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  1. Van or Truck Camper?

    The bilsteins have a good reputation, I went with the Rancho 9000's because they are adjustable, so when I took my camper off, I could soften up the ride a little bit.
  2. Hauling our motorcycle

    Built a manual one years ago, [had a ramp to drive up and strapped in]. Towed a Honda Transalp many miles. In the beginning, removed chain, but after talking to guys at Honda shop, left chain on, and bike in neutral. Did check transmission case temp every time I stopped and it never got warm, so was not worried. You cannot back up at all though.
  3. Van or Truck Camper?

    Truck campers do look top heavy, but in reality all the real weight is in the bed of the truck, [water and sewage tanks, batteries, chargers, food, generator etc] Only real weight above the truck is the 80 or 90 lb air conditioner on the roof. The camper in the pic I posted, was a older shadow cruiser, with a toilet but no shower or water heater. and weighted about 2200 lbs ready to go. Within the trucks gvwr, but as I have had heavier campers, truck had the torsion bar adjustment, Rancho shocks, extra leaf springs, timbren overloads, and rear air bags. Full Banks performance kit made it easy to do mountain passes at 60. Most modern campers are unfortunately pretty heavy, and will need a 1 ton dually.
  4. Van or Truck Camper?

    And you can carry your scooter or generator on the front.
  5. Solar Panel Questions

    You would probably need a mppt controller to use the higher wattage panels. https://www.solarelectricsupply.com/solaria-powerxt-400c-wx-solar-panel-wholesale-price
  6. Which inverter? Magnum vs. Victron

    Agree, if you buy direct from China etc., be prepared to lose your money. I buy a lot direct [e-packet] from China and most items are fine, and a savings over buying often the same thing from a US based distributor. I can afford to buy 4 or 5 types of led bulbs just to find the best one. If it doesn't work, I am out a couple of bucks. Many year ago, when Tyson first brought out the "bladeless fan". I knew I needed one, but would not pay $400. Found one that looked exactly the same with the same specs, so I said "the tyson is made in China so is this one, probably same thing without the tyson label." It looked good but only worked a week. Called their '24 hr' support and after several months of back and forth with me sending many pics and following their trouble shooting, [had to actually cut wiring to test individual components,] they concluded that a resistor was bad on the control board, and offered to send me a new resistor that I would have to solder into the control board after removing the bad one. That was a $200 lesson. Now I will buy bigger Chinese goods, but through an American distributor. I am prepared to pay a premium for being able to return defective goods to a US based company.
  7. Van or Truck Camper?

    truck camper, diesel, 4 wheel drive, with gen. or honda 2000 or equiv. Look for biggest tanks. No need to offload.Often wish I had kept mine.
  8. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I noticed the hostility too, think it is a lack of understanding on the differences between a motorhome and a 5th wheeler. Personally I am a motorhome guy, but I do admire the ability of 5th wheelers to maneuver and get into spots I cannot. I have been to campgrounds where I have seen 40 ft 5th wheels in spots I could never get my 40 ft motorhome into, and do appreciate the fact that 5th wheeler can unhook and get fueled at places I can't. But to each his own. Not the place to get into the mh vs 5th wheel debate again, but a good time to realize there is a difference, and both have their advantages, and disadvantages, and to respect each others choices.
  9. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I do not use FJ/P but Loves which is a similar chain. They are more expensive than a lot of diesel stations, but the fuel is always fresh, they are on the highway and easy in and out for my coach and toad. [Don't forget, if you mess up with a MH with a toad, you cannot back up, like you can with a TT or 5th wheeler] I have a CC tied to Loves which saves me 10 cents a gallon and lets me do the entire transaction at the pump. I use my local Sams when not towing and noticed that they now only allow $75 at a time when fueling. Then you must start over again. I would like to save more, but I am more a destination guy, and will pay a little more for convenience when travelling.
  10. Which gen set is more reliable

    Agree with Birdman. I use the Viair 450. With a 12 volt compressor, you can just size your generator to keep your batteries charged.
  11. RV heating concept

    All the major high end motorhome manufacturers offer in floor radiant heating. Not sure how good it would work on laminate wood floors, but have seen it on tile and marble, quartz etc. The ones I have had are electric, but some can use circulated water from aqua-hot etc.
  12. Pretty much exactly what I said. Thanks for affirming it.
  13. You are talking about wind chill. Original poster was talking about his tank freezing. And I added that it does not have to be below 32 f for something to freeze. You might look at Kirks attachment. Unless it is raining, water will evaporate at any temp above freezing. When it stops raining, even when fairly cold and humid, the water on the road goes somewhere. It evaporates. The swamp cooler video was for people who may not understand evaporative cooling. This is pretty basic, when water evaporates it uses heat to do it, no matter what the temp or humidity is, and the surface it is on, becomes cooler. I am not saying this always or even does happen on an rv but it is basic physics and does happen. By the way, swamp cooler do not work by adding humidity, they work because the water evaporates and cools the air passing over the media the water is on.
  14. I am just stating a fact, not implying it applies to every rv. But I will tell you I had a camper that had a fw tank under it, with maybe a 1/2" of fiberglass insulation. Definitely not enough to insulate tank against freezing. Went to change a leaky water pump and found all the insulation soaking wet! Never froze on me, but this a situation where evaporative cooling could happen. Probably could not happen to OP because his tanks are exposed. Not very likely to happen in an rv, but it is conceivable.