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  1. FT Cooking/Baking

    It's not up to me to approve or not. However, if you do survive that brick wall, just remember that you'll have three fairly large missiles coming up from the rear to also survive.
  2. HELP! Travel Trailers...which one

    If you're talking about US dollar bills, that would amount to over $900,000. Pretty good savings for a one year old trailer.
  3. Slides

    Perhaps some RV's are air tight enough and the slides move in and out fast enough so that opening a window would make the process smoother or easier. However, anyone who is familiar with how the slide seals are built and mounted knows that the process will have no ill effect on them either way.
  4. Polk County Tax Office changes

    Is there someone who didn't know this already?
  5. Polk County Tax Office changes

    Well, that makes sense. Most prosecutors won't bring a theft by check case up unless the merchant requires adequate identification (i.e. driver's license or official ID) when accepting the check. I didn't realize that's what the OP was trying to say. It's been that way forever at my local tax office.
  6. Polk County Tax Office changes

    That's strange. I'm not aware of any Texas law which requires the owner of a vehicle to also have a driver's license. Are you sure they're not just requiring some form of identification?
  7. class A license form

    If you're talking about Texas, the Class A requirement has been around long before 2006.
  8. class A license form

    Yeah, I'm familiar with the Class A requirements. I just thought it odd that a dealer would make that determination based on the trailer alone, but if those trailers are at least 17,000 gvwr it's probably a legitimate call.
  9. class A license form

    Wow. How heavy is that trailer?
  10. Free Parking in Texas

    There's a house?
  11. Houston Toll Roads

    I won't debate whether Houston want's visitors or not, don't have any idea what their attitude is with respect to that. However, their tollways have nothing to do with visitors. The tollways in Houston circle the city and are mainly built for locals trying to get from one part of the city to another. None of the Interstate highways have tolls on them. IH10 through Houston is 8 or more lanes all the way through, 10 lanes for much of it. The other Interstates are multiple lanes and they are constantly enlarging and improving them so that people passing through have as good an experience as possible. The secret to passing through Houston while traveling is the same as passing through any major city, don't try it during rush hours. There are five million people in the Houston area, all trying to get somewhere at the same time. Time your travel to be on those roads after most of them have gotten there. IH610 is a loop built in the 1970's to circle the city at that time. It is used by locals for local traffic. It is not a loop in the common meaning of the word. Most people think of loops as a way to avoid a city. IH10 is a far better choice for passing through the city. While the Houston traffic can certainly be challenging at times, I much prefer passing through Houston to much smaller cities like Fort Worth, Austin, and Baton Rouge. JMO
  12. California CDL

    I thought all pickups were registered as commercial in California.
  13. Staying in a parking lot

    I see. So, it's the parking lot owner's fault that when he put his jacks down that one of them went through the asphalt. Interesting way of looking at things.
  14. Houston Toll Roads

    I'm with you Scott. I've been driving in and around Houston for 50 years, never been on a toll road. There were times when IH10 was not a good route and I used IH610 quite a bit. For the past eight years or more, IH10 through Houston is the fastest, best, shortest, most direct, and easiest east/west route. Like any other large city, pick your times to go through.
  15. Staying in a parking lot

    What difference does it make why it punched a hole through? The bottom line is that there was no hole in the asphalt before they arrived, and there was one when they left.