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  1. What a difference a year makes. I had an air line for my old seats but no circuits or wires. So like you said..I came off the fuse panel.
  2. Roy...I installed my seats last year on my 1997 WIA64,. Just like your seats. I ended up running a hot wire from my fuse box under the carpet to each seat with an inline fuse for each seat and put auto connectors on the end to be able to remove my seat if need be. It just looks neat and clean even though I can't see it. Hindsight if these pin connectors come loose I'll just put a crimp connector on. Hope this helps. Ben "chief916"
  3. Keep her slow and steady and stay safe.
  4. Safe travels to all of you. May all of you have sunny skies and dry roads.
  5. I use cut bars of Irish spring and Decon cubes. I also put Decon cubed bait in my battery boxes on the truck....they like to chew the wires in the box also. Chief 916
  6. A good read and great info. Thanks Scrap.
  7. Suitesuccess. I can't say for sure on the modern trucks but I do know that the 1997 Volvo with the Detroit s in them have a battery in them that from what I was told, can't be replaced. That came from a reliable friend and long time truck mechanic. We tried changing things on the computer but to no avail. I ended up taking the truck to the specialist on these motors. They couldn't fix it so they replaced it. $3500. Now I've got my cruise control back and it works great.
  8. Yeah....update on soot problem....cleaned the flame tube and found maybe 6 to 8 roasted stinkbugs in the burner tube. Reassembled everything and beautiful blue flame. I want to tell all of you thank you so much for your help. Thanks again Ben
  9. Thanks Kirk....this pix is what my water heater looks like. Now all I have to do is vacuum and lean out the air. Thanks to all of you guys. Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year.
  10. Wow...lots of good stuff here. Thank you Ray.
  11. Thank you Sir. This will be of help.
  12. I have a Dometic 6 gal water heater on my 2019 Grand design Imagine that we used over the Christmas holidays. When we broke camp while doing my prelaunch walk around, I noticed black soot all over the exhaust vent on the water heater and soot on the siding as well. Yes we used it several times but for the most part we just used the electric hot water feature. When I got home, I dug out all the info that came with the appliance that was with the TT when we purchased it 5 months ago. There was nothing in any of the paperwork that discussed this issue. Perchance could anybody have experienced the same thing and if so what was the cause and how did you correct it. Thanks in advance. Ben "chief916"
  13. chief916

    Which hitch

    Dan I use a Hensley TS3 for the road tractor when I haul the toy hauler, rating is I believe 20 or 24k. I use the Hensley Arrow on the f350 to haul my TT. Witch is a lot less weight rating. I first used the Anderson super hitch when I first started out. It was fairly economical, very light weight and very strong. This hitch was ok for local jonts but when we did a couple cross country it beat the hell outta of us and the trailer. At the time the TS3 came about I remember hearing about the Henry's ET hitches and I don't know anything about them. The TS3 has served us well. Best of luck on your hitch hunt and have a Merry Christmas. Ben "Chief 916"
  14. Well just an update on this frame issue. Contacted Jeff who works the heartland toy hauler problems and he asked for a bunch pix of the suspension and undercarriage. He also asked for pin dimensions to each left and right frame rails. I sent all of this to him this past week. I made contact with him to confirm that he got it and has sent it forward...whatever that means. SO!!! The ball is in their court. Jeff did tell me it could be water intrusion....hmmm. I don't think so but it remains to be seen. I told him about what was being mentioned at the Goshen rally but we didn't elaborate on the subject. Christmas is 5 days away so I don't expect to hear anything back from them until after the New year. So to everyone.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Ben "Chief 916"
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