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  1. My apologies for the poor picture . good questions and points. An isolation disc would be a good idea, but i think the object in contact with the rim is steel. It could have been a spacer to keep the nuts from running out of thread with a steel wheel, and just left on when Al rims were installed. I will check the build sheet for the front axle section to see what it says. it could be the brake drum, but it looks like there are two thin layers. I would expect a brake drum to be a single homogeneous layer with maybe a chamfer. yes, i would also like to see more threads showing, most industrial standards i am familiar with require more than one thread showing. Will need to fix that if i want to put centramatics on i have a three ton floor jack, but did not attempt to lift one wheel, i agree a bottle jack is the best solution, just have been too cheap to pay full price since the size i wanted was on sale and sold out of the local tractor store. i finally have an impact that will loosen the lugnuts, so i will eventually get it off, i thought there might be some special reason for spacers, ( or it is probably the drum) Thank you for the ideas
  2. There are two thin shims behind my front rims. this truck used to have steel 24.5s and now has aluminum 22.5s. i checked the best i could from the back side, and there doesn’t appear to be any interferences. the track width doesn’t match the inside dual like a drw pickup, and is narrower than the outside dual, so no reason i could see to use these to set the track width have not yet pulled the rim, don’t have a jack strong enough yet. any ideas about these?
  3. Exile

    Big thank you to big5er

    I will make sure I always have iced Dr Pepper on hand! What made it a little more difficult: the TX title manual changed in early 2019, and the old title manual was more clear and simpler. There is no actual title for motor homes now, it is registered as a travel trailer. the laws changed, and they removed the motor home section while i was in the process. the new title manual says the conversion has to cover the entire frame, but the laws don’t say that. my frame is still bare, and the commercial fifth wheel is still on the frame. This got the local title lady bent out of shape. If you can put a bed on it and pull the fifth wheel off first, it would probably go smoother.
  4. Licensing my hdt in Texas . . . Was a process. Things that took too long: 1. I did not have all the forms the first time. Doh! Dummy! 2 the second time, I realized that I didn’t have my original title- either the usps lost it or I did. I thought I had an electronic title like in LA. They were in the process of doing it until they found that. On that day, I could have gotten it licensed if I had the right paperwork . . . Because they called Houston AFTER I left, and Houston said NO. They told me this on my third visit-more wasted time. They told me to go to Houston, and they could reject me. I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with the Houston Registration people after taking time off work and driving to their office three more times to make another three trips. 3. I contacted Phil, AKA Big5er, now unemployed (ex bane of truckers and misusers of RVs hauling race cars), and he was kind enough to take time out of his busy day guarding a park full of oil spill equipment and send my case to someone in Austin. they hemmed and hawed around, so I sent videos, photos, more photos, until even Phil was losing patience. i work for a company where our middle name is literally bureaucracy, so I can play the game if I don’t have to take time off work and stand in line. Austin finally capitulated, because the law didn’t say this was illegal, so I took their email in to the local office, got shouted at a little, left standing for awhile, then politely charged 165.00 to depart with my plates in hand and never darken their doorway again. WOOHOO! Thanks again Phil! I will have to pay you back in DrP or mechanic work.
  5. Exile

    Tinker Week?

    Are you still above water? souds a little damp up there. i won’t be able to make it, but i would love to
  6. Exile

    Tinker Week?

    Trying to get tags still, if I made this one, it would be a miracle, but i want to go to the one scheduled for next year
  7. Listening closely to this, as my 1998 12.7 L is drooling oil on the outlet side, seems like damaged seals/bearing surfaces to me. . .
  8. Exile

    Forum issues

    Ipad and Chrome still works right.
  9. Sign me up for a couple. 650 installed, so should be cheap for just the kit. 125$? Not sure how that wire would connect to my ecm securely though.
  10. Exile

    Fenders for tandem truck

    Ah, good idea, never thought about that.
  11. Exile

    Fenders for tandem truck

    Yes, thought about that too, that might be simplest and cheapest method.
  12. I am looking for inexpensive rear tandem fenders to go under a bed, just to keep underside of the bed from getting beat up and weighed down with mud. Someone on here said they use window wells for their truck fenders, but I don’t know if they had tandems or not. I spent a fair amount of time on the internet, but i was unable to locate anything that would work. any suggestions? I see nice shiny alternatives, aluminum and stainless, or i could go with a double hump arrangement, but was looking for cheap and simple. thank you
  13. Exile

    HDT Insurance

    440$ per year insured as a truck in TX through state farm. liability only
  14. Just look in the fuel tank with a light. Engine oil in a diesel is black as sin, it should stain the diesel when the tank gets low.
  15. Exile

    Passed written

    I grew up backing pickups with bumper trailers and tractors. backing a fifth wheel trailer is different, i was worried about taking the test. i watched a lot of u tube videos, and passed the test from what i learned on them. i had difficulties figuring out where the back of the trailer was during the dock maneuver, but i was shocked how nicely the truck went in the slot. I went through the steps a lot of times in my head after watching the videos. and the videos of pre-trips are great too, i was using the inspector’s truck, and he fussed at me because i kept pointing out stuff that was broken.
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