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  1. Congrats Bill and Cindy! I am jealous of your washer and dryer, two things I no longer have. Spoiled, I have been using a wash and fold service. Pretty nifty. When retired next month and have the time, maybe I will resume the laundrymat (sp?), maybe not! .
  2. I am just a little bit ahead of you in the process, still finishing emptying house, sale of it is closing at end of month, but have been living in RV since April. As far as I can tell, it is worth all the trouble it took to get here. Good luck to you, and enjoy!
  3. Slopoke, glad to hear your DW will be okay. I had a medical scare this week too. It's like, the big plan is finally coming together now, don't let something happen (Murphy's Law)! Sounds like just a little bump in the road hopefully. Happy travels!
  4. At one point during research I saw that the X1 could receive satellite on the east coast, specifically Florida, but now I have the item and the insert chart seems like not. It is western arc DISH Satellites: 110°, 119°, 129°. Any input is appreciated. Wondering if I need to return it. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Bill and Cindy. I was so consumed with clearing my house of 22 years that I had little time for anything else. I underestimated the time it would take. First phase was to get it empty enough to show. Now it's under contract, I still have things to remove, and I don't even want to go there anymore. I sure would rather spend the time in the trailer! I am glad to have some time now to do things like write a note here. The forums have been a great help and support. During that hectic transition time I did post some questions in other forums and got great advice on things like tires for the fiver. I could post 10 questions here but I know this is not the forum for it. I guess this is more a place to say, hooray! We're doing it! It's just easy for me to veer off topic. Good study information on the shower head! I'd rather do things like that than crunch numbers at my job. Will have time for that sort of really important stuff in a little under a month.
  6. Also, love your picture here!
  7. Thanks for the tip, luv2pik!
  8. I finally got to a place where I could post an update here. On April 2nd I moved into my RV in an RV park near my work, and I plan to retire June 5. I love the RV life. The house is on the market and under contract, hoping to close in a couple of weeks. SO glad the market was so good here in Denver. A lot of work clearing the house, putting some in storage, some in RV, a lot to charity. So, some lessons learned from a newbie fulltiming near the mountains of CO. Emphasis on the newbie, and emphasis on Colorado. There were and continue to be some cold nights! I was enjoying my propane heat but two large tanks were running out quickly, every six days or so. Avoiding lifting the 70 lb. tanks (full), and avoiding freezing became a great motivator to figure things out. The first time I ran out of propane at 9:30 pm on a work night, got a space heater. Highly recommend space heater in sleeping room or where you are. Blocked off some vents (my fifth wheel is pretty large), just run propane heat periodically now, not all night. Another huge mistake was keeping the hot water heated all the time. Now just turn on the hot water when needed. Have done a ton of research as to how to get the hot water heater onto electric but still to no avail. Have tried different switches, etc. So now just heat using propane when needed. I have a tech coming next week who will hopefully help me figure out how to get it on electric. Maybe the electric doesn't work. Since no DH am having cameras installed on sides & back of trailer for help with towing. Highly recommend the oxygenics shower head model 26781. Great shower water flow, but still have to turn if off, soap, on, etc. to conserve the hot water. If hooked up at a camp you can leave the gray water hose open. The chocks that put pressure between the tandem wheels helped a lot with the wind rocking the shack. Not sure if I'll get a tripod stabilizer for the kingpin yet. Microwave broke and after research, replaced with one from Walmart that would fit the opening (the 2009 model no longer avail., no, one place had it for $249! $55 Walmart. Also, it's fun to observe the comings and goings here, but there are periodic noisy times with diesels and such, so I run a small fan in sleep room for white noise. I still love my place and look forward to traveling soon. And the other rv-ers are as helpful as I've heard. Thanks for reading!
  9. I had gotten several other opinions here that I hesitated to say what I got in order not to offend anyone. But since you ask, I got Hercules ST225/75 15" ordered through Discount Tire. I know many felt strongly with going with LT's or 16".
  10. I went with a ST225/75E15, LRE, and I hope they work out well. Thank you all for your input.
  11. A lot to consider. I was going to have them installed tomorrow, but may procrastinate on it a bit, do some more research before hitting the highway. Taking my "new-to-me" fifth wheel home to its first park tomorrow, near my about to be listed s&b. Thanks everyone who has "weighed" in on this.
  12. I had read somewhere that LT (light truck) should not be used, that trailer tires have stiffer sidewalls than a truck, but don't have the time to look into it too much more. I hope the Carlysles are ok. If the E's don't fit on the existing rims, do I need to buy wheels too? Thanks for any help on this.
  13. Could you give an example of one, make, size number? Still 15's, right? Thanks!
  14. Hi Everyone, Have been researching tires for my 35' fifth wheel before beginning fulltime 4/1, 11,590 gross trailer weight. I hope to get the tires installed on Weds. I was advised to upgrade from the existing ST225/75D15 to LRE 10 ply Load 125 radials. Have an appointment with Discount for Weds., and as of now it will be Carlysles (sp?). I have read good and bad on these. Discount said they can order others if I want. I know the time is fast approaching, but have been clearing house to sell. The tires will be in warm/hot climates. Any advice is very appreciated.
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