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    500 hp foretravel 40 ft, my hole in the driveway I throw money into.

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  1. jcussen

    portable propane grill

    x2 on the blackstone and it has a removable grease tray.
  2. jcussen

    What brand?

    They will cost you more than many others in the same time frame, but well worth looking at a Newell. There is a reason a new one starts at 2 million.
  3. This one has rear wheel drive and will fold up to fit in a bay, or the trunk of a car. https://www.radpowerbikes.com/products/radmini-electric-folding-fat-bike?variant=5032656863263&ads_cmpid=1594102466&ads_adid=59229918414&ads_matchtype=&a
  4. jcussen

    Generator ?

    https://www.norwall.com/products/Cummins-Onan-Commercial-QD-6-0-Diesel-120V-6.0HDKAV-41934/ This one supplies 50 amps but if you want the equivalent of 50 amp 120/240 volt service like in an rv park, you will have to go to a 12000 watt generator.
  5. jcussen

    Mobley power options change

    Called them and got my PUK's no problem. Only took about 20 minutes, warp speed when dealing with ATT.
  6. jcussen

    Bush Repairs

    Your welds are a result of your manufacturers welders, some are good and some are not. Bottom line, get under there with a flashlight every now and then and look for bad welds. Most trailer and 5th wheelers are not made to Porsche or Mercedes standards..Its called due diligence.
  7. jcussen

    VIAIR 300P Air compressor review

    Bought the 450c and hard wired it, and plumbed into my air suspension system and tire filling fitting, and and am happy, does draw 15 to 20 amps, so make sure your batteries can handle it.
  8. jcussen

    Bush Repairs

    MacGyver can do it with batteries and jumper cables, but he uses a quarter instead of a welding rod.
  9. All modern solar panels have built in bypass diodes. I have one array of three 330 watt panels, 40 volts each in series. When one panel is shaded, the other 2 panels still produce full current. House grid-tie systems, run about 600 volts with often 10 or more panels in series. Most commercial solar farms run 25 to 30, 72 cell, 47 volt panels in series at up to 1500 volts. https://www.civicsolar.com/support/installer/questions/what-bypass-diode
  10. Check the wattage of your electric water heater, might be able to wire it through the inverter [will probably need a 2000 watt inverter]. If you are producing 1000 watts and your heater is 1450 watts, your battery will only have to supply 450 watts. You will have to monitor your panel input, and battery voltage, so you don't drag your batteries down too low. Agree with running panels in series , I am running 120 volts to charge controllers with only 10 gauge wire.. But try to park in direct sun with no shading.
  11. jcussen

    To TOAD or Scooter

    Holds a big bag of groceries under the seat.
  12. jcussen

    legal travel problems/solution 48 foot Coach???

    Had 45 ft Newell, but never got stopped. Newell did make a couple of 47 ft coaches that they said were street legal. Of course some states like California have different limits for different roads.
  13. jcussen

    Towing a truck camper behind a class A

    Of course there is a difference. Adding the extra weight will slow down the coach equally in every situation. Obviously your coach will not go as fast up a 6% grade as on the flats, but if you used to use 300 hp to go 45 mph up that hill, now you only have 200 hp, so you might only be able to go 41 mph. https://www.rvtechlibrary.com/engine/Cat_RV_Performance.pdf Kind of like two trucks, same engines, same transmissions, same bodies, but one weighs 20000 lbs, and the other one weighs 40000 lbs. Which one will accelerate faster, and climb the hills at a higher speed, and maybe, depending on gearing, reach a higher top speed?
  14. jcussen

    Towing a truck camper behind a class A

    Not sure how true it is, but read somewhere that for a DP every 1000 lbs of toad weight will use 10 hp.So if you have a 300 hp DP and tow a 10000 lb truck, you are now driving a 200 hp motorhome. Most people don't care, but I hate those big HDT's passing me on the hills, so I like to keep my toads as light as possible. Just jealous because their hp/lb ratio is better than mine.