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  1. Hi LifeSong, In my opinion, cargo carrying capacity (payload) is one of the most overlooked numbers in the truck/trailer equation. Tow capacity is very important, but not the only variable. GVWR & GCWR are variables as well, but generally speaking if you focus on tow capacity and payload, you are well on your way to focusing on a great tow vehicle. Quick example. Our Casita weighs 2,910 lbs. The tongue weight is about 375 lbs. Our ‘09 Kia Borrego Limited V8 is rated to tow 7500 lbs with up to 750 lbs on the hitch (tongue weight). From a tow capacity perspective, we have plenty of extra capacity if we wanted to upgrade and get a bigger trailer. However, my cargo carrying capacity of the Borrego is 1,154 lbs. You have to subtract the tongue weight of 375 lbs from the 1,154 along with my weight, Laura’s weight, our camping gear, Gibbs (our Maltese), etc. We are still well under our 1,154. However, if I bought a larger trailer that weighed 6,000 lbs, I still have a tow capacity of 7,500. Assuming a tongue weight of 600 lbs, I am only left with 554 pounds of payload. By the time I substract our body weights, gear, pets, etc. I will go over my payload rating, particularly if they are any additional passengers. The bottom line is that most tow vehicles when towing a trailer will run out of payload long before they run out of tow capacity. In terms of tow capacity, I would want my trailer to weigh no more than 60% to 75% of my truck’s tow capacity (my opinion). If you end up with a Bigfoot 21’, you would want a tow vehicle capable of towing the Bigfoot along with the payload capacity to handle the tongue weight and your gear, etc. inside the truck. Many 1/2 ton pickup trucks would do a fine job towing a Bigfoot 21’. Tow capacity of the truck is also related to the rearend axle ratio. The Bigfoot 21’ is not a huge trailer, but at the same time will still require the appropriate tow vehicle. Happy Camping (and enjoy the research process), Dean
  2. Hi Lady Song, Wow, that was one impressive road trip in your Ford Windstar!!! LOL, the Bigfoot 21’ is one of three molded fiberglass campers that we would consider at retirement. The other two are the Oliver 23.5 and the Escape 21. I am definitely a fan of molded fiberglass. You should attend some “egg” rallies for molded fiberglass trailers. We average about 6 per camping season. Very interested in hearing what you end up doing! Happy Camping, Dean
  3. Hi Captain Happy! We love our Casita 17’ FD. Our goal is to keep our mid size SUV (rated to tow 7,500) to tow the Casita. In a year or two, we want to add a small used motorhome. We may also replace our other car with a small car that can be flat-towed. We would use the small car as a daily driver, but then could use it as a toad for some trips behind the small Class C motorhome. That gives us a trailer option as well as a small motorhome option both with and without a toad. We will use this set up until I retire June 30, 2023. At that point, we will reevaluate our options. Until retirement, we will camp 50 to 60 nights a year. Happy Camping, Dean
  4. Hi LifeSong, I am intrigued with your original post regarding the REV. There is definitely no such thing as the “perfect” RV. I find choosing an RV to be a microcosm of life in general. . .a series of priorities, decisions, compromises, actions, consequences, followed by more reflections! How is that for some philosophy! We were recently in the Travato 59K at the Nashville RV Show. Very nice, but for the same money or less, there are some small Class Cs that offer more versatility. Of course, as the small motorhome gets bigger, the need for a toad increases as well. Another one of those compromises requiring research, decisions, consequences, etc. Since we have a Casita, we love molded fiberglass, thus one of my reasons for loving the Coach House 220 TB. I have also looked at the older molded fiberglass Chinooks (Concourse, Destiny, and Glacier). Very nice, but they stopped making them in 2005. I am not particuarly handy, so I don’t know about buying a 15 y/o motorhome. Hey, I bet you could quickly learn how to handle a Class C with a toad if needed. I understand your interest in a small motorhome. I know lots of solo travelers and couples with Casitas and other small egg campers. However, despite how easy it is to tow a small trailer, you are still either in the tug or the trailer as opposed to the advantage of the motorhome of being in your RV while driving. I am familiar with RV Sue. Despite our potential interest in a small motorhome, we love our Casita. We attend about 6 egg camper rallies per year. The molded fiberglass community is a wonderful close knit group. Hey, have you checked out the LTV Wonder FTB or RTB? I am really impressed with RTB; however, it just hit the market this past summer, so still quite pricey used. Look forward to reading about what you choose to do. Happy Camping, Dean
  5. Kirk W, Agreed. Good points. Given my 4.5 years until retirement and that we camp about 40 to 60 nights a year, we want a small used motorhome to see how we like a motorized RV compared to our Casita. Plus, Laura is interested in some “Girl Camping” with friends, so a small motorhome has its advantages. We will keep the Casita. Come retirement, we will then potentially sell one or both and then buy the next RV (trailer or motorized). I was sick once in our Casita (13 foot box). I ended up in an Urgent Care with a stomach virus. I was MISERABLE! Take care, Dean
