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  1. Just look in the fuel tank with a light. Engine oil in a diesel is black as sin, it should stain the diesel when the tank gets low.
  2. Exile

    Passed written

    I grew up backing pickups with bumper trailers and tractors. backing a fifth wheel trailer is different, i was worried about taking the test. i watched a lot of u tube videos, and passed the test from what i learned on them. i had difficulties figuring out where the back of the trailer was during the dock maneuver, but i was shocked how nicely the truck went in the slot. I went through the steps a lot of times in my head after watching the videos. and the videos of pre-trips are great too, i was using the inspector’s truck, and he fussed at me because i kept pointing out stuff that was broken.
  3. Exile

    hat's off 2U

    I consider it the least practical vehicle i could own. but the most fun. still working on making it practical. does anyone have any Eaton 405 3.55 rear ends laying around collecting dust? They would make mine more practical!
  4. Exile

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    The only ones i’ve seen sold for a bigger trailer are weld on hitches. The frame configurations and obstructions require a custom fit. ordering one will get you close, then just need some square tubing or angle to weld the hitch to, and bolt the whole thing on. if you want a hitch NOW, buy a bolt on adaptable hitch that bolts to the top of the frame. They are usually class iii i believe, so probably not good for a big trailer. Usually used to flat tow a car. Etrailer, search for weld on hitch. https://www.etrailer.com/s.aspx?qry=Weld-On+Hitch&furl=-pg-Heavy_Duty_Truck_Hitch
  5. Exile

    Tire size question

    I have “tall rubber” on my truck. the tires are 11x 22.5, with no aspect rario listed. Are they 82 aspect ratio? 100? I found on the internet that aspect ratios over 82 aren’t shown, but do they go higher? thank you for your assistance answering my noob question.
  6. Looks like the frame and hood have an extra foot in them. long hoods were originally for the 12-71 and other longer engines, but I don’t think it’s possible to fit 16 cylinders under one without some mods. 850-960 hp@ 2100 rpm with TA, and 4840 lbs. wouldn’t get that much without a huge aftercooler, but still, would be capable of a lot of black smoke, and go fast from fuel island to fuel island.
  7. The best thing about hauling manure is: after you tell someone what you are doing, they don’t bother you any more, and usually don’t even want to talk on the phone. that is my experience anyway 🙂 nice 379 btw
  8. 16v-149s sound great, but they’re a pain to shoehorn into a short hood truck. Or see over, for that matter. More realistically, I have had good luck so far with electronic engines pre-egr. but that means an oldish truck.
  9. Wow. that hitch looks beefy. nice work!
  10. Exile

    New impact

    Yeah, i will see what i have for scrap that i can stick to the socket. And still get it inside the rim. and if i get mad, i can get a miltiplier for 52.00
  11. Exile

    New impact

    , i know, please forgive me for i have broken the cardinal rule of tool buying. my 1/2” Milwaukee impact won’t bust my lugnuts either. 1400 lb ft? Supposed to be the high torque model. Seems like i bounced up and down on my big breaker bar also with no movement i will try bigger hose for hf impact (it is the hf brand), already put all high flow fittings in, even though tool came with standard fitting. The reviews claim guys use them on semis. if that doesn’t do the trick, i’ll stop by the local pawn shops. I have bought tools in the pawn shops here that you aren’t sold new in any store in my little town (hammer drill)
  12. Exile

    New impact

    Nice. i just bought a 1” hf pistol grip air driven impact, and it won’t remove my lugnuts. That was a waste. I could have put that money towards one of these.
  13. Exile

    New impact

    1 inch or 1/2 inch?
  14. Exile

    Buffing Chips in aluminum

    Thanks, i had some 600, and that helped. also switched to tripoli from white stuff. Actually starting to shine a little now.
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