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  1. I don't understand the purpose. If the only difference between F and G is that you pay the deductible through premium on F and pay the deductible directly to the provider on G, how does that change the incentive to the insured? I have the Plan F, but only because I know I will always have to meet the deductible anyway and I'd just as soon pay it up front for convenience.
  2. I replaced a batwing with a King Jack a few years ago. It did well on UHF stations but would not pick up VHF stations less than ten miles away in flat terrain. I just replaced the King Jack with a new batwing, the Sensar IV. It picks up all the available UHF and VHF channels with strong signals from the same location the Jack would not.
  3. chirakawa

    Electrical Problem

    A butterfly is an insect with brightly colored wings.
  4. I think this is the best you can buy. https://www.amazon.com/Winegard-RVW-395-Sensar-White-Antenna/dp/B003VAZ6OG
  5. chirakawa

    how many flushes

    Yep, to each his own. No way I'd want to carry 50 lbs of raw sewage in my hands into a public restroom and dump it down the toilet. I doubt that's an approved method either. I guess that's why they make different systems.
  6. Depends on how helpful the county wants to be. Documents can be emailed, faxed, etc.
  7. Texas does not require that a vehicle be registered continuously. If the vehicle is not used on the road, it doesn't have to be registered. If you last registered it in Texas, you just need to contact that same county in Texas to register it again. In fact, you don't even need to renew the registration for a full year. You can get a five day registration from them to move the vehicle from one place to another. Don't make it more complicated than it is.
  8. chirakawa

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    When I had cataract surgery on my left eye, they tried to match the vision in my right eye. which was/is far from perfect.
  9. chirakawa

    Dish 722K

    Are you sure it's a 711K?
  10. It doesn't matter what choice you make, it won't be perfect. All types and sizes of RV's have their advantages and shortcomings.
  11. chirakawa

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    It's been my experience that paint and clear coat is a lot easier to maintain than gel coat and decals. I wash and wax my gel coated fifth wheel twice a year. It takes about 3 hours to give it a good cleaning and another 3 hours to wax. It still doesn't look as good as the painted rigs I've seen.
  12. chirakawa

    Clean Up That DoDo

    Yeah, what you said.
  13. chirakawa

    Clean Up That DoDo

    In my over ten years of fulltiming, the biggest disappointment to me has been the behavior of pet owners. As a group, they are the biggest violator of rules and most inconsiderate which I have observed. In fact, I don't think I've ever met or seen a pet owner which played by the rules. I'm not just talking about picking up dog droppings, I mean the entire list of pet rules. I can't remember ever staying in an RV park which didn't have rules against leaving the pet unattended, yet every pet owner I've observed has done so. And, when someone pointed out that their precious little Fifi cried the whole time they were gone, the owner didn't believe it. News Flash.............your little puppy misses you while you're gone. I've also noticed that many owners tie up their pet outdoors while they sit inside and watch TV or whatever, also a violation of any RV park I've been to. Some even build pens outside to house their pet. I can't remember all the times when a new arrival will open the door and three or four dogs will come running out, even though the RV park has a clear rule of two pet limit. Of course, they're careful to only walk two at a time. Don't even get me started on how many times I've walked into a laundry and seen a dog sitting in there next to their owner, even though pets are not allowed to enter any of the buildings. And, there's nothing nicer than folding my clothes which are full of dog hair because someone washed their dog rug against the rules. But, hey, it's okay pet owners. If it's not a fair rule in your eyes, you don't have to obey it.
  14. Sure, I can. But if you never asked them, how do you know what their reaction is?
  15. Just curious, how do you know that?