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  1. Radar274

    Project progress

    Awesome job! Now that it's done, you have the time and a reason for another building. That White stuff must be kept off.😀😎
  2. Radar274

    Just statistics.........

    Yes... but all kinds of farm vehicles and dump trucks
  3. Radar274

    Head light restoration

    X 4 worth every penny!!!! http://deepspacelighting.com/
  4. Radar274

    insurance michigan

    Justin Try searching this forum using "THUM" you will get lots of topics. We live in Mi. but Added our Volvo to our farm policy, Better coverage and less cost. The following is a quote from one of the topics: Howdy Curt, The truck is still tandem and I want to leave it that way. I have insurance through this agent, Melissa Thum, President Thum Insurance Agency, LLC Auto – Home – RV – Business 3140 3 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 P 616-957-2400 - F 616-957-1204 melissa@thuminsurance.com www.thuminsurance.com Dave
  5. Hope the picture shows up. These Boxes cost almost as much as the steel to build the complete deck but where well worth the $'s. American Truck box primed them so they wouldn't rust until the deck was completed. After completing the deck I had the deck and boxes sand basted and powder coated. Click For Full-Size Image.
  6. 2X on American Truck Box, ours are 24x30x42 white powder coated 10gauge 525 ea. 240 for shipping to Michigan. Bob
  7. Radar274

    HHRV Campgrounds

    Thanks Trey We submitted 1 in December and it's pickup now. HHRV is a trusted site Bob
  8. I used 1/2" rubber belting on our bed. I was able to get it from the local gravel pit for free. If you have a Tractor Supply Company near you I think they sell it. We have used wood (white oak) on the silage truck boxes with good success as well.
  9. Radar274


    Here are 2 other produces for consideration with good reviews: https://www.b-quiet.com/ http://www.thefoamfactory.com/closedcellfoam/neoprene.html
  10. Radar274

    DirecLink Delphi to Maxbrake Delphi match up

    Found this in the Resource Glide. http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/69 Hope this helps Bob
  11. Radar274

    Underbody Boxes

    American Truckbox made these boxes to our Specs.
  12. Radar274

    Underbody Boxes

    x2, american truck box is http://www.truckbox.com/company.html the resource guide has others to try as well http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/81
  13. Hardest part is finding air line to tape into, be patient you will find it. Ours was in the engine compartment, so we only had to pass the wires thru firewall. We are all here to help Bob
  14. Radar274

    National Interstate Insurance

    A thread on Miller with contact info.
  15. Radar274

    Anybody going to Tampa?

    Way To far North here -10 tonight with the snow machine on.