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    Primarily, RVing. We still work a full time jobs (mine is at an office) and live in a S&B so the RV is more hobby than lifestyle.
    Our "winter sport" is taking time on the weekends to find and try new micro breweries in the area. We also enjoy finding breweries on our travels.
    Enjoying the outdoors either hiking (actually taking walks on established trails, we are not backpackers) or relaxing on the patio, be that at the S&B or under the RV Awning.

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  1. ss owens

    Refrigerator not working

    The control board also has a fuse on it. You did not specify the refrigerator model, this isn't by chance a 3-way (LP. AC, DC) is it? If you were running a 3-way on 12Vdc with a single battery, that could run the battery down fairly quickly. If it is a basic 2-way (LP, AC) then you may have a blown fuse on the board. You will need to check for 12Vdc coming into the control board. If there is 12Vdc coming in, there is a fuse on the board to check. I have basic knowledge at this point without a lot of experience so I cannot give a lot of specific troubleshooting information, but from what you described, if that on board fuse is blown, you should check the rest of the board for any signs of damage or overheating before simply replacing the fuse.
  2. ss owens

    Hooking up house current to MH

    As far as the question of the AC, that depends on the AC and the source you plug into. Most house receptacles are attached to 15a circuits. Many RV AC units take up to 20a. Also, what else will you have connected to the same house circuit? If you try cranking up the AC, you stand a good chance of tripping the house breaker.
  3. ss owens

    Got a favorite photograph?

    Bottom line is this is a contest for fun. Enter if you want, it you feel the competition's standards are below your preference, don't bother,
  4. That sounds like one heck of an idea. I can't say for certain, but I would have a hard time seeing Rain X being any more harmful than the chemicals in most off the shelf shower cleaners. It will be interesting to hear if anyone has done this and seen adverse affects, better conditions or little difference.
  5. ss owens

    Gas or Diesel

    I can understand that. I have heard from folks that have owned diesel pickups that later models don't seem to get the mileage they use to and gassers are certainly getting better mileage on the whole than they used to. The things I've been seeing lately while researching for my next truck have shown that Highway MPG on otherwise similar trucks are pretty close nowadays. Towing is where the real differential comes in, diesels maintain their mileage better in those conditions. So less time towing would lead to less advantage for diesel. Now there are the factors that properly cared for diesel engines can have a longer life expectancy, which should certainly be taken into account as well.
  6. ss owens

    Gas or Diesel

    Maybe I missed it scanning through this thread, but I haven't seen time/distance towing versus driving uncoupled as it impacts cost of fuel and maintenance. If the vehicle spends most of its miles towing then Diesel certainly makes the most sense, as GlennWest points out. HDTs are generally used for towing and not much running about town or sight seeing, especially in fleet use. If most miles on the TV are unhitched, say tow for 200-400 miles to a site that the RV will sit parked for several weeks and the TV is used for general running around then the economic scales tip back towards gasoline. There are just too many factors to consider to say one or the other is best for all.
  7. ss owens


    Regardless if I personally agree with a vacation to Cuba or not, it seems it was popular enough with a portion of the Escapees membership for it to be offered more than once since I read here this is the second time this HOP has been offered. As has been stated earlier, anyone who strongly disagrees with club activities, or club promoted activities, has the freedom to remain members or end membership. Expressing one's dismay in writing may be effective, but unless it becomes apparent that opinion is held by the majority of members, it is likely to make little difference.
  8. ss owens

    Escapees Roadside Assistance

    In four years, I have only used my ERS once, poorly planned fuel use. I now know my truck capabilities better also carry an extra fuel can. For something that I actually use so infrequently (and always hope to never need) cost is a prime selling point. Unless my next insurance carrier (shopping for same reasoning, I want lower premiums for something I haven't actually used in years and hope to not need to use) provides a full Roadside assistance program, including RV coverage, I will likely switch to the Escapees offering.
  9. ss owens

    Battery monitoring system

    I'll +1 the Trimetric. I have not used others to really compare but I have been very pleased with the Trimetric I installed. The manual that comes with it makes it easy install and set up. The trickiest part for me was figuring out the wire runs.
  10. ss owens

    More questions!

    I do not know about Galaxy Note 8 but I did have All Stays on my S4 and no problem transferring it to my Moto G5. Now, searching the Play Store, I see it is no longer there. I don't know what this means for the future of the app, but their website is still live. On the web site, the only option is to download from the Apple AppStore. That's going to be a disappointment for a lot of folks if Android support completely disappears.
  11. You're welcome. There has been some "interesting" discussion in that thread on it.
  12. This article link has already been posted with a going discussion in RVing on a budget under a topic with the same title as the article.
  13. ss owens

    12 Volt Coffee Maker

    Don't know if this will really help or not but we use single cup brewers and a tea pot. My DW did not care at all for the hassle of percolated coffee. When dry camping, we heat a water kettle on the stove and use these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PXLZTV6?psc=1 with #2 cone filters and really like the coffee. When plugged in to shore power, we use an electric kettle to heat the water and still make a cup at a time. We also use these at S&B instead of making pots of brewed coffee. Stan - So jealous right now. We have a few years to go before hitting the road full time.
  14. ss owens

    New here

    I recently did a new roof layer (June this year) on my 25' Forest River TT. I used Liquid Roof EPDM. Since I just did this work this year, I cannot give you much information for how it holds up long term but I did a fair amount of research first including reviews of others that have followed this process. If your current roof is EPDM, then the new coating will be straight forward. If its an ALPHA rubber roof, you will have to research primer needs. On the whole, the information I found was quite helpful in understanding what I would need and how to get the job done. Timing is everything based on location when doing the job. In early June in Northern Colorado, the nights dropped below cure temps and it took a week for the rubber to completely cure. Winds also came up in the morning I started the work so there was a little bit of a mess when lifting the squeegee or roller. I did burn out a lower end drill trying to do the initial mix for consistency (before adding the catalyst) be sure you have a sturdy, corded drill for mixing. I wound up buying a 10amp that worked well. I would suggest you do some independent research to see if this is right for you. There is plenty of information on the product and process on the web. The seller's web site has several videos and I thin there are more on YouTube to see what you would be getting yourself into. In the end, assuming I see decent life out of this roof, I would do it again. EDIT - Fixed Typo
  15. Safe deposit box could be another option. I do not know if it would vary state to state but my understanding is that the banks really have no interest in even knowing what you place in the boxes. A few years ago, the wife's son was staying with us while on probation and we needed to have the firearms out of the house for that time. We used a safe deposit box at our local bank to store the handguns over the year. Have to admit though, it felt a bit awkward carrying guns (even unloaded and disassembled) into a bank building. In general, I believe safe deposit boxes are quite inexpensive as well. Seems to me, it was maybe $30 for a year for the size box we needed and added some important papers for safe keeping to boot.