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  1. For RV purposes I would like to see a hybrid MDT. It gives less distance limitation and puts the torque where gas motors in particular let us down. But even if they put them on the market today I’ll be past my RV days by the time I can afford a used one. 😢
  2. TheCooks

    Ambulance as TV

    Thanks for the replies so far. I know ambulances have hours on the motor at fast idle - 5000 plus total hours being common. And some have turbo problems and a few with gearbox issues, but there are a few companies that deal in them which are recommended by the guys on the Expedition forum. The ambulance comes with a strong box, up to 18 cupboards (for tools & other stuff best not kept in a TT), room for the bike inside, a fairly low chassis height esp if it has air rear suspension, and can easily be made into an RV also (in my case for short trips leaving the TT in situ). AND they are not all that expensive for a reasonable one when compared to a pickup. I started looking at Volvo tractors but my budget won't go there and so I found this idea. If there are any ambulance towing TT rigs out there I'd be keen to see them and talk to the creators. Thanks again for the advice & replies so far. I have a year or so to work on this (or some alternative).
  3. TheCooks

    Ambulance as TV

    I am wondering if there are any people who have modified a Medium Duty Ambulance (in particular a Freightliner or an International) to be used as a TV. I am following people buying and modifying such vehicles on the Expedition Portals and have learned a lot. But none so far seem to have added the necessary tow bar to pull a reasonable large TT. This forum would seem to be the right place for such discussion as it is for MDTs. Ron Cook.
  4. This may be worth a look and he can also sell you the best truck to pull it. http://rvhaulers.ca/wp_car_dealer/for-sale-full-timing-luxury-newmar-mountain-air-39-ft-5th-wheel-coach/ You could change decor to suit you. (Wish I had the money for it)
  5. Oh Bruce, don't dangle a pie floater in front of me. That's called cruel and unusual punishment. They're a South Australian thing I think - banana benders like me didn't have those. We just had mushy peas on top. I'll find out in April what West Aussies eat.
  6. Not to hijack this topic but thanks bigjim. Pie, peas, chips, and gravy [Note: Chips means fries not those things in a packet.] Now we did eat a lot of mince pies for Christmas and that's mixed fruit in a small tart really. And then there's Vegemite - real strong healthy kids eat Vegemite ;-) And Pavlova - fortunately my American wife can make the base for them very well. Thanks for the tip though.
  7. Sue, I am also an Aussie/American. We going back for a visit to Perth in April as my daughter and family live there. If you suggest what you like to do/see in another country and what particular things you have already decided you must see then it may help those of us with some knowledge to make suggestions. It is a big country with lots of empty spaces eg. 80% of all Aussies live within a couple of hours of the coastline and 60% live in 4 big cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane A! Adelaide). It would also help if you mentioned how you think you may wish to travel in Australia. We have used plane, Greyhound bus, train, and Sydney Harbour Ferry. FYI - I was born and bred in Brisbane and have lived up and down the Queensland coast, in Charters Towers (North Queensland), Stanthorpe (south Queensland), in Gawler (South Australia), and in Wagga Wagga (New South Wales) and rode motorcycle around that part of NSW. Have a meat pie while you're there. I miss them so. Ron Cook.
  8. I am a newbie to the camping world but when it came to choosing I used some logic that went like this - I should point out that I started by looking at used A class (I ignored C and B class for personal preference). If my vehicle has a problem do I want to take my home in to the mechanic? If my home has a problem do I want to take my vehicle into the Trailer dealer? [sometimes for weeks!] I had been in a 5th wheeler with my friends and our bikes for a couple of weeks and knew how that was but couldn't afford to get something as big as theirs (trailer plus truck). So I have a new Grey Wolf 26RR coming and a Tundra sitting waiting to be married to it. Whether that marriage lasts long is yet to be seen. I have my eye on RVHaulers.ca. That is an advantage of towed trailers - you can change the truck to suit your preferences and budget or conversely change your home to suit your preferences without changing your vehicle. As has been said - it's personal preference and I would add budget.
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