  6. Hi LifeSong, I am interested in this topic (small Class Cs). We are currently getting reading to start our 4th season in our ‘05 Casita Freedom Deluxe 17’ (travel trailer), so we are fine with small. I have 4.5 more years of work, but we are talking about small used motorhome (under 25’) in the next year or two. I remember when the REV first hit the market in about 2015. I thought it was hitting a sweet spot in the market, but I don’t see many on the road or them being discussed much on-line. When we get serious, we are going to lean toward a Coach House (particularly pricey), Pleasure Way, Leisure Travel Van, Phoenix Cruiser, Lazy Daze, etc. I am also intrigued with the Winnebago Travato 59K. We like the floor plan; however, it is a Class B and not a Class C. It might be a bit small. I am intrigued with what you find out about the REV as well as your final decision about a Class C. Take care, Dean
  7. Hi All, I have enjoyed reading this thread. Laura and I own a ‘05 Casita 17’ Freedom Deluxe molded fiberglass trailer. We have owned it for nearly three years and have camped over 130 nights as avid weekend warriors. We love it!!! I have 5 years until retirement. We are currently downsizing and thinking about a used motorhome (under 25’) in a year or two. We will keep the Casita. By the time we retire in 5 years, we should know if we prefer a trailer under 25’ or a motorhome around 25’. I am a fan of Coach House, Pleasure Way, Phoenix Crusier, Leisure Travel Vans, and Lazy Daze. I prefer the Ford E350/E450 chassis. Thank you for the insightful comments and this thread. Looking forward to adding a small motorhome to our RV travels in a year or so. Thx, Dean
  8. DeanCHS1980

    aspect cumbria

    Hi Jim, Go Big or Go Home! You did it. Congratulations!!! Enjoy. Wishing you and all a restful holiday season, Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year, Dean
  9. DeanCHS1980

    aspect cumbria

    Hi Jim, As an empty nester for the last 2 or 3 years, we have become avid RV travelers (weekend warriors) camping 40 to 60 nights per year. Being weekend warriors, a small travel trailer is currently better for us; however, I enjoy researching RVs. I think Winnebago makes a decent product and I think Aspect/Cambria 27K is the best floorplan for couples in a sub 30’ Class C Motorhome. Love the 27K!!! Wishing you the best, Dean
  10. I am a big fan of small motorhomes under 25'. I think you have picked two fine examples. Isata is known as a maker of upscale Super Cs. The Winnebago View is an outstanding example of what can be done on a MBS chassis and they have a cult like following. I prefer the diversity of floor plans of the View, so I would probably lean View. Wishing you the best, Dean
  11. Hi Linda, I can definitely see the benefits of a small Motorhome without a toad, particularly if you can master the logistics of getting supplies and ease of transition from campground to road and back. Take care, Dean
  12. Hey Jeff and Suzanne, Love the PC videos by Earl and Kyle. I have watched dozens or more. I think PCs are amongst the best small Motorhomes on the market. Leisure Travel Vans, Pleasure Way, Coach House, and the smaller Born Frees are great small Motorhomes, but very pricey. I like the Winnebago Views and Fuses, too. What are your thoughts about the MB Sprinter chassis compared to the Ford E350/450 chassis. Take care, Dean
  13. Hi Linda, Great points. Laura and I are only in our 2nd camping season. Luckily, our little 17' Casita if fairly nimble, so we can balance "camping" vs. "traveling". When we first started, I would have predicted us to be travelers; however, I have been surprised at how much we enjoy staying in one location for several days relaxing with the occasional day trips with our SUV leaving the Casita in the campground. We have about 8 years to fine tune our style before retirement and doing some serious RVing!!! Take care, Dean
  14. Jeff & Suzanne, Our Casita is the Freedom Deluxe. It has the swivel chairs. Very comfy. You are right, though. The Casita is very small, but perfect for our current travels. Comfy bed, two person dinette with comfy swivel chairs, and a wet bath. That is all we need for our long weekends and occasional 6 to 10 day trips. By the way, I LOVE Phoenix Cruisers. They are at the top of my list for a Motorhome under 30', particularly 25'. I love the 2350, 2351, and 2400. We were just looking at the floorplan of the 2400 the other day. Take care, Dean
  15. Hi Kudzu, I like your post. My wife and I are only in our 2nd year as empty nesters. I am still working for another 8 years, so we bought a new to us '05 Casita 17' Freedom Deluxe towed by a mid-size SUV with a V8. Laura and I talk about retirement rigs. We love molded fiberglass trailers and may end up with an Oliver, Bigfoot, or Escape. All are 21' to 25' long. However, we are intrigued with small Motorhomes (Class Cs/B+) under 25'. They have many advantages, but have challenges as well. The hassle of a toad or the hassle of not having a toad in terms of breaking camp to take a day trip, etc. I am hoping there are more responses to your post. Happy Camping, Dean
  16. Hi Boudreaux, I do not have a Jayco or even a Class C; however, I like that Jayco has a two year warranty and, for what it is worth, I know several folks with Jayco travel trailers they really like them. Wish you the best with your search! Dean
