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  1. Air Blowout, Winterize Kit, or Both?

    We winterized successfully for years in MN by blowing out lines. One spring I , had a leak in cupboards where an elbow had cracked, can't say it was definitively an issue with winterization...but switched to pink stuff and I've never heard of a failure with pink stuff. Additionally I no longer had a nagging concern about trace oil from compressor getting into water system. As MNtom stated though, I no longer worry about winterizing (moved Tom TN with an RV garage
  2. Marlindy, If you're interested in TN you should look at gardensrvvillage.com I'd recommend looking at it even if you don't know if you're interested in TN yet We lived in MN and escaped winters to TX and then found The Gardens last spring...by summer we'd purchased a lot and sold our place in MN. We're now in the process of building and hope to move in by spring next year. We love it here, and have heard the same from all the residents. I could tell you more but the website does a better job. Good luck with your decisions!
  3. MaximumSignal Update?

    So...if I purchased the RV unit, and mounted the outside antenna toward the rear of the 5er and the interior antenna toward the front of the fifth wheel... I could position so would always be within 20ft in 5er, and would be ~15ft away in cab of truck with fifth wheel hooked up. Could that work OK, or would car cocerage be better with mobile and trailer coverage really not be much worse with mobile? Physics always has trade offs I guess...
  4. MaximumSignal Update?

    Gord - I started this thread a long time ago...and still haven't purchased one of your amps We travel with a 5th wheel, would the RV version work permanently mounted in 5er and still work for us in cab of truck while driving? Or do we need to choose between 5er and truck coverage?
  5. Good luck! We're just a little ahead of you: closed on our MN house last Friday and are now full timing for 10months or so while a smaller place with an RV garage is built here in TN. We'll be back in MN in October for a wedding, but definitely not after that when it gets cold. That last month of getting rid of stuff and packing was a lot of work, I'm glad that phase is over.
  6. MaximumSignal Update?

    Nice video. Curious about the phone hardware distinction he mentioned at the end (not carrier if I understood correctly). Any hints on which phone hardware performs best?
  7. MaximumSignal Update?

    Great news Gord. Technomedia and Jack - any updates on performance?
  8. Home Base

    We actually love AZ. Lived there in the 80s. But right now we'd like to be closer to relatives in MN and OH. For the sake of completeness please also reply with known communities in AZ or FL so others may benefit from this thread in the future. Thx
  9. Home Base

    Thx bigjim. I did think Kirk was in Livingston, I guess he'll need to provide me more info so I know where to go. Regarding winterizing, I am under the impression that with a rv garage I'll be able to come and go without winterizing (maybe need a small heater on some days). This probably won't be a deal breaker either way but will have some bearing.
  10. Home Base

    Thanks 2gyps, I've enjoyed many of your posts and advice (and Kirks too). The Gardens in Crossville TN is the one I've found in TN, although I think from some comments there might be some others there too. I also understand there are a number of NOMADS there that I plan on contacting if we like what we see there. Still looking to see if there are other options...
  11. Home Base

    Thanks Kirk. We planned on swinging by Livingston in ~late March but hadn't realized there was more than rv lots there. Will add it to our list. Look forward to seeing it and meeting you in a month or so. Ron
  12. Home Base

    We're seriously thinking about downsizing some, and moving to where it might be a little warmer than MN. Plan on traveling with RV 3-4 times a year at few weeks to few months each time for a total of about half-time (DW insistent about not FT Question for group is about where we can find RV communities? Would like a RV garage/port so I don't have to winterize. A ~2bedroom house with shop for me and quilting room for DW. No exterior maintenance. And a friendly community. Looked at Retama in RGV and liked a lot but it's a long way from everything. Going to look at Lake Whitney in TX and the Gardens in TN. Don't really want to go to FL. Any other communities we should consider? Thanks in advance for all suggestions. Ron
  13. Which Fifth Wheel to buy?

    Interesting thread, and good luck Ind Lady. Two thoughts stood out in my mind as I read this. First, be careful your independent streak doesn't cause you to bristle at some good advice you get...now or in the future. I didn't read Kirk's comments as negative in any way and believe he's just pointing out that it's good to have options. Being prepared isn't being pessimistic. I've read a lot here, and Kirk is a WEALTH of good advice. Second, look hard at lots of floor plans before locking in. Were on our 3rd RV (4th if you include a popup), two TT's and now the 5er. We thought each were great when we bought them, but obviously wanted other/more as we used them. We purchased this 5er to live in 4-6months per year. I was set on a sub-30ft Artic Fox like you're looking at from all the reading I've done and looking at units. When my wife came to look at the unit I thought was perfect she immediately noticed there wasn't much closet storage space, tough to live for months at a time if you can't store the stuff you need. We ended up with a 34ft HH and haven't found the extra 4ft to be an issue at all finding campsites. It also has lots of storage for everything we need. Quallity-wise you'll be happy with an Artic Fox, or used Cameo, HH, Excel, DRV, etc but a great quality unit isn't great if the floorplan doesn't match your needs. Sounds like you're fairly new to looking at units so I'd recommend you better understand the universe out there before locking in. My two cents worth, take it or leave it. Good luck! Ron
  14. Rethinking it from the ground up...

    bobk3d - Your money, your decision. But for whatever it's worth I'd amplify a couple of comments others have made. 1 - If you're buying a TV, get a 1T vs 3/4T. Price is really nearly the same, ride the same, you just get more payload. Also make sure you get a truck that's of the newer generation regarding payloads, sometime around 2012 all the manufactures greatly improved here if you buy something much older it will have significantly less payload. We went with a 2013 1T SRW. 2 - If money is any concern, you'll do much better purchasing a 5er (or TT) used. We've purchased 1 new TT (lower end), one 3yr old TT (Jayco Eagle), and a 9yr old HH 5er. The HitchHiker is clearly the best quality of the units we've had even though it's also the oldest. Recommend you check out Kansas RV Center as Big Greg suggested. 3 - I love the MorRyde IS we had put on our HH, but would agree with others that if it was a trade-off I'd make sure you got the floorplan and quality before you spent on suspension. BTW - we went with oversized drum brakes instead of disc's, disc would be nice but new drum brakes are already huge improvement and couldn't justify the $ in our case. 4 - Recommend 5er vs TT. Much better ride, and lots more space for full-timing. Good luck with your plans
  15. Winegard satellite

    Ditto the recommendation to call Winegard tech support. We have a roof mount manual dish that I couldn't get to connect. Winegard tech services did a great job of stepping me through what needed to be done!