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  1. Wyoming Crafts at Escapade Nine teachers are sharing their substantial talents with us. Brian reveals his Painting classes. Lynn’s demonstrates a Diamond Painting class, with another class to be announced. Ellen shares how to make Canvas Boxes for your rig. Darlene provides the Stitch and Bitch gatherings. Nancy develops a Christmas sign, another class will be announced. Janeen offers the Beginning Knitting class. Joni makes available a Mixed Media T-Shirt class, and a Cutter class. Mary supplies a crocheted beaded necklace and bracelet class. Ros instructs a Fancy Fold Card class and one to make Gift Card Holders.
  2. We are in Huntington, WV. Our plan is to take about 4 weeks to get there. We will be there early. My staff job is with parking and Ros coordinates the crafts.
  3. Brian, you can contact Ros Smith, clotheshound@yahoo.com, about crafts at Escapade.
  4. Thanks. Since the batteries were the original stock batteries, I thought weak batteries were a possibility.
  5. Our motorhome is a 2014 THour Miramar. On our last trip, I noticed voltage drop whenever the motorhome was not connected to shore power or running off the generator, including when the rig was running. I have checked the circuit breakers and fuses. Any ideas?
  6. This summer at Escapadee in VT, it was mentioned that TN might become available as a domicile option for rver's. Has any progress been made with TN?
  7. Thanks Kirk. We have been retired a couple of years, but this will be our first opportunity to attend an Escapade. I am sure Ros will enjoy exchanging ideas with Linda and Pam. Currently Ros is into custom card making and wreaths.
  8. Kirk, I am not sure what brand of battery Sam's is currently stocking. We have used their batteries in our automobiles several times w/o any issues.
  9. This will be our first Escapade. We are attending the Boot Camp and Escapade. My wife is an avid crafter so I am sure she will be visiting that area.
  10. We did an Alaskan cruise with Princess for our 35th anniversary. Had a great time. Our trip was about 9 days with a combination of the cruise and land tour. The land tour left us with better memories than the sea portion of the trip.
  11. We are on our third camper. The first was a Jayco tent trailer. It was replaced by a 28' Outback trailer. Currently we have a Miramar motorhome. The motorhome makes it easier to set up and a little faster getting on the road.
  12. We have an unlimited data plan with AT&T. Is there any word that they will follow Verizon on unlimited data customers?
  13. Our current coach has a short king bed. We contacted AB Lifestyles. They made the sheets to fit for the same price Amazon was charging for the standard sheets.
  14. Congratulations on the new motorhome. I carry a few basic tools: hammer, adjustable pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, multimeter, etc. A screwdriver with multiple bits can be helpful. RVs tend to have a variety of screw types. A good flashlight is a must. I have one by snapon that has a hanging hook and a magnetic back, making it useful in a variety of situations. As Dennis said, you will tend to add and subtract items based on your camping experiences and preferences.
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