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  1. Radar274

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    Rick It was nice to meet you in person, have fun at the Rally! We wish we could make one of the rallies but we volunteer for 2 events that are scheduled at the same time each year.
  2. Radar274

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    Rick We should be passing thru Tuesday between 11am-1pm. Can I use the address for your farm that comes up on Google map at exit 21? I will call when 2 hours out. Bob
  3. Radar274

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    Rick, Now you have put me under some serious pressure..... I am old, suffer from CRS and the last time I tripped over it, it was in the equipment barn I THINK ...... It was like new, we used it with our previous trailer. NOW as for the price....... IT IS very COSTLY and I am not sure you will be willing.......We are Maze and Blue here UP North and We have been in a drought for sometime........ YOU HAVE TO GUARANTY US A Victory over OSU! ! ! Knowing that it is impossible for a Buckeye to give up....... We might be willing to give it up over a 6 pack of ice cooled ones........... OOPS....... I have to drive to Kentucky so that won't work......... OH I have an IDEA....... Big5ver is newly retired and on a fixed income.......... so the next time you pass thru Texas give him a 12 pack of DR Pepper on Me.................... Bottom Line We will donate it to the cause. Bob
  4. Radar274

    '19 ECR Flea Market

    We Also have a pin box Tripod if anyone is interested. We are traveling early this week past Rickeieio's (Pope Farm) and could drop it off. We are unable to attend the Rally as we volunteer at the same time . Bob & Kay
  5. Congratulations Dave! I skied Alta Utah with 3 Bionic knees this year. Brother in law had one knee done 12 months ago and High school buddy had both of his knees done about a 18 months ago. They are both in their late 60's and couldn't be happier. Good Luck Bob PS: Thanks for your Service
  6. Ours turned out to be the Fan Motor. Good Luck
  7. That faux pas..... looks like the beaters, auger and hammers on the Manure Spreader after spring cleaning. BUT ...... Dad I didn't do it!!!!!!! We use Blue Twine.................😈
  8. We have stayed overnight twice at Northgate RV Travel Park 17+E101757 US Hwy 31 Athens, AL 35611 256-232-8800. It was quiet, easy off and on (I-65) but it is 1.5 hours from Nashville TN.
  9. With a visit from the Captain....
  10. Radar274


    We travel from Michigan and since it is a 2 day trip for us, the extra time doesn't come into play. We pick-up I-65 south of Indy and take it to 231 or 82 south of Montgomery AL then pickup I-10 west of Tallahassee. Hwy 231 is 4 lane with some good campgrounds on It. My sister lives in Atlanta and says middle of the night is the only good time. She also said going straight thru is the way to go, get in the second lane from the right and don't get out of it. Safe travels Bob
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Mitten!
  12. CAREFUL 5er... might there be a limit on the amount of DP one can accept before one is considered a PRO ......... and..........DOT #'s along with a CDL is required??????? LOL
  13. Yes, if you are talking about a relay to run the fan when the stat calls for cooling. I ran the refrigerator for 5 days with the old control module and old fan after connecting the fan directly to a 12volt outlet. 120v refrigerators have a start relay mounted on the compressor I think these 12v compressors only use the control module to start. I decided to install a new control module because it incorporates soft start technology which puts less stress on the compressor at startup. The old module must have drawn more current because it had a large heat sink and the new one doesn't. The voltage using old module with Volvo OEM wiring was 11.4v, it was 11.9v-12.1 using the new module. Ran new wire to be on the safe side. Bob
  14. Dolly you make me laugh........Was the guys name RJ?................. Shouldn't we let him out before he suffocates?
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