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  1. They tell you different stuff because they don't know. Seems like DISH would put out a fact sheet on this so all their people would have same story to tell. I own my equipment and have an outdoors account, but can't change my location with the app. Some can, some can't.
  2. Also, it makes no difference where you buy it. It'll have to be inspected anyway.
  3. The Texas Vehicle Inspection procedure is dependent on where you register the vehicle. In most counties, the inspection is very simple like Barb described. A handful of counties require emissions testing. I'm not sure if your Class C motorhome would be subject to the emissions tests, even if in one of those counties. You can call the Texas DPS vehicle inspection division and ask. (512) 424-7293
  4. Streaming services are subject to the same Federal laws on local channels as cable and satellite companies. They can only offer locals for where you actually are, not where you would like to be or say you are. So, in order to determine where you are, they must use gps or some other reliable method.
  5. Which has absolutely nothing to do with what you stated earlier.
  6. You could apply the same principle to homeowner, auto, health, life insurance, etc. That's the nature of insurance, the average premium is higher than the average payout..............or insurance companies wouldn't be in business.
  7. When renewing a registration in a different county, or when registering for the first time, you have to produce proof of residency. That doesn't have to be a driver's license, it can be a water bill or similar. There is no law requiring one to drive or have a driver's license in order to own a vehicle in Texas. I always have to present my driver's license (I guess an official ID would do) when I renew my registrations because I pay with a check.
  8. You weren't paying very close attention.
  9. All things come to an end eventually. Suits and ties, dresses and hose, handwriting, language skills, and good manners are all dying with the generation that still uses them. Most new generations abandon some of the practices of the older. Thank God and Henry Ford we don't have to shovel manure off the streets anymore. However, it's a long ways to go before everyone has access to broadband internet capable of relying on for streaming television. I know, Elon Musk, 5G cellular, da da da da da. I am no soothsayer, but I'm predicting that satellite TV will be around for the rest of my lifetime. That being said, for the time being I'm happy with the structured format of satellite TV. I like having a guide I can use to find what I want to watch. I've dabbled in the streaming world a bit and know people who do it exclusively. I spent more time just finding what to watch than actually watching it. I seldom watch anything live, usually record it and watch it delayed so I can skip through commercials and commentary. That especially applies to live sports. I can't stand all the talking heads in between plays. Most of the people I know who do only streaming, pay more for the combined internet and TV than I do. I pay $23 per month for internet and $73 for TV. For that, I have more than enough choices for the two or three hours per day that I actually watch the boob tube. But that's just me, an old man who doesn't always believe that newer is better.
  10. Your implication that we are unable to know what to "watch and think" without "seeing ads and other BS" is indeed condescending. Emotion is not a necessary element of condescending. I usually do whatever I want, with or without your permission. 🙂
  11. I'm glad for you. It's good that you have been able to do that. However, just because this works for you is no reason to be condescending to others who make a different choice. Not everyone is content with what you watch. I don't watch "ads" and other "BS telling you what to watch and think". I am a free thinker and decide what I want to "watch and think" and I can not get everything on the internet. Ten years ago? Not even close.
  12. I totally agree that lot's of water is very important in the black tank. However, you can't put enough water in the tank to prevent odors from breaking the surface.
  13. If your turds don't float, you aren't eating enough fiber.
  14. Most of my rv's I never had a problem with odor. On my last one, anytime it got good and warm, upper 80's and above, I would get a belch of nasty smell . It's not necessarily about a bad seal or whatever. It might be due to a poor plumbing design, but may not be also. When it's hot out, the black tank can really get to cooking up a brew. Most of the odor should go out the roof vent. However, on a still day with no wind to draft the odor out of the tank, when you flush it can cause a problem. Understand that when flushing, you have a quart or more of liquids and/or solids going into the tank. That action requires an equal amount of gas to leave the tank. It will generally take the path of least resistance. The drain in the bottom of the bowl is 3", compared to the roof vent which is only 1 1/2" and is 8' or so tall. It's only natural that some of the gas will come back up into the living space through the flush drain. It doesn't take much of a belch to create a pretty good smell in the bathroom. The solution, of course, is to seek cooler climates. 🙂
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