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  1. Husband just reapplied W&F to our vinyl siding on house after 3 years, and I must add we have had continuous wet weather for over a year as well as warmer-than-'average' temps that aided the growth of green mold. We were impressed it lasted 3 years on the house before needing to be reapplied. Husband washed house this time before applying W&F, but had done no prep the first time W&F was applied.
  2. Dutch, Hi - I did start reading about 'deer farms' and almost sorry I did. Horrible photos of humongous deer shot by proud hunters, and the antlers looked like alien mushrooms; supposedly a 'secret' by article was suggesting hormonal manipulation and excessive/low quality foods, etc...... and then the hunters get to pay to shoot these engineered 'trophies'. And here I was foolishly picturing natural/organic grazing for pasture-fed deer and healthy venison.... I trust they're out there, too.
  3. Hi "Somewhere" - never heard of anyone raising deer--- Venison farm? I orig. come from NJ ; deer were considered a huge problem in the Tri-State area as the deer and vehicles crashed, and deer and homeowners clashed. Sharpshooters were hired by individual communities to resolve problems. I did view stomping, snorting deer as they munched on homeowners' landscaping and refused to budge as the people yelled, waved arms, threw stones, etc.
  4. The ranger accused him of yelling at the female host.... only one there to make the call of complaint! (This was a somewhat remote loop) Then the questioning started about a gun - ! This guy had been camping there for days, walking around the campground with his dog on a leash, all the rangers saw it, there was no problem, he checked in with his dog which they saw - again, no problem, no mention of any new restrictions, nada. The rangers had even stopped in the past few days just to chat with him while he had his dog - again, no problem - until the yelling started. Will be interesting how the Supt. of Parks responds. Yes, there are always two sides to a story, different perspectives, etc.
  5. A bit more to the story: Appears the ticketing ranger is a friend of the camp host. The host called the ranger on my friend walking his dog past her trailer and her barking, lunging German Shepherds. They got into words when she kept screaming: You can't walk here, you wan't walk here, and my friend responded: Why is it my problem you can't control your dogs? The ranger came and kept querying about 'having any guns/weapons', then came the $100 ticket for the dog on the leash. Other campers complained about the camp host and her dogs - same issues, saying their kids could not walk by her campsite and be in her loop. My friend has written a letter to the Park's Superintendent based mostly on poor communication, lack of signs, etc. - so, to be continued, perhaps.
  6. Al F: I would be very highly surprised if there were no warning signs about the dogs on the bulletin boards in the campgrounds. ----- I agree they must have had it posted. But we all think we know what the rules are - 6 ft leash, not in buildings, blah blah blah - and apparently just never concerned himself with standing there reading. Normally he is a boondocker, so not in the habit of looking for the posted rules, I imagine. Lesson learned, and $100 contribution to the National Park Service.
  7. Mamas being protective of their kids! I've heard of the male deer kicking and the does stomping their feet as a warning but not charging. Then again, these were East Coast deer - maybe more polite, ha ha. Guess these partic. deer were too campground familiar to drop their young so close and then get ornery over activity.
  8. I'm answering my own question now, as I just found this.... and apparently very park specific: In Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, pets on leash may be walked on roads, in North Rim Campground, to the overlooks, and are allowed on the Cedar Point Nature Trail, and North Rim Chasm View Nature Trail. Pets are not allowed on the southern portion of the Rim Rock Trail from June 1 to August 10, but are allowed north of Tomichi Point. Pets are not allowed on any other hiking trails, inner canyon routes or in the wilderness area. Pets are also not allowed on ranger-led geology walks or evening programs in the campground amphitheater. Owners are responsible for their pet's behavior and may receive fines if their animal creates problems with wildlife and/or other visitors. South Rim Campground and Rim Rock Trail Dog Restrictions From June 1 to August 10, 2018, dogs will be allowed in campsites in South Rim Campground, but may not be taken on walks (even on leash) or be carried around the campground or on the southern portion of the Rim Rock Trail due to potentially aggressive deer protecting their fawns. Over the past few years, female deer have acted aggressively and even attacked park visitors walking dogs. The deer perceive the dog as a threat to their fawns. This has resulted in several deer being euthanized and a visitor almost getting mauled to death.
  9. Just got a text from friend visiting Black Canyon National Park with his dog Monte ..... he got a ticket for walking his dog on a leash on the paved road in the campground $100; was told new rule went into effect June 1 stating dogs are allowed on leash only at campsite, no roads, not even in the campground. Ranger sounds rambunctious with the ticketing. If the dog was off the leash, ticket yes. A new rule, one week old, give campers a break with a stern warning for not knowing... do you think? Did you all know about this?!!!!! I'm Googling the topic, and nothing popping up about this so far.
  10. We have an outlet on the outside of the house on its own 50 amp circuit, used for the emergency house generator, so we plug our trailer in there. The trailer is a 50 amp service, and we use a HEAVY 50 amp cord to run from our outlet to the trailer's line, so we should be able to run everything as if we were hooked up at a site.
  11. Hi All, Some of you will most likely remember the thread from last fall on our problem first with the Hensley hitch jaw not closing when we were ready to leave on a trip, which delayed us a day until we got help from Aaron at Hensley who said: Hit it with a hammer, we'll warranty it. So that was the temporary fix. We were told to ship the head back to Hensley, and that is when the real fun began before the holidays getting wild prices from various carriers. I know a lot of you jumped in here at this point to help. Short Version: After the New Year, husband had dental surgery, whereupon his jaw broke - so all trips cancelled. Jaw wired shut. But I called Aaron and he offered to assist us, so gave him our credit card, printed out shipping labels, and we shipped commercial to commercial address. If we had used a cardboard box to ship to and fro as they do, the cost would have been $75. Husband made a very sturdy wooden box with a motorcycle bar holding it in place, so we opted to pay another $25 for the extra weight. They blew some sort of hot foam in to mold it in place for the return, so arrived safely after one week from the Carolinas to Michigan and back. We have new gold parts - the tongue is wider and not sloppy as the other was, the jaws are new and husband believes has a slight taper, there is a new gold pin, two new springs, and perhaps a few other items that look like perhaps a redesign. So a big thanks to Aaron at Hensley and all our Escapee friends for caring. Regards, Mary
  12. Wld you consider buying another inexpensive phone and using it as the hotspot. We used to have a Verizon jetpack - it would get red hot if we used it too long and freeze up. We purchased two new phones (long overdue) , Verizon gave us the third phone which we use for our hotspot, plus it gives us an additional 20 GB of data for a total of 60GB for the month spread over the 3 phones. They will throttle each phone as it reaches 20 GB, not all 3 at once just because they are on the same account. The bonus is you have a backup phone if one gets damaged/lost. We figured it to be cheaper than a hotspot, even paying for the extra line per month, and it has perks. Verizon never offered this to us - they pushed the jetpack only.
  13. Very interesting on all events. Thanks for writing that all out. Husband was groaning a bit as I was reading it aloud.
  14. Chiefneon: Wld you mind elaborating how GS was able to get away without paying a towing bill like this? Loopholes in their coverage? Husband is just about to renew with them, so am more hesitant now. Thank you.
  15. Just to let all the contributors know I do send your comments on to my husband and/or we discuss at dinner table. He's extremely busy with work right now and starting tomorrow, I imagine he'll be sleeping for a few days - before he gets back to our albatross in a wooden box. And I'm like Charlie - I'm done with a company and their product when the customer service is so poor, but let's hope they come around and do the right thing after the next phone conversation. Wishes for..... Health, Peace, Contentment and Happy Trails to All Escapees in our New Year, Regards, Mary
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