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  1. Steve, Time out for a birdboy story..... In my misspent youth and my job of saving the world I was slave boy right seat guy of a couple DC-6'$ and a DC-7 tankers.... Plenty of plumbing..... Capt was Old-grumpy and had prostate that must have been the size of a water melon but he would not use the pilot relief tube so he spent time back in the back cabin peeing in the APU drain pan drain while I had to hand fly the old crate without a autopilot.... We were out of Seattle bumping our way up the coast to Yakatat and coffee drain time arrives but no Capt to fly the wreck so......we were in and out of clouds with moderate iceing at times but not too bad....so I grab the pilot relief funnel and get my....."plumbing" integrated with the aircraft plumbing......I opened the valve and WOOSH a 280 mph breeze blows the last load back on to me and into the cockpit...... Capt arrives and looks really grumpy....not smiling at all says, "kid NEVER EVER pee when the Venturi is iced up....NEVER EVER..... My suggestion..... forget plumbing.....get another trailer maybe.......and remember ...... NEVER EVER pee in iceing conditions....... Drive on.....(plumbing ain't fun.....)
  2. This is my second attempt to respond to you but my fat fingers made everything go poof.... So......your "friends-shotgun-test" might be a bit defective..... Indeed it's likely that pumping a shell into the chamber might not be heard....and that's the problem with shotgun "volume-control" .....the next "level-of-volume" is to pull the trigger..... Did your friends hear the blast? Like I said .... Guns are seldom solutions to problems and often bring on more problems..... So how big was the hole that your friends had to patch after the "test"? My manure fork has limits as well. Drive on......(carry your manure fork with care... )
  3. We have been boondocking with Dolly-painthorse ALL spring / summer straight with fairly good results In my previous life I conducted ...."logistics" in third-world locations where most of the time I was the ONLY guy without a gun or knife. In the last few years of boondocking we have had ONLY had a few problem-encounters. Three "encounters" come to mind over three years and at first glance most folks would say we had two "dog-encounters" and one "human-encounter" but the reality is that the two dogs were owned by humans that allowed unacceptable actions to occur so ALL "encounters" were human related. Seldom is a gun the best solution to a given problem .....and can often bring on more problems. As the horse camp stable-boy (un-stable) I tend to be "armed" with a pichfork much of the time It's well known that the sound of a pump action shootgun has a ........ calming effect upon scumbags ......so it might not be a surprise to consider that the mere sight of a fresh stained manure fork seems to have a calming effect on some scumbags as well. Now if you want to be scared to death boondocking try ..... Joe Watt dispersed camping just S W of Ellensburg WA......BILLIONS and TRILLON'S of field mice......the pichfork does not faze them a bit and they just keep on coming. Boondocking is a way of life when horse camping and scumbags will be scumbags......but rodents are what you should be scared of above ALL..... Drive on..... (Beady-eyes are watching.. )
  4. Dinky Dinner right at the 20 MPH 90 degree corner in the center of Goldfield Nevada....... Best cafe in Goldfield....(0nly cafe in Goldfield). Not too cheep but heck the food is ok and it's only 150 miles to get a food to cook so it's a bargain at any price. Used to be a old Piper Tripacer at the corner that had a sign. "NOT FOR SALE" Still best food in Goldfield.... (Only food in Goldfield). Drive on.......( Don't take the corner in Goldfield too fast..... )
  5. Hey Knott, Swing by Last Chance Peak camp for a few days or weeks and we can sip some more of that Crown-Apple-Canuk-KoolAid.....and we can get some of those silly grins after chewing some rattle snake stew. See ya when you get here... Drive on......gotta have a Crown-Apple to grin like a fool....
  6. Hay Rickarooo, Better answer to where we've been might be .....where ain't we been.... So far our record "official" Horse camp slot was listed at 20 feet MAXX......the ranger shook his head and ask when the heavy-lift-chopper was due to extract the rig.......shucks all it took was three unhitches and snaking backwards for a half mile around hairpins...... Grumps used to say ......."shucks backing up is easy, just put the truck in reverse, wiggle the steering wheel, roll up and light a smoke and peek in the mirrors once in a while......it's just like driving.....only in reverse....." Anyway since May Dollymomma and horse has been to about 27 horse camps in three states and (un)$table-boy (me) has forked a few tons of Horse-exhaust and couple thousands of water ...... Far less Hassel than those skooter-jocks with hellhats and tight cowhide pants skidding down the blacktop......no horse geeks just plod down the trail until they ride into the hornets like Dollymomma did THREE times in less than a hour last Friday....GPS recorded Dolly-painthorse went from 2.72 mph to 17.62 mph in four feet.....bet your Volvo can't get up and go like that......and that's with all four hoofs off the ground.... Just a couple geezers too lazy to go golfing..... Becareful Rickrooo.....skooters saddles are way up in the air......long way to fall.... Got to go now......got to throw some fresh hay out and fork some used hay in the bin up the hill about a 1/4 mile away.... Drive on....... just another hay-day....
