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  1. Pulled the triger

    Very nice...show us the inside.
  2. 1 air leak fixed

    Thank you Brad.
  3. 1 air leak fixed

    Brad...what year and model is your truck? Is that number specific to that year and model or will it cover a span of years and models? I've been looking for a valve myself. Thanks
  4. PM cost these days

    Try fleet pride or transsource. Fleet pride may or may not have the hoses...if not transsource probably will...they're the Volvo parts supplier here in my neck of the woods. Call and ask if they can ship parts out. Just have the past six numbers of your Vin and they can tell you.
  5. PM cost these days

    Your engine should or will shut down if you have a low coolant problem..make sure the sensor in the coolant tank is covered with coolant. The sensor detects no fluid and will shut her down in about 30 seconds. As for additives in fuel or oil for temp quick fix I can't say. I use 3 bottles of Rev-X at every oil change and Lucus fuel injector and fuel conditioner at every fuel up. I have an 11.1 60 series Detroit and it's been doing a great job for being in-service since 1997. Best of luck to you on getting your rig spun back up
  6. PM cost these days

    If it were me....I would look around for a highway construction project where there where a bunch of dumptrucks running back and forth and try to hook up with a driver or two and ask them where they have their service performed. Chance is good that they have a service contract to fix their trucks from a mom and pops business for a lot less than the big box guys. That's what I did. Saw all these dumptrucks....and I mean they were monster size...got a chance to talk to a few drivers who all operated under a company name...and they told me who they were told to take they're trucks to if things went bad. It was a small mom and pop organization who was very reasonable...around 70.00 an hour. If you supply your own oil and filters you can make out pretty good. I've been doing business with them for the past 2 years and have become pretty good friends with the owner. So alot of times they see things that you might over look and they will fix them for next to nothing cause that's just they way they do. 20 or 30 miles on a way past due on a PM is a judgement call on your part but if you find a m&p close by....jump on out and say hello and see what they can do for you. You may be surprised.
  7. Smart car electric vs gas

    I think I ve got the message on the upsides and downsides of both gas and electric. Now it's time to settle down and shoot for a price range and amenities. Thank you all for your contributions. Will be sure to post back to you all if and when I find the one we want. Thank to all.
  8. Smart car electric vs gas

    Thank you for this information.
  9. Smart car electric vs gas

    Thinking smart cars. Don't know much about them but would appreciate any info. I've spent hours on line and still have no clue of what a "pure"is versus any other model. Would like to hear from those of you who have them and the reasoning of selecting gas or electric. Pricing and milage is all over the board and I for one am confused. I reckon that comes with being eligable for Medicare.
  10. 2009 smart fortwo

    Is this vehicle electric or gas? Do you have pix? Will email if still have vehicle.
  11. Semi Confused -LOL get it semi Ha! Ha!

    Wowsers.....looks like everything I wanted to say has just about all been said. Just pull your throttles back a little and enjoy the ride. Your concerns are for a 2010......my concerns are for my 1997. Just got off the phone with fleet pride on ordering a new blower motor for my rig....thousands of parts out there for our rigs....obtw...don't use your finger to get your blower motor to spool up....you don't want to know how I know this but new parts are on order. Should you continue to have doubts and concerns!!!!!!!? Jump back on here a read every response again. Everyone of us has been there in one way or another. You will be fine.
  12. Hydralic landing gear

    Thank you fellas...I think we have it all worked out... I do have a Lippert system and now a copy of the master Owners manual. I greatly appreciate the knowledge base everyone has out there. V/R Ben (Chief916)
  13. Hydralic landing gear

    Yessir...you are correct bout not having a label. Thanks for your feed back.
  14. Hydralic landing gear

    Sorry for the mix-up...I will call Heartland on Monday. Mntom...don't have anything datawise but thank you.
  15. Hydralic landing gear

    Thanks to all you responses. Will call lippert on Monday.