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  1. chief916

    Donvel Products

    I have a 1997 Volvo WIA 64. Will these valves and bags work on something this old? Any body out their using these valves on an older truck?
  2. chief916


    We were there in Gardiner in August. Stayed at Yellowstone RV park...it was tight. We were 65 feet. Had to unhook our rig and park up by the entrance next to the outhouse/shower. Oh yeah they had about 6 miles of park roadway all dug up and repairing on the Westside off the park...what a mess. Still trying to get all the mud off of the motorcycles. It's like concrete. The road is closed now for the winter so can't tell you if they've finished the repairs.
  3. chief916

    Awning replacement

    Thanks DesertMiner... will definitely be in touch with these guys. Have you done business with them before? Ben
  4. chief916

    Awning replacement

    Thanks Bill. I'll look around this area and see if I can locate a mobile tech .
  5. chief916

    Awning replacement

    Pat and Pete...thank you for that info. I believe it will be a big help.
  6. chief916

    Awning replacement

    Kevin if I remember correctly didn't you recently go through a hip replacement? Not a good idea to do that job until plenty of time to get healed. Thanks for your input. Ben
  7. chief916

    Awning replacement

    Beemer, I would do it myself but I'm getting a little long in the tooth as they say and being fairly well disabled I could get my son and the DW to help. Thank you sir.
  8. chief916

    Awning replacement

    I would imagine that if I called the manufacturer of the coach and asked them, they maybe could tell me what was their source. Thank you.
  9. chief916

    Awning replacement

    Need to replace my awnings on my 2013 heartland cyclone. The ones that came with the coach are crap. I really don't want to have Camping world replace them... I've dealt with them before on maintenance issues and it was a bad experience. Should I buy what I want and have another camper outfit install them or should I try to install them myself? Would really appreciate any input from those of you that have had to replace these things. Also any input about what or where to purchase awnings would be most helpful. Thanks Ben
  10. chief916

    We did it! Soon to be on our way...

    I feel that you are over thinking the travel process. Remember if things don't work out as planned for making a reservation for an evening....you still got truck stops all over this country. We just finished up a round trip from Snow Hill NC to Sturgis SD to Yellowstone Wyoming and back to Snow Hill. Some nights we would stay in a reservation travel park and at other times it would be at a truck stop. They're always open and have decent food and they're free overnight parking. We try to get to the truck stops before dark so we can always find a parking spot before all the truckers stop for the night. If you pick it right the best stop are always where you can park next to on the edges of the parking lot and deploy your slides a little bit. That way you'll have room to move around in your coach and still leave room for anyone who happens to park next to you. Take care and enjoy the adventure.
  11. chief916

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    Bullet proofing on the 6.0 is the way to go. I had to have mine done when it only had 71k on the engine. But I still won't use it to haul my TH. My Volvo is over 20 yrs old but still has a lot of good miles ahead. No sensors, no DEF, no Regen, no derate, no sensors on the tranny 9 speed plus the truck was specked from the factory with one axle on the rear. The newer trucks look really nice but they have to many things on them that can go wrong.
  12. chief916

    Saw a F450 puffing white smoke......

    The 7.3 is one tough motor and very reliable...Ford began installing the 6.0 power stroke around 2003 or 2004 I believe up until 2007 or 2008. These motors were crappy design and the same motor was used in f250, F-350 and f450. Several years ago we had taken our TH out to Williams AZ pulling with my 2005 F-350. Nothing but trouble from this motor. While heading back to NC my EGR went and we limped home seeing black smoke, no bottom end and the smell of antifreeze in the cab. Made it home and started leaking water and oil out of the exhaust pipe. Got it to the shop before it came apart completely and got it "bullit proofed". No more heavy hauling for this truck. Still have it and now runs good but in terms of power and reliability. The Volvo with an 11.1 Detroit is now my preference. I won't even consider buying another Ford truck. Mine was a big disappointment. Good for hauling trash to the dump and running to the store.
  13. chief916

    Vin number ?

    I just stopped in at my local truck supply store and told the fellow behind the counter...his name is Mark...what I needed and he ask me if the truck was outside. Told him yes it was. He said be right back. He went out and crawled around on the rear axle and them came back in ..looked at his book and said I got two left. They were about $110. Each. I took both of them. Because of the age of the truck was old alot of times the VIN doesn't work for me. So I just point and click and they work their reference books to get what I need. Do you have a truck supply store near you? Because I'm in there a bit they give me a little bit of discount.
  14. chief916

    Getting ready to head to Arizona

    Along with all the above mentioned tools and parts I carry position sensors for my motor, tie wraps also since I've replaced my air springs, I carry a used in good shape air spring. Couple of gallons of motor oil and gallon of antifreeze.