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  1. chirakawa

    TRAFFIC ALERT / Interstate 10, east of Houston

    I would say it depends on where you are and where you are going. US90 gets very congested starting in Devers, Ames, Liberty, and Dayton with normal traffic. Parts of it are still two lane. I can imagine what it's like through there if 50% of IH10 traffic is diverted onto US90. Today, US90 West from IH10 in Beaumont was bumper to bumper from light to light. I can imagine that it will only get worse as word gets out. Not trying to be argumentative, but I would take either Texas 105, US190, or even IH20 from east to west if the starting point and destination so agree. If you have to stay close to Houston, so be it. I would probably stay on IH10 then take 146 south around to 225 to get into Houston. You would know that area better, how is that route holding up?
  2. chirakawa

    TRAFFIC ALERT / Interstate 10, east of Houston

    Westbound traffic entering Texas from Louisiana are being encouraged to take US90 west from Beaumont. I assume that many are and that makes US90 a route to be avoided also. I would suggest anyone traveling through Houston on IH10 to take another route further north other than US90.
  3. You're a real piece of work. You are the one who said " Windshield washer fluid is for WASHING windows, not de-icing". I simply tried to explain to you that washer fluid is made to not freeze so that it won't freeze in the reservoir and destroy the washer fluid system. De-icing may be a side benefit. I once again agree (for the third time) that this quality is probably not necessary in the Phoenix area because it seldom freezes there. You're so intent on impressing everyone with your chemistry degree that you can't understand a simple mechanical concept when presented to you. I'm done trying to explain it to you.
  4. chirakawa

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    I get it fine, it's just doesn't happen to be true.
  5. Are you responding to me? I know you're not that dense. I never said that radiator antifreeze is the same as windshield washer antifreeze. I'm quite familiar with the difference between the two substances. The comparison I made is that they are each used to protect something from freezing in a vehicle. If you think that washer fluid is built to not freeze simply to de-ice your windshield, then you haven't been paying attention. The reservoir where it is stored will freeze, swell up, and burst open like an engine block if you go into a cold climate with washer fluid that isn't protected against freezing.
  6. You're the one who brought up "de-icing". I merely pointed out that windshield washer fluid is not just for "de-icing". It's used like antifreeze in your engine block, it keeps the washer reservoir from freezing and bursting. And, I agreed with you, it may not be necessary in Phoenix because it doesn't get that cold there. However, I can surely understand why people who live in Phoenix might want to be able to put antifreeze type washer fluid in their vehicle. Some people do actually leave Phoenix and go to areas where it does freeze hard. As far as the consternation, you'll have to ask the OP. I don't give a rat's a$$.
  7. chirakawa

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    We're not talking about $1,000,000, we're talking about a generator. An honest person wouldn't steal your generator if you accidentally put it in their campsite. A thief will steal it out of your campsite, unless you put a cable and lock around it. So, you don't need a lock to keep an honest person from stealing your generator, but you might need one to keep a thief from taking it.
  8. chirakawa

    Honda 2000i or Predator Generators?

    Just because it "stuck" with you, doesn't make it true. Many thefts, especially from vehicles, are opportunity thefts. I had a bicycle stolen from beside my RV one night. It was found in a ditch a couple of miles away and next to a subdivision. Most likely some kid got tired of walking and saw my bike just sitting there. I doubt it would have been stolen if I had put a cable and lock around it. An item like a generator unsecured in the back of a pickup truck is like eye candy to a thief. Snatch and grab, impulsive, quick in and out.
  9. Actually, in cold climates, an anti-freeze windshield washer fluid is a necessity. You don't want to have your reservoir freeze up on you and burst. I suppose they don't consider that an issue in the Phoenix area since it doesn't freeze often.
  10. chirakawa

    Help Identify Bus Conversion/RV Systems?

    I recognize a mailbox in the 15th photo.
  11. chirakawa

    test Photo

    Detail is a little fuzzy. Oh wait, that's my worn out old eyes.
  12. chirakawa

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    That's what you get for admitting that you were a member.
  13. chirakawa


    Last time I did that I ended up with $20 worth of car wash tokens. ☺️
  14. chirakawa

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    If you can't get it at Amazon, it probably doesn't exist. 😀
  15. chirakawa

    Connect Mobley to a router

    Thanks. I tried those, I think that's Google. There were four or five websites that it would not open, don't remember which ones. I gave up and used my old WifiRanger.