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  1. Thanks for the update, i always wonder what the cause was when someone posts an issue like that. glad to hear you’re back up and running
  2. Exile

    Becoming Hermits

    Working from home and saving 17$ in tolls and 10$ in gas per day. Plus i get two hours of my life back each day. and doing plumbing projects for neighbor. Need to go get some new rear ends next week if the store is open. And two truck batteries, and some flat bar to finish the bed, and, and, .. . Then go buy sheathing and siding and work on my own house. Society will certainly change after this, gotta say I don’t miss traffic
  3. Exile

    Driveline slop?

    Thanks, Spring eyes good, i believe there is space at the rebound bumper or wear pad, but I usually see it deflated. (Air trac) Looking at it, there is a 1” gap, i see aftermarket companies sell a poly wear pad to cushion the blow. With that, it seems like that should only come off the wear pad if i were to break hard but, empty, it might take less torque. will crawl through and check the engine and clutch end of the truck Ujoints tight by hand, since the driveline will rotate about ten degrees, i assume it is all additive slop in the rear ends.
  4. Or at least when it is better . . . when it is parked right inside my shop. pickup with box bed never gets stuff stacked on it. Well, sometimes in the cab, but not in the bed. pete with flatbed has truck crane, impact, kitchen drawers, rachet straps, welding shield, muffs, two tubes of lexal, bolts, nuts, and all kinds of other junk on it. damned thing is just the right height for stacking stuff on. I guess it means I just haven’t run it enough.
  5. Exile

    Driveline slop?

    I’ve driven a few trucks, and most of them, well, they were “experienced” (kinda junk) Where does the driveline slop come from? I mean that if you stop going down a slight incline, there will be a jerk when i let out the clutch as the driveline turns before the wheels turn, does this happen in new, or properly adjusted drivelines? seems lite it could come from xmission, ujoints, and two diffs, my ujoints are tight, should the diffs be tight? Or have slack in them?
  6. There is a member here who uses his work truck to pull his fifth, cannot remember his handle, he has a red cabover he would know about weigh stations fuel taxes and logs while on vacation. only issue is hassle of insurance, logs and registration as a truck, but that would all be part of your business. Some neighborhoods will allow rvs but not commercial trucks some campgrounds might not appreciate a commercial truck coming in, but i have no direct knowledge on that part, they might not know or care the difference
  7. Moresmoke- is your fifthwheel on under that flat bed? Nice dgn and mms on it.
  8. 1/2 psi for every foot of elevation. Ish.
  9. Exile

    Hdt driveway material?

    Thank you all, i can see i have some options I didn’t even consider.
  10. Exile

    Hdt driveway material?

    Lol, getting rid of a 18x24 slab right now, maybe i just need to jackhammer it into tiny pieces. Should only take two weeks.
  11. Exile

    Hdt driveway material?

    I need to put in a couple hundred feet of driveway back to my hdt garage, and i’m not wild about putting in concrete. I have a lot of it already in other places The soil is pretty soft, it rained 2” and the contractor got his tractor stuck in my yard. Had to get a wrecker to pull it out. I’ve thought about those concrete blocks that let grass grow through, or pavers, with just a concrete apron in front of the building i can’t build it up too high, because the drainage will need to go down the driveway any recommendations/suggestions/opinions?
  12. Cpvc. Pvc also available the one you show would come in useful for sure
  13. I took 6 rims off a junked truck with the northern tool version of those, the trick is to only use the gear set to break it loose, then spin it off with a battery impact or the extension and handle without the reduction that comes in the kit. Took about an hour.
  14. I found this in an Ace Hardware and other places, looks like a great part, gets rid of plastic threads.
  15. Er- what is a dual park chamber you mention? my tractor has a sticker talking about a brake mod required should it become a truck, and i thought it had spring brake cans. . .
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