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    500 hp foretravel 40 ft, my hole in the driveway I throw money into.

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  1. jcussen

    8d battery thoughts

    Ran 4 of them for 4 years, still loaded tested them at 95% when I sold them. Bought for $400 each at O'reilly's, [on sale], [worked good for deep cycle use. [only brought them down to 60% SOC only]
  2. jcussen

    How much difference does toad weight make?

    Went from a 2200 lb Samurai to a 3600 lb CRV and can tell the difference. Not so much in cruising, but sure can in acceleration.
  3. jcussen

    What Battery to Choose for Upgrade?

    Battle Born's can be discharged to 100% and can be recycled from 100% discharge for many thousands of cycles. Best to do your research before buying, They do have a full 10 year warranty. They can take a charge down to 24 f, and if in a compartment with a small heat source to keep it above 24 f, no problems. They are $950 each shipped, and even cheaper if you find them on sale. 200 a/h's of batteries weigh about 60 pounds https://battlebornbatteries.com/faq/
  4. jcussen

    Major Problem - 2019 Entegra Vision 26x

    Believe you have the F53 chassis which does not come stock with airbags. Would take it to a professional, could have frame or suspension problems.
  5. jcussen

    Upgrading Battery Monitor Or...?

    You can use a multi meter [on dc volts] to give you a very general reading. Resting voltage of 12.2 is about 50% state of charge and battery should be recharged. Taking battery below 12.2 volts will shorten its life. Fully charged batteries should be about 12.7 or 8 at rest.
  6. jcussen

    Solar controller recommendation

    Have had the Outback, Midnite Solar and now 2 Victons, a 150/70 and a 100/30. Victron''s are a little more money, but much more user friendly, and the bluetooth readout without running wires into the coach a big plus. Another plus, if your tablet or phone is also on wifi or cell, firmware will automatically update when new versions are released.
  7. jcussen

    Solar controller recommendation

    +2 for Victron equipment.
  8. jcussen

    Understanding BTUs

    Basement AC ? https://library.rvusa.com/brochure/06Adventurerbro_1.pdf
  9. jcussen

    Need a Fuel Heater,Any brand or advice?

    As you were told on another forum these heaters are diesel powered and would be a major retrofit on a trailer unless it already had a diesel tank. What's wrong with your propane heater?
  10. jcussen

    What Battery to Choose for Upgrade?

    Agree 100%. Lots of money, but 10 year warranty, and they charge up way faster.
  11. jcussen

    Best site to buy Victron

    X2 on Bay Marine and Supply, Alan knows Victron, and normally has best price,. plus no tax or shipping
  12. jcussen

    portable propane grill

    x2 on the blackstone and it has a removable grease tray.
  13. jcussen

    What brand?

    They will cost you more than many others in the same time frame, but well worth looking at a Newell. There is a reason a new one starts at 2 million.
  14. This one has rear wheel drive and will fold up to fit in a bay, or the trunk of a car. https://www.radpowerbikes.com/products/radmini-electric-folding-fat-bike?variant=5032656863263&ads_cmpid=1594102466&ads_adid=59229918414&ads_matchtype=&a