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  1. I would suggest reading handy bob.com. Very good informative read. Afterwards you may not be an expert but will have a very good understanding of solar systems. Jack myer has some very good info also. jim
  2. I just saw your old post here about Spring Creek. We took the old class C and finished the season there three days a week. Bugs were bad then it got cold and no bugs. Loved the view . Nothing exciting happened around the lake the rest of the season . The fire was the king of the compound. Just signed new contract will start May 1st if snow let's us in,  right now the snow on the edge of the drive must be four ft high. Stop in if your near hope everything went well on your trip home. Ott

  3. I use the propane pro com heater too. Very efficient use of propane. Very useful when boondocking.
  4. Shopping for tires and have looked at Sailun tires alsoMichelins. Currently have Michelins with about 40k on them (they are worn out). These are LTX model. Sailuns get good reviews as far as I can tell. Price wise the Sailuns win. PS I pull a 18k Excel 5th wheel. I would appreciate your views suggestions. Thanks ,Jim
  5. Thanks to all who replied. Jim
  6. I want to add 2 6v batteries to my 2 6v battery system . The system will remain 12v. I will add two batteries of the same brand and near the same age. My problem is that the only place I can install new batteries is about 5 foot from existing batteries. I will use 2/0 cables and make sure both positive and negative leads are the same length . I will also be adding 200 to 300 watts of panels to an existing 280 watt system. anyone have any comments or suggestions thanks
  7. I just received the Viair 300p air compressor and have given it a try on my 17.5" 5th wheel tire. Very pleased, outstanding product. Brought the tire from around 8opsi to 125psi in a matter of minutes. Quite and easy to use. With the storage bag will fit and travel well yet remain ready for use in a few seconds. i highly recommend this compressor and the price was pretty easy on the wallet. I paid $ 128 delivered. Jim
  8. Your wake up voltage is good. Battery was pretty much at rest and showing 12.7 v could not ask for much better than that. If you run the generator the same time your solar is providing power whichever one has the higher voltage will be the one providing amperage. So both with the sun shine is wasting fuel. I still would suggest buying Trimetic TM 2030 battery monitor. Using it is the only way to know for sure the condition of your batteries. Has lots more information available too. Jim
  9. Watching the lights does not tell you anything about battery SOC. (State of charge). i would highly recommend installing a battery monitor such as the one from Bogart or I ve heard people recommend the link meter. This will measure total amps "in" and total amps "out". I to would suggest turning the inverter off until needed, it has a idle current draw. is your solar charge controller programmable, if so what volatage are the batteries being charged. Each battery manufacture has different requirement for charge voltage. Sounds to me that it might be possible that the batteries are not getting 100% charged. In addition the inverter draw when not in use does not help. Hope this helps, I am no expert but have researched on line . Jim
  10. I just bought one to use when boondocking . To pump tanks into portable blue tank in bed of truck. Qusetion is ,. Are there other times when you might use the macerator pump instead of the regular hose to dump the tanks.? Thanks Jim
  11. Thank's for the replies. Will check them out . Almost a necessity nowadays. Jim
  12. Looking at dash cams and not sure the best way to go. What are you using? Thanks, jim
  13. Nice, show us and tell us more. I am very interested in your project. Seems like your approaching solar correctly. Jim
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