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  1. Greetings Escapees! My wife and I are planning our escape a few years out. We have looked at TONs of fifth wheels. From what I can find, most are not designed for fulltime living, and some warranties will not even cover full-timing. Our favorites are the Open Range (warranty does not cover fulltiming) and the Grand Design (IS designed for "extended living"). We'll be looking at Fifth Wheels of approximately 35' to 30' in length, <$50k in price, and weight of less than 15,000 so we can pull it with a F150 or F250. Does anyone have recommendations on a manufacturer that seems better suited for full time living?
  2. It appears all the RV parks in Anchorage have horrible reviews. Any recommendations on where to stay for a few weeks, within an hour drive of Anchorage? At least an electrical hookup would be required.
  3. Yes, we are new Escapees! We will have savings, as well as a 401k. We plan to fulltime in our early 50s, so we wouldn't be drawing on our 401k for at least 10 years after that. The issue is that Texas does not have expanded Medicaid. Workamping will likely not bring us close to the 20K that is required to be at the low end to quality for the Health Exchange. From what I can find, since Texas has not expanded Medicaid, if we are "too poor" (I.E. workampers) we will not qualify for Medicaid. The BC/BS group plan I see through Escapees lists the monthly payment to be approximately $475, which is still more than we really want to pay. For those that are not old enough for Medicare, are you really paying at least that much? One option I am looking at is leasing a lot at one of the SKP co-ops in Arizona and domiciling there. They have expanded Medicaid which would apply to "poor" people (i.e. living off our savings and workamping).
  4. Greetings! I am researching fulltiming in a few years from now. Presently we both work, make good incomes and live in Colorado. I am stumped when it comes to healthcare. It appears the three most typical states for domicile (Texas, SD and Florida) do not offer expanded Medicaid coverage. This appears to mean, if we are living off savings or are workamping on a very low income, we are "too poor" to qualify for the Affordable Health Care Act subsidizes and are required to pay full price. Even with the BC/BS offered through SKP, this is in excess of $450 a month. We will be in our early 50s when we go. Any thoughts on this?
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