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  1. DirecLink Delphi to Maxbrake Delphi match up

    Found this in the Resource Glide. http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/69 Hope this helps Bob
  2. Underbody Boxes

    American Truckbox made these boxes to our Specs.
  3. Underbody Boxes

    x2, american truck box is http://www.truckbox.com/company.html the resource guide has others to try as well http://www.hhrvresource.com/node/81
  4. Hardest part is finding air line to tape into, be patient you will find it. Ours was in the engine compartment, so we only had to pass the wires thru firewall. We are all here to help Bob
  5. National Interstate Insurance

    A thread on Miller with contact info.
  6. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Way To far North here -10 tonight with the snow machine on.
  7. Couldn't live without it!!! We made our decision to purchase HDT and Built bed using all the resources and links. Thank you
  8. Wastemaster Sewer Hose and Storage

    Great Job, thanks for sharing! It's on my I am A-Gonna list for the new trailer! I had two 6 inch square tubes with plastic rain gutters inside to carry hose on our old trailer, so it was too easy to transfer to new trailer. Bob
  9. Michigan Winter Weather

    We have roofed a barn in our T shirts but have also shoveled a foot of snow. We picked up a truck in Fargo in March you will be fine.
  10. Michigan Winter Weather

    Michigan's weather is unpredictable at times especially near Lake Michigan; putting up dry hay is a real challenge. We can receive lake effect snow from the end of Nov. through the end of March. Snow only slows us down, rarely dose it stop us. The state is use to snow and has the equipment to deal with it. We can get 6 inches over night and drive home from work on clear dry roads. Keep an eye on the weather as you approach the Chicago Area and plan your route from their to Muskegon. 94 to 196 around the lake can get a little dicey if it is snowing. If the weather is marginal around the bottom of the lake we take 80/90 to 131 north, you pay a toll but has less traffic & usually less snow. Have a good trip, but if you do run into weather be Easy on the Gas, light on the Brake and 2 hands on the wheel. Good Luck Bob
  11. Check Engine fault

    Thanks for the info
  12. Replacement seats

    I have a Buy one Get one Coupon from My-Pillow, we will deliver if they work.
  13. Replacement seats

    It's to late..... DW made an appointment to test ride Air Chief on Monday. It turns out seat specialist has a warehouse 10 miles from us.. Might be early Christmas present .
  14. Replacement seats

    Thanks for all the input, found a chrome shop in Indiana that has some Kneodlers on display. Dw has been a real trooper sitting in a worn out National with out arm rests for 2 years. Hope she likes the Air Chief.
  15. Replacement seats

    Does anyone have or have you sat in a Knoedler Air Chief .... what do think? Have not been able to find a dealer with demo's in our area, are they worth lookining into? They are pricey.