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  1. Little Domes Everywhere

    Have streamed netflix and amazon with no buffering on my att netgear 711s at 3.5 mbps. Wasn't HD for sure, but better than SD.
  2. Workhorse rv chassis, [several makes] 2009 http://www.hcdmag.com/81l-vortec-engine/
  3. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Have 3 inverters, 2500 watt [this one draws 50 watts on idle] normally off unless using microwave, coffee pot etc. Second one 600 watt, runs front sat, rear tv, stereos etc. [this one draws 18 watts on idle]. Third small one is 300 watts, just for front tv and netgear hotspot. [This one draws about 7 watts on idle.] As mentioned, microwave, tv, fridges, most stereos, etc will draw some current even if turned off. So I only turn on inverters I am actually using at the time. Have 960 watts solar, 980 ah's batteries, so can usually go generator free, unless using ac's or aqua-hot [must be very cold] for long periods. Many people keep their ac/propane fridges because it makes it so much easier to boondock. This is the best tool any boondocker can have Will let you know just how much power your batteries are supplying for 12 volt and inverter loads, and can be used to measure solar input as well. http://www.sears.com/craftsman-digital-clamp-on-ammeter/p-03482369000P
  4. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

  5. Agree, and if you have an ARP on the old one, you can just transfer it to the new one.
  6. Macerator Pump System

    Can't see any reason for it. I also have a macerator system and do not have the small hose with the valve on it. Edit. If you are leaving your gray tank open, would check that gray water will flow thru pump when pump is off, this might be reason for bypass.
  7. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    My mistake, am used to the old 1 stage converters. Best to also check your inverters no load draw. Bigger inverters can draw up to 50 watts at idle state. Idle PowerIdle power is the consumption of the inverter when it is on, but no loads are running. It is "wasted" power, so if you expect the inverter to be on for many hours during which there is very little load (as in most residential situations), you want this to be as low as possible. Typical idle power ranges from 15 watts to 50 watts for a home-size inverter. An inverter's spec sheet may describe the inverter's "idle current" in amps. To get watts, just multiply the amps times the DC voltage of the system. Above quote from Wholesale Solar website.
  8. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Not sure how you are wired, but often charging line from tv will be diode protected [current only goes from alternator to tv and trailer battery when tv running.but not connected when not running. This is to protect your tv start battery from being discharged by the trailer. Would dump the battery boiler [progressive dynamics] and get a smart charger. Agree with Yarome, maybe 1.5 or 2 hours max. depending on charge current from tv. Agree with lenp, solar panels are cheap now, and they work running down the road or when parked. Just to be clear, 1.5 to hrs run time, if not running only what inverter draws
  9. Good or Bad Idea?

    You are right John, way too dangerous out there. Not trying to get people to change their minds, just trying to point out other views and the actual facts. Just because one person said it was dangerous, does not make it so. In the early 1900's everyone though cocaine was good for you.............. Love to know all the legal ramifications. Have you won cases because someone had a propane heater on when travelling and it blew up the propane tanks when moving? The more you know about something, the more chances you can make a accurate assessment. By the way, these are good articles of propane safety: http://www.usealtfuels.com/?page_id=12 https://itstillruns.com/advantages-disadvantages-propanefueled-cars-6946830.html http://www.elgas.com.au/blog/722-are-lpg-cars-safer-than-petrol Like I posted before, the rv, tt, 5th wheel manufacturers do not recommend shutting down propane appliances while travelling, and in this litigious society, that is almost an endorsement. I do agree with you about personal choice. But if all you hear in life is "the sky is falling chicken little" you will probably think the sky is falling. Wish I had the option of winterizing all the water lines when I went up north draining them and not using them until we get south again. To me, RVing is using the coach any time and in any climate. By the way, just watched the news about a horrendous explosion of a pickup and car, bursting into flame and killing 2 people. Pretty sure both were gas powered.
  10. Good or Bad Idea?

    "Moving water" maybe a stream, but a p-trap under a sink sits pretty still enough even if you are moving. at 0 f. might take a couple of hours to freeze. Not passing on B.S., had a 4905 bus conversion, lived in Tacoma, never had any problems. Visited relatives in Northern B.C., temps in the zero's, had propane heat on in coach because engine heat would not keep up. Inside was in the 60's but bays, about ambient temps, 5 f., . Hot water heater, [propane] was on, so had hot shower, only problem, water was backing up. In morning looked in bays and found 2 p-traps split and because of hot shower water thawing them out, refrozen water in floor of bays. Seems a lot of experts are warm weather weekend campers. Only way for op to make a real decision is for him to experience it. Changing out pvc is not too hard, but still a pia.
  11. Good or Bad Idea?

    Winterizing, or protecting against freezing, is a lot more complicated than that. You have low points, traps, water pumps where water etc will not drain out of. Many many posts on winterizing. RV antifreeze solution is a big seller for a reason. I am thinking most people that do not dry camp, [draining out all your water lines every night, thats a lot of water?] are people that do not camp in really cold weather. That is fine. Thats your lifestyle. But believe me, if you go to Northern Minnesota in January, you will be running your water heater and probably your furnace on propane or electric most of the time, or you will be staying in motels. But my main question is, why the fear of propane? what is the difference between using propane when running down the road to being sound asleep in your trailer? If propane is so inherently dangerous, would you not want it 20 ft behind you, as opposed to under your bed? Modern safety devices will not allow the unregulated discharge of propane. Do be careful, more and more propane and natural gas powered vehicles on the road all the time.
  12. Good or Bad Idea?

    John, what do you after travelling all day in freezing weather and pull into a campsite and find you water pipes frozen and broken? Of course this does not concern you, if you only travel in temperate climates. Have helped change out water lines on many coaches that owners thought could not freeze.
  13. 50 amp power management

    This may help you understand: http://www.myrv.us/electric/Pg/50amp_Service.htm