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  1. Wheel Torque Indicators

    Another way to tell if a nut is coming lose is to look at it. You will see streaks of dirt or rust going from the loose nut straight toward the bead.
  2. Posting?

    Unfortunately, your memory will get worse as you get.....um.........whatever..... Also the problem will still go on until there is a software update or something. Just remember the F5 button..........
  3. There is just what you are looking for in the RVs Tows and Toad For Sale forum! BTW, welcome to the forum!
  4. Yea, we have had that discussion more than once............ I haven't been able to win that battle.
  5. Heck of a deal....... My wife INSISTS that what ever truck I get has an auto shift in it though.
  6. Skylight or not

    If you get sealed ones there shouldn't be any probem.
  7. That and interior pictures.
  8. Skylight or not

    Yep. Just delete it and put a string of LEDs around it for light if you want more.
  9. Skylight or not

    I kind of like the skylight due to there is no light above the tub/shower. HOWEVER, on my old trailer the skylight cracked from fatigue around the screws and leaked, and the skylight in my current trailer (bought new in June) has leaked twice already.............
  10. Posting?

    Didn't you ask the same question in this thread?
  11. Congrats, Dave! Hopefully you will find a buyer for your 'Shaker soon too!
  12. PepsiCo Orders 100 Tesla Electric Trucks

    Geez, I remember there used to be a panel on each side I installed just to hold all the stickers...........
  13. PepsiCo Orders 100 Tesla Electric Trucks

    Used to be, WAY, WAY back when I was driving big trucks (35 years ago) we had to keep track of the number of miles driven in each state. If we didn't purchase enough fuel to pay the road tax the difference was paid straight to the state. I am hoping that something like that is still in place for these trucks.
  14. Atwood Air Command Heat Pump/AC

    I'm guessing the LED is green and not red? It could be the cable or the sensor that monitors outside temperature not reading right or a freeze stat that tells the board the out door coil is colder than it really is. It's been a few years since I have worked on some AC units, so there may be some fancy technology that I am unaware of. According to the manual it won't produce much in the way of heat at or below 45 degrees. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/882947/Atwood-Ac-1361.html?page=18#manual