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  1. chirakawa

    Texas Inspection Question on Renewal

    The inspections used to be $14.50 and you paid at the inspection site. Now, you pay $7.00 at the inspection site and $7.50 when you register. I may be off by a dollar or so, but that's basically how it works now, I believe.
  2. Ever been across Donner Pass on IH80 in California?
  3. chirakawa

    How long will A/C run on a #20 propane cylinder?

    I think LPG is dino fuel.
  4. chirakawa

    Who make a good budget C to buy new?

    What do you consider "budget priced"?
  5. chirakawa


    Are you a member of Escapees?
  6. chirakawa

    Snowbird flight path east of Rockies?

    You do know it's August already?
  7. chirakawa

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    Yes, it is a tax, but not in the way that he presented it. His premise was that it was a tax on products which are not made or readily available in the home country. I was trying to give an example where that it is not the case. When I stated " This tariff is not a tax, as nobody imports cheese or butter from the USA", I left out the word "if" in "as if nobody imports.........". You stated " The tariff makes USA dairy products more expensive so few people in Canada buy those products". According to the link he posted, Canadians buy USA dairy products 2 to 1 over Canadian diary products. My suggestion was, and still is, that tariffs are used to protect home industries. It is the tax feature of the tariff that accomplishes this goal.
  8. chirakawa

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    Which means that Canada has a dairy industry and the tariffs are there to protect it. If Canada had no dairy industry, then it would fit your example. I can't think of any product which fits your example, do you know of one?
  9. chirakawa

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    Sometimes, not always. Take, for example, Canada's tariff on USA milk products. Canada imposes a tariff of 250% to 295% on cheese and butter imported from the USA. This tariff is not a tax, as nobody imports cheese or butter from the USA. In effect, it is to protect the dairy industry in Canada. Now, if like you say, there was no dairy industry in Canada, then you could view such a tariff as a tax. However, that situation does not exist and Canada would not impose a tariff in such a case.
  10. chirakawa

    Batwing antenna

    There is no such thing as an Hdtv antenna. TV antennas are uhf/vhf and have been for 60 years or more. Most TV stations now broadcast on uhf, but some still broadcast on vhf, so you need both as you travel around the country. There is none better than the batwing for rv'ing.
  11. chirakawa

    Crossing into Canada since July 1, 2018?

    No, there is no national registry of gun ownership. They just assume we are all carrying guns with us.
  12. chirakawa

    Looking for some help deciding on a destination

    I can't imagine any reason I'd ever want to be that close to that many people. To each his own.
  13. chirakawa

    Comparing stream rates

    Makes sense. Thanks.