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  1. Regarding TX, we were in the system because we were hired the year before and then had to turn it down. We were able to find out the first day that you could apply for this season and though we were traveling that day I applied for both of us by 8 am. If we did not get TX this year TN was our second choice. I think the secret is to apply early. We did last year too and I think that is how we got TX last year.
  2. We are heading to TX this year. We were hired for that location but had to back out because of another commitment. This will be our first year for Amazon. A fellow Workamper will be in TX for her second year at TX and third Amazon overall. Should be interesting!
  3. Just a FYI to anyone who has looked at this lot or this post. We have tried many times for the last 3 months and can not get a hold of anyone. The phone goes to a voice box which is full. It is an interesting lot because of its location but we have given up. This is probably why it has been for sale for a long time.
  4. Allstay is our go to app for first search. It sometimes has too much info and freezes but you can scale down what shows up and that helps. We have 5 apps for looking for campgrounds, some were free but we use Allstay a lot. It is great for showing you where truck stops are to fuel up and rest areas to stretch ( we have dogs). It also gives you reviews for RV parks, gps, addresses, phone numbers and basic details. Another full timer told us about the app and we have recommended to many people.
  5. If you work full time (year round), you are eligible for benefits including health coverage. I don't believe part time employees get benefits. When I take alittle extra time getting to my next assignment and I won't have pay to cover my insurance premium, I use some vacation time so the money is there to cover the premium. If you plan on taking 3 months off I am not sure you would be considered full time. Probably best to call HR and ask them your options.
  6. We also have the Progressive 50 amp portable. It has saved us a few times. We have sent it back twice for repairs. Lifetime warranty is excellent. My only complaint is that it is big and heavy and sometimes difficult to stay plugged into an old outlet or if outlet is close to the ground it is difficult to use. We also bought the 30 amp adapter from them. We are amazed at people who don't have a surge protector.
  7. Thank you so much! We really appreciate your help. Happy New Year!
  8. We are looking for help in getting some info about a lot for sale in Rainbows End. We were there a few weeks ago and saw a property for sale but did not write down the phone number. We are asking if someone living there has info about the property or if someone could get the phone number from the sign. The property is on Peterson Loop back in the corner. It has a metal 2 car garage that is brown, 2 small buildings and a small covered carport all brown. We think there are 2 signs and one states " Must Sale". The property looks like no one has been there for awihile. We tried calling the park but they don't have info about properties for sale. If someone could get the phone number we would be grateful. We are in GA right now and won't be back in the area for a couple of months. Thank you.
  9. Your original post stated the price was 18K so has it been reduced? Also do you have to be 55+ to purchase? We are full timers and would like a place to go once in awhile but find most places are 55+ and we are a few years away from that.
  10. We are owners of a 2016 Keystone Laredo for 4 months now. We are full timers and love it. We had never own a RV before we started full timing last year. We knew nothing! We bought a 2005 Everest from a dealer as our "practice" RV. We learned a lot and made a few changes in it. After one year we were ready to buy new. Most dealer wanted to take us to the cleaner on the Everest. We went back to the dealer we bought the Everest from because they just got a 2016 Laredo in the floor plan we wanted. They gave us a great trade in price and a good deal on the Laredo from my research. We looked at Montana and Heartland and could not justify the cost. It will lose value quickly and boy that is a lot of money. So we moved on to Cougar and Laredo. Cougar is suppose to be better but we did not like any floor plan. We love our floor plan and since we live in it full time, we think that is important. We plan on making upgrade as time goes. We have been in Texas heat and North Dakota cold already and have had no issue. Good luck with your decision.
  11. We started full timing last year and did not know the first thing about anything. After we bought our truck we took it to a RV repair shop in the area to install the hitch. They sold 3 rated for different weights. After they installed it, I made the guy come out and show me how to use it. It is a slide bar type. He suggested putting a pin or small pad lock in the hole so the bar would not come loose or someone being "funny" and move the bar. We went right to Homedepot and bought a small pad lock. So as soon as the pin goes in the slot and I can move the bar, I put the lock on with the break cord attached. I assumed I was safe. I have never heard of a pull test before. An FYI: our first FW had a white disk on the king pin so I could easily see where I was at when connecting and disconnecting. Our brand new FW has a black disk and I hate it. You can not judge the space between the hitch and pin. As soon as I get somewhere that sells the disks, I am buying a white one again.
  12. We have a fifth wheel with the older awning hardware that takes forever to set up and take. Has anyone replace this style with the newer "scissor " style? I don't care if I don't have a button to bring it in and out. I would be fine pulling it in and out. Any idea on price and who could do it if it is possible? Thanks, John
  13. Thanks for everyone's insight. When we looked the first time, the sales guy said the 2016 would be in soon and TT season was coming up. So our take was they wanted to sell the 2015 fifth wheel we were looking at. When we talked the second time, we reminded him we were paying cash. He said he could work on the price if we financed. No way! Full timing makes it hard to sell ourselves. We probably will wait till Fall now because we are starting another workamping job soon. Hopefully by then we will decided how of an insult we can handle.
  14. We want to know if this is the norm. We found a new fifth wheel we like, told dealer about our trade and wanted a price. We knew the NADA price and dealer actually quoted us the same range. They gave us a price but it was for too high and they would not deal anymore. OK we left. One week later I see RV online for a lot better price. We call and said if we can have that price plus our trade in we will take it. They said we could not have that price with a trade in. They raised the "sale price" by $10,000 and then deducted our trade. We said no thanks. Is this what we should except trying to trade in used fifth wheel?
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