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  1. chirakawa

    National Pass

  2. chirakawa

    New RV buyer looking for advice

    Heavy Duty Truck
  3. chirakawa

    New RV buyer looking for advice

    TT is bumper pull travel trailer. Fiver is fifth wheel travel trailer. HDT is some kind of ego thing which has it's own category and gets some guys really excited.
  4. chirakawa

    Cheap places to live...

    Nowhere in the article did I see where this was supposed to have anything to do with quality of life or even somewhere one might to live. It's simply the "cheapest" small towns.
  5. chirakawa

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    I don't particularly agree with your argument. I travel quite a bit, as I'm sure you do also. I pay taxes wherever I travel, yet I don't get any representation in those places on local issues. I personally don't buy the argument that we RV'ers shouldn't get to vote because we don't actually live there. However, I can certainly see the other side of the discussion and I don't see it as a "taxation without representation" issue. The issue I see is that folks who come into a small community and flood the area with voters who have tremendous influence over that area, yet don't have anything at stake can be scary to locals. The example already mentioned is a good one. Polk County, TX is a conservative small community in the Bible Belt of East Texas. There you have thousands of people from other areas of the country who come in, establish residency, and essentially have the power to elect all local officials. These "outside" voters may or may not necessarily share the same values of those who actually live and work in the area, the people who are actually being directly affected by those elections. You must admit that can be scary and cause resentment among the locals. So far, the residents of Polk County and their "virtual" neighbors seem to get along fairly well. Escapees has shown itself to be an asset to the community and the locals appear to appreciate that. However, I can see where they are just one local referendum or one school bond vote away from serious conflict. I'm not suggesting that RV'ers who establish residency somewhere shouldn't get to vote, I'm simply saying that it's not as cut and dry simple as some want to make it. JMO
  6. chirakawa

    Veteran ID Card will Finally Ship

    Typical bureaucratic incompetence.
  7. chirakawa

    Keeping RV Fridge Cool While Driving

    Depends on the ambient temperature.
  8. chirakawa

    High End Trailers

    I agree with your first two sentences. However, MDF is heavier than lumber. You may be referring to lighter weight materials like low density fiberboard and such, but not MDF.
  9. chirakawa

    Closing account

    I think you just quit posting, and your account rides off into the sunset.
  10. chirakawa

    Durango, CO to Lubbock, TX where to stop in-between?

    I've stayed in Santa Rosa, just a simple RV Park. There's also Santa Rosa Lake State Park just north of town. I've never stayed there, so can't comment on it. I've also stayed in Fort Sumner. There's an RV Park there a half a block from the Billy the Kid museum.
  11. chirakawa

    Directv vs. Dish

    When I refer to "local" stations, I'm not just talking about local news and weather. Locals include all of CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, MeTV, CW, PBS, etc. progamming. If I can't get those on an antenna, it's nice to get them on satellite. If you don't like that programming, then it's not a big deal to you. JMO
  12. chirakawa

    Directv vs. Dish

    That's because you're usually working and staying around cities which have local channels. Like now, in the Houston area, you probably can get 50-75 local channels over your antenna. Many of us travel and stay in the country, 100 miles or more from a city. Most of the places I stay, I'm lucky if I can pick up one local station.
  13. Nope, I just received an update this morning and no change.
  14. chirakawa

    Trailer w/o Slides

    I've owned more than 15 RV's in my life, both motorized and tow type. My Bigfoot trailer was the best overall quality built and designed of the bunch. I would eagerly recommend them.
  15. It depends on what tech you talk to as to what the requirements are for this program. I had a tech set me up with the outdoors designation, he said I had all the prerequisites for being able to use the app. Yet, it does not work. First, as usual with DISH, either they don't have clear guidelines or they don't educate their employees on those guidelines. Second, there are obvious glitches in the new software which allow some to use it and others to not. Third, it would be easier to change my locals using an app, but until I can I'm perfectly happy going forward with using the chat feature to do so.