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  1. These axles have both Caster and Camber adjustments
  2. I think it is an alignment issue. It has happened to us twice. Each time it was found to be out of alignment. The first time was the passenger side front axle, it looked similar to yours but was on the outside of the tire. The tire had 5600 miles on it and the trailer was only 5 months old. A new tire was needed and an aligned was done by MorRyde. The second time it occurred at the 21000 mile mark, it effected the drivers side front axle this time. We are lucky enough to be only one hour from MorRyde and think we are going to have an alignment every 10,000 miles along with the bearing maintenance. If there is a spring shop near you they might be able to align it for you. Good luck Bob
  3. Dave, Are there any Big Rig Truck Shows in your area where you could give your backside a test ride? The Midwest has a show in Louisville Ky (Mats) maybe there is a similar show on the West Coast. Jack Mayer or Dave from Deep Space Lighting might know of a similar show in your area. Bob
  4. Dave try looking at Seat-Specialist, they only sell seats and have a good selection. We are lucky enough to be only 30 miles from there distribution center. We tried all the truck stops and dealers to no avail. We wound up with Knoedler Air Chiefs, which are made in Canada. With the Base, leather, standard lumbar and 1 inch of memory foam they came in around 1700 with tax. Seats are like shoes they are a personal choice and not a one size fits all, make sure you sit in the seats you wind up purchasing. Good luck Bob
  5. We use a Pet loader (petloader.com) to get our 2 100lb dogs into the sleeper, it stores in the compartment behind the passengers door. There are pluses and minuses for each truck class. We hauled a 3 horse trailer with living quarters and a 38' DRV with our F series 6 speed manual transmission for years. We had a few pucker moments, one as we descended down a 5 mile 6% grade and lost our brakes. There isn't a better feeling than being able to STOP! At the end of the day, make sure the truck you choose.... will be wagging it's tail instead of the tail wagging the dog.😀 Good Luck Bob
  6. 2X Chad and Rick Welcome Steve We were in your position a few years ago and used this forum as well as the following resources to make our decision: This forum https://www.hhrvresource.com/ http://www.jackdanmayer.com/ https://www.rvhaulers.ca/ http://www.rvhlifestyles.com/ Have fun reading and don't be afraid to ask questions, this forum is a wealth of knowledge Bob
  7. X2 Chad....NH would be our dream Coach. We are on our second Drv a 2014 and a 2018, each were 40ft or over and have never had a problem finding a spot to fit into. We have 1200 watts of solar and are close to our carrying capacity with full fresh water. A word of caution If considering the DRV 2014, if the slide outs use the Schwintec system I would pass on it.
  8. Hi Al, Did you every get your Refrigerator Running? What parts were needed and where did you get them from? Bob
  9. Argo Thanks for the advise. Our Insurance might have cover it but our deductible is $1000 and the part was $500. Bob
  10. Al, We replaced the inlet nox sensor which came with a new harness and all seem to be running fine. We have been on a rampage........ 4 WoodChucks, 1 Racoon and of course 1 Skunk, Pee-Yoo. Bob
  11. A friend of mine is the service manager for a nationwide fleet, every truck has a launch CR-HD scanner in it. They can clear codes and get them back to the shop for repairs. I paid about $120 for mine off of ebay. The following link is what we use www.launchtechusa.com/crhd/ Bob
  12. That sounds like fun! Now that's revenge! I hate to admit it but.... I did corner a Woodchuck in the barn with a pitch fork and lost.. They are aggressive little bastards. Bob
  13. That poor Volvo (Lucy) suffered and suffered for days. It is Monday 4:07 pm. and Lucy needs to be pressed into service on Thursday for a short 500 mile trip for the DW. I am lucky enough to have a friend that manages a large flee of trucks and most of them are Volvo's......so after work he stopped by to take a look. He said Nox sensors are finicky you probably should replace it...... crimping the wires together or soldering might work but down the road your asking for trouble. So I removed the sensor and headed down to Volvo for a replacement. Hang on to your Knickers..... they aren't cheap but I have been told that the aftermarket sensors have a 30% failure rate. I handed over the old sensor to the parts man and told him the story about Mr Woodchuck... we have a very expensive laugh as he rang up the sale! Get home put the sensor in..... easy peazy 2 bolts and 1 zip tie. I cleaned the Def doser and replaced the the doser gasket as well. Next I turn the key and start her up.....I here the beep and up pops the scr derate message. Now what? Texted my friend who stops by with generic Volvo software. He couldn't get it to clear the codes to do a park regen, so we decided I would stop by his work at lunch time on Wednesday and he would clear the codes with the official Volvo software and do a regen. Wednesday I get into the truck, start it up, here the Beep and see the SCR Derate in <20minutes message, bummer it's 30minutes to his shop. Luckily I have a code reader that temporarily clears the codes. I get to his shop he clears the codes and does a regen. After the regen the codes reappear so we decide the only way to get it fixed by tomorrow morning is by going to Volvo. I get to Volvo, they say that they might be able to fit it that tonight if I leave it. As I am waiting for a ride home the service manager comes out, plugs in with his computer and say's which sensor did you replace the inlet or outlet Nox? He said lets take a look......that's the wrong Nox sensor he says. By the time I get to the parts department the correct sensor is sitting on the counter. I replace the Sensor in the parking lot (old school) and all is Good😎. So What lessons have I learned Lesson #1 Be prepared.... Tractor needs a minimum of a 22 mag. Lesson #2 Make sure you check that the part numbers match up even though they look the same. Lesson #3 Be prepared..... Carry a Code Reader that clears active codes in your truck. Love these trucks Always learning Bob
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