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  1. Got a little problem with my temp and oil pressure gauges. Staying here at state park on the south side for a week and think best to get someone a little more savvy to see if I have a grounding issue. Cheers Chief916
  2. This is my thoughts as well. Will try it today. Thank you
  3. Thank you. I didn't know about this.
  4. Well still no luck on getting to the zerks. I'm thinking that if I jack the frame it will take the pressure off the springs and possibly rotate the cams to maybe change the angle to get into the zerks.
  5. I have a 3 axle toy hauler and the question I have is...is there a easier way to grease the under carriege. I have a zerk fitting on each side ....that's one on each side and I can't get my grease nozzle in between all the hardware to grease the zerk. Do they make extensions for grease fittings and where can I get them?
  6. chief916

    Forum issues

    I sure hope so....I stuggled with this thing...my Android....and still got everything I didn't want. My DW says it's all me making mistakes and that I should take more time and learn the phone better. Hate to say it but thanks to all who have this same problem....it's not us...it's the network.
  7. Obtw my engine is Detroit 60 series 11.1...it came with the truck, 1997 Volvo WIA 64. We left Snow Hill NC and traveled to Iowa 80 truck stop and the next morning thought I'd better top off with fuel. Did a visual on the tanks and it matched what my gages were telling me...1400 miles on a half tank of fuel. Thought I might try to make the run up to Belfourch sd. But DW said we better top off at the truck stop. I was really surprised at the milage a series 60 11.1 can get.
  8. Same thing happened to me on my way to Sturgis SD this past year. No big truck shops anywhere close. I locked my fan in and drove close to 200 miles to Belfourch where we had reservations and they had a great truck repair facility. They ended up changing both thermostats and they also put fresh coolant in and power washed the radiator. Locking my fan in was what got me down the road. Best of luck to you.
  9. Ronbo...the measurements your talking about....is that with the shaft completely extended from bottom of housing to end of shaft or end of shaft to where the shaft slides into housing?
  10. Was the under pinning all messed up....soaked and sagging when you finished installing? Did you just cut an access hole or did you remove the under pinning?
  11. I came off of my brake light switch. I put a inline T fitting.
  12. Thank you to both of you. I let you know how it goes. V/r Ben
  13. Anyone out there who has ever had a problem with a leaking ram...more specific....a slide ram on a 2013 Cyclone by Heartland? Would like to hear from you about how you went and had it fixed and repaired. The whole bottom is saturated with hydraulic fluid and is sagging really bad. I got a few ideas on how to secure the under side but to get the ram repaired...no clue. Thank you
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    Welcome aboard.
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