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  1. With a residential fridge I believe you should have 2 batteries if you only go campground to campground, always plugging in. That will give you at least 12hrs without bringing your batteries below 12v which will start to harm them. If you want to be able to do a Walmart stopover, you need 4. That’s minimum I would recommend for anyone with a residential fridge. FYI - I have the equivalent of 6 (3 4D AGMs) along with an additional 2800W inverter, allows me to run everything by AC for a couple days. Nice to have that margin if you have the room, weight capacity, and $.
  2. We were just there 2works ago, stayed at Columbia Falls RV Park. Was OK but not cheap, 20min outside of Glacier. West side KOA would be better and closer, but much more expensive. Noticed several other parks on west side but didn’t investigate. Use RVParky or some other app to research, but suspect on short notice you’re going to have hard time getting anything for more than a few days. Good luck. PS - if you’re not planning it yet, I’d heartily recommend continuing your trip up to Banff and Canadian Rockies...Glacier was great (take Red Bus Tour) and Canadian Rockies even greater!
  3. I agree those numbers aren’t very believable. Did you have the truck in gear and foot on the brake? That will affect numbers. Weights should be measured with truck in neutral, and I can’t imagine a valid scenario that would result in front L/R discrepancy
  4. I was looking hard at MaximumSignal a couple years ago, and probably would have purchased one if it didn’t take so long to get it rolled out. Since then I’ve delayed and not gotten near pulling the trigger until now. When I search I don’t find much support for Maximum Signal other than the manufacturer and a couple supporters on the Escapees thread, and most seem to put weBoost Drive 4G-X RV at the top of the list. Any recommendations or support for something you’ve used? We use State Parks a lot and have varied results with connectivity Thanks
  5. Might just require adjustment. I’d call you coach manufacturer and see what they might suggest.
  6. We’ve been looking at VanLeighs for the last year, along with GD Solitudes and Montana Legacy units. Took plant tours over the winter and made decision to order a Vilano two weeks ago. Cabinetry is the biggest differentiation in our mind, the VL stands far above the othe two here. There are other plus and minus on each but obviously we came down decidedly in favor of VL. There are many option, advertised and not advertised, that can fix low CC etc. There is a VL FB page that is very active if you want to follow up more with owners. We’ve met Leigh Tiffin a couple of times (at Tampa Show, and factory tour), he and the entire company seem VERY responsive. We can’t wait to get our new 5er!
  7. MNRon

    Sailun tires

    Another vote for Sailuns. 2+yrs and ~15k miles and am very happy with them on our 14000lb 5er
  8. We winterized successfully for years in MN by blowing out lines. One spring I , had a leak in cupboards where an elbow had cracked, can't say it was definitively an issue with winterization...but switched to pink stuff and I've never heard of a failure with pink stuff. Additionally I no longer had a nagging concern about trace oil from compressor getting into water system. As MNtom stated though, I no longer worry about winterizing (moved Tom TN with an RV garage
  9. Marlindy, If you're interested in TN you should look at gardensrvvillage.com I'd recommend looking at it even if you don't know if you're interested in TN yet We lived in MN and escaped winters to TX and then found The Gardens last spring...by summer we'd purchased a lot and sold our place in MN. We're now in the process of building and hope to move in by spring next year. We love it here, and have heard the same from all the residents. I could tell you more but the website does a better job. Good luck with your decisions!
  10. So...if I purchased the RV unit, and mounted the outside antenna toward the rear of the 5er and the interior antenna toward the front of the fifth wheel... I could position so would always be within 20ft in 5er, and would be ~15ft away in cab of truck with fifth wheel hooked up. Could that work OK, or would car cocerage be better with mobile and trailer coverage really not be much worse with mobile? Physics always has trade offs I guess...
  11. Gord - I started this thread a long time ago...and still haven't purchased one of your amps We travel with a 5th wheel, would the RV version work permanently mounted in 5er and still work for us in cab of truck while driving? Or do we need to choose between 5er and truck coverage?
  12. Good luck! We're just a little ahead of you: closed on our MN house last Friday and are now full timing for 10months or so while a smaller place with an RV garage is built here in TN. We'll be back in MN in October for a wedding, but definitely not after that when it gets cold. That last month of getting rid of stuff and packing was a lot of work, I'm glad that phase is over.
  13. Nice video. Curious about the phone hardware distinction he mentioned at the end (not carrier if I understood correctly). Any hints on which phone hardware performs best?
  14. Great news Gord. Technomedia and Jack - any updates on performance?
  15. We actually love AZ. Lived there in the 80s. But right now we'd like to be closer to relatives in MN and OH. For the sake of completeness please also reply with known communities in AZ or FL so others may benefit from this thread in the future. Thx
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