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  1. Thank you for the comments. I will probably end up using the nice fuse based connector they provided. You may have seen them. It plugs into an empty fuse slot. Gets power off the hot leg, runs through a fuse to then be connected to the seat. Cleaner than in line fuses and metal bits jabbed into fuse slots. Roy
  2. I have a 1999 VNL 610. Just installed heated massaging seats. Prepared to run new circuit but wondering if anyone has found the wiring harness that would have powered the seats? Truck did not come with heated seats so maybe they never ran the wires though my "Circuit Hound" seems to indicate that there is a wire under the floor pad at the back of the seats near the opening for the air line. Thanks, Roy 1999 VNL 610 2005 Teton 40' Forester Grand
  3. Is anyone using progressive insurance for their HDT. After three plus years insured through USAA Progressive in DE. They want to cancel my policy in FL. Said it shouldn't have been written in DE either because it is a commercial vehicle. Driving a 1999 VNL 610. If you are with progressive what state are you in? Talking to the underwriters tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  4. Roger, if your reply was directrd to me I do not know what code he found. Nor have I seen anyone explain if the codes can be accessed without the computer set up this shop had.
  5. My ponder was how to treat stinky well water with out using the fresh water tank. Perhaps obviously using the fresh water tank and dosing the tank with every fill is the easiest. However if one wanted to use the water directly a dosing mechanism would be necessary. There are many available methods. Not sure if they make sense though at this scale. If someone is interested I will try and assist.
  6. One more thought. Water can come naturally from Wells with rotten egg, hydrogen sulfite. That one is creating the odor in the fresh water tank is an indication of a very dirty tank that needs sr how i would terious cleaning. If the smell is from the well water it can be removed with chlorine. I believe it was 1/2 part chlorine to one part hydrogen sulfite. I will ponder how I would introduce the chlorine.
  7. The other place to look for the smell is the p trap of the sinks and tub. To see if it is the fresh tank generating the odor fill a glass without letting water down the drain and smell. No odor? Then not coming from the water tank. In the bathroom is where the smell frequently occurs. And in this location the problem is likely the p trap. Bacteria use oxygen in the water until it is gone. Then the strip oxygen from the sulfide in the water making hydrogen sulfite, rotten egg smell. Water can hold so much gas in solution. When the water is disturbed the gas is released. So there is usually no smell in the sink until you turn on the water and be d over to spit toothpaste and whamo you get rotten egg. Similar problem in shower. Fast fix bleach in trap. Longer term, clean scum from p trap. No bacteria, no smell. Saw this often in homes and everyone thought it was the we provided. This would fix the problem in the trap.
  8. ras32758


    Our truck has space for four batteries but currently only three are installed, don't notice any problems. I know four would give me more power but do I really need a fourth when I replace these in the future? 1999 VNL 610 cummins
  9. This may be my second post. We have a 1999 VNL 610. Cummins with auto shift. Performance was good then gradually off and on without any apparent reason would become bad as turbo would not engage all the time. I was in the right lane with the loaded trucks with flashing slowly crawling up the hills. Finally I was able to correlate the non specific "caution" light on the dash to the lack of boost and the light was most often on. Had a new sensor installed by TEI in Roanoke, Va. The mechanic was able to confirm in computer codes that boost sensor was bad. Don't know how much a failing sensor will degrade performance but when it has failed for good it basically derated the engine to keep from applying too much boost. No more flashers going up hill.
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