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  1. Jim.. I'd be curious know what you find out. Thanks Ben
  2. Thanks Jay. This is heartening news. I'm yanking my toy hauler wheels today and going to replace my tires and check or replace if needed my brake backing plates then I'm on to obtaining a direct link. I had one a couple of years ago ago but could never get it to work so I sent it back. Later on I realized that I had a faulty ECM..my cruise control wouldn't engage. Now I'm thinking with a working ECM I might just try the direclink again. Again thank you for your feedback. Just got to remember who I bought it from. Ben
  3. Anyone out there driving a pre 2000 Volvo and using the Tuson brake controller? If so what year is your truck and what engine does it have? Thanks a bunch. Ben.
  4. Now this is good to hear. Now if they could only make it a national law and enforce it a lot of lives and property could be saved. Here in NC they have the no texting law but guess what???? People are still texting and chatting away and exceeding the speed limit. I've seen a couple of close calls. It's enough to make me want to quit driving.
  5. chief916

    Hayes control issue

    Will try this and let everyone know tomorrow. Thank you.
  6. chief916

    Hayes control issue

    Lou... I'm not real good with electrical stuff but tell me if im wrong...by putting a load on it I'm guessing I would hook everything back up and then use a meter by putting the red probe end into the blue wire and grounding the black probe end to a hard ground. Then power up the system and read the voltages. Is this correct? Ben... chief 916
  7. I don't have those lights cause my truck is to old....1997 Volvo but just about every exterior light is led. I found some led head lights that popped right in for something like I wanna say 30 or 40 bucks.... can't remember but they had little cooling motors on them. They are really bright. No one has flashed me to dim my lites. I was concerned that they might be to bright to on coming traffic but it seems not. But I really like the looks of those new ones you installed.
  8. This video was very helpful. Thank you. Ben
  9. chief916

    Hayes control issue

    Ok.....update. talked to techrep at Hayes and he told me to measure voltage on blue wire. The wire was 2.4 volts or so when at rest. When I engaged the brake nob fully it was 12.48 or close. I couldn't get the controller to show any graduation on voltage. 2.4 at rest and 12.48 or so when I engaged and slowly brought it all the way up. Been thinking about a tuson brake controller. Tried one about 18 months ago but couldn't get it to work. So I sent it back. I didn't know it at the time but my ECM was fouled up. Cruise wouldn't engage. Finally replaced ECM and everything is working so thinking I might try the direclink again. Could not get much info on our resources guide so if anyone wants to chime in about the Tuscon Direclink....please feel free to do so. Ben...chief916
  10. chief916

    Smart car help?

    We have a 2015 Smart Brabus. Bigger wheels in the back like a Corvette but because of the larger tires the engineers put a 2 degree angle on them which makes it look like the tops of the rear tires are bowed in. It wears the inside of the tires faster than the out side. I just flip the tires over onto the other rim and keep driving. I hear tell that the suspension is built that way for performance handling and I believe it. The car is very nimble and it looks really nice. We load ours in the back of the toy hauler which has a 12 foot garage. It takes the wife and I 10 minutes to load and strap it down.
  11. chief916

    Hayes control issue

    Hi Dave....I checked for a bad ground wire this weekend and found no evidence of a fault. So I pulled the unit like Jim said and checked for burned spots...did not see any so from there I did what Nevereasy said. There was what looked like white crud or something on the stick were it contacts against another piece, and please forgive me here cause I'm not so savvy on electrical stuff and jargon, but I Deoxed all rubbing and moving surfaces with Q-tip's. Thought that did the job but on the way home I noticed the chatter from the controller was still evident also I could feel the trailer brakes were pulsing while I was in cruise. I jiggled the controller stick and the Jonny stick....sometimes it would stop chattering and sometimes it wouldn't. I use to be able to hold the rig on a incline using the Jonny stick but it won't do it now. As for what Glenn had mentioned about the blue dot system...I don't plan to keep this coach but for a short time...maybe another 18 months or so. I'm not sure if an investment in that system would be worth it. If anything....I have some friends that were pretty sharp Avionics techs back when in the service. I get them to check it as well and if they can't find anything....I'll probably just buy a new one and see what happens from there. Thank you to all of you for your insight and knowledge. Ben
  12. After testing the Honda and a Champion generator.....of which both were terribly loud, I took time travelers comment to heart. The Predator is a perfect fit. When I first started it I thought it was broken because there was very little noise coming from it and it was running one of my 15k air conditioners in eco mode. Plus I can move by myself whereas I needed help to move the other two gens. I can also attach to a similar Predator and it will double duty with the first one. I have not seen any reason to do that just yet.
  13. chief916

    Hayes control issue

    I noticed last week that my Hayes brake controller was starting to do a fast clicking noise and my trailer brakes were a little iffy. I checked all my wiring and it all looked good. I installed it maybe 18 months ago and everything worked fine. Now....not so good. The only wire I didn't connect was the red wire and it worked fine all this time. Have any of you ever had this problem before? Thanks Ben.... chief916
  14. Randy....wishing you the best. I feel your pain every day except my scatic pain stems from the lumbar area which has been fused. I don't think there's a whole lot they can do for me. Prayers and well wishes your way. Ben...chief916
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