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  1. http://s1231.photobucket.com/user/philipnyhusmoen/media/IMAG0525.jpg.html?filters[user]=114114399&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1#/user/philipnyhusmoen/media/IMAG0525.jpg.html?filters%5Buser%5D=114114399&filters%5Brecent%5D=1&sort=1&o=1&_suid=142057055243707334706054082898
  2. Good Morning - I am hoping someone here can help me locate the right source for a replacement driver seat to match the rest of my trucks seats. I tried to attach some photos but they are to large, any help is greatly appreciated. The seats are leather, and the conversion mfg is LONESTAR out of Texas. It is a four door Sport Hauler truck. Thanks again - 218
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