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  1. I know your angst. It can be really frustrating. On the bright side....no DEF, no Regen, no derates, very few sensors. Most people with the newer rigs have to put up with all of the modern stuff that can really be frustrating. Hang in there. Chief916
  2. So sorry everyone.... don't know what I did to start this thread....I was trying to share info on what I went through on the gentleman who had the cruise problem in the...I believe it was a Pete. There was a lot of good info in there but it didn't work out for me. I ended up hthis aving the Detroit people fixing it. Again so sorry for this posting screw up. Chief916
  3. I don't have a Jake but now with the new ecm I leave the cruise switch in the on position even when I shut the rig down.....I forget to turn it off. But when I start things up the cruise is on but not engaged. I just set it when I get up to speed.
  4. Here is a couple of threads from August 17, 2017 about my ecm going bad. Hope it helps. Chief916
  5. I found this post from awhile back when my cruise started acting up. If the battery in the ecm is going bad you will probably have to send the ecm out for repair. Chief916
  6. I had the same issue on my 97 Volvo WIA64 about 18 months ago. Had several technicians look at it and they had everything hooked up to computer and all that. Finally ended up taking the truck to guys who worked on Detroit diesels only. They chased it down to a faulty ecu. They changed it out and I've been back an forth now from California to Sturges to Yellowstone and all places in between. Runs like a champ. It cost me $$$$ but it was really worth it.
  7. Very very nice job.
  8. chief916

    Covid Update

    Hi all.... we've been in lockdown since 3 March here in Eastern NC. I have friends who are mission essential here...heavy towing and truck repair. I check in with them every couple of days. They tell me they're doing fine. We are fine but I stay busy taking care of the house and property. If we need to go to the store for anything, Wendy usually does that... she's hi speed low drag and in better shape than me. You all take care out there. Wishing you all well.
  9. chief916


    I have a Hensley hitch for my Grand Design Imagine 2800 which I best can remember is like 10k lbs. I also use a Hensley for my Heartland Cyclone which I use a Volvo HDT to pull it. Both hitches run about $3000.00 or so each.
  10. Well stated Doc. Thank you for explaining this. Great info.
  11. chief916

    BlueFire scanner

    Ronbo...tell us more. Where did you get and how much. Any negative input as well. Thx
  12. What a difference a year makes. I had an air line for my old seats but no circuits or wires. So like you said..I came off the fuse panel.
  13. Roy...I installed my seats last year on my 1997 WIA64,. Just like your seats. I ended up running a hot wire from my fuse box under the carpet to each seat with an inline fuse for each seat and put auto connectors on the end to be able to remove my seat if need be. It just looks neat and clean even though I can't see it. Hindsight if these pin connectors come loose I'll just put a crimp connector on. Hope this helps. Ben "chief916"
  14. Keep her slow and steady and stay safe.
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