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  1. Depends on your coach, if it is an diesel fired air system, right away but if hydronic, meaning it heats water and circulates through heat exchangers, will take a while to get up to temp.
  2. Just a side note, Tesla has sold 720,000 cars since 2012. The Tesla Model 3 is now the best selling luxury car in the United States. I may be dumb for buying one, but glad I have company. BTW I don't drive my EV much. [just around town] and I charge it from the solar panels on my coach, not much, but enough to give me about 20 solar powered miles a day. More than enough to run errands, if I want to go farther, will of course have to plug it in. As I have said, not for everybody, but works good for me.
  3. Well I guess any AUDI or BMW cannot be rationalized. Have had Audi, Bmw's and Porsches my entire life, and at this particular point, believe a Tesla is the best bang for the buck for a sporty car regardless of its method of propulsion. Trying to explain its attributes, to someone who has never driven one is difficult. As far as "quite a few of us on the forum will take a pass at buying luxury cars just for the sake of having them is something we no longer bother to do", why do I see so many Cadillac and Lincoln and $50 k jeep toads out there? If what you say is true, everyone would be towing Toyota Corolla's.Think the same applies to luxury motorhomes, I see a lot of very expensive coaches out there. I understand the economic side though, many are on fixed budgets, I am 72 and if I live to 90, will probably regret buying that $50000 car.
  4. Docj, If you had read my complete post, you would have seen I already have a toad, matter of fact a $5000 Honda CRV. The Tesla in not suitable as a toad unless on a trailer. My choice was to buy a used MH and a SUV and a Tesla, Obviously not your choice. But that's fine by me. Would not presume to tell you what to do, and am not sure why you are offended by what I do? Are you also offended by people that buy $500000 motorhomes when they could get by with a $25000 motorhome?
  5. Seems a lot on this forum spend far more than $50000 on their motorhomes, tow vehicles, 5th wheels and trailers. Like I said, about the price of a new 1/2 ton pickup, and when you consider your fuel costs will be less than of 20% of that of new pickup, actually a pretty good deal. I am getting too old to work on cars anymore, and that 8 yr 120000 mile warranty is pretty attractive. But to each his own. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/2018/10/04/pickup-truck-prices-vehicles/1455588002/
  6. I have a coach with toad for big trips, a MB diesel SUV for weekend trips, and a Tesla model 3 for everything else. I am 40 miles from Houston, so I can run in there for anything I need, and of course around town. Never been to a supercharger except once at a restaurant to try it out. I can charge on 10 amp wall outlet at 4 driving miles an hour, or at my 30 amp rv plug at 12 miles per hour. So if I make at 120 mile day trip, 10 hours charging at the house and I am full again. Great stereo, auto pilot, free software upgrades, Not for everybody, but perfect for me. Don't really give a damm about the green thing, just easier for me and at $50000 about the same as a small Audi or BMW or a nice GMC pickup and with a MPGe of 100, what's not to like? BTW that 4.5 second 0-60, will put a smile on my old wrinkled face.
  7. The smartgauge method #3 Is the same method I used. Using an amprobe on each battery cable shows loads pretty equal. I still have a smartgauge wired in, worked on my lead acids, but not on my lithiums. Still makes a good voltmeter though.
  8. For my 6 BB's used 2 AWG from each battery to positive and negative bus bars, and 3/0 from each bus bar to inverter. https://www.wiringproducts.com/battery-cable
  9. Yes kwh. Air conditioning in Texas in summer like kwhs.
  10. Have two Victron solar controllers, really like the bluetooth, am sick of running wires, Nice to open app on phone and adjusting and reading values. Had a shading issue from trees the other day, got a long pole and moved the branches aside and could see the difference, knew which ones to trim.
  11. A half assed reference point, also in south Texas in a sticks bricks 2600 sq ft house, and old scroll type single house ac. Summer 1800 to 2200 kw per month, winter [we have gas heat] 1000 to 1200 kw per month.
  12. Had a Microlite 2.5 LP in a truck camper that ran a 13.5 btu ac. Bogged a bit when compressor came on, but fine after that. Believe the 2.8 is the gas version of the 2.5 LP. Don't know if ac had a soft start, but didn't act like it.
  13. Charger can fail too, and just keep on charging. My chargers both solar and Victron charger will charge to 14.4 volts, then go to float and stay at 13.6 until voltage drops below that. Of course you cannot overcharge a 14.4 volt battery with 13.6 volts, so I feel pretty safe. But do not know about your battery
  14. Actually when charger goes into float at 13.6 float voltage, my lithium batteries are still above that voltage. So no chance of overcharging. Not sure of other batteries, but BB has a built in BMS which protects them from overcharge anyway. My regular start battery 3 stage charger will bulk, absorb, then to float voltage, which just maintains that voltage and puts no current into battery unless it falls below that set voltage.
  15. I called BattleBorn about charging my batteries, they said bulk to 14.4 volts, no absorb time, then to float at 13.6. While on solar anyway, controller will stay in float mode and handle any loads on system until load increases enough for battery voltage to fall to 13.2 or so, when bulk starts again. This may not apply to all lithiums though.
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