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  1. Well, One side blows on me, other side blows on wife. We both hate that, for different reasons.. If it doesn't bother you, that's great, you don't have to any extra work. But it does bother us. And, if you will notice from the picture, the main temp deflector I built is for the front, which doesn't actually blow forward, but drops right down on the desk where my hand sits on the trac ball. There is also a temp deflector on my side, and the one on my wife's side is shut off. So, all 3 of the vents up there bother at least one of us, and closing all in a Texas summer is both counterproductive and hard on the AC unit.
  2. OK, I'll take that under advisement. Usually, I prefer something a little more solid, like wood or metal to screw or rivet into, particularly when it is hanging almost directly over my head. I just built a little box beside the bed so my older dog can get on the bed. She weighs about 15#, but I made sure it would support ~300#. Actually, I'd probably use the RP25 tape (conformable foam core) which I already have instead of the 4950 (firm foam core), since the ceiling is kinda soft and spongy. Hummm..., I could use both the "extend sheet metal out both sides" & "use the VHB tape" ideas. Belt and suspenders always makes me sleep better. Thanks for tape idea. I do have it, but have never used it, so it doesn't come as a first thought.
  3. Not that particular one, but I've looked at a number of those on Amazon. THe only way I can see using it is to remove the current plastic cover, extend the sheet metal (painted) beyond the edge of the plastic cover, then attach the new deflector piece to those extended edges. Doable (I think, haven't looked under the cover to confirm it'll work), but I was hoping for something a little faster, since I have a couple of dozen other little "make life easier/better in my RV" tasks waiting for me.
  4. That was my thought. You want to talk to my wife?
  5. Well, depends on what you mean by adjustable. I can turn it off, or on by sliding the the piece the middle to the right or left, or 1/2 way, which narrows the opening but makes the air flow faster. But it still pretty much shoots straight down. What it *doesn't* allow you to do is shoot the air out at a 90 degree angle. The "thing" around and beneath it is my "construct" of plastic and duct tape. What is does is exactly what I need it to do. But just "pretty". Note: don't believe that small (maybe 20 degree angle) has any great affect on the direction of the air flow. It doesn't. The flow is DOWN.
  6. We have the interior input/output for the RV where the cold air is pointing at my hands and neck, which is uncomfortable. I currently have some contructs made from plastic and duct tape, but my wife thinks they are not elegant enough. Grrrrrr. I know I can get some clear plastic defectors (Frost King, Deflector, and many other) rather inexpensively at Amazon, but they aren't made for RV venting, and will require a fair about of MacGyvering. No problem doing that, I like those kinds of puzzles. But I don't think she will be satisfed with those results either. Are there any interior air deflector designed to be attached to RV air handles? I don't know if I'm using the wrong keywords or just unlucky, but I haven't found any yet. Or will I have to learn to work with plexiglass at a high skill level to get the results she wants (my current skills that lead to uneven and chipped edges).
  7. Thanks to all for the comments. Dispite some negative comments on AMZ, I think I'll try the 760LMT. I am aware of Base Camp, since I used it with my hand-held GPS for hiking (back when I was a bit younger).
  8. As I said in the parameters in the first message, I'm not considering an app or applets. I do have my reasons, but those aren't important -- I'm just not considering them. I want a 7" dedicated GPS mounted on the top of the dashboard. Kirk, I thought the Garmin didn't have some of the features that are interesting/important to RVers? Thanks.
  9. ljjohnson99


    Hi, I have purchased my new RV (used 2014 Terra 31TS w/1600 miles), lived in it for some days at the dealer's site, got the minor issues fixed, and Monday after the ice from this blasted blue norther melts I'll pick it up and drive it home. My question is about GPS. I've had handhelds for serious hiking (Garmin), app on computer and laptops, and applets on tablets. I want a dedicated unit for the dashboard. I'm leaning toward the Rand McNally 7720 LM. I know the current one is 7730, but I've seen a number of bad reviews (amazon and other) as to the dim lighting & lack of visibility. Can anyone comment on one or both of these units? Thanks.
  10. Well, I bought the 2014 Terra 31TS a few weeks back. Been very busy since then, living at dealers' park (and finding a number of small issues), getting ready for our 25-year/downsizing yard sale, and lots of detail work. I was supposed to bring the RV home today (all issues we found fixed), but it's icy and I'm going to wait till Monday. Was also going to do the yard sale this weekend, but with temps that feel like 19 deg in TX, figured not many would come. Thanks to all that helped with this question. I never did find any other with that much spare weight capacity in the gas models, and I really didn't want diesels, so I'm glad the dealer finally dropped the price to what I wanted to pay (after 2 weeks of back-and-forth).
  11. Yes, I have. The Occupancy & Cargo Carrying was listed as 6498#. I downgraded it to 6000# since hasn't been weighed yet. This particular one only has 60 gal tank.
  12. Thank you. THat is a possibility, if the Terra doesn't work out...
  13. Oh, but I do understand. That is why I started this string, but no one has answered my question. --I need an A, not new (2011 - 2014), with at least 5000# CCC.-- Currently I know of only 1, the Fleetwood 31TS Terra (2014). It has a rated 6000+ lbs. I wanted to know if other gas A motorhomes were available with at least 5000# in the semi-affordable range. Not a debate on what or how much I'm to carry, not trailer vs motorhome, not additional trailers. Just other motohome possibilites. The data on CCC seems to be VERY HARD TO FIND on the internet (or else I don't know the correct place to look). It is difficult to get a good deal if there is only one motorhome that fits your needs...
  14. OK, hadn't seen or read about those. Will look around. Hopefully it will be small and cheap. And will be > 5000# tow (car is about 2500#).
  15. Maybe I wasn't clear. I was only asking about other motorhomes in the semi-affordable range that have a large CCC (besides the Fleetwood 31 TS Terra). My choice will not be a trailer + pickup, or a lessor amount of supplies. In fact, I expect those supplies to increase in both volume and weight over time. And I don't really understand how I can safely tow a trailer and a car behind the motorhome. Until I get too old or sick to do this anymore, it will be my only home. Thanks.
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