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  1. Potential solution. Buy the 9 inch paper plate dispenser. Take it to a florist and have them cut it in half with their "hot wire" cutter. Mount each half, one inch apart. Got what you needed and foiled the Russians.
  2. Advanced RV has a key element for a football game. Location, location, location. It is literally minutes from NRG Staduim. It is also not a secret location. You may need to book early to get a spot.
  3. My biggest issue with MicroSoft was having to rent MS Office instead of owning it. IMO that is ransomware on another level. Not fan of Windows 10 (I did install it on a laptop to see what it was like.). If, for any reason, I'm using MS Office on a PC it is because I went back to work and that is what the company is using. Fortunately, I'm retired now and MicroSoft is history to me. Before you ask, yes I do like my Mac just because it works. Switched three years ago and have had no issues.
  4. I posted about your meter.  Does it work ok? I would like to buy it if it works as it should.  Send me some contact info  my email is


  5. Bought a new satellite dish and no longer need the First Strike meter. Price $70 + $5 for shipping.
  6. We are currently at Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming, NM. Will be here through Saturday. Bought a new satellite dish and need to sell this one at a good price. If interested and close to Deming, I can deliver or wait for you to get to Deming. We are on our way to Las Vegas and will be stopping twice (TBD) in Arizona. Will post new location as it changes.
  7. If I could solve the general cooling issue, I'd be driving a Prevost. That said, without shade or good external shades like Magna Shade or an equivalent product, I'm finding it difficult to keep the front living section (60%) of the RV as cool as I like it. The back 40% (bedroom/bath) is easier to keep cold. I have two AC units with the back unit supporting a much smaller area with less windows. Definitely following this thread.
  8. kaduz, your experience mimics mine. I will be following this thread closely. My only driving experience was a result of the technician on our short test drive being a bit nervous about handing me the keys since I have never owned or driven a RV. He let me drive about a mile, straight line, on the very low traffic access road back to the dealer. While we were writing the check and completing the paperwork, he attached my towed vehicle. We walked out of the office and he said "You're good to go." Then we pulled onto I-35 in Denton, TX and went through Dallas, lots of construction with narrow lanes, and to top it off, rain plus driving after dark. We are still alive. In hindsight, would have been more comfortable setting up a driving school session to coincide with my purchase.
  9. Two days ago, had a Winegard Traveler installed on our 2005 Mountainaire at the Bluebonnet Ridge RV Park in Terrell, TX. Custom Entertainment did the install and did a great job. Total cost was better than expected. DW likes the new setup. Now she can watch "her shows" from an overnight at a rest area. Me, it just easier and DW happy. Life is good. Oh, my work was to "pay the man".
  10. For the past month, I've been using my iPhone as a hotspot for some part of every day. I do check MyVerizon to see my usage. My usage exceeds the 10GB auto speed reduction but I have not noticed the reduction. I can say the usage is not shown on the hotspot as that still shows 10GB/!0GB meaning 10GB available at 4G speeds.
  11. I would suggest you pose the question on this site. It has a large amount of Newmar owners that should be able answer your question.
  12. Here's a thread on full-timer's insurance. Some good information was provided to me by other members when I questioned my 44% increase.
  13. Had a similar issue with my Onan. Would run 30 to 45 seconds and die. Through a low oil pressure code. The bottom line problem was the fuel filter (algae) and resetting the oil pressure sensor (disconnect and reconnect the wire to sensor). Fuel to generator is from the main tank.
  14. I did a brief search in this forum but could not find my answer. Is anyone relying on cellular data (think IPad WIFI + Cellular or 4G) for their primary internet connection? I have a Verizon JetPack that I use but am picking up an IPad with cellular soon. Would like to give up the JetPack and rely on the IPad for the internet connection/surfing.
  15. Have only been full timing for a little over two years. Have not experienced any real defense situations yet. The link below will take you to a good write up on defense while in your RV. Safe Travels.