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  1. Bethpage. Agree 100% with your post.
  2. We are workamping 45 minutes from New Kent Forestry. Upon Tom and Mare's recommendation here, Pat and I drove over yesterday morning and met with Lisa and Jeff. Super nice folks. They gave us a tour of the volunteer sites and mentioned our duties as a volunteer. Schedule permitting, we hope to volunteer there in the near future. Thanks Tom and Mare.
  3. Now open for bids. Gate Attendents Winfield Campground J. Strom Thurmond Lake COE. Position now through the end of the season. Please call Alen Atkins 678.267.0269
  4. Not sure, give Allen a call 864.333.1100
  5. Winfield Campground is open for bids for a gate attendent. If interested, I would call Allen Atkins 864.333.1100 ASAP. The gate attendant had a medical emergency at the last minute and couldn't make it. Two volunteer couples pulled in this week. We have three couples leaving along with Pat and I within thirty days. Pat and I have been here for seven months. Set a record for us. Our previous record was four months. The rangers and fellow volunteers are great folks and easy to work with. Some of the jobs we have had here are clearing forest service roads, marking GPS locations of private docks around the lake, making fish attractors and so. We are with the Forest Fish and Wildlife section. The Volunteer Village has twelve sites w/FHU's and WiFi, a club house with a full kitchen, game area, exercise equipment washers and dryers. Located in Modoc, S.C.
  6. Posting this for the volunteer coordinator. Volunteers needed at J. Strom Thurmond Lake Clarks Hill, S.C. Various duties available. 20 hours per week for a single and 20 hours per week for a couple (10 hours each) for full hookups. Some positions available now. Pat and I have been volunteering here since last September. The folks here are simply great, from the park manager on down. Great location, we are 25-miles N.W. of Augusta. Contact Allen Atkins at 864.333.1100 email patrick.a.atkins@usace.mil Al
  7. From the replies, the only one that might be the problem is the check valve or it could be nothing, pump cycling on and off occasionally and with no pattern for about a second. I checked the pressure release valve on the hot water tank along with the tank drain, made sure there was an air bubble in the hot water tank (never knew there was an air bubble there) and so on. Thanks guys it was a great learning experience.
  8. Thanks for the information. Will just let it be and move on.
  9. We have a Surflo water pump model #2088-422-154 ten years old and rarely used. Due to the cold weather, we are using our water tank and pump. On an irregular basis the pump will cut on for a second and then turn off. Might go a couple hours without turning on unless we draw water of course. My first thought was a slow leak. I have looked and so far I haven't found one. Could it be the water pump? I have noticed the flow is pulsating rather than a steady flow. Is that normal? When we bought our 5th wheel last March, I did check the screen on the inlet side of the water pump and it was clean, looked brand new. Could it be that this is normal for a water pump to operate this way? Thanks, Al 2008 HR Presidential 36 RLT
  10. Engine coolant a little over 200 transmission 215 pulling a good hill for about 5-miles on a country rd at 20-25 mph. For the time being, going with a HD auxillary transmission cooler, avoid grades where possible and keep an eye on it. Appreciate the replies. Al
  11. Purchased this truck a few months ago. 2004 3500 diesel drw 48re automatic transmission 72,000 miles on her. Within the first week of ownership, I had an oil change, transmission fluid changed to synthetic, oil temperature sensor installed in the case and so on. She now has 75,000 miles on her. Pulling a 16,000 lb fifth wheel up some hills toward Salthouse Campground Henry, VA the tranny temperature went up to 215 for 15 to 20 minutes. Usually reads around 180. Do I have a reason to be concerned? Thanks, Al
  12. In a previous thread, docj and oldjohnt mentioned to keep key electrical connections tight to avoid voltage drops. What electrical connections should I periodically check? Al 2008 HR 36RLT 2004 Ram 5.9 dually
  13. Kirk, using a digital VOM I took some readings. At the outlet we are plugged in to, it reads 121 volts. Inside RV at an electrical outlet reads 121 volts with everything turned off. . With A/C on reads 114 volts. With A/C and with fridge on electric reads 111 volts. When A/C is on we run the fridge on propane and do not use a toaster, microwave etc. We just run the A/C at night. Currently in VaBeach (warm and humid at night) at a relatives plugged in to an outside receptacle using a new 10 gauge extension cord with a 20amp to 50amp adapter to the RV. From the replies, sounds as it we'll be okay. Thank you.
  14. Doc, you are correct. Voltage measured at socket inside RV. All circuits off except battery charger. I switched fridge over to propane.