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  1. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Well, the analog gift raised my eyebrows and interest. Yea, we all have that high-tech flummery, and life got easier, and life got more complicated.
  2. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Hi - since we have talked about 1/2" drive torque wrenches, this Craftsman price doesn't look bad at $56: http://www.sears.com/craftsman-1-2-in-dr-digi-click-torque-wrench/p-00913919000P?sid=IAx20050830x000545&aff=Y&PID=4485850&AID=13166739&utm_medium=1122587_4485850_13166739
  3. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Hi Pat and Pete: Wondering if you had an opportunity to ask your neighbor about the jammed Xtend ladder - - perhaps they power washed it? I'm still shopping! From the past couple of years, seems the ladders were the cheapest around February. I use CamelCamelCamel.com for price history and alerts. Thank You! - Mary
  4. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Nah, I didn't think you did. Our 5-er gets divvied up in an unspoken manner. He has the entire basement to control, I get the inside - living room, kitchen, under bed and rest of bedroom is divided equally; he runs the garage but I give him items to put in and ratchet as he sees fit.... seems to work out fine for us. Finally found out he has a 1/2" drive torque .... has had it for decades, Craftsmen $25!. He's going to wind up with plenty for Christmas and I'll have reserve ideas for the following year for Valentine's Day , birthday, etc. Everybody has been great pitching in with ideas, and it's been fun shopping with all the suggestions, and chatting on the forum. Hope others have found this thread useful.
  5. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    And a woman, too; I have a beginner's Celestron with a Finderscope (motorized) packs well enough under the RV bed, runs on a battery pack so I bought an inverter, but depending upon our site, we usually carry a lot of extension cords which suffice from the 5-er.
  6. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Yup, got delivered a couple days ago from Tweety's -- cheaper than other places including Amazon and Ebay - no shipping and no tax for me. We've been enjoying our gravity chairs from Cabella's for many years now - it has a movable pillow that slides the length of the back - so husband uses it as pillow and I as a lumbar support. Also has removable trays off one side for cup holder and room for small items like phones, snacks. You'll enjoy yours. Merry Christmas!
  7. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    I did read in the reviews that once these telescoping ladders get grit in the mechanism they are scrap metal. Most reviewers don't go back to a product and update after extended use and potential problem so the commentary of problems was comparably few compared to the four- and five-star reviews.
  8. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    I'm actually going to add something to this list myself.... but something that was discussed in a previous forum, which is the Extend & Climb Ladder... https://www.amazon.com/Xtend-Climb-785P-Telescoping-Professional/dp/B000JIL4Z8/ref=cm_wl_huc_item Has anyone had any problems with the locking mechanisms on the rungs now that you've had them a bit? Masterdrago - picked up your msgs from yesterday - thank you, I'll look. I wish I could visually ID a 1/2" drive w/specific torque ---ahem; he has big roll-around tool boxes all over house, barn, tool boxes in every vehicle - and yes, he loves shiny, chromed items. One year he bought me a big roll-around and has been filling it - !!!
  9. Just wanted to let Vicki know I got the folding step for the tire as suggested from Amazon.  It works well - both the truck and my SUV.  It looked well made, good welds, thick paint, came with covers so it would not scratch itself plus the carry bag.  Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

  10. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Dear Mike, I believe I heard Mrs. Claus emitting her own "Ho Ho Ho" with she glee because she has exactly the same wish. Over the years, Santa's budget has taken some hard hits, but he'll be out there looking for that deal for you, so stay hopeful, you never know when it just might happen for you both. Dreams come true.
  11. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Yarome: Re: Your suggestion for the AE w/ Ford Bundle. I posted on RiffRaff and a knowlegeable person replied as follows when I asked about running performance diagnostics w/ SP03 when the BullyDog has to be disconnected at the OBD1: No problem, happy to help. The bully dog is a Programmer so even when you disconnect it is still tuned. So you can use the SP03 to diagnose without an issue. I'm not sure if others were interested in this, so posted here-Mary
  12. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Looks good, Vicki. Going to order, will work on my SUV, also. Thanks for jumping in here.
  13. Point taken, gentlemen. And a Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to Everyone!
  14. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Hi Ray - I just did an e-mail query to Westin for husban'd model, I was looking for wheel-to-wheel to get into the 8 ft bed. We ditched the tailgate and have the fifth wheel tool box across the back- which makes it more awkward to climb in the bed. I recall he was looking some months back at boards, got to the dealer but they weren't even close even though they said they had something to fit, grrrr. Thank you.
  15. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Hi Kirk - you know, I don't know what we have...perhaps a cheapo?!; I had given him just the Watts water pressure gauge - I'll go 'fishing' in our water supply box. I did buy various lengths of their water hose from the RV Water Filter Store. Thank you for your thoughts. Mary