  17. Hi Eddie Lee, I don't own it, but I have researched it. I like Winnebago/Itasca products. The 27QP offers a roomy floor plan (yet under 30 feet) with an island bed, decent galley, ideal tv location, a huge bed over the cab, etc. Plus, I really like the Silver Package (QP). This takes their "vanilla" materials and improves a nice floor plan with higher quality materials and lots of features. What are your thoughts? Take care, Dean
  18. Hi RVTEN, I know you are correct that a B+ is a marketing term created by sales folks. I guess B+ has a more positive (+) sound to it and "B" gives a perception of "smallerishness"! Perhaps B+ sounds better than C-. Even though Cs and B+s are the same in terms of their true classification, I envision slight differences: 1. Most Cs are around 11 ft tall more or less and roughly 8' 5" wide. 2. B+s tend to be around 10 ft tall more or less and roughly 8 feet wide. I really like your rig, the Winnebago Aspect. Very nice! In fact, the 27K is my favorite floorplan of my Top 5 manufacturers/floorplans. I am also a fan of Phoenix Cruisers and Nexus Vipers. Of course there are other rigs that I like that don't fit into my framework above: 1. Lazy Daze have the profile of traditional Class C, yet are just over 10 ft tall like other B+s. 2. Winnebago Views are Class Cs, yet are only 7'10" wide despite some models having the bunk over the cab. Yup, they are all Class Cs, but I really like the profile of your Aspect. It fits my "perception" of trimmer Class C in terms of height and width. Take care, Dean
  19. Hi David and Kathy, I am in long-term research mode, so I have no "real" experience!!! However, Phoenix Cruisers are fantastic units. They are definintely on my short list. I like the 2552. However, the 2910T is a SWEET floor plan. I bet this would be an easy transition from a 5er. Plus, you will really enjoy the quality of the PCs. Keep us posted!!! Take care, Dean
  20. earlvillestu, I definitely like Nexus products. My DW and I tend prefer the Viper line rather than the Phantom line of Nexus' products. Of course by going taller and wider, Nexus has done a fine job packing a lot into their 25P. I tend to prefer their 27V (not as tall or wide, but longer and less basement storage). As mentioned above, it is all a compromise! Take care, Dean
  21. Joe, For the near future, I will have to be content with RV research. One daughter half through college and the other daughter on her way soon. No RV for me until I am finished with college tuition. Until then, I will use some of my discretionary time to research this new passion of mine, RVs. I appreciate reading about your experiences with Winnebago. They are on my short list along with Lazy Daze, Leisure Travel Vans, Phoenix Cruisers, and Nexus. I definitely respect your desire to stay at or under 27 ft. My problem is that I want a 31' floorplan on a 25' chassis. Hmmm, physics is getting in my way! It is all good. I recognize the compromises that must be made. Buying an RV is a lot like most other things in life. . .compromises, priorities, learning, etc. Looking forward to hearing more about your purchase process and thoughts. Take care, Dean
  22. Hi Joe & All, I, too, am really enjoying this thread. I continue to be impressed and inspired by the the wisdom of seasoned RVers in terms of their willingness to share their experiences and opinions. Joe, you have complicated my RV research! I started my RV research focusing on rigs around 25 ft. thinking smaller is better; however, as the months of research have gone by, I have broadened my research to 27 ft. rigs plus/minus 2 ft. The Cambria is 29' 5", thus it never really made "my list." I spent last evening looking at it via videos and the Winnie website. Here is what I like about the Cambria: 1. LOVE the floor plan 2, LOVE that the external dimenions are 10'4" in height and 7'11" in width. 3. LOVE the external storage for a B+ rig! 4. I lean F450. Nice. 5. Like the decor and materials. 6. Has the requisite walkaround queen. 7. Sweet galley. HOWEVER, this comes at the expense length. I am concerned that at over 29', we would lose the "nimbleness" of a rig like the Navion. This goes back to your OP. Navion v Cambria. I realize that you are thinking about an earlier Cambria that is couple of feet shorter, but I really like that 29K floorplan. I have about 5 or 6 rigs on my list. Now, I have another one. Thanks, I think! Keep us posted on your research. Take care, Dean
  23. Hi Joe, Interesting post. I, too, look forward to reading responses from others. The Navion is on my short list. In terms, of the Cambria, I lean toward Phoenix Cruisers (2552) or Nexus Vipers (27V) for whatever reason. However, the Navion is the shortest in length and creates the best possibilty of going toadless for my DW and I. I want to stay as compact as possible while still having a livable space for the two of us. You have peaked my curiosity. I am going to go back and look at the Cambria again. Take care, Dean
  24. GracieK, How exciting!!! I have looked (virtually) at the LTV Unitys and Liberos many times. Does it have the extra window that you wanted for guests and/or pets? I know you said you wanted a bed that was not in a slide. The Libero is a corner bed unit, so no bedroom slide. Great. You mentioned that the access to the bed was good enough that you did not need the preferred walkaround. Nice. LTVs are amazing coaches. I think you will be very happy. Stay in touch regarding the purchase experience. Take care, Dean
  25. Hi Again, Oh, and I forgot. . . To Toad or Not to Toad??? One of the many questions!
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