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  1. You probably don't need to reset anything. I had the same one. It sounds like you have the fan set to either high or low. Push the mode button so the light by the fan is on and set it to auto. Easy to get confuzzled with them new fangled contraptions.......
  2. Yea, I knew it wasn't the "latest and greatest". It is running 7.0.7 firmware and I have checked for updates. It actually does run pretty decent for what it is and here in this campground my laptop only sees eight different networks, but the Ranger sees 23 last I checked. It's working just fine now thanks to your advice. Now I just need to remember the sequence when I need it........ Thanks again, Tom
  3. Thank you, Joel. I did things the way you said (but I sure thought I did about the same thing last night!) and I am using the Ranger (both inside and outside routers) to post this. I have no idea what happened since the message "Configured Controlling 78xxxx over Ethernet was the same message I got before. I don't know if it makes a whole lot of difference, but mine is the older Go2 (Mikrotech) router. Another issue I have had was when I first get to a campground and put the Ranger online is it is smoking fast but as time goes on (about two weeks) it gets slower and slower. It did this at the last three campgrounds we were at. Any ideas there? I wish I would have realized you were in Rockport. We just spent a month there in Sandollar. Tom
  4. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction..... I have a WifiRanger GO2/Elite that I purchased used from a member here a while back. It was working decent up until a couple of days ago. I lost connection with the indoor unit and after rebooting both my laptop and the WifiRanger I could get into the control panel of the Go2. I wasn't able to get into the control panel of the Elite (outdoor) router. I finally reset the outdoor router back to factory. I was able to access the control panel and set it up again, however, even though both units are connected to the campground wifi (showing green) I am unable to access the internet. After resetting everything it is still hit and miss on accessing the Elite control panel. If I reset the outdoor unit MOST times the red light on the GO2 will flash about once a second. If I unplug the cat5 cable then the light stays steady and after I plug it back in it takes a few tries to get the light to stay on and only then will it power up the outdoor unit. Anyone have any ideas???? Tom
  5. Wife and I were just outside Hot Springs, Ar. Our trailer was in a campground and we went to a store and were on our way back. We headed up a hill on a somewhat narrow two lane road with about 2' paved shoulders and a ditch beyond that. Got just about to the top of the hill (curve ahead too) and broke down. No forward or reverse plus couldn't start the engine due to the center of the flex plate breaking. I got stopped in a driveway to a trailer park. Started making phone calls and decided I should roll back some so that I wasn't blocking the driveway. I was out setting up triangles and left my phone in the truck. The wrecker driver called and my wife answered and was going to bring my phone out to me. She didn't realize the ditch was there since it wasn't when I stopped. She took a tumble and fell on her right wrist. I called an ambulance for her because I had no way to get her to any medical facility. At one time I had an off duty 911 dispatcher (stopped to help), two local cops, an ambulance, a wrecker, a Sheriff's Deputy and a Highway patrol officer on scene all while the traffic was fairly heavy. My wife was eastbound in the ambulance while I was westbound in the wrecker. The dispatcher followed us to the campground and helped unload and get groceries put away including the ice cream that was quite melted, then gave me a ride to the hospital where my wife was. I had to call her to get a ride for us back to the trailer and rented a car the next day. My wife broke the distal end of the right radius and wound up having surgery to get the bones back where they belonged plus a plate and screws. It turned into a rather expensive break down......
  6. Kinda sounds like when YOU said that when I was pulling a boat behind my fiver in Minnesota was unsafe when you never saw it........Hm. Far as driver inattention, going down hill, that can result in a speed issue. Again, I never said that he was going 100 mph, but when you cannot stop for an obstacle when you see it speed is a factor. If you think about the crash, big hill, loaded truck coming down hill, not being able to stop SAFELY, that tells me the driver was over driving his equipment due to the gravity effect. Certainly there may (and probably are) extenuating circumstances that contributed to the crash. I did state that it was purely speculation on my part. I may have not have the training you have had for investigations or accident reconstruction, but I do have 46 YEARS experience of being on the road and also something called common sense. I guess with those life experiences I am not smart enough to find my ass with both hands so I will crawl into my hole and be quiet.
  7. Phil, I highly doubt that the driver had a heart attack since even you posted about his cooperation with the investigation team. As far as catastrophic brake failure, with an air brake system, can you explain how that would happen? My knowledge of air brakes is somewhat dated since it has been more than a few years since I drove for a living. The only way with spring brakes to have a failure that I know of is to heat them up to the point of fade. If you have a mechanical failure of a valve federal law states that there must be more that one way to apply brakes. That would be accomplished by pulling the yellow (or red) button. I fully comprehend that I am purely speculating, but where I used to live and drive even a 10% grade wasn't out of the realm of possibility and if you had a brake failure because of brake fade you were going too fast. Even at 5 mph if you heat the brakes to the point of failure you are going too fast for conditions.
  8. Pulling the yellow button out is the emergency brake and also the parking brake. While the exact cause of the speed issue is not known (at this time) we all know that not being able to stop at a stop light or because traffic is stopped in front of you, you ARE going too fast for conditions.
  9. Mntom

    ECR Cooler Needed

    Plastic garbage cans work quite well, too.
  10. Mntom


    Some hitches don't like the 1/4" thick teflon disk. Trailer Saver says you may need the 1/8" thick one IF you are using one. I was lucky and could use the thicker one.
  11. Yeah, just like breaks and brakes, there, their, and they're.......
  12. Ask them to explain what a "full" trailer is. I bet they have no idea about that either.....
  13. I'm not really assigning all the blame to 'speed'. I have learned through time and experience that the driver is culpable due to lack of experience, lack of maintenance/inspection, drowsiness, etc. caused the truck to be moving at a rate faster than was required for the given conditions.
  14. I guess the blocks were placed just before the car was completely loaded. They didn't run the length of the car, but were about 12" long.
  15. Dave, I saw one Smart that was sitting on 2x6 boards just for the reason you want. There was some rubber (think mudflaps) under the bottom ramp and a piece under the ends of the top ramp with a 2" ratchet strap holding them down length wise. It looked to be a simple way of doing what you want.
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