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  1. That's funny, my aunt called last night to let me someone was in and said they knew of me. Might try to slip down to the RV park this morning around 10 and see if I can catch up with you.
  2. I gave up on our 1999 cluster. Went with a tablet and run the SilverLeaf software. https://www.silverleafelectronics.com/node/6
  3. Had Jack & Marc at RVHLifestyles take a look at truck and trailer yesterday. I'm lucky they are only 20 miles from me. They are working up an estimate for the insurance. Thanks for all the replies!
  4. Last Tuesday as we were leaving Moab we were T-boned by a gal running a red light. As you can see it took awhile to get shut down, ended up about a third of the way on the river bridge. She absolutely came out of know where. Claimed her brakes failed, LOL! Just missed truck fuel tank. Impact pushed tool box and fender skirt into the passenger side dual. Also got the rear tail light panel. We were able (with some help of our Jeeping friends) to remove fender skirt (with cordless grinder cutoff wheel), pry the front toolbox open with large pry bar then use cordless impact to remove toolbox, remove damaged tail light panel and temporary hang lights. Got into the trailer too, ruining (1) trailer tire on impact. Also damage to trailer. Pretty sure trailer has more damage than is showing. Pic of middle tire opposite side of impact after a 1000 miles. All tires now have funny (not ha ha) wearing. How she ended up. She was unhurt and refused medical treatment. Cop had to chase down the wrecker and retrieve her stuffed teddy bear! Any first hand advise advise with in dealing with a situation similar would be appreciated. I did get an Information Exchange Document from the cop that worked the accident. He did inform me that the vehicle listed in as #1, is at fault party and she was listed first. I let my insurance agent (American Family) know ASAP. I sent them a copy of the Information Exchange Document, they reached out to the others insurance company. Within an hour or so I had a reply from my insurance with a claim # and adjusters name/number from her insurance company. Was told they needed to contact their client to verify and an adjuster would be contacting me. I have yet to hear back. I plan to contact Moab PD and get a copy of the accident report before I call her adjuster.
  5. Leaving Kansas this evening. Heading to Lake Tahoe area to run the Rubicon Trail. Most of travels out will be I-80. Return trip will be thru Moab, UT and Leadville, CO. Keep eye out fur us!
  6. I've been kicking around making a receiver hitch bracket with a sidewinder style jack attached to it. I'd be able to slip it in receiver hitch to keep the bed up when parked for extended periods of time.
  7. Trailersaver hitch TSLB2H bag used: Air Lift # 58124
  8. Got the new drives all balanced up. It is a real chore getting these back on by yourself. Inner goes on pretty easy compared to the outside dual. The outside dual has to be darn near horizontal to drop over the hub. Had use a ratchet strap to aid in this process. Guess I did not bet pictures with the skirts and new lug nut chrome caps installed. Getting ready to having things all ready for our trip to California this July. We are pulling the Jeep Scramblers out to run the Rubicon Trail.
  9. I had purchased new rear air bags for my TrailerSaver hitch awhile back. Decided it was time to get them on and while at it add a 3rd air bag. After some research I believe I figured out what air bag to use . Went ahead and removed the swing arm. 2 holes drilled, down approx 3" from top edge and centered to opening. My homemade bracket. Test fit and mark new hole location in the base plate. New rear bags ready to go in. New holes for bracket mounting. Drilled and tapped for 3/8" bolts. Brack Bracket sandblasted and painted with new 3rd air bag mounted. Finished product. I'm in about $120 for the 3rd air bag.
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