of first occurrence? Thanks for the tip Hill Country. "Don't guess"
  7. Thank you for the quick reply.
  8. Hearing test scheduled for Monday February 3rd. Filling out questionnaire. How does one determine the start of your tinnitus and hearing loss? Form asks for a date. Military service 1962 to 1965. I don't recall when my hearing problems first started. How does one determine a date? Any advice you could contribute to help me with my claim would be appreciated. Thanks, Ski
  9. Thank you for information. Looked online and either one would probably work for us. Our plan is to head down there when we complete our volunteer duties September 2020. We rented a lot for five months last winter in Green Gate Palmview, Texas. This was our fourth and longest visit. Unfortunately, my wife does not want to live in Texas. A visit yes, but not to live. Really liked Green Gate. Well kept, a variety of activities, all you can eat citrus, nice folks and property was quite reasonable. Volunteered one day a week at the birding center. We found numerous places to walk right out of the park. I would jog to both the birding and butterfly centers while there. Al Modoc, S.C.
  10. Looking for a ROC Brooksville north with a reasonable price. What we have seen on line are 30 year old mobile homes priced in the $80,000's with HOA fees of $600 per month up. We rented an RV lot in the Mission area of Texas last winter. Brick homes $90,000 and up with HOA's less than $200 in very well maintained communities. Amazed at the difference in prices Florida vs Texas. Unfortunately, my wife does not want to live in Texas. We have a fifth wheel, so a RV lot would be acceptable. Would like to rent for a year to get a feel for the area before buying. We are just outside of Augusta, GA until March 1st. If something interesting came up, we could drive down and take a look at it. Al
  11. Yes, amazed at the increase in Mbps downloading. Purchased last month. We were visiting a relative for a few days. He lives on a farm in Cumberland, VA surrounded by trees. No AT&T signal period. Hooked up the antenna to our Netgear 815S. Searched for a signal and to my astonishment, download speeds of 30 Mbps plus. Returned to Modoc, S.C. Without the antenna was downloading 5 to 7 Mbps. Connect the antenna and started downloading 20 Mbps plus. For around $32.00 on Amazon. For us, it was a great buy. Al 2008 HR Presidential 5th Wheel 36'
  12. Thanks noteven, the Dexter manual was helpful. Al
  13. Repacked my wheel bearings one year ago. Now have 3,000 miles on them. Question, what service interval is recommended? Al 2008 HR Presidential 36'
  14. Dual capacitor 40/12.5 MFD 440V round part number SFCAP40D125440R. Trane of Augusta, GA ordered five and I purchased two at $34.00 each. Their phone number is 70six.48one.9600. The capacitors are a little longer than the originals, but will fit in the metal housing. A thumbs up for Trane of Augusta. AC starts and runs like new. Al 36` 2008 HR Presidential 5th wheel.
  15. RV sites under the pines, is pine sap a problem? Al
  16. Yesterday, we had high winds and a good bit of rain on the fridge side of our fifth wheel. Not sure if this was the cause, but the high limit switch tripped. Once it dries out, I will try to reset it using a powerful magnet as mentioned on numerous forums. This morning, I ordered Fridge Defend unit with two fridge and two vent fans. My question is, those of you that have installed the Fridge Defend, what did you do with the P-010 (Norcolds added modification high limit safety switch)? Al 2008 Holiday Rambler 5th wheel 36'
  17. No site available for just a few hours per week. 32hrs. required for a site, believe they are taken. If someone is in the area and enjoys nature, this would be the place to volunteer a few hours per week. I volunteer six hours per week. Al
  18. Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park. If you are staying in the Valley and can spare a few hours per week, call Roy at the World Birding Center headquarters 956.584.9156. Various volunteer positions are available. Great place to volunteer with over 500 species of birds. I'm stocking 10 bird feeding stations two days per week, about two to three hours a day. Feeding stations are stocked November thru April. Three tons of bird seed and over 300 pounds of peanut butter are used each season. Nice folks to work with and the staff lets you know they appreciate your being there. Al
  19. Gary, our Verizon phone service will not allow calls to Canadian numbers. We will be visiting Leisure Valley around noon today, Sunday. Sent you a PM with our contact number. Al
  20. Contacted AT&T via chat and was given an 8-digit number. See what happens tomorrow when my Unite Explore arrives. Al Palmview, TX
  21. Shucks, just ordered a Unite Explore due in tomorrow. Guess I'll need the PUK? Al Palmview, TX
  22. I replaced the front under belly section with chloroplast on our 5th wheel. Easy to work with. After 18 months looks like the day I installed it. I purchased two sheets of it at a local sign shop. I had tried a heavier material from Lowes or Home Depot that a friend had recommended. It was just too heavy and rigid. Al 2008 36' HR Presidential 2004.5 Dodge Cummins DRW Skp 102828
  23. Appreciate the replies. No geezer discount, bummer.
  24. Pat and I will be headed to LBL in late September. Traveling from the Richmond, VA area, probably through Nashville. Noticed the park has three campgrounds. We have a 36' fifth wheel with a height of 13' 6". Any recommendations as to which park to stay at? Not familiar with the area, any suggestions on the route in? Thanks, Al
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