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  1. Looking for a Good Samaritan in Phoenix Area

    Will contact my brother in Mesa. I know he will help you out. I'm coming thru later next week and would be honored to help out. Any way when I talk with my brother he will call. Jim
  2. SOLD 2008 Excel Limited

    I sent you a pm
  3. That is the set up I use, nothing else needed
  4. Which hard drive do you use with Dish 211Z reciever? Thanks for your replies.
  5. Direct tv

    It had become a real problem to deal with Directv, and on top of that they kept raising their fees. Switched to Dish and lowered my bill by almost $60 a month. Same service and number of TV's, also able to use my vangaurd carryout to receive HD channels. Agree that ATT takeover was not a good thing! I had been with Directv for over 15 years. Jim
  6. Route Advice Please

    Road is good, just watch for possible bad weather. And I think you meant Amarillo ,Tx? Have a great trip
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have the carryout dome a the present time. At this time I do not plan on having the hopper type system in the RV. When I change I will have it at the sticks and bricks. Only need a total of two receivers so some along the hopper type for the house and the 211z/k for the Rv. Thanks again, Jim
  8. I'am really getting tired of Dierctv raising their fees. Considering switching to Dish. At least, if I switch I will enjoy 2 years of reduced programming fees. My questions are, will the vip211z reciever work with the winegard carryout dish? Another question is what portable dish will I need to use on a tripod as a backup if unable to use carryout? I believe the model number I've seen is 1002?? Thanks for your replies. Jim
  9. Generator for 5th wheel

    Checkout the Boliey 3600. I'm going to purchase one to carry in my 5th wheel. Only weighs about 75 lbs is pure sine wave, will Also run a 15k but A/C. Has a fair run time with the take and has the option of running with an external fuel source. Around $1350'with remote start and external fuel option. Google Boliey generators.
  10. Estimate 30k plus miles on my neverlubes. Not really biased against them but seems like I've heard about a lot of failures lately. Don't know where mine were made, will check on tear down and maybe replace if alien. Jim
  11. It's a neverlube bearing, does not require packing and was tightened to 150#. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Had brake shoes and magnets with backing plate changed today, was cheaper to buy as a complete set up. They were replaced and still had minimal braking. Found some faulty wiring and repaired same. After drive home checked heat on bearings and found one neverlube bearing running 50% hotter than others. All bearings were checked visually but not measured for slack or wear. Oh well break out the pocket book! Very glad I found it now rather than later. Firm believer in heat guns, $10-15 infered gun saved possible hundreds or more plus the danger of wheel falling off. Seems like there have been a rash of bearing failures Jim
  13. alignment shop in Livingston

    Glenn, I know they do all kinds of trucks, motorhomes etc. I go by there often. It's on the right side of the road going north, south side of town. Jim
  14. 6 week wait for driving test for class a Livingston

    Call the DMV office in Lufkin, short run up hwy 59 from your location. They never look like the are busy.