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  1. This is a 2013 TH. I'm wondering if they will let my insurance pay or will I be stuck with the bill. First things first. Got to gain access to under the bed and see if I can detect any further damage. Then take it from there.
  2. While on a trip out to the west coast last week I noticed that I had a 5 in crack extending from the aft lower corner of my bed slide siding and was already about halfway into one of my decals, I ran a 3/16 drillbit into the bottom of the crack to try to stop the migration of the crack. I want to go into the crack and smooth it out and fill it in. I have no idea as to what I can use to fill the crack. Is there a product out there that can be relied apon to fill the crack and the small stop hole. Maybe some kind of bonding substance. thanks Ben
  3. Thank you Denny....just made my order. V/r Ben
  4. Thank you sir. Uh forgive me but...what is PPL??? I think it to be a website yes?
  5. I don't know squat about satillite tv but looking at a bundled package of a Wally receiver and pathway X2 for around $540. bucks. Does this sound like a good deal???? I here that this system is pretty much self aligning.....is that a good thing?? Is it pretty much plug and play? Any and all comments welcome. I looked in the hdt resources guide. But it's fairly dated data and just trying to get the best updated info.
  6. My rig did the same thing 2 weeks ago. It's a 1997 Volvo WIA 64. Had my mechanic check it out....he changed out my pressure relief valve. Left the next day from Snow Hill NC.......im now in Fresno CA. Everything works fine. The pressure relief valve was 300 bucks and 91 bucks for install.
  7. chief916

    brake light switch

    Yes call these people at Tuson. I finally trashed my Hayes and bought a new Tuson. I first bought one about 2 years ago with the HD module but it wouldn't work so I explained this to Tuson rep and he said I could send it back which I did and bought the Hayes unit...pia is all I can say. Didn't work well enough for my satisfaction. When it went TU,. Air Force maintainer parlance for "tits up"..I called Hayes and the tech said well we can't help. Sooooo I start pricing the Tuson something like 350 or something like that. Checked on the "Western wheels" I think, not sure but they sell alot of this kind of stuff as well. They said on sale for 250 and 124 for the HD truck module...so I got it for less than what Tuson wanted. Went to register everything but it all went to Tuson. When I got a email from them...I told her what had transpired and they had not a problem registering the purchase. Removed the Hayes and plugged in the Direclink and fired her up. Works better than the Hayes. You won't be sorry. My rig is a 1997 Volvo WIA64 singled toten a 2013 cyclone th. Ben
  8. Replacing plug out to jackalope but how should the plug be wired to get power back to my trailer?
  9. chief916


    Hoping for the best for you Glenn.
  10. If you have 3 axles it might appear "crowded" if you put the 235/85 on. I had them on my cyclone 4100 and they ran good but always concerned that something might get caught and stoveup between the tires so I went back to the 235/80 tires and it looks alot better and I can actually see the springs and shackles alot better. On the 235/85's neither I nor the DW could get our hand between them. And we don't have big hands. That kind of closeness had us both concerned.
  11. Go online and check Walmart. I order my tires at the nearest Walmart and they send me a message when they're in and I go pick them up. I don't know where you are physically but with so many stores in this company, surely there must be one near by. Best of luck.
  12. We've been using Sailun S637's for several years. I have a set I just replaced sitting in my garden shed and they almost look brand new but they've made two trips to Sturgis. They have not timed out ....they were 235/85R-16. I went back with 235/80R 16.it gave me more space between the tires and doesn't look all cramped up under my toy hauler. Got this last set last month from Walmart $130. Each. Also..last week I bought two steers for my Volvo. About $400 each. They are slightly out of round. My tire guy said to drive them about 1500 miles then he will smooth them out.......but they feel smooth to me. Hope this helps.
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