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  1. Please send pictures and in good to larsenrf@yahoo.com
  2. Hello, request the pictures, thanks Larsenrf@yahoo.com
  3. Sold - RV Hauler For Sale. Sold

    Good afternoon, request pictures also, thank you. Larsenrf@yahoo.com
  4. Vladimir, that is a awesome website and article. Thanks for taking the time to write and share. Reidar
  5. Test

    Test for me also
  6. ECR Pre-rally has begun

    We really enjoyed meeting everyone for the couple of short hours were able to spend at our first ECR (more like a "hit and run"). Like bmzero said we had to depart early and be back for work and school on Monday here in NoVa. We are especially grateful to Sue and Bob Guthrie & Carl and Donna Wagner for taking the time speak with us, show us their rigs, very informative and helpful. We missed being with you all before we got to the CG gate!
  7. ECR Pre-rally has begun

    Hello, we are here in Crossville headed to the CG for a "driveby" this afternoon. We have head back the NoVa in the early AM. Staying with freinds locally.