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  1. Millenicom is back

    Yes and the comparison I was making was specifically based on using any device as a hotspot and/or actual hotspot devices. The 10gb limitation without the add-on is there on hotspot data no matter the device being used or provider of the T-mo service. For clarity, I was thinking of a data only situation for hotspot usage and a hotspot device, I didn't include thinking about having a usable voice line since a hotspot device won't make use of it. However all said and correct, you could do a phone device through T-mo, on the One package, plus the $25 add-on for the ~$100 and have more overall with the voice line and a fully featured phone of your favorite flavor.
  2. Millenicom is back

    If the Ultimate Plan is the T-Mobile One plan in disguise, which it appears to be, then this is not unlimited data on hotspots (mifi type devices). T-Mobile only allows 10GB of Hotspot data, unless you purchase their $25 add-on package which I do see is offered by Millenicom as well. With the add-on, the hotspot data usage is then metered to the 50gb with tower saturation reprioritization. Millenicom does not explain this very well anywhere I can see, so be careful and I'd ask about this specifically. Otherwise, I see no cost or feature advantage to going with Millenicom over T-Mobile directly, beyond maybe the hardware itself.
  3. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    We just made the jump to a SportChassis from our 2014 Ram 3500 DRW 4x4 crew cab long bed. The number 1 reason we did it? Turning radius. We had a 2014 Big Horn 3610RE, and then moved to the 2016 Road Warrior 420. The turning radius issue became even more problematic, especially in tighter back in situations in campgrounds. The Ram did well with the BH, however the RW made it only feel adequate from a control and braking perspective, otherwise the truck had plenty of pulling power and comfort features. The second reason we did it, was at only 36k miles on the Ram destroyed it's exhaust system (DPF, cat. converter, injectors, EGR system etc) all completely replaced, under warranty and it had been in 3-4 other times for on/off performance issues related to it. Sadly the track record on these trucks is, you will deal with it again probably out of warranty and you can choose to spend a few thousand on replacing it all stock, or doing modifications and reprogramming at some point to avoid it all. The rest of the justifications is as already mentioned, things like air over hydraulic brakes with much better native stopping power, the Allison transmission, air ride everything, storage - love the storage, and the loss of a true pick-up truck bed for us was no big deal, we just drag a 6x12 trailer around when we want to goto the big orange box store or whatever. As we just learned for ourselves, if you consider this any more seriously, check into things like registration, tagging, insurance and drivers license requirements for your locale. The item we had to navigate with difficulty was finding an insurer that wouldn't zing us as a commercial vehicle, and in Georgia we are required to have a Class E drivers license.
  4. 07 SportChassis A/V System

    Thanks for the info! I haven't done any real removal of anything yet, mostly just looking around and peeking at what I can without starting the whole process. I'm a believer in do it all once if you can when R&R'ing on older vehicle panels and such to minimize breakage risk. From what I've seen so far while exploring in that center console, the rearward compartment has two philips head screws, below its door which hold the top of the console on. Down inside that compartment are what look like two larger bolts going through the floor of it, I'm assuming that's holding down part of the main console box to the floor of the truck. In the forward smaller compartment, there is a trap door which opens to a lower compartment, but I didn't see any other screws or bolts in there that were obvious. Are they hiding under the carpet maybe? Thanks! Ps. I joined the club and I'm awaiting our member #, yay!
  5. 07 SportChassis A/V System

    Howdy all, I'm trying to figure out the A/V system in our new to us 2007 SportChassis RHA-114. Everything seems to be working well with a couple exceptions, here is the set-up best I know it. The head unit is the Pioneer Avic Z1. In the dash below the head unit amongst the various other truck controls is the 4-input A/V switcher button. It has the Pioneer 12-disc changer. Kicker amps and subwoofer under/behind rear seat. Ceiling mounted TV for rear seat passengers. On the rear of the center console, it has the game a/v selector, 150w inverter outlet, a/v input set-up and compartment to stash a gaming console. Here's where the exceptions or potential trickery that I can't seem to figure out come in. I attempted to hook-up a game console to the A/V inputs on the rear of the center console here: I set the little selector switch on the panel there to game. On the TV on the ceiling, I figured out that with it set it to the "sub" input (the head unit in the dash is on AV1 and comes through fine as well). With everything set this way, I get the game console on the TV screen on the ceiling to display fine - no problem, but I have no game console audio anywhere. So I then move to the head unit in the dash and I've tried all sorts of various combinations of it's A/V input-Video, EXT, etc etc and can't seem to get at least the audio from the game console to the head unit in the truck so we can hear what's going on. Specifically with the head unit set to A/V input, it just gives us a blank/black screen. I have also tried changing the AV selector on the dash between inputs 1 through 4, but I know our backup camera is on input 1, so I suspect that switcher isn't related to the actual in-truck A/V system at all? For obvious reasons I'm not looking for video up front from the game console, just the audio to play throughout the truck. Now, here's one other little factor on an issue I have that might matter. The truck came with a pair of headsets for listening to the ceiling mount TV I presume, they look like an IR type headset and when I look up at the TV on the ceiling I can see what appears to be IR emitters in a panel up there. The batteries in both of these headsets exploded at some point in previous ownership, so they do not work. My guess is, this is one way to hear audio from that game console source as I imagine it's at least being piped directly to the TV? So to recap and directly ask my questions: How do I get audio from the game console to run throughout the truck? What if any magic combination of input selections do I have to choose to make that happen? Does anyone know where I might source replacement headsets if that's the only way to get that audio? Maybe these, they look a lot like the old ones?: XO Vision Universal Infrared Wireless Foldable Headphones for In-Car TV What's the deal with the 4-input A/V switcher in the dash, does it have anything to do with the video system in the truck or is it for backup/exterior cameras only? Where is the 'box' located with the inputs and outputs for whatever the 4-input A/V switcher in the dash is actually controlling? How do you open up that center console between the front seats without doing damage (I suspect a lot of the wiring runs through it and I could chase things if I knew where to start opening her up)? Sorry for the huge batch of questions and info to sort through, but as new owners we're trying to figure out where to start sorting all this out. I've tried contacting SportChassis directly and they haven't gotten back to me, and that was over a week and a half ago. Also, thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can render!
  6. 07 SportChassis Axle Seal

    Ah good point, I'll check that breather out today, I'd hope they thought of that but it never hurts to look for oneself. To also put a little closure on this and thanks to everyone for the info - I did get the seal replaced by a seemingly well reviewed and reputable truck service facility near our home. The replacement of the seal, labor, 2 gallons of synthetic gear oil and shoes came in right at $450 out the door.
  7. 07 SportChassis Axle Seal

    Ok, thanks for the info and yeah I figured oil soaked brake shoes are probably not recoverable. I always like to get some wisdom from the community before I go into the shop and potentially get dinged for something.
  8. 07 SportChassis Axle Seal

    Howdy all, I've had left rear axle seal start leaking on my 07 SportChassis. Only have 76k on the truck. Is this typical for the age and mileage? I was thinking it seems a bit early for one to go. Anyone know what sort of wallet damage I might be in for? Thanks!