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  1. You will be bonding plastic to metal, so a panel adhesive might or might not work. You will want an adhesive that bonds dissimilar materials, can tolerate temperature swings, and will hold up to vibrations. There are hundreds of different epoxies. I personally would call 3M or one of their distributors to pick the right epoxy. And with all adhesives, surface prep is key to success.
  2. I would look at different epoxies. I found this store more helpful than Lowe's ot HD https://www.aih.com/storefrontCommerce/ the link is for the store in Fairbanks, though I believe there are others in the state AK will stress your vehicle like no other place
  3. I'm at about 80% in supplying reviews 100% on those places that have been particularly good or bad
  4. I've driven through much of New Zealand. Can't imagine driving with a typical US trailer there
  5. Carlos SecuritySpy looks very good, but I am bound to the Windows or Synology options. Any thoughts? Thanks for the Amcrest recommendation. Putting a system together, and had been looking at Axis cameras. I want good video quality, but their prices are a little hard to swallow for a home system
  6. I use campgrounds to fill my tank, then run off the pump. Keeps the tanks fresh
  7. unless you are a belt and suspender type of guy, which I am. I would do both screw and dicor, and prob eternabond on top of it all
  8. ATC makes a great trailer, light weight, strong. But cheap they are not
  9. More info would be good. I might be able to help out as well
  10. I've been to DC a number of times. I have not made it to the Memorial - can't do it
  11. http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp
  12. there is a 1000 hour maintenance for the Onan, and it isn't cheap.
  13. fly2low

    Super C

    I have a Dynamax Dynaquest. If buying now I would definitely go with a Renegade. Both Renegade and Dynaquest have good bones, so buying used may work for you. I got mine when it was 7 years old (it is a 2007 model). Paid less than 50% of the new price, and it has served me well. Yes the appliances were all dated, but I could afford to replace them at my choosing.
  14. I favor buying used vehicles. However, one of the things I look at is age vs miles. The vehicle you are considering does not have many miles for how old it is. This leads to all kinds of problems with brake seals, bearings, hoses and belts drying out. If you can get it for a better price than they are asking, and if you are handy, these could all be addressed/replaced for not much money. Definitely look at tire age as Kirk has mentioned
  15. I find this site helpful when on the road and need service http://rvservicereviews.com/Index.asp
  16. I would have a conversation with them on Monday. They should reimburse you
  17. sorry for the misstatement. I read it as WA to Vancouver, and there are two ways. Personally I would do PA to Vancouver to avoid Seattle traffic and to see the peninsula. If going to the US islands, Anacortes would be the most direct route I lived in Seattle until 5 years ago. I moved over to Gig Harbor, and nowI do almost anything to avoid Seattle traffic.
  18. This may help https://secureapps.wsdot.wa.gov/Ferries/Reservations/Vehicle/default.aspx The queue on weekends for the islands can be very long. Would plan on travelling to avoid Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It is not inexpensive. Can't remember exact amount, but north of $100 for RV and toad
  19. I found this site very helpful when choosing my RV https://rv.org/
  20. Most new companies fail - fact of life. Lifetime means nothing if they are not around
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