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  1. jcussen

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    Don't think so, I still get a snail mail renewal, but I trash it and do the renewal online.
  2. jcussen

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    When you renew online you will see a box that asks if you want to be reminded next year by email. Anyway, a month or so before registration due, it posts to the tex.gov site. I put a reminder in my Google calendar for the next year just to be sure
  3. jcussen

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    Must be Polk County, I get paper but pay and renew online. Go to texas.gov.
  4. jcussen

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    May be different by county, but in Galveston County, you take your coach to an inspection station and they check the basic operations. horn, lights etc. No road test or smog [if diesel]. You pay them $7.50 and they send pass/fall to DOT which allows you to renew.
  5. jcussen

    Anyone towing a small 4-door pickup 4-down?

    Which small 4 door crew cab automatic pickup can you tow 4 down and weighs less than 4000 lbs?
  6. jcussen

    Batwing antenna

    This was true in the old days. Modern panels have bypass diodes. I have three 320 watt panels in series and during late afternoon, one panel is shaded about 3/4. Voltage and current do fall about one 1/3, but that panel still produce some current and the other two still remain at normal charge. https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/diode/bypass-diodes.html The solution is to install as many panels as you can fit. You can never have too much solar.
  7. jcussen

    EMS & Inverter

    Having the entire distribution panel on the inverter, {as I mentioned, way too much load, ac's, water heaters etc] for a 2000 watt inverter. If it is fed from the distribution panel from say a 30 amp breaker, like many motorhomes have, it could be through a internal transfer switch in inverter or an external one but would require a sub panel. Regardless, the EMS being on the input of the of the distribution panel. all downstream devices are protected by the EMS when on sp or gen but not on inverter if inverter output is wired to main panel.. When running on batteries and inverter, no protection. Some very highline coaches run everything thru multiple inverters that have internal or external transfer switches, but these usually have big battery banks in case you lose sp or gen and everything transfers to inverter power. These coaches usually have auto generator start and a load management system.
  8. jcussen

    Batwing antenna

    http://dennysantennaservice.com/better-vhf-tv-reception-.html Agree, you just need the longer array for low VHF signals.
  9. jcussen

    EMS & Inverter

    Just what is your inverter feeding and how is it connected to the items you want to run on inverter [battery power]?
  10. jcussen

    EMS & Inverter

    In all my coaches, ac power for coaches will come through gen/sp switching relay to main panel and then either use another switching relay to feed inverter sub panel, from inverter or main panel, or use one built into the inverter itself. Regardless, placing the protection device between the gen/sp switching relay and main panel will cover all ac incoming problems. It will not help if you have a problem with your inverter running on battery power. I cannot see an inverter feeding main panel, which in most cases will supply ac's, water heater's, and electric elements on fridges, way too much for most inverters.
  11. jcussen

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    Been going to visit my parents in British Columbia, yearly for about 30 years. Up to about 10 years ago, just a wave through, now more questions, and yes the Canadian Customs people have assumed I have weapons because of my Texas plates. Normally get a cursory coach inspection every 3rd or 4th time. I used to leave my weapon at a Wa. gun shop near the border for "cleaning" before I went across, but now you must have a Wa. drivers license to leave it there. Now I just leave it at a pawn shop and pick it up when I leave Canada. I pawn it for $5, so pay that $5 and about another $5 in pawn charges. Paperwork takes about 5 minutes for fill in.
  12. jcussen

    portable generatord

    Wanted to add a motorcycle lift to the back of my motorhome and ran the figures on axle loading. Found that 800 lbs mounted 10 ft behind rear axle actually increased weight on axle by 1020 lbs. Many people do not realize on dual fuel generators that a 20 lb bottle of propane is equivalent to 5 gal of gas. So if your big generator burns a gallon an hour, that will be more than 4 propane bottles a day if you run it constantly.
  13. jcussen

    What company makes the best class c?

    Wow. That is quite an encompassing statement. Pretty sure a couple of Newell owners might disagree, and probably some Foretravel and King Aire owners too.