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  1. I agree that the OP posted the picture, but it could have been of her girlfriend or sister and aunt or whatever. It didn't have to be a picture of herself.
  2. No, I have no idea how old he/she is. I generally agree with his/her comments, was just pointing out that we all have different ideas about what is safe or not.
  3. I had a fifty-fifty chance.
  4. How do you know she did?
  5. You drove 840 miles in one day and are making comments about others driving unsafely?
  6. I imagine those little domes are for TV service, not internet access.
  7. What's wrong with looking to get the best deal for themselves? Isn't that what a previous owner is doing? Isn't that what the buyer is doing? Isn't that what you do?
  8. My bad. I was saying Direct TV but thinking DISH.
  9. First of all, this was not designed to be "mobile TV". It was designed to give customers an alternative to cable TV or to bring such quality TV to those who have no cable available. I think it's great that the industry accommodates us RV'ers as well as they do. Your time zone is reliant upon your service address. Your service address must be changed by you each time you move to another locals area. Federal law prohibits you from receiving local channels from an area in which you are not located, so they can't just automate the "move" for your convenience. The Direct TV receiver does not transmit information to Direct TV, it is a receiver only. So, there's no way it can furnish Direct TV with your new location. Smartphones use two way communication. You have more to learn.
  10. I also believe that public lands belong to the American people.............and I'm so glad that we have dedicated Park Service employees there to protect and preserve it for all of us to use in a reasonable and sharing manner.
  11. When I was seven or eight years old, I could stand back and pee over a 4' chain link fence. That was sixty years ago. Now, I can lean up against a fence and can't even reach the base with a good stream. Same result, an empty bladder. Either you get my point or you don't.
  12. Streaming certainly has it's place and is a viable option for many. However, IMO, it does not support traditional TV viewing habits.............such as channel surfing, flipping back and forth between programs, multiple recording, many live sporting events, etc. A new attitude and approach is necessary to make internet based TV work for most of us.
  13. If you drop your locals, which DISH now allows, and take the DNS stations it won't cost any more than before.
  14. Me? I'm having a great day. Didn't think it was a competition, just trying to contribute to the discussion.