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  1. This is why I had posted the initial question at the beginning. Who pays for doing the clean up? I don't think the farmer or his crew have the equipment nor the expertise. Someone and I'm thinking the farmer is going to get a huge bill. When something like this happens to one or two of us while we are traveling with two or three hundred gallons on board...it's probably going to ruin somebody's day and most likely their trip. That's why I carry an unbrella policy. I'm not saying that it's the end all be all but it gives me piece of mind encase a lawsuit we're to ensue.
  2. Lance...have not forgotten about you and the steer axle bags. Been bad weather, lots of rain, cold and waiting on the proper tools to install the Donvel bags. Hopefully will have everything needed by this time next week. When I do .. I'll post you pix of the project. Thanks Ben
  3. chief916

    Road side Assistance

    Big5er what does coachnet cost?
  4. chief916

    Road side Assistance

    AAA screwed me twice in 3 years on towing. Never again.
  5. 10-4 on the diapers. This is great info to know. thank you
  6. That's a great idea....will be sure to get a couple for my trips. thank you
  7. Thank you. Will have DW check it for me.
  8. Okay got it. Thank you.
  9. Forgive me but I can only make a swag at PL/PD. Personal liability/Property damage??? Yes?
  10. Like the part about shucking the drive line. Thanks Scrap
  11. That explains it.... I'm using an Android. Will try on my desktop. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  12. Chrome I think....at least that's what the DW told me.
  13. Trying to do some research in the heavy haulers guide but can't get the pages to open or to scroll... everything scroll up and down but not left or right so I can't read all the text. Help!
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