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  1. Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    Thanks everyone for replying! Another question, we pull a fifth wheel with our truck, but I also drive a car following. Would that be a problem parking if I have a second car. Anyone do it this way?
  2. Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    Thanks! How easy is it to come and go from the fiesta area if we do stay entire time and want to do other excursions?
  3. I am hoping to go to the Fiesta next year. Has anyone been in the standard or box lot at the fiesta? Curious what you thought of them for convenience and just general impressions. Also looking for general recommendations of how long to stay. We are in no hurry and are set up with solar, so we will be in good shape to stay as long as we want. Thanks!
  4. Smaller, separate RV for AK?

    To those who have been there, we are planning our AK trip in 2018. We have a 40' fifth wheel that is our home. Considering storing it either in WA or AZ and purchasing a small travel trailer, maybe 18-20'.I'm thinking if we do this it will save a lot of wear and tear on our RV, but more importantly I want to be able to camp and travel to places that we might not be able to if we pull the beast 😉. This would include being able to stop on the side of the road for the night, ferries, and smaller campsites. I know I would lose money on the resale of the RV, but I would just consider that part of the cost of our vacation. We will spend the entire summer there.Comments and suggestions welcome
  5. We have our domicile in Florida through Escapees. My question is, can I buy a trailer on the west coast, and get the plate through the mail? I'm thinking of picking up a small used RV and leaving our 40' fifth wheel parked while we go to AK for a few months. We will be on the west coast another year or two with no plans to drive to Florida just to get a plate. Anyone have experience doing this?
  6. I keep seeing about the GEO method of keeping black tanks (specifically sensors) clean. I'm not clear on what to do do after adding the calgon water softener and Dawn. Do I fill the tank up the rest of the way with water and let sit for awhile, or just add the Dawn and Calgon, then proceed to use normally until time to dump again? Looking forward to trying this as our sensors are useless.
  7. Newby help with route Phoenix-Carson, WA

    What's the trick for getting around SF? Please share :-)
  8. Newby help with route Phoenix-Carson, WA

    Not trying to avoid. Just don't want to take on the worst of it to gain experience. Yes we have an exhaust brake :-)
  9. Newby help with route Phoenix-Carson, WA

    We will have a couple weeks. Very little exp with RV in mountains (5th wheel). We have drove through TN near Chattanooga so far. Prefer hookups, we aren't setup for boondocking yet....... Just prefer to avoid the worst of mountain passes for now until we build up more experience.
  10. Newby help with route Phoenix-Carson, WA

    It would the end of April to first of May
  11. We are looking for the best route from Phoenix, AZ to Carson, WA ( just east of Portland) First time traveler in mountains. I'm looking at the west mountain directory, just not sure what might be the better mountain passes to travel ( or to avoid). We are a dually Dodge 3500 pulling a 39' fifth wheel. Suggestions appreciated!
  12. Two dogs and a cat?

    JM. Thank you so much for such a great answer. I will look into your suggestions.
  13. Two dogs and a cat?

    Hi all! We currently have two goldendoodles. Ages 2 & 3, weighing 30 & 40 pounds. We are fulltime in a 39' fifth wheel. The space is comfy for the 4 of us. Here's my question, anyone also have a cat? I've really wanted to add one to our family. We are retired and tend to spend at least a couple months in each location. It's been a long time since I've had a cat, so I'm a little unsure of how a cat would be in the fifth wheel. Would it be way too small an area for 3 pets? Would the cat have enough room to roam? The dogs get a lot of exercise outside, but the cat would be inside. Am I crazy to get another? I loved our cat before but never had the time to really enjoy. Now I have the time to slow down and spend time, so we are considering. Thoughts?
  14. Winds up to 70 mph

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Sounds like we can all benefit from it. We are in West Virginia, and as it turned out the rains caused way more damage than the winds.
  15. Winds up to 70 mph

    Thanks, I better head out and pick up rugs, chairs, trash can. Hmm kayak too.