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  1. Hello! I've a rebuild project, 1987 lynx prowler (Fleetwood) that is missing key for power cord hatch. Does any know what key type the used back then? I've received no response from Fleetwood. Reaching from the inside would require removing built in structures, so I need replacement key. Or I'll have to drill out the lock. Eek. Suggestions? Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks I bought the Camco hose and pressure regulator they recommend, sooo guessing it is the right one? All parts are new minus the 20lb tank, which is a couple years old. Camco Low Pressure Gas Regulator with 12' Hose 7000 BTUs/Hr Simple and Quick Install - Use with Low Pressure Gas Fired Heaters (57721) This hose https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002UC8MJW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also picked up the Camco 57633 90° Elbow Connector for Olympian Wave Heaters but haven't attached it yet. This is a Wave 3 btw.
  3. Hello everyone I picked up a Wave, brand new, but seems to be having problems igniting the entire pad. After running it for 30 minutes, six times now, it will only light a small area on the bottom which results in next to no heat output even when on high. I've looked over instructions, done videos, but can't find anything on why a brand new pad won't light. I've heard nothing back from Amazon where I purchased the item. Any ideas? Suggestions?
  4. I picked up a Goal Zero unit and already have a solar panel but it sits on a stand outside. What can I use to do a pass through the wall from the panel outside to the Goal Zero in my kitchen? I'm looking for something water tight or somewhat water tight, 2 cable width or wider (if I can't figure how to cut the ends off and redo them). Not sure what they use on roof tops but I don't think that would work as I have to let out and take in the connection cable so some movement must happen. Suggestions?
  5. Picking up that tape in the morning! Thank you!
  6. We did, thanks : ) Found no blocks or disconnects but I did find something on the chamber. See pic. The red area is pointing to a metal flap that is (or was) holding on by 4 thin points, and not sealed in anyway. This was the norm when we got it but 3 of the 4 points were snapped off so it rattled a lot. We added heat duct tape to secure it and stop the heat leak and rattle. The tape doesn't appear to be good enough because it melted. This is where all our heat is going, into the air area around the unit under the fridge. Joy! (can't figure how to link a pic here so the link to my flikr is here https://www.flickr.com/photos/138782199@N08/ ) Also, where that smidgen of yellow is, on both sides of the chamber is a gap that is leaking a lot of heat. Any suggestions? Is it supposed to be venting heat? Not jsut a bit of warmth but blowing heat out the yellow area and of course the top where that flap is. I can't find a part for that or how to replace the flap. Any suggestions on how to get a piece of furnace to set over that area and secure it with something that won't melt?
  7. Thanks to all for the tips and links! We went to test it last night and it came on and ran fine, other than the two bedroom vents were next to no air blowing out. Guessing that means there is blockage?
  8. I'm hoping someone can point me to an easy solution Our suburban heater has a problem where the fan will come on but no heat then it turns off after 30 seconds. To top off that, no repair man within an hour drive can see us for at least a week! A week! eek It will be 32 tonight! I've tried switching out the tanks, seeing that the connection to the tank is clean and clear. Vacuumed out vents. No go so far. Any pointers, urls, suggestions would be helpful!
  9. We've had their service for nearly ten years and have found that larger cities create slow downs and routing through other providers is painful.
  10. We've never taken this road but want to use it to cross over to I-15 in a couple weeks (early February). Is this good road for travel this time of year? Any steep grade warnings? We're pulling a 35' 5th. Kind regards!
  11. On our way that direction. Any other water resources there?
  12. Our sofa was dismantled pretty fast. Just undo the bolts and screws. Finding a recliner that can be dismantled enough to get through the door might be a problem. Still searching.
  13. I'll probably get hate mail for this but people that keep their dog on a leash make us happy. One too many dogs attacking: us, our pets, our items, barging into our rv has made us pretty sour about other dog owners. We're at a point where we are considering pressing charges (per state laws) or more drastic measures if we are attacked again. People think they have well behaved dogs until something they've never seen etc etc sets the dog off. Please keep them leashed, especially in the campgrounds. People that wave, nod, and smile at other campers make a place more community-friendly feeling. Although, there was the one guy that flipped us off after nodding and smiling. Bad days happen. People that ask if you need help when doing mechanical chores are refreshing. No one has ever taken us up on our offer to help. *shrug* People that keep their tv/music down to their site are delightfully considerate. We've been in quite a few bad PNW storms. Twice we rallied to aid RVers due to trees falling on the RV. We had several fall on us our first year on the Oregon coast, and everyone came out to help out. Love helping fellow campers. We like people that consider how they park might create problems for RVs/toads/etc that need to pull in, back up, get out, get around. I'm the driver and do my best to consider such things as it is truly a pain in the back side to wake someone at 1am to get them to move so you can get out and to the doctors pronto! Far as I know, I park well, but once I didn't get in far enough so a nice lady let me know I might be blocking others. I appreciate tips! Campers that respect your camp site by not walking/riding bikes through the site. We like our privacy and frankly, privacy can be hard to get in an RV and campground. I don't walk 6" close to your RV and peak in your windows, so please don't do it me. I can't be held responsible for the sights you see when you play walkbypeepingTom.
  14. Not sure I can help but I've learned NEVER to rinse or put anything egg like down the sink. I eat boiled eggs once a week, and after rinsing shell off two eggs I ended up with an egg smell that took two dumps, rinses to get rid of.
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