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  1. Yes I am only pulling 48 amps out of batteries, so at full output, might get a little warmer.
  2. Plywood. Unit is spaced about 1/2 inch off because of feet. No indication of any heat being transferred to the wood. Used IR gun on back of plywood and it is at ambient temp. Appears most of the heat produced comes out of the top grill. But I am inverting, know from other inverter/chargers, more heat is produced when unit is putting out a big charge. I don't use my unit for charging.
  3. Just checked my 4448 with about a 240 volt 2500 watt load. Sides and front ambient temp. Top [big side with grill] running about 115 f. I have mine mounted on wall so all heat goes up through the grill. Ambient air temp about 88 f.
  4. Lowes version. This is what I actually used, Unistrut is the actual inventor I think. .\ https://www.lowes.com/pd/Superstrut-1-5-8-in-x-13-16-in-Gold-Galvanized-Half-Slot-Channel-Strut/3128119?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-elc-_-google-_-lia-_-206-_-conduitandfittings-_
  5. You mean they loosen up and back out? I use lock washers, so as safe as any nut and bolt connection can be. Lots of nut and bolt connections on my coach.
  6. Started using them on my first solar coach in 2007. Not sure what you mean by "fail from vibration". I do put a blog of silicon caulk on the the bolt thread so I have a visual reference when doing my monthly inspection. Probably 100000 miles total on unistrut, and no failures. Nice thing about unistrut, if you want to change out panels, no new or old holes to make or fill in, just loosen bolts, remove old panels , and install new ones, and retighten bolts. If I only need 8 ft, I mount 12 ft of unistrut, makes adding extra panels easy.
  7. I use unistrut and fasten the panels to the unistrut with unistrut fittings. https://www.cesco.com/Unistrut-P1000T10PG-Unistrut-P1000T-10PG-Slotted-Channel-12-Gauge-10-ft-x-1-5-8-Inch-x-1-5-8-Inch-1-1-8-Inch-x-9-16-Inch-Slot-Size-Type-T-Slot-Steel-H
  8. As Sehc said dc to dc charger, 12 volt alternator to 24 volts for battery. Do not know of any dc to dc step up transformer. https://www.solar-electric.com/victron-energy-orion-12-24-20a-dc-dc.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwncT1BRDhARIsAOQF9LmTmqyzCUBm_fcERbmjaluHb3B_ZsSJJzUMxW0pitt3sgd1or6fZ-YaAm5
  9. Yes he does, but for some reason, I think it was set up for 12s packs, so a lower voltage. Might be wrong though.
  10. Thanks, just ordered one, turns out agm setting is 57.6, so close enough. Factory would have altered it to 57, but wanted to charge me shipping and $400 so I am happy with $299 shipped from batterystuff.com
  11. So you called Schumacher and they built one to your specs.? How much and how many amps at 57 volts?
  12. Another idea. https://www.ebay.com/itm/80MPH-130Km-h-85mm-GPS-Digital-Speedometer-Gauge-Odometer-for-Car-Truck-Marine/293203250483?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p205
  13. Glen. I have been looking as well, trouble is the 14s 48 volt packs charge best at 56-57 volts, hard to find in a stand alone charger that will do that. Let me know if you find one. As John T mentioned, solar is the best way to top them off.
  14. I don't pay much attention to the bars on the netgear. I have speedtest on my phone, and move the antenna to different positions, and test the speed with the app.
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