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  1. I very recently purchased a Jayco 28.5RSTS fifth wheel. Now, I really need a truck. I've settled on a Ford F250 but do I need a long or short bed to tow and park it? Let me add that all I have ever towed is a boat. No fifth wheel towing experience at all. Getting older and may need to park the truck in a parking garage occasionally. Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. I notice the compressor has a drain tube. Do you use the drain? If so, where do you have it draining?
  3. I use a Garmin 770 LMT-S. It's their RV model. I frequently use my cell phone for navigation around town but not for the RV.
  4. All excellent advice. My only added suggestion would be to sit in the RV you are thinking of buying for more than five minutes. Sit in it and walk around inside for at least 30-45 minutes imaging doing the things you would normally be doing in your home. Take you time to be sure it fits. Then, do the same outside looking at the storage capacity and how you access it when at an RV park or pulled over in a rest stop. See if you like the access. Don't rush the process.
  5. If you travel to the Boulder Hwy by Sam's Town, there are several RV parks. I stayed at the Sam's Town KOA for a little over six months. Plenty of room for a rig like yours. Safe and secure in my opinion. Easy access to the Strip if interested. Straight shot down Flamingo. Of course, the Clark County Shooting Range is closer the Road Kill BBQ (a triple D restaurant.
  6. When I stayed at Rainbow's End, I walked a lot and could see which mobile repair service was "most popular". Occassionally, I would go visit with the RV owner after the technician left to see if the owner was pleased with their work. "Most popular" and visit with the rv owner might be an option.
  7. The biggest issue I've found with my Escapees address is many software programs (online or at a business) does not accommodate the #12345. They can only put in the 12345 as an apartment number. I've been know to just had them my drivers license that shows $12345 and tell them to figure it out.
  8. Congratulations. Remember there are lots of roses to smell along the way. Take time to enjoy.
  9. Kirk, really enjoy this post. Thanks.
  10. A W/D was on our must have list when we bought our first ever RV in April 2015. Finally found a motorhome we like in our price range with a W/D. It's a Splendide. Wife has never used it. Repeat never. I washed one load to show her how it works. It works and works fine. Apparently she does not like the 3 hour cycle or it has too many buttons/choices. She prefers the campground washerteria or one in town. Don't know exactly why. She just says she doesn't like it. I guess it's like me and broccoli. I tried it, well force to try it, when I was about 6 years old. Did not like it then and have not changed my mind. If you actually plan to use it, get it. If not, extra storage is always good.
  11. Couple of Seagate external drives and a little bit of iCloud here. No issue for my Mac.
  12. The Texas Storm Chasers are putting on a Severe Weather Preparedness presentation at the Wagon Master RV Park in Sanger, TX Wednesday night. The one hour session is free. Just need at ticket from the office. DW and I are going. Not sure if adult beverages are allowed, but they should be part of preparedness.
  13. I had the passenger side replace last year in Livingston. My deductible was $100. Cost was $1,250. I have the glass break endorsement but the cost was not separately identified on my policy. As I recall, it was not an expensive endorsement.
  14. We are at Escapees in Livingston. I slept right through it. I'm sure my DW woke up a lot. We did discover a leak above the passenger seat with all of the rain. This discovery took place after we got back from our day trip. No telling how long it had been leaking before discovery. Hello dry weather and dicor.
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