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  1. Radar274


    We travel from Michigan and since it is a 2 day trip for us, the extra time doesn't come into play. We pick-up I-65 south of Indy and take it to 231 or 82 south of Montgomery AL then pickup I-10 west of Tallahassee. Hwy 231 is 4 lane with some good campgrounds on It. My sister lives in Atlanta and says middle of the night is the only good time. She also said going straight thru is the way to go, get in the second lane from the right and don't get out of it. Safe travels Bob
  2. Radar274

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Mitten!
  3. Radar274

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    CAREFUL 5er... might there be a limit on the amount of DP one can accept before one is considered a PRO ......... and..........DOT #'s along with a CDL is required??????? LOL
  4. Radar274

    Volvo Refrigerator Fixed for $184

    Yes, if you are talking about a relay to run the fan when the stat calls for cooling. I ran the refrigerator for 5 days with the old control module and old fan after connecting the fan directly to a 12volt outlet. 120v refrigerators have a start relay mounted on the compressor I think these 12v compressors only use the control module to start. I decided to install a new control module because it incorporates soft start technology which puts less stress on the compressor at startup. The old module must have drawn more current because it had a large heat sink and the new one doesn't. The voltage using old module with Volvo OEM wiring was 11.4v, it was 11.9v-12.1 using the new module. Ran new wire to be on the safe side. Bob
  5. Radar274

    Over the Hump to Tecopa Part 2

    Dolly you make me laugh........Was the guys name RJ?................. Shouldn't we let him out before he suffocates?
  6. Radar274

    Techma toilet

    Make sure you use the lower flush button for non solids, I think it is the button on the left side of the pad.
  7. Radar274

    OT: Table Saws

    X2 My Craftsman is from the 70's. The motor failed a few years ago and I replaced it with a 2hp motor as well and couldn't believe the difference the extra hp made. Good Luck Bob
  8. Radar274

    Volvo Refrigerator Fixed for $184

    Al, Yes, you have to slide the Refrigerator out of the cabinet area to clean and service. This is done by removing the drawer above the Frig and taking out the torques bolt on the hinge side of the door. Then open the frig door and remove the 2 torques bolts on the floor which holds the frig in tracks. The frig slides out on the tracks mounted to the floor. It might be a little sticky at first but it will slide out. I found the old fan was good and It didn't need to be replaced. The control module has been improved and it is plug and play. PS: The condenser coil was completely blocked with fur balls and maybe that's why the temp was either to warm or freezing all the drinks when it did work. Bob
  9. Radar274

    Volvo Refrigerator Fixed for $184

    Just an added note. I found the condenser coils completely blocked with dust. The refrigerator condenser can be inspected very easily by removing 3 torques bolts, one on top and 2 on the bottom. This is going to be a yearly maintenance item for us.
  10. Radar274

    Volvo Refrigerator Fixed for $184

    Our OEM Frig had a mind of it’s own, it usually worked when we were traveling down the road but not always when we were parked. I am a complete layman when it comes to refrigeration, so when the Frig finally came to rest on our last trip I thought I would just replace it with a new one. NOT…. have you priced one of these units? WOW Lots of $$$$$ from Volvo. I didn’t have any luck finding a new or used one on the web at a reasonable price. So I started Googling how to troubleshoot these refrigerators and found some good links on the boating forums. I read that the Danfoss compressors used in these refrigerators are very robust and 90% of the time the issues are electrical. I followed the links from the forums and watched videos until I finally had the confidence to tear into it… What did I have to lose it was already toast. The trouble shooting videos had 2 easy suggestions to try. First run wire directly from the batteries to make sure you have good power to the refrigerator. I did that and it still didn’t work, the fan and compressor would try to start for a second and then stop. The next suggestion was to unplug the fan because if it was drawing too much the controller would shut everything off. Bingo… unplugged the fan motor and the compressor fired up. I then connected the fan directly to the battery (not thru the controller) so it would run all the time and plugged the refrigerator in to see if the compressor would keep running… success. I ordered a fan and plugged it into the controller when it came, it ran for a second and shut off. The controller in our refrigerator is an older model and I had read they have been known to fail from low voltage and heat so I ordered one and everything is working and DW is very happy. I did run new wire from the batteries to the refrigerator(10 awg) because I found that I only had 11.4 volts at the refrigerator plug when it was running using the factory wire harness. The only problem with this is the trucks low voltage module shut off will not turn the refrigerator off to save the batteries. Links: www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f115/fridge-failure-danfoss-bd35f-motor-start-failure-198560.html Youtube: penguin refrigeration troubleshooting videos Youtube: CoolBlue Marine Refrigeration Troubleshooting Part 1 Electrical Issues Fan $34: Mouser electronics www.mouser.com ebm-papst / DC Fans MFG Part No: 4412FML https://www.mccombssupply.com/secop-101n0212-electronic-controller-for-bd35f-and-bd50f-mobile-dc-compressors/ Controller $150: Secop 101N0212 Electronic Controller for BD35F and BD50F Mobile DC Compressors $150 Bob
  11. Radar274

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    2X on Phil and the 3 ring binder. Happened to us a few weeks ago on Hwy 9. Our first time through Shelbyville IN. It's pretty small and a few blocks out of town the blue lights came on. I had missed the truck route sign and so did the Dezl and the map. She asked me for my DL and Registration and as I handed her my book I said page 5 has the registration for both the truck and 5 wheel. She handed the book back without even opening it and said all she need was my license as she had already run the plates and needed to verify they were registered to me. She was very pleasant and said if we were registered Commercial it would have cost me for not following the truck route. We wished each other a good day. Moral of the story, have your book....... and look for the truck route signs 😀 Thanks again Phil
  12. Radar274

    Donvel Products

    Reminds me of the old 4020 fuel gauge....It's electric but do you think if I could stop the fuel gauge from slapping like a fish, the old girl might act 18 again? Then again it's hard work out in the field...... running the elevator is easy and close to home😎
  13. Radar274

    Donvel Products

    I don't know how it will work on your truck and $210 seems like a lot to money to pay for basically 2 sets of 1/4 inch coupling with a restricted air flow...... but If we purchased another truck I wouldn't hesitate to put them on again.
  14. Radar274

    Donvel Products

    It did help the wandering a lot on our factory air ride suspension (Volvo). The DW approves........ We had the front end checked, and aligned. The shocks had been changed all the way around, which helped some but the DW kept complaining about the wandering when she was driving. It stopped the nose diving going around the corner which helped the under-steer and dampened the bumps out. The ride is much firmer. Not sure it will work on your truck but if your Freightliner is on springs, Donvel makes a kit to add airbags to the front end. Good Luck
  15. Radar274

    Donvel Products

    Completely agreed. Installed Donvel valves in a 2012 VNL730 on sleeper and steer/axle, what a differance it made. It is the best $210 we have ever spent. Our driveway is quite long and would rock the sleeper from side to side, after install the cab is now steady. The truck would wander and under-steer in the corners, wandering and under-steer is gone. It feels and drives like a new truck!!