  7. Bend, Oreeegun.....just enough white crap to make sure we are tanked up with enough diesel to get non-$top to Last Chance Peak camp just East of Death Valley next week ......only be about 90f in death valley so will need to soak in the 104f hot springs to keep the frostbite away......geezer stew.... Sell the snowblower and drive South.... Drive on......($outh)
  8. Dollytrolley


    Yes Dollymomma has had the ole (un)stable boy out boondocking at horse trail camps since May without cell or internet service and her Spot SAT-Tracker / and satemail is slow and $$$ for only 140 characters so does not work for forum. Will be down at Last Chance Peak Nevada in a few weeks and better net services and give the sat-services some rest. Cheers
  9. Dollytrolley


    Dang Glenn, Flood is a real pain to deal with for sure. Too bad the Smart was not on the truck deck. Floods strange animals, we once had a couple of barged on the Oregon coast moored in a flooding river very well moored but a barge up river broke moorage and hit ours and then our barge ran aground on a county road ....it was only a 300 ton barge so it only took a week and $$$$$ to refloat . Hang in there ... Dolly and crew
  10. Hay Rickooo Might try Pahria River Ranch. A bit horsey but cheep, plenty of room, has water & elec. Sorta outback between Knaba & Big Water but that's what the scooters are for right? About $16 for dry camp and $32 for elec and water. If you get really crazy try the horse trail rides but remember it's a long way to the ground from the saddle on a horse than a scooter.... be aware of horse exhaust it can occure at anytime. Cheers, Dolly and crew
  11. No worries.... Few shots of that Apple Crown Royal and who cares about tire ratings... Those Crown folks sure know how to make apples tasty 😋 Drive on....... ( Few Crown Royal Apples .... Mmmmm beats the heck out of apple pie)
  12. Hi Steve, Hard to fathom it was a LOT worse than BD-10..... To be worse than BD-10 you have to cobble a LOT worse together.... A LOT. Public has no clue how many very bad fly-thingy "things" have claimed to be aircraft... Don't get started on the 737 Max-Me$$... Drive on .... (Bad wanna-bee-aircraft... Equal short retirement)
  13. Lawrenceee. In the Stone age some aero-geeks cobbled up a VERY marginal go-fast-areoplane-THINGY.... It had way too big engine, way too small tail, and bad wing / flap design... .the test program had only killed two of the two experimental test pilots that had attempted to fly the mess... So with only one "thing" left to fly they scraped the bottom of the pilot cat-box and hired me (no REAL pilot wanted to be dead pilot #3)... With the BAD design came the perhaps worst feature...tiny tiny itty-bitty aircraft tires that were rated at 160 MPH and the wreck touched down 190 MPH... I bitched about this attempt to kill me and the chief engineer spit out in a rage . ..you are just a pilot.....the safety margin of these tires are 180 MPH with roll out limited to 4,000 feet... So Knott...... No worries.... Just keep your trips to under 4,000 feet and then allow TWO Hours to let the tires to cool and make another 4,000 feet. Oh ya the program ran out of money so it died.... Before I was able to be dead pilot #3.... I hereby approve your tire experience..... You don't need a parachute....it would only get Tangled in the tire chunks flinging off ....... Drive on......(do NOT exceed 4,000 feet per trip)
  14. Teach......20 F E E T of deck is the Minimum.... Maybe 28 F E E T even better.... As you drop into ...... Geezzerhood you will NEED to take more and more kamping "ESSENTIAL'$" with you as you become more ... ..re-fined in your needs to have kamping be EXACTLY like home with just closer nieghbors and shared water, sewer, and elec........ Remember the HDT Moto .....go big and then.....go even bigger.... Drive on.......( BIGGER bed iz better.....size matters)
  15. Shucks ya Rickoo count me in on those donations as well......shucks since the old Jet Commander was recycled into Vegan-juice-cans I have too much money keeping me busy.... I thought Dolly the horse would keep me poor but ya know a zillioaire once told me late one night shooting a approach to land in a blizzard... He said..."You know, poor folks have NO CLUE how much work it is to be rich!" Well Komrades get to work .... Help the poor Komrades out . Drive on..... ($hucks rich Komrades need to keep the poor Komrades in plenty of....of......of....)
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