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  1. One of my favorite spots out of Cortez is up 145 north of Dolores several miles to 38 along the West Dolores River. There are a couple of campgrounds along 38 I've never stayed in, but I think they have electric and vault toilets. On past Dunton is where I like, up high and you can view all of the peaks in the area. Beautiful high meadows, cool air, lot's of wildlife. Continuing on 38 will bring you out on 145 again between Rico and Ames. From there you can choose your path, lot's of open camping all the way north to IH70.
  2. Then what need do you have of the postal service? Can't you just send smoke signals? 🙂
  3. My water heater weighs 100 lbs and is connected to rigid piping, not to mention the screws in the front. The wedges keep it from sliding fore or aft. I can't imagine it moving much.
  4. You mean besides the Boy Scouts? Sorry, couldn't help myself. 😀
  5. chirakawa

    Insurance caveats

    Location, location, location. I've paid more than $1200 per year on a single pickup truck for over 20 years.
  6. Thanks for that information. Even more reason why MrsSquid would wonder what his opinion might be.
  7. Well, it's my understanding that Shawn Loring is legal rep for Escapees. He is a member of this forum and contributes sometimes. I just did a forum search for his name and came up with three pages worth of results. I think it's perfectly natural to wonder what his stance is on this issue. Search for Loring
  8. Now, that one I've heard, even used it a few times. And, I have seen lipstick on a pig a few times, Miss Piggy of the Muppets and Arnold Ziffel come to mind. But, polishing a turd?
  9. Who tied your knickers in a knot? Maybe she wanted to hear a lawyer's opinion and the forum members opinion both. You're not in charge of what people can ask or not. Incidentally, I thought that's what Escapees' lawyers were for, answering questions which come up now and then.
  10. I can truthfully say that in my 70 years or so on this planet I have never heard that expression. Who would even consider polishing a turd? I guess that's how new discoveries are made, trying things I never would have thought feasible.
  11. So, what exactly are you warning us to do, or not do, or say, or not say?
  12. At this point, the only "compelling" reason would be environmental, if you are so inclined. There's no way these vehicles make economic sense at current costs, unless you live next door to one of those charging stations. Last year, an acquaintance bought a brand new $900,000 Entegra DP motorhome and a brand new Tesla within a week of each other. When I asked him why he bought the Tesla, since he could afford any car on the market, he said he was concerned about the environment. Go figure.
  13. chirakawa

    $100,000 part

    No need to worry until they start pumping platinum into you.
  14. Evidently, they haven't seen "The Mule" with 88 year old Clint Eastwood.
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