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  1. Exile

    Spring removal?

    Model shot of design
  2. Exile

    Spring removal?

    My door sticker on this truck say to run tandems at 75 psi anyway (with 36k on them), so they’re at 70-75 now. Hmm, axle wrap, hadn’t considered that danger. This suspension has a torque bar that would prevent the bottom of the axle housing from moving longitudinally, and the increased flexibility of the front spring might allow the air bag to become over extended. Good point.
  3. Exile

    Spring removal?

    I’m scratching my head to figure out how the ride would change if i took a leaf out of my rear springs. It is a Peterbilt air trac, so the axle is mounted under a beam with spring on one end and air bag on the other. apologies if pics don’t post
  4. Exile

    What happened to my shocks?

    Yes, tiedowns for towing it makes sense. thank you all for your input, i learn from all questions and answers. Answers to your questions: shocks are mechanically locked by the dent now, so they don’t stroke the shocks held the frame up, so the airbags were not deflated when this happened i did the inspection and saw it, just didn’t understand all the implications. This is a Craigslist truck, so i knew i would be doing work. And the state inspection was for an rv, so i think they just blew a lot of stuff off. This was both rear axle shocks, other axles okay. Shock is protected from tire by frame, and it was both sides.
  5. Exile

    Peterbilt part number source?

    Thanks, they printed 30 pages of wiring diagrams for me today, so i better bring them some donuts this Saturday, since they have to work. hadnt cone across Weldon on searches, will add it to my resources.
  6. Exile

    What happened to my shocks?

    Both my rear shocks were crushed like this when i bought this thing. i did not realize they were holding the suspension up, and causing issues with the levelling system until i started removing them. the levelling arm was also bashed in at the connection to the center of the diff. I can’t for the life of me figure out how this could happen. Dump trailer unhitched when raised maybe? i just don’t want this to happen to me. all surrounding suspension parts still have factory paint on them, except air bags have been changed at some point.
  7. Exile

    Question for the newbies.

    Thank you for the technical answer Scrap. very informative. Please keep them coming.
  8. Exile

    Peterbilt part number source?

    Google has not been my friend in this search. The evil Paccar empire has hidden all their part numbers inside their firewall. does anyone have any other sources? When i call them, they ask me for vin number, so i expect just shelling out 350$ for an old parts manual might not get me all the right part numbers due to the variations between trucks- suspension types, etc. any other suggestions? does anyone subscribe to the Paccar parts thing?
  9. Exile

    Joined ranks of hdt owners. . .

    Thanks all, have learned a lot from you all already, and I expect to ask a lot of questions. already had 40 gals of fuel stolen, and have owned the truck 4 weeks. Off to a good start, costs money even when I don’t buy anything :-0
  10. Exile

    Joined ranks of hdt owners. . .

    Low mileage, hard use. Should be an adventure. less than 200k on chassis, but cab looks like last three wars were fought in it. 12.7l detroit, 8LL, and omg 4.88s. Plenty of power in top gear, but not much speed. Now to squeeze all required items into a 36” sleeper. attempted link to photo below. anyone need a one line wet kit?
  11. Exile

    Pic test

  12. Exile

    Air leak detection

    It should not be leaking where the arm leaves the valve. I would not sweat a small leak, mine was gushing air. today i sourced one using goigle for “suspension leveling valve” and selected the picture that looked like mine. I expect most any of them could be used, but i am too lazy to modify the piping and arrangement to fit a different valve. mine was 89$ shipped to my door, or 350$ from dealer. or you can take it apart and change or lube the leaking o-ring for almost nothing.
  13. Exile

    Rear end and lockers question

    Yeah, i looked for the ratio, but didn’t find it. this truck has full differential lockers -and the interaxle lock, my apologies for not being clear. driver said it would do 80 at 2100 rpm, so maybe it has an overdrive. Looks like .79 is the ratio for a 15 speed overdrive- which would be a 3.55 rear end with 37” tall tires and 2100 rpm at 82 mph. xmission is a 15 speed, didn’t see the model number posted anywhere to look it up, or see if it ended with an “o”. Yeah, with the 15 speed, it will pull anything up a hill. Slowly. Nice for hitching up. thank you.
  14. Exile

    Rear end and lockers question

    Looking at a truck with some crazy low rear end, something like 4.33 or lower, and it has full lockers. (But price is low enough to put money into it) if i change the gear ratios, would i end up removing the lockers? Or is the locking mechanism separate from the gears? Thank you
  15. Exile

    Spoiled by my HDT

    Hendrickson was the guy that became famous for just welding the axles to the frame.😉 or that’s what it feels like anyway. Maybe it was great back in The day before air suspension.