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  1. Exile

    Starter/battery issues

    Roger that. Consensus is for me to break out my wallet. Since i hurt my shoulder, it hurts even worse to get it out 😯 And yes, i want a clamp on dc ampmeter too. I will look into it more, and try to convince my neighbor to buy one went to dealer on my way home from work to price batteries, and line was almost out the door, so skipped it for today.
  2. Exile

    Starter/battery issues

    First, the facts: engine starts right up, so long as it turns over. It will start when barely turning over, even after an attempt when it doesn’t turn over, so this is not an engine issue batteries (4) are whatever the seller had laying around, 925, 650, 950, 825 A two batteries showed bad with cheapo tester at rated amps, but showed good at 750a my tester would not test one battery, would just restart the menu when attempted Truck starts after sitting in shop on charger charger says all batteries are 97% individually, and 87% when connected to all truck doesn’t like to start after sitting out for several days not connected, cranks slowly or not at all replaced voltage regulator, get 14 v when driving now starts ok after driving my conclusions: i have a drain somewhere- i can fix that, or disconnect batteries batteries are not great best case would just be to buy all new batteries, or better yet, all new truck, but would prefer to understand the issues at play here my questions will batteries work ok in a group if they are different ratings? will a higher amp not great battery pull the others down even if it tests ok at lower amperage ? what kind of amps do i need for a s60 12.7 to start? Thank you for your patience and assistance.
  3. Thank you, I finally know what the “diagnostic “ switch on the dash is for, i feel like a dummy. no active check engine light engine now, but shows throttle position sensor low voltage using diagnostic switch, so i will check that out.
  4. Any recommendations for a code reader? it has a round connector, can’t remember if it is 6 or 9 pin. threw it twice while idling yesterday and shut down an hour away from my house on maiden voyage, then restarted and drove home no issues. This am, threw it twice and shut down. Found what appeared to be the main computer power wire loose. Tightened it up and went on a test drive just fine. it would be nice to know what the codes are though. Tried searching this site, didn’t come up with much. Trucking sites don’t say much either.
  5. The one thing I should have learned is : SLOW DOWN!!! The motorcycle book of a similar name had one nugget in it, that if you are doing something, take your time and enjoy it, instead of getting in a rush. while changing a shock, i made the bad decision to run the nut back on the stud with the impact. And hammered it too many times getting it started, with the result of some nice new crooked threads. And the stud is welded to the chassis. Thank you uncle Lee, may you RIP, for leaving me a tap and die set with a fine thread 1/2” tap and die. in my defense, all of the other nuts went on hard because of paint, but it was still all my fault. BTW, I couldn’t finish the motorcycle book, written by a crazy dude about a crazy motorcycle rider. But- that last might be redundant 😉 now to try to go get the die started straight on the crooked threads. Sigh. . . may you be more patient than me.
  6. Exile

    Bed crane anyone?

    Ah yes, that looks like a good solution, thx.
  7. Exile

    Bed crane anyone?

    Am now welding up the frame for the bed, and sure would like to have a small, couple ton hand crane. Ideally, i would like to be able to remove and install the bed with it, because I don’t have a hoist, but that would be more complex, so shelving idea that for now. hydraulic jack, some tubing, and a base swivel- i have a couple wheel bearing assemblies, complete with flanges from a sorento. Anyone done something like this? Didn’t see any projects for this in the resource forum. Best case would be movable to various locations on the bed.
  8. Sounds good. The title manual say use a vtr-61 and convert the unit, which may mean it will end up with a salvage title. the new title manual also talks about covering the frame (bed) which is not in the state statutes. GThe email i got from Austin did not follow that. This is where it was strange the email i got said submit photos of the four systems, a weight certificate and a 130-U. i would paste it in, but my ipad, laptop and phone have all ganged up on me and conspired to stop me.- got it finally i took that email in, and the ladies were so mad at me they just followed the email from Austin instead of the title manual. i believe truck registration is much more expensive than mh.
  9. Yeah baby, Flames. i want some too, so please keep us up to date.
  10. The biggest thing is to get the weights and centers of gravity of all the loads going onto the bed, including hitch load. If you locate the axles under the centers of the summed loads, it will keep your front axle the same.
  11. Exile

    Big thank you to big5er

    I had to request another title from the state. Cost me two dollars! And a couple weeks on the schedule.
  12. Loosen the fuel headers under the valve covers and crank on the starter until it fountains up. You might try running it ether to get it primed, but not if it was your engine 🤭 easier to troubleshoot the cruise control back then. Is the hand throttle cable connected? Cruise is hooked up!
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