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  1. Kirk, I was looking for more specifics. For example, A. you insure a class C vehicle on a physical location where you reside like a physical home B. you insure a class C vehicle at a mail forwarding service where you are domiciled to an address. Does the insurance company consider you a greater risk in case B and therefore charge you more money for the policy. Typically lenders, insurance companies, etc., view instability as a higher risk. I am trying to access the cost of changing the domicile for each move vs standardizing to one domicile address. Has anyone performed this evaluation? Thanks.
  2. I am currently a resident of the state of Texas for over one year. I have my car titled, car registration and car inspected in the state of Texas. I have a current Texas drivers license. I am moving out of my apartment the end of this month. I am not an RVer yet but I work in the high tech industry on a contract by contract basis. The contracts usually last from 3 months to 12 months and are located all over the continental United States. I have already turned down work because of the logistics of moving and address changes. Changing my physical address for car registration, car insurance, drivers license (including taking the state drivers test(s) ), health insurance and all of the other IDs can be a real mess. So, I am considering using a mail forwarding service (such as Escapees Mail Service) and the associated physical address. Can you help me understand the issues associated with dealing with car and health insurance companies, banks and any loan issues such as buying a vehicle? Does your insurance rate go up? Does it change your credit worthiness? Thank you for your help.
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