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  1. The Doughboy Dies

  2. Mobile Hotspots

    Wld you consider buying another inexpensive phone and using it as the hotspot. We used to have a Verizon jetpack - it would get red hot if we used it too long and freeze up. We purchased two new phones (long overdue) , Verizon gave us the third phone which we use for our hotspot, plus it gives us an additional 20 GB of data for a total of 60GB for the month spread over the 3 phones. They will throttle each phone as it reaches 20 GB, not all 3 at once just because they are on the same account. The bonus is you have a backup phone if one gets damaged/lost. We figured it to be cheaper than a hotspot, even paying for the extra line per month, and it has perks. Verizon never offered this to us - they pushed the jetpack only.
  3. Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Very interesting on all events. Thanks for writing that all out. Husband was groaning a bit as I was reading it aloud.
  4. Escapees Roadside Assistance

    Chiefneon: Wld you mind elaborating how GS was able to get away without paying a towing bill like this? Loopholes in their coverage? Husband is just about to renew with them, so am more hesitant now. Thank you.
  5. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    Just to let all the contributors know I do send your comments on to my husband and/or we discuss at dinner table. He's extremely busy with work right now and starting tomorrow, I imagine he'll be sleeping for a few days - before he gets back to our albatross in a wooden box. And I'm like Charlie - I'm done with a company and their product when the customer service is so poor, but let's hope they come around and do the right thing after the next phone conversation. Wishes for..... Health, Peace, Contentment and Happy Trails to All Escapees in our New Year, Regards, Mary
  6. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    Jim - we did UPS GROUND -- the cheapest, commercial to commercial, and it was $550 one way. Yes, we will continue to shop;something sounds askew with the quote judging by what has been said.
  7. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    UPS - overnight express was approx. $1500 one way, $1200 for two day delivery one way, and this was commercial address to commercial address which is supposed to run a bit cheaper (South Carolina to Hensley's zip).
  8. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    Hi Charlie - thanks for responding. We can't afford to ship the head back for warranty work; in my mind, there is no warranty on Hensley hitches unless you are in the area and can take a layover while they do their warranty work. If we do some local machining, which is the way to go in my mind, we void the warranty - oh, yea, there basically is no warranty!
  9. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    I can't post pix at this time... and husband kicking himself for NOT taking pictures first, but it is crated to go back. His first estimate going "Ground" - the cheapest/slowest -- $550 ONE way for 100 pounds..... so you know that isn't going to happen. We are trying to find a trucker around here headed up that way, but .... we'll see. When it gets uncrated, I'll have him take appropriate pix and will definitely post - should have done that up front, hmmm. We are not happy with Hensley at this time..... not their product, not their 'customer care'.
  10. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    My apologies for not being clear about the mechanism. I always appreciate everyone's efforts pondering and e-mailing. Wishes for all the Escapees to have a joyful, peaceful Christmas, a wonderful new year and as always, happy, safe trails! Mary
  11. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    Dear Roger, I read your last reply to Kevin and he said he is sorry he did not take a picture of the underside before he shipped because he said the one picture would have explained everything. I now have my husband next to me and he is going to dictate: For lack of a better term, let's call the sliding bar 'the lock'. What happens is when you release the lock it moves forward say, half an inch, up to the back of the jaws; when you back under the king pin, the jaws wrap around the king pin as they should but the lock is hung up on the powder coating of the jaw or a burr on the jaw, which pushes the bar back. Oh, by the way, Hensley is aware of the situation with the powder coating and/or burr on the back side of the jaws; compounding that problem, way too much side-to-side play between the channel and the locking bar; hence, most likely the head is going back to Hensley to not void my warranty which still has 18 months on it.
  12. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    Hi Roger, oh, yea, it is the same 'mysticmd' yelling help, we need help now; another time we were at the Virginia International Racetrack and power at box, no power inside, or some such and again , a bunch of nice folks jumped in and came up with the inverter diagnoses, which was correct. You are correct, this is the same 'jaws won't close' issue. - Looking forward to your next reply. - Mary
  13. Hensley Hitch Jaw Problem Follow-Up

    At the suggestion of Hensley, plate was removed and measured - we were told that was the correct plate. The plate is too sloppy and doesn't stay in its little grooves. On one end it has slight tapers and it moves to one side and gets hung up. It's been greased religiously. The jaws go completely around the pin, just refuse to close. Only suggestion Hensley had was : Hit it with a hammer, we'll warranty it. Now we find any warranty work means the transport to and from is on us. Husband has the head (100 pounds) crated up - took him many hours to custom make this wooden box with handles for transport. He still hasn't decided whether because of transport costs, if we'll wind up taking it to a machine shop. There is no 'Teflon gunk" as Hensley is offering as their problem. Obviously, not happy with Hensley. I've been forwarding all your commentary to husband, thank you. Mary
  14. Hi All - some months (2-3?) back while trying to travel, I posted a Help! call out to our knowledgeable and helpful Escapees as we sat with the jaws not wanting to close around the king pin of our Hensley Air Ride. We had put a call into Customer Service (24/7) - the guy happened to be camping and out of connectivity. I yelled on Facebook and they got a hold of him. When he did finally call us, he told us to just smack it with a hammer and he'd warranty it if it broke. It rectified the immediate problem and we traveled the following day. The follow up is: Hensley is saying the' teflon paint has been gunking up', so we have to ship the head back to them (at our expense, even though under warranty because when you purchase the lovely Hensley Air Ride Hitch apparently some paperwork states you are responsible for shipping at all times!), and they will ship a non-teflon head back. We are very skeptical considering the sloppiness of the parts; even after my husband went over and over with Hensley and enumerated the various parts that were not meshing together, there was no acknowledgement by Hensley whatsoever other than a paint issue. We do not have the new head yet, and I will post another follow up as time and usage ticks by, but I imagine we'll be heading to a machine shop. I hope I have to retract these words and later post the hitch is working flawlessly. Regards and happy, safe trails..... Mary
  15. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Well, the analog gift raised my eyebrows and interest. Yea, we all have that high-tech flummery, and life got easier, and life got more complicated.