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    Learning about single axle HDT and full timing.
  1. I want a card I want to be a card carrying member Thanks.
  2. Looking for info on recommended wheelbase on glider kit truck,tandem and also longest on a single axle?Also what is the recommended gear ratio matched with a pre-emission Detroit 12.7,500hp.What company if not a Freightliner dealer?Thanks Bill
  3. wmbillh

    Glider Chassis

    Has anyone know about building a motorhome on a glidder chassis pre emission engine.I am guessing it would have to be a manual transmission,no electronics to get automated tranney to work.Probably a remanufactured Detroit series 60 425hp,reman.eaton 13sp.Not really knowing what rearend gears yet.We will be building unit to full time rv in,not pulling race cars.Im would quess the resale wouldn't be that great.Spec it out to keep it.Any info would be helpful.Thanks Bill.
  4. William here I would like more photos please.Also what is your rear end gear ratio?What is your mpg hooked up?William at paradigmshift04@hotmail.com
  5. Bill Here,Great looking coach what kind of mpg? Was wanting to know.Thanks Bill.
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